A Wildcat Interest Group sponsored a gubernatorial debate on campus on October 22.
There were 250 students in attendance for the debate.
Domeshia Thomas, who is the president of Catalyst, spoke to the Committee about the
Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial dedication in Washington, DC. Catalyst is a student
organization to assist in the process diversity and social justice issues on campus. There were
seven students, one faculty member, and two staff members who attended the dedication. Maya
Bentley and Ronald Harrison, who are scholarship winners, also attended the dedication and had
a phenomenal experience. Ms. Thomas closed with saying the dedication showed how far the
university, state, and country have come.
Ms. Patterson concluded her report by expressing appreciation to Dr. Brockrnan,
President Capilouto, and other Board members who attended the Committee meeting.
U. University Health Care Committee Report
Ms. Young reported that the Committee met Monday aftemoon. The Committee had one
action item and a presentation by Dr. Dobbs. Dr. Dobbs gave a great presentation, and the
University is very fortunate to have him. She then presented the action item.
V. Approval of Creation and Funding of a UK/Norton HealthCare Joint Copporation
for Quality and Research Collaboration (UHCCR l )
Ms. Young said that UHCCR l recommends that the Board approve the leadership of UK
HealthCare to collaborate with Norton Healthcare in jointly incorporating and funding a new
not-for-profit corporation for the purposes of improving the quality of health care delivered
across Kentucky, beginning with stroke and cerebrovascular disease. UK and Norton Healthcare
will each have a 50 percent membership in the new entity. This Quality Collaborative Board of
Directors ofthe Corporation will approve all operating and capital budgets.
UK HealthCare and Norton Healthcare signed a Memorandum of Agreement on
November 8, 20l0 to collaborate on improving access to and the quality of care for Kentuckians
close to their homes while making sure that patients with complex medical issues receive the
care they need without having to leave the state. This Memorandum of Agreement has since
been extended and, pursuant thereto, an analysis conducted of health care needs of Kentucky that
could be served better through collaboration between UK and Norton.
A white paper providing more inforrnation about this project is attached as Exhibit A.
Additional projects are in development for joint research and similar initiatives directed toward
other diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and women’s health. In order to
commence operations, both UK and Norton each will contribute $250,000 to the Corporation.
The proposed Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws ofthe Corporation are attached as Exhibits B
and C, respectively.