^^MID screaming and cheering Kappa Delta sorority walked away with the Sigma Chi trophy in the 22nd annual Derby Day sponsored by the fraternity. The Derby, held at the Rugby Field, proved to be an afternoon of fun and games for UK sororities, and Keeneland and Donovan halls.
Derby Day permits the new pledges of each sorority to compete for the  title  of  Derby  Champ. The
winning sorority is selected by the total number of points earned in a series of competitive events.
Kappa Delta captured the title again this year under the coaching of Sigma Chi's Jerry Gieuseffi and Mike Wagner.
Representing Delta Delta Delta, Michelle McLaughlin was selected Derby Queen while Eric Schuerman, chairman of Derby Day, was chosen Derby Daddy.
Alpha Delta Pi won the first event, Deck-A-Pledge. Dressed in a banana costume, September Smith paraded before the judges and delivered a skit to the theme "ADPi's go bananas over Sigma Chi's."
The Derby Chase followed with six girls from each team competing to retrieve hats arranged on the field. Kappa Delta, Kappa Gamma, Chi Omega and Alpha Chi Omega gained the most number of points.
The third contest, Mount and Mackerel, was won by Chi Omega.
Kappa Alpha Theta won the mystery event. It consisted of a relay of three girls from each team putting on overalls while zipped in sleeping bags.
Kappa Delta placed first in the Flour Fling with Delta Gamma and
Kappa Alpha Theta following. In this event, a girl from each team searched in a tub of flour for tags that spelled the name of their team.
Kappa Delta also scored the most number of points in the last event in which they attempted to hit a Sigma Chi pledge in the face with an egg, while the pledge stood behind a cut-out bulls' eye target,
(Above) Diane Williamson waits to escort two friends into the parade. (Left) Sorority pledges rush to zip in the mystery event. (Below) Cirls from Kappa Kappa Gamma sit in their parade exhibit watching the games. (Opp. Pg., Background) Delta Delia Delta sorority cheer after their representative, Michelle McLaughlin, was chosen Derby Queen. (Sequence) Cheering the Kappa Delta's on to victory is Pam Voor-hees; Delta Zeta coach Earl Brown and Kem Harp take time out between events; Edith Ann Rogers performs a skit in front of the judges.