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Community Chest
Drive To Open
This Monday








The Fall Festival, sponsored annu-"- ?
ally by the Block and Bridle Club,
will open at 7 tonight In the Stock
Judging Pavilion with two evenings
of exhibitions, contests and variety
acts planned by the students In the
College of Agriculture and Home
Climaxing Saturday night's show
will be the crowning of Alice Word,
junior from Oak Grove, and Paul
Sturgill, Junior from Lexington, as
Queen and King of the Festival.
Attendants Listed
Attendants to the Queen are Betty
Triplett and Sue Flynn. John Burner and Jack Veech are the King's


Afte a short opening address by
Dean Thomas P. Cooper, Ag students
will display their skill tonight in
sheep and hog showmanship. Sheep
to be taken to the International
Livestock Exhibition at Chicago next






Pictured above are nine members of the I'K Troupers, who plan several performances this year. They are, let to right Pyramid: bottom, Truett Welch, Jay Cummins, Billy Valentine, Joe Wyatt, John
Dink; second, Tish Hames, Betty Cockrell; top Tcm Montgomery.
II uia dancer: Betty Andes. Clowns: Welch and Dink.

Young Elected ODK Taking
Cooperstown Applications

week will be chosen. Highlighting
tonight's program are contests In
harnessing and wood chopping.
Dr. Garrifiu To Speak
Dr. W. P. Oarrigus, head of the
animal husbandry department, will
speak on Saturday night.
Saturday night's program features
Chicken Plucking and Milk Maid
contests with volunteers from the
Home Economics department competing.
Members of the livestock judging
team will be introduced Saturday
night. Members of the team are
George Antle, R. N. Samples, Thomas Curtslnger, and Frank Linton.
Money raised by the Festival pays
part of the judging teams traveling
expenses to other colleges.
Steers that will go to the Exhibition at Chicago will be shown during
the cattle showmanship contest.
King and Queen To Reign
After the show tomorrow night,
the King and Queen will reign at
the dance to be held ln the Stock
Marked by their white shorts and
black ties the Block and Bridle
pledges have stunts scheduled for
both nights. Other students in the
college have planned clown acts and
musicals for the two programs.
Ribbons To Be Awarded
Judged for origionality and completeness, the exhibits put on display by the students will be awarded
ribbons and prizes.
Soft drinks wfll be sold both
nights. The proceeds from the sales
are to be used for judging team
"This is the second Fall Festival
to be held since the war, and we
hope that with the
the whole University we can make
it the most successful one so far,"
James Kemp, president of Block and
Bridle, stated.








Sigma Chis Plan
To Move In Soon

"Cifcaiuu Tn PVt
iu uci
the'iUeaal Of


Males Fail To Hold Line
As Women's Hems Drop

II. E. Wetzel Is Named
Committee Member





Voters To Debate
NeW Constitution


Joe Wathen, a junior from
remains in a critical condition according to reports received
from the Nichols General hospital.
Wathen sustained injuries in an

sistence allowances without interruption until next August..
Any veteran whose time Is
running short and who doesn't
want to draw subsistence during
the Christmss holidays, should
notify the veterans office

Sadie Hawkins Week
To Be Observed
November 8

auto accident Friday afternoon
near Bardstown. He lost control of
his station wagon when it skidded
to the side of a bad road and while
trying to get it back on the road
the station wagon struck a culvert
and was demolished.
Wathen Knocked Unconscious
Two other University students,
John Perkins and Bud Lusby, re-

ceived minor injuries. Both Perkins
and Wathen were thrown from the
vehicle and Wathen was knocked
unconscious. He was taken to the
Leeabon hospital and later moved
week to the Nichols General hospital in
The annual Sadie Hawkins
observed on the campus Louisville. All are members of the
will be
Nov. 28, men's sophomore honorary, Kappa Sigma fraternity.
announced yesterday. The old boy
dates-gi- rl
tradition will be reversed,
and the girls will have a chanca
to show their superiority by squlr
ine the men around and Picking
up the check.
The week will feature turnip
V. Lee Westfall, Lexington, was
chompin" contests and Lil Abner-DaiMae races. The celebration elected president of the College
will be concluded with the annual Chamber of Commerce for the curSadie Hawkins dance in the Stu- rent school year at a meeting Tuesday night in White hall.
dent Union on Nov. 8.
Other officers elected to serve until next May Include William R.
Young, Stanford,
June Staker, Maysville, secretary;
and Francis M. (Pete) Gute, Ashland, treasurer.
Directors Elected
Children of former
now enrolled in the Uni
The Chamber's board of directors
versity, are requested to contact were elected to serve staggered
Miss Helen O. King, executive sec- terms and to be replaced one by one
retary of the Alumni Association, at subsequent monthly meetings of
Room 124 Student Union building, the group. The board is composed
for the purpose of reorganizing Alma of M. Patrick Perronne, Paducah;
Magna Mater, defunct since the war. William Feagens, Ashland: FranAlma Magna Mater was organized ces Combs; Ruth Say re; Ed Lynch,
and William Toombs,
a number of years ago by the late Ashland;
Mrs. Frances Jewell McVey, wife Louisville.
The next meeting will be held
of Emeritus President Frank L. Nov. 4.
McVey and former University dean
of women. Membership was extended
to all children of former University students, and served as a means
of contact between the present-da- y
student body and students of other
The Newman Club will entertain
with s cabaret style dance ln the
It is the hope of the Alumni As- ballroom of the SUB from 8:30 p.m.
sociation to assist these students in to 11:30 p.m. Saturday, George Marorganizing into a group, for the pur- tin: president, announces.
pose of having, the University's
Admission will be 50c a person.
"grandchildren" welded together in Professor John Orbert, Father
of the student Grosser of Christ the King Church,
the Joint intreests
body, the University and the Alumni and Dr. and Mrs. Schwendeman
Association, Miss King said.
will be the chaperones.

Nu Circle of Omicron Delta Kap- pa, senior men's leadership society,
is now receiving annlirfltinns for
William Rubin Young, of
membershlp' ODK Prldent Staley
ford, was elected mayor of Coopers-- j
town. University housing project for Adams announced,
married student veterans, at the an- - ' Membership is limited to junior
nual election, Robert J. Ceeslin, and senior men who have sc. ho las-- 1
tic standings of not less than 2- and
retiring mayor, announced. .
minimum of ten activity points
More than 300 votes, representing
approximately 50 percent of Coopers- - according to the ODK .activity
population of 324 families, m8
Deadline Is October Z. t ',
were cast in the election to choose
m new mayor and five ward council- Application blanks may be
Successful candidates in bal- - tained from the office of the Dean
loting for representatives on the 0, Men
trom B M. sparks,
council were Bingham man of the committee on
Ward 1; Roy Crouch, Ward si0n of new members. To be con-Maurice Vaughn, Ward 3; Sam- - sidered during the fall quarter ap-uSalvucci Jr.. Ward 4; and Mrs. plications must be filed in the of-M. Peyton, Ward 5.
fjCe cf the Dean of Men not later
than noon, Friday, Oct. 31.
Precincts Set I'p
Voting precincts were set up in
Sigma Chi fraternity is active
each of the wards and balloting was Tiprrrnmn
again on the campus following a
supervised by,a committee of elec- fire two weeks ago that damaged
TVTot-tion officials headed by Mrs.
their house and forced them to be
garct Carwell. Each family in
considered inactive on the campus.
project was allowed two votes. The
Ralph Bergamo. an English
Fraternity officers said repairs
included five candidates for structor, iu receive tne Medai of
have been started on the house and
mayor, one trom each ward, and 15 Melz in appreciation of the
alnominees, three from each tion o the city by American army the third floor if the house has
mard- units.
while work on the second floor of
The new mayor, who will be in- Bergamo, a former technical
the house is also under way. A
at a special ceremony
nt m tne 377tn infantry received new gas furnace will be installed
soon, is a junior in the college of a letter Irc, .
ma t 0l M;U next week. The men plan to move
commerce. Young is a member of tlljnD.
he made to back into the house within the next
th. Bwar(i
Phi Eta Sigma honorary fraternity, ,nns- - ,ho
ln ,h. cam. few weeks if work continues to
the board of directors of the college paign.
of commerce, and student football
Runner-u- p
Candidates Listed
Runner-u- p
candidates in the race
for mayor included Leslie Hammonds.. John K. Hickey, Kenneth
Bruekart. and John Dink. Council
nominees who were unsuccesful in- By Frar.k R. Dornheim
Stwle,' John Kflly. Vance Johns, !Thleaves came tumbling
owniof time in this modern age of
and so did.tnroat competition. According to
Wilton Teater, H"5 Sad,. September
Univer- Charles Chappel, Jim Jordan, Wil- - "lc '
J one learned professor in ourjust long
l" ",c "":s"s.1'
mcr Skaetrs. and James Pride.
sity, the skirts should be
fought to hold that line.
enough to cover the subject ana
From the dim and smoky recesses Just short enough to be interesting.
of the old Rose Street Confection- This statement introduces his "Rule
ary come the sighs and moans of of Thumb" the prettier the legs,
sorrowful male scholars weeping in the shorter the dress.
their beer. But don't take it too there must be exceptions to every
Prof. Harold E. Wetzel, head of hard fellows; Fashion is fickle like rule.
the department of social work, has any other dame. Let them be coy. There is no accounting for the
been named to membership on the When spring comes these butterflies
might just
committee on preprofessional edu- will come out of their cocoons. Hot whims of fashion. One long skirts
say that women's
cation for social work of the Amer weather and horse blankets just as well
are a sign that we are going to have
ican Association of Schools of So- - don't mix,
an extremely cold winter. Men have
ciai Work, Benjamin YoungdahU
Research Needed
at the hardihood
Nt?:0.;.?'e!!fent f the aM0Cl - 'Let's step down to the younger
blast of winter in short skirts.
The committee is one of the ma- - primary stages. Maybe we can fig-jA Question
groups of the association and ure out how it gets its grip on the
is charged with the responsibility human race.
If the long skirt is a sign of physibubble-gum- ?
That cal softness in women, maybe it is
undergraduate educa- - craze iS being replaced by another, also a sign that they are going back
to the silly, clinging-vin- e
tion for social work. Recommenda- - tne plastic,
tions of the committee help deter- - Craze. It is just getting a good start of fifty years ago.
Is modern woman going to hobble
mine curriculum problems at the and jt owes
popularity to the
undergraduate level for member Iact tnet anyone can blow plastic herself with yesterday's traditions
social work schools.
balloons. There is a certain knack after fighting for years to break free
of them?
jto making bubble-gung
Now Iels
back to
Ah, Those Fond Memories
Fall is a season for remembering,
i.skirts owe their popularity to the
any woman can look as so all of the boys are sadly rememfact that
good or as bad as any other in a bering how pretty their girlfriends
However, let's looked in short skirts. With all of
A debate on the new constitution Mother
for Kentucky will be conducted at ho)e that women don't go too far these new coeds around, the best
4:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Student with concealing their charms. As advice to the fellows is to stick to
Union card room by the Campus one newspaper article stated, "They the old girlfriend.
You can at least remember what
League of Women Voters, in con- are hiding their best selling points,"
junction with the Student Bar as- and what could be sillier in a coun- her legs looked like ln short skirts.
try where women outnumber men.
The best we can do now is fight
Many Must Change
that new corset fad which is springThomas Carroll, Shepheidsville.
Women with plain faces and nice ing up. If that one sticks, the boys
will take the negative side and
Harry Miller, Lexington, will speak figures can't afford to put up with might as well give up and dig out
long skirts for an extended period their derbies!
in favnr of a new ronstltnt'.or;.

Skids From Road

Under the new leave plan, all
veterans will be paid their sub-


Commerce Chamber
Chooses Officers;

Westfall President


Alma Magna Mater
To Be Reorganized

Newman Club Dance
Tomorrow Night

Students Urged


The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees accepted $600 for tered nurse. University Infirmary.
Office of the Dean of Men Apscholarships from the Kroger Baking
Company at a meeting Tuesday. pointment: Mrs. Mable Paddison,
The money will be used to establish housemother, Pi Kappa Alpha frathree $200 scholarships in the Col- ternity.
lege of Agriculture and Home EcoMargaret Bruce Cruise, testing
Major personnel changes made by clerk, transferring from the Office
of the Dean of Woman and sucthe trustees follow:
College of Arts and Sciences Ap- ceeding Mrs. Doris Barnes, resigned.
Division of Business Management
pointments: Robert Barron, instructor in English; Chester R. Lewis, and Control Appointment: H. M.
instructor in anatomy and physiol- West, specifications writer.
I' niversity
ogy; Catherine Beard, instructor in
English; Mrs. Mildred Martin, in- ment: Mrs. Vivian Pence, assisstructor in mathematics and as tant manager. Little Commons.
Department of Maintenance and
tronomy for the months of October,
Appointment : Joseph
November and December; Hamble- - Operations
ton Tapp, instructor in history for Boston, assistant engineer inspector.
October, November and December.

Seniors and graduate

A resolution
munism was passed by vote of the
Student Government
meeting Monday night.
Presented by SGA President
Claude Sprowles, the resolution
stated that the body, in affiliation
with University Administration officials will take "necessary precautions to prevent Communist infiltration at the University of Kentucky and support all efforts to
drive Communism from our nation
through national preparedness."
Dr. H. L. Donovan, president of
the University, explained the increased budget plan to assembly
Elizabeth Walters was elected secretary to succeed Mary Aull, resigned.
The assembly set Nov. 18 as the
date for fall quarter elections.

McCarthy Appointed

Managing Editor
Of Law Journal
Giles McCarthy, Ft. Mitchell junior, has been appointed managing
editor of the Kentucky Law Journal,
Dr. Roy Moreland. faculty advisor,
announces. John Gillespie, Franklin
Junior, will serve on the editorial
The first issue of the publication's
39th volume will be published ln

Ag College Assembly
To Be Held Tuesday
The College of Agriculture and
Home Economics will hold a college
assembly at 11 a.m. Tuesday in Memorial hall. All students in the college, including those with classes in
other colleges, will be excused to attend.







Hil-liar- d,



Play Here

Mock Election
To Be Held
A "straw vote" to survey student
opinion on the forthcoming state
election will be sponsored Tuesday
by the Campus League of Women
Voting will be in the Student Union ticket booth from 9 a.m. to 4
p.m. All students, whether or not
they are of legal voting age. are eligible to vote. League President Beth
Bicknell emphasized. Faculty members are also eligible to vote.
First question on the ballot will
ask the voter's choice for governor,
candidate Eldon S.
Dummit or Democratic
Earle C. Clements. Both are University graduates.
The second question will ask for
an opinion on the proposed revision
of the Kentucky Constitution.
Results will be announced in next
week's Kernel.
Last year's election, sponsored by
the Campus League of Women Vot
ers, proved an accurate prediction
of actual election results. Of the
889 students voting on the question
or Democratic
of a . Republican
congress and the Kentucky senatorial race between John Y. Brown
and John Sherman Cooper, 500
voted for Cooper, 389 for Brown,
518 ballots cast for a Democratic
congress and 371 for a Republican

essential that the staff meet all
deadlines this year because of the
lateness and confusion in the pat
year. Organizations
and student
on campus are asked to cooperate in

meeting these deadlines. Miss Price
further emphasized.
that haven't returned page blanks and contracts
are asked to turn them in immediately at the yearbook office. If
any group wants a page in the annual and hasn't secured either the
contracts or plank pages, contact
either the editor or the business
In the past years, the Kentuc'mn
work has been done by a local
but because of an intended
rise in price on the student's pictures and because of inefficiency,
a New York photographer has been
contracted. Everyone must have a
new picture because of the difference in glossiness of the prints and
the size of pictures, Helt-- i Dorr,


The Pi Kappa Alpha pledge queen
will be presented at a formal dance
to be held in her honor tonight at
the Lexington Country Club.
The candidates from each of the

campus sororities' pledge classes are
Jackie Carper. Alpna Delta Pi;
Mildred Cox, Alpha Gamma Delta;
Mary Ann McQuaid, Alpha Xi Delta; Nancy Payne, Delta Zeta; Pris-cilMcVey, Delta Delta Delta;
Mary Alice Mayer, Kappa Alpha
Theta; Barbara O'dell, Kappa Delta; Marcia Middleton, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Tillie McCarty, Chi
Omega; and Jean Powell, Zeta Tau
Music for the dance will be furnished by Bobby Bleidt and his
Blue and White orchestra.



in the total

Cwens To Sponsor
Clothing Drive
A clothing drive for foreign students sponsored by Cwens begins
today and continues through Nov. 7.
The clothes will be packed and
mailed in time to reach the foreign
countries before Christmas where
they will be sent to people whose
names will be provided by the foreign students on the campus.
The clothes, new or used, may be
deposited at any fraternity or sorority house, or at the residence halls.


vealed that the ballots were scattered over the entire state, with 149
Democratic. 49 Republican, and six
independent ballots requested

Future Teachers
To Give

Renfro Valley Folk
At UK November 7


The Future Teachers of America
met Monday night with Dr. Leo M.
of the
University, as the speaker.
Plans were made for a Halloween
party to be held at 7 p.m. Thurs- recreation rocn, o he
Education building. Marietta Ball
m chafes of the arrangements
students u,..,r.
ested in teaching are invited, ac
cording to William E. Vick, president of the FT A.
The next meeting will be held at
7 p.m., Nov. 3.

Renfro Valley Folk will be on the
campus Nov. 7 at 8 p.m. in the
Alumni gym sponsored by the Alpha
Gamma Delta sorority.


-- mi..V,
acts by fra- ternities and sororities will be presented. Ann Lair is general chairman of the committee. Tickets are
being sold for 60c in the SUB and
and by all members of AGD.

formers and


editor, stated.

Ballots Distributed

Distraught Men Outnumber
Elusive Coeds Five To One



dents who will complete requirements for degrees by the end of
the summer term were reminded Thursday by Dean Maurice
F. Seay to file applications for
degrees today. Applications must
be filed in the Recorder's office. Room 16. of the Administration building. Graduation fees
must be paid not later than
four days before

are now britii;
made for individual
pictures at the Kentuckian office
in the
of McVey hnl!.
It is imperative that all juniors,
seniors, organizations, and the remainder of the sorority and fraternity group come to sign up before
Wednesday, Oct. 29. Amy Price. Ken
tuckian business manager, has announced.
Deposits To Be Made
Deposits will be made on the 191.1
Kentuckian at the tim? picture
will be taken in room 219 of th:
Student Union building. The photographer will be here from Nov. 'j
until December 3. Since he is an
photographer and w:il
be here for a limited time, the ap
pointments have been set at file
minute intervals in order to speetl
up the process and to make standing in line a minimum. Miss Price
To Meet Deadlines
Failure to make appointments before October 29. means that the picture or pictures will be excluded
from the 1948 Kentuckian. It k

Dean Thomas Cooper will speak
on "Our College." following pledging by Phi Upsilon Omicron, home
economics honorary, and Alpha
Zeta, agriculture honorary, presentation of the Borden Award. and
introduction of the livestock judging
team by Forrest Johnson and the Over 200 absentee ballots were
dairy cattle judging team by Dr.
distributed by the Campus League
Fordyce Ely.
of Women Voters, in cooperation
with a
student committee, Monday and Tuesday in the
Student Union.

instructor in anatomy and Rhodes Scholarship
physiology, and George Herndon,
Applications Due
instructor in English.
By Gene Combs
College of Agriculture and Home
lor the Rhodes
Economics Appintments: Roberta scholarship state contest must be
In a return to pre-wTaylor, instructor in home econom- submitted to Dean M. M. White be- the University campus is rapidly beics; Mary Shelton, instructor in fore Nov. 1, Dr. Shelby T. McCloy coming a man's world.
home economics, part-timEliza- announced.
Those words certainly sound sweet
beth Swift, assistant chemist, DeApplication blanks and informa- to those of us who were here in the
partment of Feed and Fertilizer. tion on the contest, to be held De- days when the ASTP men were
Lea f- Absence: Donald
cember 10, may be obtained from almost alone
the campus and
assistant in poultry. Experi- Dean White.
they had to be in their barracks
ment Station, granted leave from
The scholarships, which provide at 7:30 p.m.!
Sept. 22 to Sept. 28, 1948.
for two or possibly three years at
Registrar's Report Given
College of Engineering Appoint Oxford university in England, are
It's true though. A report from
ments: Henry Young, instructor in divided into 32 regular and 16 war
the Registrar's office on the approxarchitectural engineering, p a r t -- service scholarships-Candidatimate distribution by colleges and
time; Charles Rose and Elmer
for a regular scholarUniversity's record enregu- ship must be a male U.S. citizen, sex of the
instructors in civil air
7715 students states that
lations and flight training, ground unmarried, be between the ages of rollment of the campus now outmen on
school flight training.
19 and 23 on Oct. 1, 1948. and have the
by more than
Resignation: John Willis, drafts- completed .at least his sophomore number the women
five to one.
men, Aeronautical Research Labor- year.
The register says 5929 men are
To be eligible for a war service
current quarter in
AppointCollege of Education
scholarship a man must be a U. S. enrolled for the approximately
ments: Charles Noel and Harlan citizen, either married or unmar comparison to
Veal, critic teachers in agriculture. ried, be between the ages of 19 and umvien. Veteran men comprise enrolltotal
-- absence :
Lea ve-33 on Oct. 1, 1948. have completed ly 80 percent of the
critic teacher, at least his freshman year and a ment of men. Only 75 women
granted leave for the jear to study year in either the armed forces or erans are among the coed total, but
new record as
at Columbia University.
in any civilian war work granted they too establish a ever to enroll.
Resignation: Odis Harris, instruc- deferment by the draft board.
the largest number
Breaking down the enrollment
Some definite quality of distincCollege of Commerce Resigna- tion in intellect, character, or per- by colleges, the report showed that
of Arts
tion: W. E. Newbolt, research as- sonality is required, and financial 3090 students in the College percent
sistant, Bureau of Business Re- need is not a special claim for con- and Sciences represent 10
of the total of all colleges and the
Appointgraduate school. The approximate
College of Pharmacy
totals in other colleges were listed
ment: Charles T. Lesshafft Jr., inas follows: Engineering, 1514: Comstructor. Department of Pharmacy.
merce. 1062; Agriculture and Home
Department of University Exten499.
Clyde Trask and his orchestra, Economics. 889: Education.
Mrs. Myrtle
Stephens, assistant film technician, who were aboard the Island Queen Law. 255; and Pharmacy. 213. The
replacing Mrs. Jemima Harris, film steamer when it burned, will fur- Graduate School has 407 students.
nish music for the dance in the
Ircreases Listed
technician, resigned.
I niversity Health Service Ap- SUB following the Alabama game Greatest increase overbylast year's
the Law
pointment: Rose Caywood, regis Nov. 1.
enrollment was shown

To Sign Up Now

Seniors Should
File For Degrees

Trustees' Board Accepts To Be Pledge Queen
$600 In Scholarships



Deadline Is Wednesday
For Kyian Pictures

Three Kappa Sigs
Injured When Car

Vets Must Apply
For Leave Time




Crash Victim
In Critical

Festival Tonight


High Of



Block And Bridle



Showers, Cooler;

Sociology Club

Elects Officers

The Sociology club last wrefe
elected the following officers: William K. Hubbell, president- - Jack
Fenton, vice president: and Reita
College which increased 37 percent Reddin, secretary-treasure- r.
from 185 in 1946. The CoUege of
The next meeting will be ThursEducation showed a 34 percent in day evening at the home of Dr.
222 a year Irwin T. Sanders.
crease over enrollment of
Students inter- ago. Engineering increased 19 per- - est?d
attending may ,e!)ve thrlT
cent; Agriculture and Home Eco names with any club off'cer or in
nomics, 14 percent: Commerce 14 the sociology department. Frazee
percent; Arts and Sciences, 8 per- hall, before 4 p.m. Wednesday.
cent; and the Graduate School, 4


Finnish Girl Speaks
At Phi Beta Tea

Air Force Offers
Extension Courses
All former members of the Army
Air Forces and specially-quilihe- d
civilians may now apply for enroll- ment in a new series of Air Force
extension courses for home study
covering a broad field of Air Sci
ence and U. S. military tactics. Lt.
Col. Jerome Tartar, assitant professor of military science announced
Applicants' for the extension
school can be obtained from the
11th Air Force headquarters at
Harrisburg. Pa., according to Col one! Tartar. Additional informa- tion on the program mav be ob- tained bv contacting the Air ROTC
unit located in quonset huts at the
corner of Euclid and South Lime stone streets.

Phi Beta held a program-te- a
Tuesday in the Music room of the
Miss Kyllikkl Lassie, a Uuivirsi'v
'student from Finland, was the g:i"st
speaker. She spoke on rne Culture of Finland." A group cf girls
from Transylvania were special
guests for the meeting.

Drive Opens Monday
For Community Chest

The Community Chest drive will
begin on Monday, and continue
through Nov. 8. Claude S. Sprowis.
Student Government
president, will direct the drive. Dr.
W. S. Cherry
of the Education
College announced.
Sprowls stated that the student
goal is $1500. and all organizations
in the drive.
are ajked to
"We are anxious to attain the
goal which we have set." Sprowls
Bovd hall will hold an open house said, "and with the
at 4 p.m. Friday. All men on the support of the student body we shall
we able to."
campus are invited.

Open House Today



* McBride To Receive
Literary Fraternity
Accepts Manuscripts $100 Bullock Award

Raster And Regan
Are Delegates
Phone Kernel:

John Raster and Herman Regan
have been elected freshman representatives to the Engineering College student council.


will meet Monday
205. SUB.

will give a tea Tues
day atternoon at the home of D H.
South, with proceeds going to the
Student Welfare fund.
. . . meets Sunday evening at Max- well Street Presbyterian church.
w ith supper at 6:30 p.m.. evensong
at 7, and forum at 7:30. Guest
speaker is Rev. Scotty Cowan.
PITKIN CLUB . . . will meet at
noon Wednesday at the Maxwell
Slifet Presbytcn.-will






7:00 p.m. Thursday. Meet in the
SUB. All Methodists invited.
will meet at 7:30 p m. Tuesday at
All actives
Buell Armory.
pledges are requested to attend.
PUBLIC' RELATIONS COMMITTEE of the SUB . . . will meet
Thursday at 4 pm, room 204. SUB.
will meet Tuesxlsy at 4 p.m., room
204. SUB.


4 pan., room


will meet Monday at 5 p.m., room
206. SUB.
. . will meet
at 5 p.m. Tuesday in room 204, SUB.
will have a showing of color slides,
5 p.m. Monday, room 204, SUB.
PHILOSOPHY CLUB . . will meet
Monday at 7:30 In room 204. SUB.
CLUB meets at 7:30 p.m.
Monday in the College of Agriculture and Home Economics building.
meet at 7 p.m. Monday, room 124,
B.S. building.
COSMOPOLITAN CLUB . . Special meeting at 7:30 tonight in room
128 of the SUB. Verena von Lie- ben from Austria, traveling secre
tary for world's student service,
will be the guest speaker.
"Y" . . . Upper class "Y" will
meet at 8:15 p.m. Tuesday in the
"Y" lounge of the SUB. A series of
three discussions under the general
theme. "What are students thinking?" will be held.
GERMAN CLUB . . . will meet
at 7:30 p.m. Thursday in Miller
4-- H


a il.ilowen party


b"lXT (Wli
.Are in amepjca

MannsTint are now baine ac
cepted for membership in Chi Delta
Phi. honorary literary fraternity lor
women students.
are two ouarters'
residence and an academic standing
of 1.8 for freshmen, and one quarter's residence and a standing of 1.8
for upperclass students.
Ti misprints should be left In the
office of the Dean of Women before
Nov. 3. Floye Mullinaux, president,

Elmer A. .McBride, senior from
Park City, has been selected to receive the Harry E. Bullock Jr. award
which is an annual award of $100
to a senior majoring in aeronautical
McBride has completed
years of a program of study in
mechanical engineering and intends
to complete the requirements for
the degree with an option in aeronautical engineering. McBride was
a Navy pilot during the war with
the rank of lieutenant. Junior grade.

hall. After a business session which
wili include election of officers, instructions in dancing the polka will
be given followed by a program of
German folk songs.
BSU . . . will meet at 7:30 p.m.
Friday in the Baptist Student Center, 371 S. Limestone. This meeting
is especially for Baptist students
from Davis and McLean counties.
Phi" Mu Alpha
open house in honor of new music
students will be held in the new
music annex, 620 South Lime, on

Sunday, November 2, from 9 pjn.
AU persons interested are invited




to attend.

SGA . . . will meet Monday,
Oct. 27, 1 p.m., in room 128, SUB.
PHI BETA . . . will meet at 5 p.m.
Tuesday, in room 206, SUB.
meets at 12:30 noon Saturday at
the Bluegrass bowling alley.
hold its weekly meeting at noon
today in room zua, sub.


Friday, October 21. 1947



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