Dean Vestal reported that his college was celebrating the creation of the Robert E, Harding, Jr. endowed professorship in the College of Law. The professorship is being created with a very generous gift from the Harding family along with a Research Challenge Trust Fund match. Mr. Harding graduated from the law school in 1957. He was the second African-American graduate from the College of Law. He had a very successful law practice and career with the federal government and brought real glory to the law school during his career.
Dean Vestal said that the college is particularly pleased that his daughter Roberta Harding is a member of the law school faculty, but for the fact that she went to Harvard Law School and not the University of Kentucky. She, too, has had an exemplary career and joined the College of Law faculty in 1991.
Dean Vestal introduced Dr. lola Harding and Professor Roberta Harding and said he wanted to give the Board this opportunity to thank them for their generous gift. The Harding family received a round of applause.
President Todd thanked them for their generous gift.
I.         Appointment/Reappointment of Board of Directors, University of Kentucky Mining Engineering Foundation, Inc. (PR 5)
President Todd said that he would like to seek the Board's approval for the appointment and reappointment of the individuals listed in the PR 5 document to the Mining Engineering Foundation Board. The new appointments are Peter Socha and Brian Galli, and the reappointments are Catesby Clay, Ari Geertsema, Dell Jaggers, Steven Leer, William Mason, Roy Palk, D. J. Patton, Joseph Sottile, William Sturgill, Charles Wesley, and Jack Whitaker.
The nominating committee of the foundation board, which includes the dean of the College of Engineering, recommended these appointments to the interim provost. These recommended appointments require the approval of the Board of Trustees in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation.
Mr. Hardymon called for a motion of approval for PR 5.
Dr. Dembo said that in view of the discussion on diversity and the fact that an institution like UK must actively promote diversity within its ranks at all levels, he would like to point out that the current composition of the Mining Engineering Foundation Board is entirely Caucasian male, and according to a faculty who has followed the activity of this Board for the last 18 years, it has always been Caucasian male. His personal opinion is that the Board will be doing less than actively promoting diversity by approving the Mining Engineering Foundation Board in its current state.
President Todd said that Dr. Dembo raised a very good point. He said that he would certainly recommend to the nominating committee in the future to bring new members to the