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MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Apr. 24, 1902    page 96

      Called Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the A.
& M. College, held at the Presidents Room, at the College,
Lexington, Ky. Apr. 24, 1902 - at 2 0'clock P. M.

      Present:           Messrs0   John MeChord
                                   W. C. Bell
                                   Geo. B. Kinkead
                                   W. R. Ramsey
                                   D. F. Frazee
                                   L. !q, Lindsay
                                   J. B. Marcum
                                   Henry S. Barker
                                   MeD. Ferguson
                                   R. W. Nelson
                                   James K. Patterson
                                   R. C. Stoll

      Mr. Frazee in the Chair.

      Mr. Stoll suggested that the room set apart for the
Trustees in the gymnasium building had been fitted up, and
that it might be pleasant for the Board to adjourn to that

      Upon motion duly seconded, the Board then adjourned
to the room in the Gymnasium Building set apart for the

      Judge Barker administered the constitional oath to
Messrs. Bell, Mc~hord & Lindsay, as required by law,

      The Chairman then read the call for this call meeting
which is as follows.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESApr. 24, 1902 - page 96-97

      Mr. Frazee, Copy the call' here.

      I think Mr. D. F. Frazee has a copy, I have now W. W.
By Mr0 Stoll.

      It is moved that we proceed now to take up the second
section of the call, said motion was seconded and carried.

      Thereupon MrO John T. Shelby, attorney for the Misses
Pepper, appeared before the Board and made a full statement
with reference to the condition of the title to the Pepper
property   He stated bhat a suit had been instituted in the
Fayette Circuit Court, to remove any cloud which might be
upon the title to the property by reason of the bond executed
by the Misses Pepper to Mrs0 Robinson, and that this suit be
brought to a conclusion probably within sixty days.

      Mr. Shelby expressed the belief that there was no doubt
that the Misses Pepper would be able to pass a good title
to the property0

      After an informal discussion between the members of the
Board and Mr0 Shelby, Mr0 Shelby withdrew0

      Upon the suggestion of President Patterson, the
Secretary read the minutes of the Executive Committeev bearing
upon the subject of the purchase of a site for the girls
dormitory from Dec. 1900, down to the present date.

      At this point Judge Kinkead made a statement to the
Board relative to the connection of various parties which the
Act of the Legislature passed at its late session, making an
appropriation for the girls dormitory, and read letters from
various parties in answer to letters written by him, as well
as copies of his own letters, and offered all of said papers,
and ask that they be spread upon the Minutes of the Board.
No actionwas taken upon this offer.

      After pretty full informal discussion, the following
motion was made by Judge Barker.


MIITUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Apr. 24, %-9a - page 97-98

      It i s moved that we take no further acti on in reference
to the girls dormitory.

      Said motion was seconded.

      At this point Mr. Lindsay, with drew from the meeting.
After discussion Mr. Stoll offers the following substitute.
Resolved that the authority heretofore given to the Executive
Committee, and the Building Committee, by the Board of
Trustees, to erect a girls dormitory or t o purchase ground
upon which to erect that dormitory be now seconded, and that
the Executive Committee be directed to take no further steps
contemplating the purchase of any property, or the erection
of any building, unless further authority is given to them
by this Board of Trustees.

      Said motion was seconded, and put upon
upon roll call the vote stood as follows.

Mar cumn
Fergus on
Pat ters on

its passage and

-     No
-     No

      Ayes three  Noes  eigh t.

      The substitute motion was lost.

      Mr. Marcum, offered the following amendment to the
motion made by Judge Barker, to postpone action until June
meeting on the matters referred to in the call.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESApr. 24, 1902 - page 98-99

      Resolved that without rescinding the authority given
to the Executive Comnittee, and to the Building CommIttee
upon matters referred to in this call.

      And that authority be now suspended until final
action of this Board upon the matters now tending before it,
and mentioned in this call until the June meeting of this

      Said amendment was accepted by Judge Barker and said
motion made by Judge Barker as amended by Mr. Marctimn was
seconded9 and after discussion was placed upon its passage
and upon the Roll C all, the vote stood as follows.

McChord -
Kinkead -
Barker -

Aye - Nelson       Aye
No  - Patterson    Aye
No     Ayes 7 - Novs    4.
Aye      The motion was carried.

      At this point Judge Kinkead tendered his resignation
as a member of the Building Committee.

      Ma% Frazee tendered his resignation as Chairman, and
as a member of the Building Committee.

      Mr. Stoll resigns from the Building Committee,

      Cole Nelson offers his resignation as a member of the
Building Committee, which was afterwards withdrawn.

      Thereupon the following motion was made by Judge


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESApr. 24, 1902 - page 99-100

      Resolved that the vacancies in the Building Committee
occassioned by resignation be filled by appointing in
their places.

                 Judge Barker,
                 Mr.  Ferguson,
                 Mr. McChord,
                 Mr. Ramsey,

      Said motion was seconded., and upon a point of order
being raised, the chairman ruled said motion was not in

      At this point by request the secretary read before the
Board, a communication from Mr. Desha Breckinridge, said
communication is as follows -

                           Lexington, Ky. Apr. 23, 1902

To the Board of Trustees of
                The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Ky.

      On Tuesday, Arp. the Sth, over two weeks ago, an
assault was made on the commandant of the State College by
the students of that College;  on Wednesday Apr0 9th, Mr0
Denny B0 Goode, a reported for the Morning Herald, sent to
the State College in pursuance of his duties , was attacked
on the grounds by the students of the State College, insulted,
assaulted, egged, stoned and ejected from the grounds0

      Commissioned officers of the cadet battalion were
present at the time wl the assault was made- professors
of the State College were on the grounds and witnesses of
some of the occurences, the President of the A0 & M0
College in a card written on Wednesday Night virtually
condoned and approved the action of the students0

      On the following Sunday a committee consisting of
commissioned officers of the battalion, appointed by the
students, issued a statement which was in substance a plea
in confession and avoidance of the charge of brutality,
cowardice and conduct unbecoming any student of any
educational institution. No expression of regret or


MINUES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Apr. 24, 1902 - page 100

apology has been tendered by the faculty, President or the
students of the State College to Mr. Goode or the
Citizens of Kentucky.

      As the owner and manager of the Morning Herald in
whose employ Mr. Goode was and fvr whom he was acting, as
a former student of the A. & M. College who has the interest
of the college at heart, as a tax payer, and as a citizen
of Kentucky, communicate these facts to you with the avowal
that no man who approved of such conduct on the part of the
students of the State College is fit to be either President,
or professor in that college, and the further avowal that
these facts can be easily proven, and request you, as
representatives of the people of the State, charged with
the duty of supervising the college supported by taxes of
the Citizens of Kentucky, to take such action as will for-
ever put the ban of disapproval upon conduct that if approved,
will bring shame to the State College.   I have given the
President every opportunity to express either regret or
apology for the action of the students, and he has done
neither.  I have given the Faculty of the State College
every opportunity to take such action as will show their
disapproval, and prevent a recurrence of such outrages.

      I now appeal to you as the governing body, and hope
that it will not be necessary for me to carry this appeal
further.  I think it frank to say, however, that in my
judgement it is absolutely essential to the well being
of that college that action shall be taken either by your
Board, or the Grand Jury of Fayette C., and I shall take
the matter before the Grand Juary uiless action is taken and
I as a citizen of the State, I demand that which every
citizen has the right to demand of those entrusted with
public duty, that you either approve or disapprove the
action of the students, and the failure to act on the part
of the President and faculty.

                 With great respect, I have the honor to be
                        your obedient servant

Desha Breckinridge,


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESApr. 24, 1902 - page 101

      After full discussion the following motion was made
by Col. Nelson8

      Resolved that a Committee of three consisting of Mr.
Marcun, Mr. McChord, and Mr. Ramsey be appointed on behalf
of this Board to confer with the faculty, and to gather all
information and evidence that it is possible together,
touching the alleged outrages against Mr. Goode reterred to
in the letter of Desha Breckinridge dated April 23rd, 1902
and to report to the meeting of the Board in june, and
that the expenses of that Committee be paid during the
time of their investigation, including the services of
a stenographer.

      Said motion was seconded, put upon its passage and

      Thereupon Mr. Stoll made the following motion.

      Resolved that the Secretary be requested to send a
copy of the resolution appointing the Committee of three
to investigate alleged charges of outrages committed against
Mr. Goode, to all the newspapers of the City of Lexington,
and that he be directed to write a letter to Mr. Breckinridge
replying to his letter to the Board of Trustees, informing
him of the action taken.

      Said motion was seconded, put upon its passage and

      Upon motion of Judge Barker the Board then adjourned.

                              D. C. Frazee