electors of a county, or a division or district of the county,
shall be filed with the County Court Clerk: Provided, how-
ever, That if any political party entitled to nominate by con-
vention shall in any case fail to do so, the names of all nomi-
nees by petition for any office who shall be designated in their
positions as members of, and candidates of. such party, shall
be printed under the device and title on the ballots as if nom-
inated by a convention. Certificates and petitions of nomina-
tion of candidates for offices to be voted for by the electors of
the State, other than members of the General Assembly, or of
any division or district of the State exclusively, shall be filed
with the Secretary of State. In the event two or more per-
sons who have filed certificates of nomination with the said
Secretary of State or County Clerk shall claim to be the nom-
inee of the same political party the governing authority of
said political party shall designate, in writing, to said Secre-
tary of State and County Clerk which of said candidates shall
be entitled to the party emblem: Provided, however, if there
be two or more contending executive committees of the same
party in the county or district, then that county or district
executive committee which is recognized by the State govern-
ing authority of such party, by the written certificate of the
chairman thereof, shall be recognized by the County Clerk and
Secretary of State.


  Sec. 2. Not less than twenty (lays before the election of
such officers as are required to file their certificate of nomina-
tion with the Secretary of State said Secretary of State shall
certify to the respective County Court Clerks of the various
counties which are entitled under the law to participate in the
election of the respective candidates, the niame and place of
residence of each candidate for each respective office, as speci-
fied in the certificates and petitions of nomination filed with
him, and shall designate therein, subject to the provisions of
this act, the device under which the group or list of candidates
or candidate of each party shall be printed, in the order in
which they shall be arranged on the ballot Provid'Ied, how-
ever, Should a vacntyV occur in the General Assembly and a
writ of election issued to fill said vacancy, the petition or