xt7kwh2dbx06 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7kwh2dbx06/data/mets.xml Kentucky Kentucky Press Association Kentucky Press Service University of Kentucky. School of Journalism 1962 Call Number: PN4700.K37 Issues not published 1935 Aug - 1937 Oct, 1937 Jul - 1937 Aug, 1939 Oct - Dec, 1940 Jan - Mar, 1951 Aug - 1956 Sep. Includes Supplementary Material:  2005/2006, Kentucky High School Journalism Association contest 2004-2005, Advertising excellence in Kentucky newspapers 2003-2005, Excellence in Kentucky newspapers newsletters  English Lexington, KY.: School of Journalism, University of Kentucky Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Kentucky Press Press -- Kentucky -- Periodicals The Kentucky Press, August 1962 Vol.28 No.11 text The Kentucky Press, August 1962 Vol.28 No.11 1962 2019 true xt7kwh2dbx06 section xt7kwh2dbx06 ‘ ' ' r ‘ ' . - , V‘f‘l 77W W“ '
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V ' 77/ « " ' " w T :. :7 " 7 '3 V‘ ., WWI Hm?! “I 3' {VJ
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mazkj7 in mg {VaVerest 0y COJ'nmumiV; JOHN-WW: ‘_V;_V____#_H W V'VVVVVVVVVVJVVVH Ma .3 V
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"b“cahon Office- - «@1- > V} sV‘VV: Vii l V
SChOOl Of Journalism :V’uyflwz " ' W (V “ 1 V i 1 IV yj
Umvers'ty 0f Kentucky :2; V W; M V j I V i j; ;
Lexmgto“ “Myafwi‘ .V - [IV V 1 ‘ I}
VOLUME T g [3' -- $ V_ V; , V 11 Hm a V V V V L V
ELEVEN ‘ ' a: = V V»! “a“ ' ' V V: w w i;
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. V , V V ”#577? 1,794; ? t \W/‘N‘wV‘. “7 if ‘ ‘V I, ‘
Kentuck ' ' V " ' 3‘ ‘ V r j
Y S Showcase: f; ; ‘ V g V.
Breaks Of The Sandy V‘ i V“ V V V
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: HM

Albert K M '
. 0
e Kentucky Press + As We See It + Arie 38 Y ”Tell“
r ears 5 itor '
Volume 2 I H
8, Number ll Old Poducah Weekly Albert K- Moore, publisher of the S'll '9 \
Official Publicati I I II II I IIIIIII
Kentucky Press AssocialIiIrlm, lnc. PUII on MICIIOfIIm VI IeklIIIdependent smce 1924I has SOId IIII
KentuckY Press Service, Inc. A yelloued (.0) f th “P l wee y paper to three SIIIyeIISVIIIe IIIIII
‘ A 7 I ‘7 i H‘ ‘ .‘nI . - V , . I
Victor R. Portmann, Editor bacco Pl-mt ” lIl'I‘hol e K IIC III To IIessmeIII LUItIIeI (II CdeeIIteIII caSIIIIIIIII
Perry J. Ashley, Associate Editor , 3, ’, Du) is ec weekly at Paducah the Salyersvdle National Bank' Sc tv I ‘ I%
Member in the 16(0s, was among old newspapers Patrick, Oil companv emploveeI‘ aIllIIII' I II
J. 1 , j y’ ‘ #1.
Newspaper Managers Association being filmed recently by the University of C- Prater, appliance firm operato II IIIII ‘
Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Ixentucky Microfilm Center. Mr. M0( ‘ ' l' ' I II III;
Better Busmess Bureau L . . )16 ie inquished ownerSh' are
S t ' ~ M Ib ex'nglon 1 TICIle 00py bemg preserved on film was the Independent following the death IIlliII I IIIé
. us aining em er (ate A ’ F FII ‘ " ’II II III I I
National Editorial Association 1111 ‘ fUELIft 6, .18I3’ and carried the “lie, MIS- Anna Cooper MOOI‘G, Who in 'I II
Assume Member (lies 0 c K. Warren and Len C. Faxon associated With him in its 38 years ‘ I I'
National Newspaper Promotion Association IIIZEedIIIOIIS and publishers. The publication publication. III I II I
. O ce z.‘ ‘2 I Ii I ' II I I
Printed by The Keme' Press He..1yw Ilfi loc ited in the old Paducah . When we t00k over the Independer I I
1a( 0 co on the corner of Main and In 1924,” M13 Moore wrote in ’1 finalfr‘ ' I
' High): nldflnmtucfyl P’eSS Association recognizes WIII'lthI SIShI I‘lpstairs." page editorial, IISalyel'SVille was an isolatolI I
l ena. im ortance ' ' 6 ti t " ' . r' ' I I I IIIIII I
trust imposed on "ewgpapers “flog; dtils’fenflgfififi ‘1 gm ,1 if . ylpiinted fiont pilge,.\\lth011t community. . . . There was only a dirttii' its .
of public information. It stands for truth fair- I ' ‘5 e h“ ‘uge‘ than elght‘POlnt bOICL connecting With “76“ Liberty and all mt II ”
Zfess, accuracy, and’deoency in the presentation carried a full-column account of “A Sangu- cliandise and food stufls mine in b, .l "33‘" ».43ifiiifI'ZIIIIIII
news, s ' - i. ._ , .- . . ‘ g.
ism, It agoggztgrigfigl gig-53132: 51115322"qu Ell); Conflict, The Feiouous Fight Between wagon from the railroad station at Boylalli' I l
advertising column. It Opposes the publicatilnl T1111g1 Anderson and Arthur MCCh‘SkeY’II or Paintsville. It tOOk “5 seven hoursl l’
ginnsrosfegagglqguyder tfhe guise of news. It at e StolIy 1:45 of a duel fought by the two “hack” drawn bv four mules to rat IIII‘IIIIIII'II
i a ion 0 a new men “ s . , , .- ‘ . '
honest and fearless editorial 3:131:51.an gage: th ,f ‘ )Ct. despeiadoes \\ ell known on PaintsVille, now only one-half an In. 9:
spects equality of opinion and the right of every 6 IOIIIIIeI for the” IIeCkleSSI‘eSS 0* life,” away-II ’ 'II I
2753251125213? t??駣”“t“}"till tile Cogsigugionaz 1}" Ted PM July 4 at Mechcme Lodge in The announcement of the sale 0H eh”
. m o e ress. t eieoes 'ie n it“ t . . ‘ ’ W”
in the newspaper as a vital medium for civic Oth ~ fl~ eiiitmy. . Independent said that Prater will bee ‘
(ICIIIIiomw, social, and cultural community de: 61 ,‘Oht page news 1nChIded an item tive head Of the business and Will “I MembeIs III III
oe 01”"th and progress. from Blufltton,1 Ind., stating that “The saloon- over the Independent office fIIIgItIisiI III: III I
'eepers o Buflton have issued a re ‘ I OI II IIIIIIIII
. - . i .i gulai l
Kentucky Press Assocration, lnc. notice to the public that, having obtained II III II IIIIISIIIIIEIII’UIISII'IIIIII
Iohn B. Gaines President license according to luv to sell s ' III GIIIIIII II I
. , ’ V . t . pnituous ' ' SI III
Fred 1 Bl rld fi‘lr‘hCitg A635, Bowling Green liquors, theV Propose to conduct their busi SturgIs EdIIIOII APPOIM'Ed VIIIICIIIOIII FIIII
- .. l’lzll‘. ice— resient ' ~~ II II I I
\7- t R P Casey County News, Liberty IIIIIZIf IICIIOIdIIIg dto IIIWI They therefore AdmIraI Of The FIeeIIII hMIA PIIeSIdeI
w or . ortmaiin, Secretary—Manager no 1 y a marrie women who do not “ant E “ I e COIII I
, . . n . C. ” . ’ - ‘ “I'm 0“
IniglidiIRAhhliii‘séisfiéai‘: Sfcqrwetary-i‘lanager them to sell to their husbands to leave Sturgis Ngud lCflImlinI pIIbIISIIItIlI :lII the death IIIId
i . i , 818 an reasurer , . I ‘I WS’ ias e ‘ II I I
University of Kentucky, Lexington wiitten notice to that effect within three Director of the DivisioreiIIofInlgItI):tiugIl IIIgIIIIIIIyS by 56
‘ ( aYSg, ‘ ‘ ' Safety C0 ‘
District Executive Committ partment of Public S'xf t bv Gven ’ mmltt
ee The paper also reported ‘1 ‘ I 8 III I 0 III CIIII
, . s x - i meetin at Be 't , i ‘ s ' IIIIIman' In
Chairman. George IOplin III Commonwealth Jackson, MiSSlSSiPPi for the ' ‘ fg‘ I C(ImbIIII UIIIIII the new appOIIIIIIII (IIgIIIIIZIIII
somerset (Eighth). First William T D -,’ v.1 .. . ., ‘ puipose 0 con- was made, Calman had been serving: I IOII’ CI
Lyon County Heralil, Eddvaille; Second L215, sic eiing the f(fl‘matlon of a new state com— division as Assist-int for the Western l’ Crease III I962
ISStOhle’CMessenger'lggus, Central City;IThirIrIl, posled 0f POrtions 0f Kentucky, lVIiSSiSSilZ’Pi tanV area I ShOIIIII gIIIe the
asl_ ,auniniisar, ourier—Iournal and Times: anc Tennessee. “Dis atches d - I I II ‘ IICIIIIC IIII
LOUISVllle; Fifth: Frank C. Bell, Trimble DemoI- whether the co 7 tp I 0 net StIIIe In acceptmg the IIppOIIIImeIII IIIIII IOII IIIk he CIII
. crat, Bedford; Sixth, George Trotter, Enterprise men ion was largely at- ernor Combs Calman stated “I 11111“ I 6n on OII
Lebanon; Seventh, Warren R. Fish r M ’ tended or not. The onl busi “ th‘ ' ' ' ' I‘ I I III pre a I
CMHSIE; Ninth, James T Norris 1:,Inf1’gu1y, to h'we b 1 y ness at seems filling in until such time as 3 136111131" mitte ’1) ring
$70,”, A;?133?;Eemhy Maurice K: Hgmy 15,551; of Cgmmitéee: ( onef wasththelappomtment appointment can be made. At thatt mighteI bIIIIIIlplIII
ews, i es oro; State—at—Large, S. C. Van I I I rom e tiree states.” I tIIIISt I ShIII I I I e OIOI
Curon, State Journal, Frankfort; State-at—Large The paper commented editorially 0n ‘ I III be IIIIOVIved to assumII MIA III the eaIII
Edwflrgs M. Templin, Herald—Leader Lexing: the p0ssibility of ‘\ war with VI ‘ P‘eVIXUS pOSItIOII as ASSISIaIIt IOIIIIIIIIIII FIISI I0 use
on; tate-at-Large, James Lee Crawford - II , ‘ ‘ < l ex1co. ern reg.” t -' I III
Times-Tribune Corbin‘ Immediate Past Presg Pi‘es1dent Grants desire for a second te‘ “ II OIIIIIS IIIIII IIe
’ ’ p l_ i 1m, Loc( 1 - ‘ IIIII
(lent, W. Foster Adams, Citizen, Berea. the apparent apathy 0f Paclucah Voters (‘rilm'inIII’ytheveéilquy lllnows IIIIIIldII IIIIIIII and each I
. . . . . . ~, u x , 6 ur is ews 1'6 ore- '
Kentucky Press Service, Inc. grid legulattions iegarding use of the new and will always b: the man IIJIGhindI hersiiogldI III the
overnmen ' 2 u ‘ ' I I I I
George M. Wilson, President 0th 4 1 p05” Unds. Sturgls News. We are natural" h new I SI-IIIEI
Breakinriclge Herald—News, Hardinsburg ei od Kentucky newspapers which bevond words that our b ‘ has been? “'Ill’l Paper In II
Landon “71115, F1,“ Vice-President have been collected for filming include an t l l I 055 I [I I materials OI
“711- MCLean County News, Calhoun 1885 issue of the Paduc'lh VVeekl \l I‘ e( ’)y the COVel’nOl‘ to head OIIIIII are backing TI
1 mm T. Dans, Second Vice-President and 1898 ' s f I y 1 6W5: states newest and fastest g1'0Wlng (it? Wheel” l) I
V. Lyon County Herald, Eddyville . . f issue 0 the Ballard Yeoman, ments.” “I99 'I IOCIIIIIII
ictor R. Portmanns' Secretary-Treasurer Wicklifle; Paclucah VVeeklv Standard of . ' l I IIIIIIIg the am
pig“? J. AShleyylAsmtant secretary 1886; and Gal-1V Ewes f ,fl L Calman has been the publisher0 Third pack
F orida R. Garrison, Assistant Treasurer \Veekly Advance II 0 III LII center News {01' 29 Yeal‘S- be ImIIIIIId I0 eII
‘ Chairman Martin Dyche SentinelE II II III II I III pre II
' ,' 3 _ cho, Lon- Theie s a lot of dirt that detergent“ Sentatmn
don, Maurice K. Henry, Daily News, Middles- Motorists are ettin ‘ ' ' ‘ t I COIIIICIII
boro; Niles O. Dillingham Progress Dawson tl g‘ g 50 Concelned OVCI OIILIII FOII II
1' Springs; R0 Gardner, Courier, Hickman; Robert Ie number 0f miles they can get per tank Isn’t it e l" ‘ l Iddl a “II Is It I I0 hel]
| Fay, Shelby News, Shelbyville- Oflicers er. of gas that the auto manufacturers '1‘ ' P CII IIII IIIIII ml 6 g IIIIEdIIIIIIIIIIId
officig. I I to be forced to enlarge the s' f tIlle gOIkIg Starts a few Years earlier IIOII the OIIIII S
V i size 0 ie tan 5. low? I

 ' 1
i I I I i I.‘ i I
Ii I I I i I I I I t
' ' l1 5 f i C if S I Cl B ' - III II :
Hug way a e y ommr ee eecte y Games IIII‘IIIII I
thesal’t’i ' HUI II I ' i
as. sold tlr . . . m,, , can be used is to encourage luncheon clubs, II I It I I I
”Helm" , . : ‘ _ '. ' of high school groups and other organized I III I II I “ '
cashiers . a (,‘i’géffarjq’if/ activities to plan for the showing of the II III I3 I I
3 300“” .I '%i .I. , 32%;2’é”’% (44:19” “Sixth Wheel" to their membership. The III‘III II r l l
; and Eat“ . Q2? ‘ V ,1; 33’“ fragile/”ghwfié»? ”5"; film will be obtained and shown by a State I I I I Iii Ii I I I
or. 1“ng ../"j 2*! éflf’wfi%,ig§éf% Police officer in each district upon request I"III I II v ‘ .
mershipci I é f . a, .- r x . $624? from Judson Edwards, Department Of II III II II I : I
leath ofh‘r _ . ., U .. I. ‘1 fig/’3 Public Safety. Frankfort IIIII I II I
8 year” . ‘ ”f , L 51.1;iz,'-.;I._-:j't;} I ’ awards to groups from the community who , I II I‘ I! . I
' , f ’ 5a.:.':.,:}."’ ., _ / U are showing’én interest and effort in the I I II I II I ‘ I
ndepender fits: I," a, '1' 0 ~ . ,, k safety of the community. This can be as I I II II I ‘l I I
1 finalfror :3 J I I. mg . (E simple as a printed certificate given in ‘, III II I I II '
md all me: ' I, . I", I} . ,, Recognition is also given to newspapers I I I-III I III
l in bill ‘ I ' "I . across the state by the National Safety VI I III‘ IIII
at Royals.” I . ., , 'i . ; b Council for features, news stories and ad- .I IIIII‘III I'll:||I‘ II
n hOUYSl. I I'..-‘ .» :i . (1' ' ' grim mag”; 3% . / vertisements which encourage safety at ,IIIEIIIIII'I' I II I I I
s to read , I." . Vim Ww'iuffii _ I lift"; ' the local level. The National Safety Coun- I III III" I II I: I
f a“ ll .7” . 21:3?” , l ro Gil gives certificates for outstanding Work III I III” hi I
””21 to those newspapers who submit entries 3' ”II? I I II i
sale 0” a Mr KW”??? in the contest. The judging is not done Iri ; III 1 , I II ‘ 1?
Wind)“ Members of the newly formed KPA Highway Safety Committee met with state officials in Frankfort on on a first and second place basis bUt on If IIIIII‘I I ‘ I
d “’1“ “I August ll to plan a program for the coming year. Those present were John Fleming, district director the OVCI'EIH 8E6“ WhiCh lS gamed. Entry III I III 1 I ,l I 1‘
forstlfle National SafetyLCouncil(;b Cllmmitfeli' (fhajjrncan,GEdchrdE> TerrIplin;f JifidEsgn EItiwa'rst, firsgstant blanks can be obtained by writing to Pub- II I I‘II I III I
:iisuf,effiuistili‘fglislbouriei;r-JZherh'iil ml); Tigi‘Zs; l/ciyfdr szua,erl3efiartrenpeunrt nfffnHgaltlr;Llffl’ho"t’Irestildlent (lithin lic Interest Awards, National Safety COUH‘ Ii I III‘II“ I II I
ii. Gaines; Roy Wragg, Department of Public Safety; Perry Ashley, KPA Central Office, and S. C. CH, 425 N- Michigan AVGDUG, Chicago 11, III I III .-‘ I=I‘-
VunCuron, Frankfort State Journal. Jack Simms, Louisville AF, was not present when picture was taken. Ill. These will be given to entering KPA III I IIIIIIIIII . I I I: t
KPA President John B. Gaines has shown ment of Public Safety. members as the 1963 mid—winter meeting, IIII'I VI I I I j
I the concern of the press of Kentucky about Fifth. to encourage each local news- femplin ISEIId' 7 I, III II IIIII I I I '
sher olI the death and injury rate on the state’s paper to help form and maintain a solid In addition to [Bl-“Pk” members named IIII‘ III . ‘.
ned Act: highways by setting up a KPA Highway safety program in its community. to the Safety Committee are: James T‘ I III III I I;
mating.D Safety Committee, with Edwards Templin Two meetings of the Safety Committee Norris if” AShlaml Independent; Manuel I II III II
2" CW“ as chaimian. In forming the new internal have been held, the first at Bowling Green Strong, Jackson Times; 1‘ Ray Games, I l3 III1 ‘ ‘
HPPOIW: Organization, Gaines said the alarming in- on July 28 and the second in Frankfort Bowling Green News ‘l‘ Warren Fisher, Car- I I III I II‘
servmgr crease in 1962 traflic accidents over 1961 on August ll. In declining an offer to meet l1sle Mercury; Amos Stone, Central ley I II I111 I 1 I . '
765m“, Sho‘dd give the press every reason to be with the group. Governor Bert Combs said: 'l1mes—Argus; LOUIS DeRosett, . Columbla I II II I I I
active in the campaign to lower the human “T he increasing toll of deaths and in- News; James Lee Crawford,Corb1n Tribune; I III II . : ‘
ant lll’f' toll taken on our highways. juries on our highways is of great concern Carl Saunders, Coymgton Post 8‘ Times- I III I”: I I ‘
“12111103 In Pr6paring the activities of his com- to every Kentuckian. Enough emphasis Star; I" 1" Valentine, Franklin Favorlte; I III II“ I
1 permit mittee, Templin outlined a program which cannot be placed on combating the road Percy Landrum, Hartford News; Walter II‘ I ‘1 I I
it thati might be followed by the members of death toll by a continuing highway safety Dear, HendersonICl-eaner and Journal; B3811 I II I
assumt' KPA in the early stages of the campaign. education of the driving public. I 0011— Caummlsar, Louisvflle Courier-Journal and I II I ‘
or the “o First, to use available materials for edi- gratulate and commend the Kentucky Press F'imes; RIChflrd, Dugan, LOUISVIHC UPI; Jack I II III I I I I
I torials and features on traffic safety in the Association for its enthusiastic program of Simms, Louisvflle AP; Edgar Arnold, Mad- I i
that l' State and each local community. I joining with the Kentucky Department of isonv1lle Messenger; Ceorge JOPIm’ Somer- I III II: I I
'eporIed'I Second, in the immediate future, a incin- Public Safety in reducing death and acci— set Commonwealth; l‘homas CISh’ Whites— III . I I i .
behlndI her of the State Police staff will call on each dents on our highways.” burg Mountaln Eagle; 5' C' VanCuron, IIIl' ‘5 I . ’
all)" tlirI n(3:\vspaper in the state to present them At the Frankfort meeting, John Fleming, Frankfort StatedJournal;P Scott Smltlzi, PBen- IIIIIII I : I
sheen? “nth materials on the progralnwhich they regional director for the National 'Safety 20‘; {3011112652 '12 ‘frlcloaffiirdfnnnn an erry III I i I I
01160 are baCklng- This will include the “Sixth Council, gave the committee directions in 51 ey, ‘ en a I ”I I I
‘Vmg dell Whe‘fl” brochure and informatiOn about securing and using prepared source ma- *._— II I I
I‘ securing the accompanying film. terials. “Highway Safety Facts,” a booklet National l‘eCOgnitiOH came again to the III I
iShero l Thlld? packets 0f Safety materials Will with facts about safety programs, can be Cleaner and Journal, Henderson, when Pub- II J I I
EZHIEZIIIeg to each newspaper through the secured by writing to the National Safety lishers Auxiliary selected a picture taken II I I I
fall'pres flice. Thls will be the current Council, 425 N..Michigan Ave, Chicago by Sports Editor Dav: lisuca‘s as an ex- IIIII.‘ I _
ergentsi Councfl‘ enffltlon of the National Safety 11, IllinoiS, he said. . ample for newsmlen' to o (LW 13;] improvmg III I II .
Fourth Locally, editors and publishers can or- photographic tec nique. T e eaner an I I I . . II
III is n l ’ to help Obtain legislation which ganize and promote better safety in their Journal had also won the KPA award for I. II. I I 5
Lain! “(ed-and Sponsored by the Depart- communities. One of the best plans which best news photos in the 1961 contests. I I : I
6 I ‘ I .I‘
. I 1 ‘ I I
I 3 i . HI
I l f III I II I I ‘ i I
: I=IIII"I‘I‘: ,
2, ’ If ‘

1"““"' ' k’ ' W'hJ h B d
.1 .
1 Kentuc e N ewspapering Began it o n ra ford , I
1 By CHARLES R. STAPLES (On August 11. 1787. John Bradford delphia. Colonel Greenup then wrote Mr lee y
1 Lexington. Kentucky established the “Kentucke” Gazette, the Miles Hunter of Richmond, Virginia,“ KF
1 f 1 “ first newspaper published west of the young printer of that place. me 1111 AS
11 .1011“ Bradford, 00111111011131 called Old Allegheny Mountains. This month com- flattering prospects held out by the Colonel
11 \Visdom, the founder and for many years me m orates the 175th anniversary of this of the future advantages to the printer “'th By
11 ‘ owner 0f t1}? Kentucky Gazette,.\vas born publishing venture. In an effort to pay should first establish himself in Kentuch-Il Small attenda
11 1 1“ Prince “1111mm County, Virginia on June tribute to this unusual occasion. the Mr. Hunter at first consented to remove 10 been eharacteris
1 6’ 1749’ the 50“ 0f Daniel and Alice Brad- Press presents the reprint of. an article Kentucky, but afterwards informed of 1111 seminars at Ur
11 ford. He was married to “Elizabeth James published in an earlier edition.) difficulties likely to intervene before Ken. and Western Ste
11 . of Fauquier County in 17(1, by whom the tucky would become a separate state and Legal problems
11 hadtfive sons and foul~ daughters. He died ———-"—_" "'1" . the uncertainty of a competent support from ment still domin
11 1 at his home on southwest corner of Mill and veyor under George May and was assrgned the printing business until that event Should out each session
Second streets in Lexington on March 20, to the district north of the Kentucky River. take place, declined altogether. Discussions 0:
1 1830 and was buried in the graveyard on There are-other records which indicate he “The attempt of the Committee haw.“ the opening ses:
_ 11 West Main street, now a part of the First was in this county m 1779 and the tradi- failed entirely, John Bradford called m the courts by ad‘
11 Baptist Church property. His gravestone tion to that effect is probably correct. May General Wilkinson and informed him that facts are being .
11 1 is six or eight feet below the level of the gave him a large number of entries to sur- —if the Convention would give assurarie sable in the C(
1 ground at a point fifteen feet northwest vey, some of which Mr. Bradford purchased that he should enjov the public patronage Court Judge Art
11 . of the corner to the Main street entrance for himself and for Daniel Bradford. when the printing business should bacon this was not mi
11 to this church. The burial lot of John Brad- These entries represented something over profit able as to induce one or more printer tucky. He said 1
11 {30rd was unknown until the construction 6,000 acres, laying prinCipally on North to settle in Kentucky, that he would,assoai ever people gatl
11 of the foundation for the First Baptist Elkhorn, and Cane Run creeks in Fayette as an office could be procured, establisi corners, lodge
11 1 Church was started. Then Mr. Frank Dal- and Scott counties. Amongst his other land a newspaper in K entu cky.” papers alone Wt
11 ton, Stone contractor. while excavating holdings was a purchase of 100 acres from This offer was reported by the Commits, fense.
11 found the gravestone of Mr. Bradford and John Coburn on which is now located the and was accepted by the Convention 3111 However, Iler
11 sometime later infonned Mrs. \V. O. Bul- north eastern portion of Lexington, besides the patronage promised so far as they, 11111 for the newspape
1 1 lock, stating that the stone had something numerous lots in Lexington business district. the nature Sf the attempt, were autho r1191 of the accused 2
11 on it about being the first printer in Ken- During the early parttot 1785 he brought In consequence of the action of the Cor committed. This
11 : . tricky. his family from Virginia and settled near vention, Mr. Bradford went to Philadelplfl to decide, and m
11 1 ‘ At request of Mrs. Bullock, Mr. Dalton Bryan’s Station, and thereafter made his where he secured a small second 1m, in ConVictions,
1 visited the spot in company with Mr. J. home in this community. \Vashington press with some type ii Property right
11 \Vinston Coleman and the writer, and Notwithstanding his many excellent parts, hauling it overlarfd to Pittsburgh, floalff used by a newsp
11 1 marked the location of the grave. Mr. it has become the custom of historians to down the Ohio River to Limestone andtllf Even though the
11 Coleman has prepared a drawing of the rest his fame upon the successful establish— over Smith’s Road to Lexington, whereff which Course a
’1 1‘ location of this grave and same has been ment of the first newspaper in Kentucky August 11 1787 he presented to the “.01 in using or not r
, 1 1 filed in the archives of the Bradford His— and his ability in keeping it going during theKentuckv Gazette with 180 subscribe peared in a con
-11 1 1 torical Society. the formative period of our history, and, Fielding Bradford ’a brother and paili" publishers think
11 1 1 Very little is known of his life before his when our scanty population were actively of the Editor was iiiterviewe d many 11,11 to not use the
11 1 arrival in Kentucky. There is a tradition engaged in defending their lives and prop- afterward and stated “that he wenl 1‘- suggested the s
1 that Mr. Bradford served in the Fauquier erty against the Indians. Pittsburgh iii the Spring of 1787 andpfl Involved as won]
11 . county Militia during the years of 1775— His entrance as owner and editorship chased some type from John Scull—“11 allowed to read
11 1 1777 and to have received a commission of a newspaper grew out of. the. second whom he stayed from March to June 111' 11216 theol.y Conce
11 1 as Ensign dated July 30. 1781. His name, convention which met at Danvrlle, in 1785, There is a tradition that the Convent 0 Work which 3
‘ 11 however, does not appear as a Revolution- to discuss separation from Virginia. Amongst seemed to think the paper was to be 95121 of the PTOductio
. 11 1 my \Var pensioner. nor in the list of Vir- other actions by this Convention, “It was lished in Danville and it is evidenl1‘ Volved.
11 ginia Land Bounty \Varrents. He did serv- Resolved; to give publicity to its proceed- citizens of that town were under this (31: Area and con
11 1, ice during the campaign against the In- ings, it was deemed necessary to the in- impression, but Mr. Bradford had 31:81.1 under fire next
11 dians at Chillicothe in 1779 as a member terests of the country, to have a printing received substantial encouragementfmm11 being advance t1
1 of the Kentucky Militia. press.” To accomplish this end James \Vil— citizens of Lexington as the Trustees 0111 take the lead in g
11 . Just when Mr. Bradford arrived in Ken- kinson, Christopher Creenup and John Co- Town at a meeting held July 28,178“ for the communii
11 ' tricky has always been a disputed point. burn were appointed a committee to use solved ° ‘ T116 editor Should
1 He was not amongst the original lot owners their best endeavors to induce a printer to “That a part of in lot N o. 43, couli his readers of th(
1 of Lexington when the drawing for town settle in this district and publish a weekly ing two poles in front on Main street” C0mmunity and t]
.11 lots took place in 1780 and again in 1781. newspaper. Bradford’s story of his efforts six poles back adjoining lot NO- 4411 be develoPed the]
_ 1 1 William Meredith testified that, “In 1775 were published in the Gazette dated March granted to Mr). John Bradford on 9311 In the field 0
11 he came to Kentucky in company with John 2, 1827 as a part of “Bradford’s Notes,” b tion that the printing press be establi$11 decided that pub]
1 ‘ Bradford, who was then a deputy surveyor No. 24: in the town of Lexington, in consider?ll 1116 nevuspaper ant
under Colonel William Preston.” Mr. Brad- “Wilkinson and Coburn applied by letter of which Mr Bradford shall be 911111 Interest in educat
1 . ford’s answer in this same suit does not to John Dunlap of Philadelphia, to aid them to the sole use of said lot as long 151 of the neWSpape]
1. throw any light upon this point. in procuring a printer but as no assurance press continues in the said T0W11 Years. To do this,
1 In another suit. Mr, Bradfol-d testified, of a competent salary could be given by Page fl“ 1‘8 established int
1 I ”That in 1780 he was appointed deputy sur- them, no printer could be found in Phila- (Please Tum To $1100] Work in W
. I l is used as part (
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