The first thing he said after he recovered his
breath was, "Where did you get this mint"
  Polly broke into a peal of rippling, delicious
laughter, and tightened the arm about his neck.
  "Just one more squeeze," said the Colonel;
and as she gave it he said, with the light of it
all breaking on him, "Damame! if I don't sell
you! or, if I can't sell you, I'll give you away
-that is, if he'll come over and live with us. "
  That evening, after the great dinner, at which
Polly had sat in her old place at the head of the
table, and Bob at the foot, because the Colonel
insisted on sitting where Polly could give him
one more squeeze, the whole plantation was
ablaze with " Christmas, "  and Drinkwater
Torm, steadying himself against the sideboard,
delivered a discourse on peace on earth and
good-will to men so powerful and so eloquent
that the Colonel, delighted, rose and drank his
health, and said, "Damme! if I ever sell him
again! "