Dr. Angelucci indicated his disappointment with Phase I of the study and
Mr. Ezelle requested that the Hospital Committee give consideration to the low
wages of Hospital employees. He pointed out that room and board rates were high
but the hourly rate of pay for hospital employees was probably in the neighborhood
of $2. 19 an hour. Dr. Angelucci replied that a recent study of local hospitals
showed that 73  of every dollar went for salaries with the other 27' going for food.
supplies, etc. (See PR 12 at the end of the Minutes. )

       S. Amendment to Room and Board Rates (PR 13)

       Mr. Kerley stated that the proposed amendment to the room and board rates
would not change the rate of $850. 00 approved on December 13, 1966 but would
permit a certain flexibility by giving an optional plan for room and board consisting
of breakfast and dinner only.

       On motion by Mr. Hillenmeyer, seconded by Dr. Murray, and approved, the
Board action of December 13, 1966 adjusting the room and board rates for under-
graduate housing to $850. 00 per year was amended to add an optional room and
board plan consisting of breakfast and dinner only for students living in University
residence halls at a rate of $735. 00 per year. (See PR 13 at the end of the Minutes.

       T. Energy Sources for Lexington Campus (PR 14)

       Mr. Kerley indicated that the University has recently been engaged in an ex-
haustive fuel energy systems study to determine the best and most economical means
of providing heating capacity sufficient to serve the institution's expanding physical
facilities. At this time, there is insufficient information available upon which to
properly evaluate all alternate systems for long range use. At the January 20, 1967,
meeting of the Board of Trustees, a Resolution relating to construction financing was
adopted. As a part of that Resolution, Item 6 of Schedule I provided for a high
temperature water plant. Becausie of the inability to obtain the information necessary
to properly evaluate alternate energy systems and reach a final decision with respect
to the University's long-range heating requirements, it is recommended that this
section of the Resolution be deleted and that an additional project be added to
Schedule II of the Resolution which would provide for the addition of auxiliary equip-
ment to the existing heating plant and reconstruction of the existing distribution
system to improve the efficiency of the existing plants and increase their capacity.
Mr. Kerley continued that it was proposed to use electrical energy in the classroom-
office building which would reduce the load on the present heating facilities and at the
same time provide information on the cost of the use of electrical energy for heating

       Mr. Milner commented that in his opinion electrical energy would prove more
costly than other fuel energy systems but felt it was a worthwhile experiment and
made the motion that the recommendation set forth in PR 14 be approved. His motion
was seconded by Mr. Hillenmeyer and approved. (See PR 14 at the end of the Minutes.)