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It is difficult to say whether Kentucky let down or Vandy got fired up in the second half as a 24-0 UK halftime lead was reduced to 27-17 by the final whistle.
Two first half touchdowns by Sonny Collins and a 41-yard touchdown pass from Mike Fanuzzi to Ray Barga helped stake the Wildcats to a 24-0 halftime lead.
Generosity overcame them in the second half, though as they lost five fumbles on the day. This partially enabled the Commodores to close the gap to the final margin of 10 points.
"Bubba" McCullom established himself as an Ail-American candidate by making 12 unassisted tackles.
Collins continued his record onslaught by gaining 83 yards. He broke the UK single season scoring record of 78 points. He also surpassed the single season record for most rushes of 180 by Roger Gann in 1969.
Collins needed just 220 yards in his remaining two games to break the SEC season rushing record of 1,312 yards.
UK 18
Sonny Collins injured his big toe, sat out two quarters and gained "only" 81 yards. The Wildcats fumbled seven times.
Amazingly, they were somehow in the game until
the final whistle. , . .         ,   , ,       . , ,,
A strong defense, led by middle
linebacker   Frank   LeMaster's 13
solos and eight assists managed to
compensate   for   the inadequate
Behind early in the game, Curci replaced Fanuzzi with the stronger passing arm of Ernie Lewis. Lewis rallied the team by completing seven of 15 passes for 93 yards, including a touchdown pass to Elmore Stephens.
With the ball on Florida's 30-yard line and just seconds remaining in the game, UK attempted one more pass. Hoping for the score, but willing to settle for moving within field goal range, Lewis passed but was intercepted. Lost along with the game were the last remnants of hopes for a bowl bid. (continued to pg. 123)