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A Christmas Party! Fayette Circuit Judge Charles M.
Local Talent Intertwined with Your Tackett has dismissed the county's appeal of a
Choice of Dance Music decision holding unconstitutional Kentucky's
consensual sodomy law.

Friday Earlier this year, District Judge Lewis
December 18, 1987 Paisley declared the sodomy statue
8:30 pm - 1 am unconstitutional, holding that it violated the
right to privacy under the Kentucky
at the Constitution. In so doing, Judge Paisley
Unitarian Universalist Church agreed with arguments submitted by ACLU/KY
3561! Clays Mill Road Cooperating Attorney Ernesto Scorsone that
the Kentucky Constitution offers broader
BYOB/Refreshments Provided privacy protection than the U.S. Constitution.
(The U.S. Supreme Court had earlier rejected,
by a 5-14 vote, the argument that the right of

On Friday, December 18, we'll be privacy under the U.S. Constitution rendered
celebrating the holiday season in our own way unconstitutional Georgia's sodomy statute.)
at the GLSO Coffeehouse 8 Dance. The doors The circuit court did not rule on the
will open at 8:30 pm to our own version of a merits of Fayette County's appeal. Rather it
piano bar, featuring a local pianist. Requests held that any appeal had to be brought by the
should be welcome, and we'll surely sing a attorney general, not the county attorney.
carol or two. It will be a great time to visit Fayette County has asked Judge Tackett to
and revel in the holiday spirit. For your reconsider his decision. Further appeal is
further enjoyment, there will be "his" and considered likely.

"hers" Santas, and if you like, you can have ————————

your picture taken with the Santa of your by three to four hours of great dance music,

choice. This will be the GLSO Christmas beginning at 10:00 pm. Admission will be

Party, so come on out and make merry! As $3.00 per person, and it's BYOB. Hope to

always, the live entertainment will be followed see you there!


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