certificate of nomination may be filed ten days before the day
of election, and if filed with the Secretary of State shall be
immediately certified to the proper County Court Clerks. No
writ for the election of a member of the General Assembly
shall be issued, except so as to enable the Sheriff to give
notice thereof, as now provided by law, at least fifteen days
before the day of election.
  Sec. 3. If the County Court Clerk shall willfully and know-
ingly refuse or fail to have the name of any candidate printed
upon the official ballot in the manner provided for in this
act, he shall forfeit his office and-be guilty of felony, and, upon
conviction, be confined in the penitentiary for not less than
one year nor more than three years.

                CI1RCLE UND)ER DEVICE.

  See. 4. The County Clerks of the several counties shall
cause the names of all candidates of their respective jurisdic-
tions, where nominations for any office specified in the ballot
have been duly made and not withdrawn, in accordance here-
with, to be printed on one ballot all nominations of any
party or group of petitioners, as designated by them in their
certificate or petition; or if none be designated, under some
suitable title and device. If the same device for designating
Candidates be selected by two parties or groups of petitioners,
it shall be given to the one which first selected it, and the
Clerk shall select a suitable device for the other. The ar-
rangnement of the ballot shall in general conform, as nearly
as practicable, to the plait hereinafter given, and the devices
named and lists of the candidates of the various parties shall
be printed in parallel columns, in such order as the Secretary
of State may direct, precedence. however, being given to the
party which polled the higher number of votes for the head
of the ticket in the last preceding election. The device of each
party shall be placed at the head of the list of candidates of
the party. The device shall not be inclosed in a square, but
immediately under the device shall be placed a circle of one
inch in diamter. Immediately under it shall be placed the
name or title of the party -ieket, andi iiatej ly under the
name or title the list of candidates of the party, the name of