The motion carried without dissent. (See consent items listed below on the Board of
Trustees website, Trustees, under agenda.)
Minutes September 13, 20ll
Minutes Board Retreat, October l and 2, 20ll
PR 2 Personnel Actions
FCR l Larry H. Spears Gift and Pledge
D. Chair’s Report
Dr. Brockman began his report by leading off with petitions to the Board. He reported
that there were two petitions to address the Board, and they were received under the procedures
in Goveming Regulations Part II.
The first petition was found to be relevant. The petitioner was heard at the Finance
Committee meeting. The subject matter ofthe petition was a proposal to the Board of Trustees
to consider a clean energy feasibility study on campus and possible renovations to replace and
retire the coal fire power plants on campus.
The other petition was not found to be relevant. The petition contained a series of
questions conceming UK priorities, athletics vs. education, and the condition ofthe classroom
buildings. The petitioner was referred to the administration at the University.
Dr. Brockman then commented about The Investiture of President Eli Capilouto. He
thanked John Herbst, who was in charge of The Investiture, for the nice ceremony. He
recognized Mr. Herbst in the audience and asked him to stand and be recognized. Mr. Herbst
received a round of applause from the Board.
E. Special Committee for Athletics Report
Dr. Brockman thanked Mr. Mobley, who chaired the Special Committee for Athletics,
and members of the Committee for their efforts and work collecting infonnation. He asked Mr.
Mobley to give the Committee’s report.
Before beginning the report, Mr. Mobley made it perfectly clear that the charge to the
Committee had absolutely nothing to do with past management or current management of the
Athletics Department. Mr. Bamhart and his staff have done a wonderful job over the years, and
the Committee’s charge was a best practice going forward. Following the report, he thinks the
Board will believe that the Committee was successful in carrying out its charge. He then gave
his report.
Mr. Mobley reported that the Committee consists of five members ofthe Board of
Trustees, two fonner chairs ofthe Board, a dean, a faculty member that served on the Athletic
Board, and the NCAA faculty representative.