Board, but he would still recommend that the Board go ahead and approve this recommendation.
Mr. Hardymon said that it is a good point, and he hopes that the administration makes sure that this information gets to the nominating committee. He called for a vote, and Mr. Miles moved approval. His motion was seconded by Ms. Ball and passed. Dr. Dembo and Dr. Moore opposed the action. (See PR 5 at the end of the Minutes.)
J.         Proposed Revisions to the Administrative Regulations (PR 6)
President Todd said that PR 6 involved a revision that was brought about by changes in actions at the Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE). The CPE promulgated some new regulations concerning the residency determinations. In order for UK to move quickly and appropriately to take into consideration the CPE changes, a committee chaired by Dr. David Watt was established to review their requirements. The committee proposed the revisions that are shown in PR 6 with the additions in blue and the deletions in red.
President Todd pointed out that there is one amendment to the revisions. On the first page of the revisions, the word faculty senate should be the University Senate since the Senate is made up of more than just faculty members. The revisions will be made to reflect this amendment. PR 6 recommends preliminary consideration for approval and adoption at the next Board meeting.
Ms. Ellingsworth said that previously there were six faculty and/or staff members and two students who sat on the committee referred to in PR 6. She has talked to Ms. Jones and President Todd about these revised changes not including students on the committee. She was told that in previous years there was trouble getting student members to attend the meetings, and the committee had trouble having a quorum present. She noted that a quorum for the committee is five members. There were six faculty and/or staff on the committee; therefore, it could not have been only students that were the problem. Further, she was also told that they wanted to reduce the membership so that it was easier to coordinate meeting times, etc. However, she feels that the student voice should not be lost on the committee. She proposed an amendment to add a student member to the committee and continue to keep the student voice on the committee.
President Todd said that he appreciated Ms. Ellingsworth bringing this to their attention. He said that he and Ms. Jones had discussed the question about having a student member serve on the committee. He asked Ms. Jones to read an amendment to the proposed revisions.
Ms. Jones said the amendments to the revisions in paragraph two are as follows:
Second sentence, line two shall read: "The Committee shall be composed of the associate provost for academic affairs, the assistant provost for enrollment management (who is not the residency officer), a faculty member nominated by the Senate, and one student."