has caused the ballot to be printed. Should any elector de-
sire to vote for each and every candidate of one party he shall
make a cross markl (X) in the circle under the device of said
party, and the vote shall be-counted for all the candidates un-
der said device: Provided, however, if a cross mark 4X) be
made in the circle under a party (evice and a cross mark (X)
be also made after one or more candidates of a different
party, or parties, the vote shall be counted for the candidates
so marked, and not for the candidates for the samne offices of
the party so marked, but the vote shall be counted for the
other candidates of saidl party.

                 PAPER FOR BALLOTS.

  Sec. 5. All ballots shall be printed on plain white paper,
sufficiently thick that the printing can not be distinguished
from the back, which paper shall be of No. 1 white book paper,
and when 26 by 40 inches shall weigh eighty pounds to the
ream, or if double cap forty pounds to the ream; and, except
in elections for a municipal office, shall be furnished to the
County Court Clerk by the Secretary of State, and it shall be
the duty of the County (Clerk to notify the Secretary of State
thirtv days before the day of the election of the size and the
uniuber of ballots which shall be necessary for said county,
estimating 50 per cent. more to the precinct than there were
ballots cast at the last preceding State election, and the Sec-
retarv of State shall furnish the paper as herein provided
within ten days after said notification by the County Court
(Cerk. If upon anv ticket there be no candidate or candidates
for a designated office a blank space equal to the space that
would be occupied by such name or names, if they+ were
printed thereon, with the blank spaces herein provided for
shall be left. Should the Secretary of State fail or refuse to
so furnish said paper for the ballots, le shall be guilty of a mi-
demeanor, and upon trial and conviction by indictment in
Franklin Circuit Court, be fined not less than one thousand
i1,000) dollars and not more than five thousand (5,000) dol-
lars, in the discretion of the jury.
  Provided: That in the year 1900 the notice herein provided
for to be given to the Secretary of State by the County Court
Clerk shall not be given, but immediately after the passage of