Traditions still echo university heritage
_ RADITIONS are part of an institution which makes it unique. They serve as a common bond unifying generations of students.
One of the oldest traditions at the University of Kentucky was the name "wildcats." It was assigned to the UK athletic teams in 1909 when the head of the military department commented, "They fought like wildcats," in reference to a 6-2 win over the University of Illinois.
The nickname was picked up by the press and has remained with the athletic teams since then. UK's colors are blue and white. They were chosen by a group oi Kentucky football supporters meeting in the 1890's. Someone suggested blue and white in reference to Dick Stoll's blue necktie.
Judge Richard Stoll, a UK alumnus, later became a prominent member of the Board of Trustees. Stoll Field was named in his honor.
A battered old beer barrel signifies the tradition centered around the UK Tennessee rivalry. The rotating trophy is given to the victor of the annual football game until the following game.
The alma mater is also a part of a college's heritage. UK's lyrics were written by Josephine Funkhouser while the music was composed by Carl Lampert.
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