xt7m0c4skg66 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7m0c4skg66/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19841214 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, December 14, 1984, no. 445 text The Green Bean, December 14, 1984, no. 445 1984 2014 true xt7m0c4skg66 section xt7m0c4skg66 L UNHERSHY OF KENTUCKYIJBRARHB’NEWGLETTER 8
12-1}-I-Bil No. UU5
‘ _ CALENDAR ' `
December 18-19 CPR Classes
December 19 Communication Feedback
December 20 Supervisory Luncheon .
` December 21 ‘ LSO Christmas Luncheon
January 8 Faculty/Staff Orientation to
- Student Services and Procedures
Next "Green Bean" issue: Friday, January M, 1985
, » Deadline for inclusion: Wednesday, January 2, 1985 ·
8 · Production Staff: Cecil Madison, Sandy Hardwick,
Rob Aken (Editor)

 ¥ ~ · iuronum
  Telephone Number Changes _ y
‘ New CSR number: 257-8388 New P/N/M number: 257-8393
, Newspaper Project number: 257-8389
A The following numbers will no longer be in service: 257-3166
” 257-38ll
LSO Annual Christmas Luncheon ‘
· The LSO annual Christmas Luncheon will be held Friday, December
2l, l98N in the Business Library MIK-South at ll:3O a.m. P
LSO members will need to bring a dish to feed eight. Non-members
need to bring a dish plus two dollars. Money will be collected
at the door.
LSO will be providing the meat and drinks. A sign-up sheet will 8
be circulating in each department or branch library. Please sign
up if you are planning to attend. -
_ Once again LSO is asking you to bring a toy, marked girl or boy
and age, to the Christmas Luncheon. These toys will be given to
the Nest._ The purpose of the Nest is to assist families‘ where
child abuse or neglect is a problem. Last year the Nest had a
Christmas Party at which the gifts were given to each child to
take home. Every Child' Should -Have a Christmas ----- ·
- T Let's share ours! (Hank Harken)
. University Emergency Closing Procedure: Plan B
When the University announces that it is operating on Plan B and
A classes- are not in session (e.g., in-between semesters), the
Library will not open. If the University operates on Plan B when
_ classes would otherwise be in session, the Library will normally
_ continue its regular schedule with staff coverage as is
maintained in public service units on nights and weekends.
Department heads with public service units should have plans in
place for Plan B coverage. Staff members are referred to UK
Staff Personnel Policy and Procedure No. 7l.O for time reporting
` policies. V 4
Faculty/Staff Orientation to Student Services and Procedures
This seminar will provide faculty and staff with an up—to-date
core, of information regarding important University policies,
procedures, and services concerning students. All faculty and 3
staff, including visiting and part·time faculty, administrators,
and graduate assistants, are welcome to attend.

}, The seminar will take place Tuesday, January 8 in the Student
i Center Addition from 8 - ll:M5 a.m. To advance register, call
E ‘ the Human Resources Department (7-l85l).
‘ t` Light Bulbs
Q The bulbs listed below are available for the asking, first come,
first served. If interested, please contact Laura Douglas in the ‘
Q. _ Periodicals/Newspapers/Microtexts Department, 257-3l66 before
g - January I5.
5 ll MCWD l2OV/3OOW Projector Lamp (GE)
{ . l2 CDS (will lOOW/ll5-l2OV Projection Lamp
i replace CDX) (GE) _
; l DAH l2OV/5OOW Projection Lamp(GE)
E - 5 (l bx)v ll7l l2.8V/l.35 A Special Service
I . Lamps (GE)
i l ll5O GE Lamp
E 4 60 ll8M 5.5V/5OCP Searchlight Lamps
 — (GE) ·
i 9 ` ll83 6V/5OCP Auto Spotlamps (GE) »
· M ll8U 6.8V/5OCP Headlamps (GE)
g I6 ll8M GE Lamps
I S l NOOT 12/2P 65V lamp (3M)
2‘ (Part # 78-8H5M—3M75—8)
· ., l OGY 2OOW/l2OV Precision Lamp (GE)
i ` 2 EPN l2V/35W Quartzline Lamps (GE)
lj l CGW/CGT 2OOW/l2OV Projector Lamp
E (Sylvania)
§ l CGW/CGT ll5-l25V/2OOW Projector Lamp
. (GE)
¤ l CET/CHG 2OOW/l2OV Projector Lamp
Q (Sylvania)
Y . 3 CHG/CET ll5-l25V/2OOW Projector Lamp
{ (GE)
i P 3 CHG ll5-l2OV/200w Precision Lamp
I 2 Code-PH/lOOT85C lOOW/l2OV Precision Lamp (GE)
§ ‘ Proj CCI3 SC
A ` Base Down
i Nl 62Ul 6V/UBW/BAl5s Lamp (Phillips)
j (Stay for Tea and More
I Looking for that perfect Christmas gift? Well look no more! The
University of Kentucky Women's Club has the perfect gift for only
( $8.35 (includes tax). Stay for Tea and More is a collection of
A recipes gathered by the UK Women's Club, tested for accuracy and

  3 v
E .
5 _then reviewed for inclusion in the publication. This cookbook is
j now in its third edition and the only repeated recipe from
§ = the second edition is Frances Jewell McVey's Maxwell Place Spiced
@4 Tea. The book is spiral bound and easy to use in the kitchen.
§ If you would like to look at it before buying, the cookbook is ond
$* display at the Bank of Lexington in Turfland Mall and can be
l » purchased at the Mall. If that is not convenient, contact Diane
g Brunn in the Agriculture Library and she will make arrangements
l to get you one. A sample recipe by one of our local stars is ·
i _listed below. I have it from a good source that this is an
‘» ` excellent coffee cake. Proceeds from the cook book go to the
Women's Club Scholarship Fund. (Toni Powell)
Sour Cream Coffee Cake Lillian Mesner
(Mrs. William) Q
· E
. _ T 3 tbs butter l tsp vanilla Q
q A 3/N cup brown sugar, 3 eggs g
packed l cup sour cream {
3/U cup chopped nuts 2 cups flour é
' l l/2 tsp cinnamon ` l tsp baking powder f
P l/2 cup shortening l tsp soda
3/A cup sugar - 5
V Combine butter, brown sugar, nuts, and cinnamon to make a crumbly Q
; ‘ mixture. Set aside. Cream together shortening, sugar and §
M vanilla. Add eggs, one at a time, mixing well after each {
‘ ‘ addition. Add sour cream and whisk until smooth. Sift together
_ the dry ingredients and add in two or three parts, mixing well §
l each time. Layer batter and crumbly mixture in pan, ending with Q
l - crumbles as topping. Bake as directed, but test with toothpick {
: or cake tester before removing from oven. ‘ {
? 350° oven Bake at least 50 minutes §
Q I l0 inch Bundt pan, greased §
» · I

 5 {I I4
i The following is another in a series of descriptive articles on
‘ the UK Library System. -
I Education Library
The Education Library, located in Room 205 of Dickey Hall, houses —
_ over 61,000 volumes of monographs and journals and has over 3¤6
- journal titles. These holdings are greatly augmented by a
I collection of over 300,000 pieces of microfiche that is part of
the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) database.
The Education Library is also known for its excellent collection
of children's literature and its K-l2 textbook collection.
In October 1983, the Education Library began offering automated ` `
searching services with full access to all online databases such
While the Educational Collection is a specialized one, it does _
‘ have a good collection in generic subject areas such as
administration, psychology, sociology and philosophy. 4
For additional information concerning the Education Library and
‘ its collection and services, call Larry Greenwood at 257-7797.
5 V (Larry Greenwood)
Q Bookman's Yearbook 1983. (010.5/An867l/1983)
}_ Selected Contents: The World of the Specialist Bookseller
* (Woodburn); the Renaissance of Craft
j 4 Bookbinding (Fried); . Southern
2 California's `Collection Builders
I (Zeitlin); Security Procedures: Rare
i Book Thefts (Jenkins); Gresham‘s Law:
f ‘ Knowledge of Information (Boorstin); `
~ Rare Books in the Great American Desert
A (Mason).
` Cline, Hugh F. and Loraine T. Sinnott. The Electronic Library:
5 The Impact of Automation on Academic Libraries. ‘
j Lexington, Mass.: Lexington Books, l9 3.
2 (Z/675/.U5/C62U/1983)
? Selected Contents: Profiles of the Case-study Libraries:
5 University of Chicago, Stanford

i , 5
{ University, Northwestern University, r
2 _ University of Washington; Structure:
§ ° ` , Collection Management, Acquisitions,
Y Cataloging, Serials, Circulation,
Q Reference, Systems Activities, Structure
Y and Authority; Internal and .External
? A Communication Patterns; Funding; Cost
A I and Benefits; Physical Plant;
Enhancements; Leadership and Management;
V _Personnel Management, The Library User;
‘ _ Professional Training; Organizational
Change; Future Organization.
Hernon, Peter and Gary R. Purcell. Developing Collections of
U.S. Government Publications. Greenwich, Conn.: Jai Press,
‘ 1982. ZZ/688/.G6/HUGS/1982)
Selected Contents: Evolution of the Theory of Collection .
A . Development; Operational Elements:
Community Analysis, Policies, Selection, ·
l ·: Acquisition, weeding, Evaluation;
Government Publications Collection
Development: the Literature; Selected
Patterns for Depository Collection
Development; Item Numbers of Potential
Value to Academic Economists: a ‘
A Theoretical Overview; Document Use
Patterns of Academic Economists; Model
Collection Development Policy;
- · Collection Development Policies in Use;
A -The 2OO Item Numbers Chosen Most
Frequently by Selective Depositories;
Faculty Questionnaire.
Ladenson, Alex. Library Laws and Legislation in the United V
States. (Scarecrow Library Administration Series, No. 15. ’ j
- Metuchen: Scarecrow, l982. (KF/N3l5/.L33)
r Selected Contents: The Legal Structure and Function of i
State Library Agencies; the Legal I
Organization of Public and Multitype y
Library Systems and Networks; Academic €
‘ V Libraries and the Law; A Model Law §
‘ Relating to Library Theft. .
Obeler, Eli M. To Free the Mind: Libraries, Technology, and E
Intellectual Freedom. Littleton: Libraries Unlimited, §
. 1983. ZZ/665/.023/1983) " ‘  
Contents: Printing and the Coming of Compunications (sic); g
Micrographics and Macroknowledge; Networking, ;
Information Utilities, and Libraries; Education f
and Information Technology: the Future of CAI; §
Libraries, Information Centers, and Scientific g
Progress; Mass Communications and Intellectual {

   ...... .....-.--—-.l.-i..; `.._. ; l.-..- r.v.... - .,,AA.,r ..-. _....   __,,, , ,,_,   _,_, , _. Y____ _ ____ __ Y_,_   ,_ ,____r  
f D
‘ I 6
[ . Freedom; The Citizen and the Computer: Privacy,
» _ Freedom of Information and Copyright; Toward a
I 21st-century National Information Policy; The
f = Humanist and the Computer.
Q National Trust for Historic Preservation. The Brown Book: a
§‘ Directory of Preservation Information. Washington:
{ ~ Preservation Press, 1983. (Ref/E/159/.M32/1983)
é - Selected Contents: Conferences and Meetings; Education
3 Programs and Seminars; Federal Programs; »
y ~ Funding Information; Illustration and
{ ` Photograph Sources; Legislation;
‘ V Libraries and Research Centers; Lobbying
I _ Network; Local Preservation Contacts;
L Periodicals; Reading About Preservation;
é . Revolving Funds; State Preservationists.
( Noam, Eli M., ed. Telecommunications Regulation Today and .
' Tomorrow. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1983. “
Q . (KF/2765/.A2/TMA/l983) ·
I V Contents: The _Passing of the Public Utility Concept: a
( Reprise (Kahn); The Future of Telecommunications
{ Regulation (Noll); Concepts of Competition and
5 Efficient Policy in the Telecommunication Sector `
A (Shepherd); A Critique of Structure Regulation in ‘
Common Carrier Telecommunications (Trebing); A
State Regulator's View of the Present Situation in
f Telecommunications and_ of the Changes in the
' Industry (Gioia); The New Telecommunication Act as
__ a Regulatory Framework (Geller); Local Telephone
· Pricing in a Competitive Environment (Ordover and
Willig); Access Charges, Costs, and Subsidies:
; The Effect of Long Distance Competition on Local
{ Rates (Cornell and Pelcovits); Local Distribution
; Monopolies in Cable Television and Telephone
E Service: The Scope for Competition (Noam).
E Swisher, Robert and Charles R. McClure. Research for Decision
if Making: Methods for Librarians. Chicago: ALA, 19gU.
{ (Z/669.7/.595/198H.S `
Q Zempel, Edward N. and Linda A. Verkler. First Editions: a Guide
I to Identification. Peoria: Spoon River, 198H.
Q ‘ (Z/1033/.F53/F57/198U}
Y Statements of selected North American, British Commonwealth,
E and Irish publishers on their methods for designating first
` editions.

$· Salary Compensation Program - ALA Mid-winter 1985 A
f`A A program to address issues related to salary compensation for
§ " libraries has been scheduled for Friday, January U, from ll:30 -
f 5 p.m. to be held in the Library of Congress. This program has _
l been developed out_of previous discussions and is ‘intended to I
I allow members of the ACRL/Personnel Administrators in Academic
¥ " Research Libraries Discussion Group to focus more specifically on
Q a variety of issues related to salary compensation for the
i professional staff.
§ If less than 20 people plan to attend, however, the program will
Q be cancelled. Please call Sheila Greth's office (313-76U-9356)
I by December 20 if you will attend. -
j, (For more information, see the Director's Office.)
é Alabama
.`_ Humanities Reference Librarian, Auburn University.. Salary:
ii $17,900 minimum. Deadline: May l.
fl Serials Department Head, University of Alabama. Salary:
I $2l,¤00—$25,500. Deadline: January l.
A ` . Arizona
A Loan Department Head, University of Arizona. Salary: $22,000
_ . minimum. Deadline: March l.
Head Serials Librarian, University of Arizona. Salary: $28,000-
_ $33,000. Deadline: March l.
I California
A University Archivist, University of California at Los Angeles.
Salary: $2U,336-$36,996. Deadline: January l

Florida V I
‘ Assistant Latin American Librarian, University of Florida. j
Salary: $15,715 minimum. Deadline: December 31. =
” Assistant Reference Librarian for 0n-line Access Services,
A University of Florida. Salary: $16,000-$18,000. Deadline:
December 31.
V r
_ Assistant Acquisitions Head (for monographs), University of Q
Florida. Salary: $18,000-$25,000. Deadline: January l0. {
Nebraska 5
Acquisitions Division Chairperson, University of Nebraska
Lincoln. Salary: $22,000 minimum. Deadline: February 15.
_ Nevada !
Education/Media Librarian, University of Nevada Reno. Salary:
$23,100-$29,700. Deadline: February 15.
Head of Reference Services. Salary: $25,300-$35,200. Deadline:
February 15. `
. New York _
Acquisitions Librarian, Syracuse University. Salary: $17,500
minimum. Deadline: January 21.
Research and Development Officer, SUNY at Buffalo. Salary: not
specified. Deadline: not specified.
A Tennessee
Humanities Reference Librarian, University of Tennessee. Salary:
$18,000 minimum. Deadline: February 15.
Assistant Government Publications/Microforms Librarian, Rice
University. Salary: $17,000 minimum. Deadline: not specified.
Reference/Collection Development Librarian for Pure and Applied
Sciences, Rice University. Salary: $20,000 minimum. Deadline:
not specified. _

   l 9 in
E Reference/Collection Development Librarian for Literature and
i Languages, Rice University. Salary: $17,000 minimum. Deadline:
j = not specified.
l;· Washington
{ ` Director of Libraries, Washington State University. Salary: not
E specified. Deadline: March l. _
M .