was a name written simply on one of the slips
of paper that were kept on the hotel counter
below. Keith of late had not been sending up
his card; a servant simply announced his name.
This, then, decided her. It was the most for-
tunate thing in the world that Alice had gone
off and was out of the way. It gave Mrs. Yorke
the very opportunity she desired. If, as she
divined, the young man wished to talk to her
about anything personal, she would speak
kindly to him, but so plainly that he could never
forget it. After all, it would be true kindness
to him to do so. She had a virtuous feeling as
she smoothed her hair before a mirror.
  He was not in the sitting-room when she came
down; so she sought for him on one of the long
verandahs where they usually sat. He was
seated at the far end, where he would be more
or less secluded, and she marched down on him.
He was evidently on the watch for her, and
as soon as she appeared he rose from his seat.
She had made up her mind very clearly what
she would say to him; but as she approached
him it was not so easy to say as she had fan-
cied it. There was something in his bearing
and expression that deterred her from using
the rather condescending words she had formu-