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fiirutes of ELfi chwlty of the UniVersity - December 15, 1942


— ilectri as;

(Ultranfiiqh Ereooehcy,. i7 quarter hours. A
o-*;.ency technio_ues involving a stu‘


Co mmun1Cd ion Engineering
~... ._.._ .. ,_ “m- _.,_.>.«

urse i1 ulLra-uign fre-


‘ my of UHF generators Negative and
positive grl id oscilleiors, v=1ocitv~modulation tunes, the magnetron~nigh
frefluency traism1Q91’r lines, rodiaoion, prioagation, guided waves.

ecuures and recitations, 5 hoprs C; laboratory 0 houv a week.

Prerequisiwe: Elecoricml Engineering 132.

President Donovdn, toe Faculty discussed

the admission tc the UniVersity of superior

yet gradurted Ii om high scnool, with a View
acceleration of the edxcational program. It
final action or the Southern As .sociation oi
hools provided tnat the current admission
sonoold. be observed in all cases, exceot
‘2s been gi ven by toe Executive Committee of toe
tcis fsCL, the Faculty Look no action


Erosioenu DlanVHD diECosssd witn toe chwlty the orooable direction
that to “*oy oraining Dr:grao would t'ke and he likely eff sets on

the col sees of the country. He ind icate the Ulan would nrobably

’0 c1”



e d

be announcei by the Army and Navy within th,


/ 7 [1:1]


January 2? 1943

The Facwlty of the University met in the President's Oifice

, anua:y 4 , 1943. Pres i dent' Donovan Dresided. Members
.t were Paul r" Boyd, Thomas F. Cooper, Alvin E. Evans, N. Dc
' dward Wiest, and Leo M. Chamberlain.

1 1

The minutes of December lb were ream anu anoroved.

Upon recommendation of Dean Boyd, the petition of William F.
Yeill was approved. mr. Neill had comple Le& all reouirements for
the degree of Bachelor of Arts, with a major in Law, except that he
Was not registered in the College of Arts and. Sciences during the
fist semeSter of his residence, as rem uired by Uni. versity rewgll tions.

Mr. leill asked tlat this residence requirement be waived.

Also on recommendation oi’ Dean Boyd, the following pronosals w1tn
re.Ec1rence to requirements for degrees were aonroved by the :Fculty:









.. u...“ prwlgh. -__





- ..:__.1..$:.1. 5:5: -

‘ .. .1. “2:th






mum; “new-..“

g. 4' ‘ flit; .- '5 ’ in." a?» " . 5 33*: v'



._u_...p.a..<.«..u :-




:wa .

‘ ‘fiQ-wuzr-u


-1 . . ,
, . ‘4.

«who‘s; fiI—hl-Il—L-‘JIA‘;


















by June.

eQ31Vplent Pf the orev10us semesterrflour TSQU1Tament. L91



extended L June, l944".
This action Was tgken in order to allou for augustment of "liflculfll€~

arisinc out oi the transition from the semester to tne quarter system.

Presilent Donovan discussed mi*‘ the Fecxlty the co25t1»n 0: tie
pzojel Tl:e fol making wt. one > :or the fiscal ‘1 " beginnlng
July 1, 194}. He pointed :u: L had been customary to prepare
the budget early in the year for submission to the Board of Trustees
in Aprilo This year, however, * A ”niVersity has little definite
1nformetion about the number of .nts, either regular or military,

That may be 1n attendance durlng

tne administration can estimato


Coming year. As a Cfinseouence
1 4

only the greatest d‘

amount or revenue to be defchd from fees or contracts with the

Government. It appeared desirable, therefore, in View or the fact «net ‘4.
there was no legal reouirement that the budget be adooted in Aoril, “
to postnone the ureparation of tne budgefi until later, with the 1dea V

that 1t woul: 0e tresented t? the josrd of Erustees ir June

Uinion of the Faculty that the orenarai'fir


hould be postponed in accordance with tnis S? i”

n) , I .
n/“ // I} o E _
l I \f1:;mgt:£Z1/tvflgfiag.

_ §ficrefl

February 23, 1943


The Faculty of the University met in the President's Office
Tuesday, February 23, 1943. President DonOVan presided. Members
present were Paul P. Boyd, Thomas P. Cooper, Alvin E. Evans, W. D.
Funkhouser, Frank D. Peterson, W. S. Taylor, Edward Wiest, and
Leo M. Chamberlain. Dean Holmes. Dean Jones, Assistant Dean
Terrell, and Colonel Brewer, also attended the meetings

The minutes of January 22 were read and approved.

The Faculty considered the question of credit for students
in the Air Corps Reserve who were currently being called into
active service. On motion and second, the Faculty voted that
those students who would have completed requirements for degrees
at the end of the current quarter, and who could have received
full credit for all courses in which they are passing on March 3 6“