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'Potential' is key word for Kentucky signees
Pitino says four new players will form solid nucleus for future
Kentucky wrapped up its early recruiting effort last week by signing a pair of 6-foot-3 shooting guards: Dale Brown of Gulf Coast Junior College and Chris Harrison of Tolle-sboro, and a pair of 6-9 frontcourt players: Andre Riddick of Brooklyn (N.Y.) Bishop Loughlin and Aminu Timberlake of Chicago (111.) De La Salle.
But the absence of a big-time center prospectmost notably 6-11 Cherokee Parks, who signed with Duke, or 6-11 Bubba Wilson, who signed with Mississippi Stateand the fact that three of UK's four signees are raw talents led several national recruiting analysts to label UK's recruiting class a big disappointment.
Wildcat coach Rick Pitino, who has disputed the wisdom of the recruiting services before, disagreed with that assessment.
Though he conceded that as a group Brown, Harrison, Riddick and Timberlake may not be as polished as some of the other people that were on UK's wish list, Pitino said they fit specific needs and have outstanding potential.
"We're very excited with all four players," Pitino said. "They're going to form a good nucleus down the road."
Most of all, Pitino said, they wanted to play for Kentucky. He said there were prospective
Tollesboro's Chris Harrison, below, who averaged 32.7 points per game last year, was one of four players to
Sign   With   UK. pholo by Darlene Easlorwood
Player	Pos.	Ht.	Wt.	Ppg-	Rpg-	Hometown (school)
Dale Brown	2G	6-3	200	18.0	6.0	Pascagoula, Miss. (Gulf Coast JC)
Chris Harrison	2G	6-3	165	32.7	9.0	Tollesboro (High)
Andre Riddick	C	6-9	190	14.0	12.0	New York, N.Y. (Bishop Loughlin)
Aminu Timberlake	F	6-9	190	12.0	8.0	Chicago, III. (De La Salle)
Will be a junior next season...Currently in his second season at Gulf Coast Junior College in Gulfport, Miss...Averaged 18 points, six rebounds and four assists per game as a freshman last season...Noted for his long-range shooting ability, Brown converted 51 percent from the field and 43B percent from three-point range last year.
Became first verbal commitment when he decided to attend UK prior to his junior season last year...A 1st-team all-stater last season after averaging 32.7 points, nine rebounds and seven assists per game...Carries a perfect 4.0 grade-point average, is ranked first in his class and was an academic all-state selection last year.
Averaged 14 points, 12 rebounds and eight blocks per game last year for Bishop Loughlin... Shot-blocking skills, ability to run the floor and large wingspan have been compared to Detroit Piston star John Salley... Honorable mention all-city by New York Post, 2nd-team all-Brooklyn/ Queens by New York Daily News and Newsday.
Averaged 12 points eight rebounds and four assists per game last season for Chicago De La Salle High School... Quickness of a backcourt player and offensive moves of a small forward have him rated one of the top frontcourt players in the Midwest...Rated one of Chicago's top 10 players by Windy City Roundball Review.
recruits UK brought in for visits this year that either didn't fit into the Wildcat style of play or didn't get along with the current players. They were promptly crossed off the list.
"One of the most important things to me as a recruiter, as a coach, is that their desires match our desires," he said. "Andre Riddick came in right after his visit, before he left, and said, 'Coach, I want to come to Kentucky.' Dale Brown said, 'Coach, I want to come to Kentucky.' Harrison said, 'Coach, I want to come to Kentucky.'
"I would rather take a player with maybe a little lesser of a name and maybe his talents are a little more raw than the other people, maybe not as polished, that want to come to Kentucky. That's important to me. The other people want to be, 'Well, I'm not sure. I don't know if you're on TV. (You're) out of the tournament.' We don't want that.
"Jamal Mashburn said, 'Coach, you're on probation, (but) I want to come to Kentucky.' And we're going to win with those players. It's important to me. It's important to everybody on our team."
Pitino said Brown, a noted long-range bomber who averaged 18 points per game last season at Gulf Coast and shot 43.8 percent from three-point range, was a top priority for the Wildcat staff because of his experience and maturity.
"If I had to look at all the recruits, Dale Brown would be No. 1 on our list right now, if we had to put them all together again, because he's a junior college player," Pitino said. Brown will be a junior next season with two years of eligibility at UK.
"We place him No. 1 because of the feelings of everyone that he could step in right away, play in front of 24,000 people, not be rattled and give us 18 points a game," Pitino added. "Very few freshmen can do that, no matter how talented
they may be. But he's a missing link there and he fits the puzzle very nicely."
Pitino said the other three players: Harrison, Riddick and Timberlakewho are undersized at 165, 190 and 190 pounds, respectively may not be immediate impact players in college, but should be by the time they finish their Wildcat careers.
"They have all the physical talents to be Kentucky basketball players," Pitino said. "The only thing they lack is a strength and conditioning program. And we didn't even take that as a knock or into consideration for not taking them in that area because we have the best facilities, the best training center, the best strength coach, I think, in the nation."
Riddick averaged 14 points, 12 rebounds and eight blocked shots last season. Timberlake averaged 12 points, eight rebounds and four assists. There were many players who had better statistics. There were many players who were rated higher by the services. But with a little experience in Pitino's system and a year or two with strength coach Rock Oliver, Pitino says opponentsand NBA scoutsbetter watch out for his 6-9, 190-pound bookends.
"One thing that we look at in recruiting is potential," Pitino said. "We want to bring in peoplenot everyone, that's part of it, too that have pro potential. And we think both Riddick and Aminu Timberlake have pro potential. Any time you can run, get up and down the floor as is dictated by the way we play, shot-block, shoot the ball facing the basket and do the things these players are capable of doing, then you have yourself players with great potential."
"In our style of play, we're interested in quickness," Pitino said. "We're interested in being able to do things offensively as well as defensively. We need players who can shoot.
"To me, if you told me at the beginning of the year, before it all started, that we could have Aminu Timberlake and Andre Riddick, I would have been very excited by that.
"And I'll guarantee you one thing here today, that both players will be (NBA) draft choices down the road. If they have the desire. And that's the only thing I can't say right now."
Critics have suggested that Harrison, despite his 32.7-point average that was among the best in Kentucky last season, has not been tested on the high school level because he plays at Tollesboro, a small, Class A-sized school. Pitino said he watched Harrison play at UK's summer camp and at the prestigious Nike/ ABCD Camp in Princeton, N.J., however, and liked what he saw.
"Again, he's a young man that he's not going to play too much as a freshman because of the people we have," Pitino said. "And he needs a year of body-building. But I think he shoots with range. He handles the ball. He's
Please see, RECRUITS, page 27
P*1 ^77iy (jo/4 ' &aaA&
New Year's UK style: Out with football, in with hoops
This is the big one, a couple vacation days to celebrate Thanksgiving, the annual Kentucky-Tennessee football clash and then topped off with the opening of the Kentucky basketball season as the 'Cats play host to Pennsylvania Saturday night.
By the time everyone recovers from the turkey feasts, it will be time to hit the road to Knoxville and watch Bill Curry's first Kentucky team try to pin a monumental upset on the powerful Tennessee Vols and end the regular season on a positive note.
Such an upset would be a tremendous boost to Curry and his staff as they hit the road the next couple months and try to lure some blue-chip athletes to Lexington for the rebuilding of the UK program.
Despite Saturday's loss to Florida, Kentucky has made remarkable improvement on the playing field since the first few weeks of the season. A solid foundation is being built for the UK future and a couple excellent recruiting campaigns should have the Big Blue in line for a major jump in the SEC standings.
Over the years, ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Kentucky has enjoyed only limited success against the Vols on the gridiron, rarely upsetting the Vols and, to my memory, hasn't pulled a major upset when the Vols were truly great, as UT is this year.
Kentucky's most memorable recent wins were the victories in 1976 and 1977 when UK was generally favored and then in 1984 when Jerry Claiborne savored perhaps his finest SEC victory as a i^KKKKKttKKMKKBM coach in Knoxville.
Disappointments have been many, several times when a bowl invitation was in the offing if UK could pull out a victory.
But because Kentucky means to Tennessee what it does, and vice-versa, the Wildcats more often than not have put up a strong fight.
This Saturday, Kentucky will be a decisive underdog according to the experts, but I can't forget what one Southern sport-swriter told me several months ago. He said whatever you think of Curry, just remember that his teams will blow a game or two they should not lose, but they'll also win at least one game a year they have absolutely no business of winning.
Looking back over the 1990 schedule, I can't find that game which UK won that it shouldn't have. Precious time is running out, so maybe Saturday will be the day.
Just a few hours after the conclusion of the Kentucky-Tennessee game. Rick Pitino's second UK squad will open the
season at Rupp Arena with the University of Pennsylvania.
At his first regular press conference last week, Pitino indicated that his starting lineup (subject to change, he added) would be Sean Woods, John Pelphrey, Jamal Mashburn, Deron Feldhaus and Reggie Hanson.
Mashburn has been the talk of the preseason and even Pitino, himself, has been freely boasting of Mashburn's great talent in recent weeks.
The major improvement of this team over last year will come in the form of a year's experience in learning the Pitino game plus having added depth on the bench where Pitino will feel more comfortable in substituting more often than perhaps a year ago.
Topping last year's 14-14 mark could be a bigger task than last season's club winning 14.
First of all, the SEC is much, much tougher this season than last winter. Secondly, Kentucky's December road
Topping last year's 14-14 mark could be a bigger task than last season's club winning 14...
On the positive side, you'll see a team Saturday night which won't be as tentative as it was the first time it took the floor under Pitino last year. You won't see Pitino as tentative.
Everything is familiar. Everyone is loose, and you're going to see a team that is even more exciting than last year. And we all thought that was impossible.
is going to be very successful playing at such places as Cincinnati, Louisville, North Carolina and Indiana, then meeting Notre Dame in Indianapolis.
On the positive side, you'll see a team Saturday night which won't be as tentative as it was the first time it took the floor under Pitino last year. You won't see Pitino as tentative.
^pmmgi      Everything is
familiar. Everyone is loose, and you're going to see a team that is even more exciting than last year. And we all thought that was impossible.
It may not win more than 14 games, but it will be more exciting. Just wait and see.
Since I'm often referring to the impossible, let's chat a minute about the unfortunate scheduling of the basketball team's opening game just a couple hours after the UK-UT football game...and a three-hour drive apart.
UK officials should have made, sure to avoid just such a scheduling conflict, but they didn't. Let's hope this doesn't happen again, but perhaps they were thinking ahead of us.
Let's say Kentucky somehow upsets the mighty Orange. Wouldn't it be nice to bring the football team straight from the airport to Rupp Arena for a gigantic victory celebration at halftime of the opening basketball game?
I'll bet that's just what CM. and his boys had in mind.
Kentucky signed four prepsters (see story on page 2) to national letters of intent last week, but Pitino says he isn't through recruiting just yet. even though he has run out of scholarships.
Junior Deron Feldhaus says he will pay his own way to school next season if UK can lure another big-time inside player to UK next spring.
Although Pitino is prohibited by NCAA rules from identifying who he is recruiting, it is a well known fact that the person is Chris Webber of Detroit (Mich.) Country Day High School, considered by many to be one of the nation's two top seniors.
Pitino said at his press conference that he would recruit only one other player this season.
Webber is scheduled to visit UK the weekend of Dec. 7-8. He reportedly has narrowed his choices to Michigan, Michigan State, Kentucky and Duke. He has already visited the two Michigan schools and will visit Duke after the fir t or the year.
Reports surfaced out of Michigan last week that he had changed his mind and would sign with Michigan State early, but that report turned out to be false.
The recruiting race has become very intense and rather rough between the two Big Ten schools and some people believe Webber might just choose a compromise. That's where UK's hopes lie.
If Webber is uncommitted by late January, look for UK to have a very good chance of landing him. By then, Webber will have had the opportunity to 1) visit UK and 2) to watch several UK games on television and see just how exciting the Pitino brand of basketball is.
He will also see that this team has some decent talent and, with the addition of just another player (like Webber, himself), this UK team could be inflicting some real damage on opponents in March (and April?) of 1992, Kentucky's first NCAA appearance in four years.
Time will tell.
There are some academicians and politicians who claim sports has nothing to do with university giving where money is concerned, but there was ample evidence to the contrary last week at the University of Kentucky.
Monetary commitments by alumni and friends of UK have been fairly consistent and progressive over the past 20 years, but the university experienced a phenomenal drop from $7.1 million in 1987 to only $3 million in 1988, then dropped to only $2 million in 1989.
The great news this year is that the university's fund-raising efforts roared back to $6.6 million and a record number of Fellows (450) were welcomed to the giving program.
What all this tells us is that the NCAA probation and the UK basketball mess had a far greater impact on the non-athletic
side of UK than some would have us believe.
We all wondered why ex-president David Roselle left UK in a hurry last December, just a few weeks after that $2 million report was revealed. Perhaps now we know the answer.
And perhaps that's when the contributors decided to return. Of course, new faces in the athletics department may also have created some new-found excitement.
UK coach Bill Curry led the public charge last week in a statewide blood drive that involved another battle between Kentucky and Tennessee. The two states have the drive each year the two weeks before their annual football showdown. Kentucky was trailing by some 200 units when Curry stepped forward to lead the Kentucky charge. In a couple days, the deficit had been cut to less than 50. The drive ended earlier this week (after our printing deadline), and the winner will be
1.......ed  ' the UK-UT same Saturday.
We'll pass along the results next week...
UK basketball coach Rick Pitino says he would like for the SEC tournament to find a permanent home rather than rotating around the South as it has been. Proponents of moving the tourney around point out that it has more of a campus flair this way and promotes more excitement among students. One of the major reasons the tourney has not settled on a permanent home is because it hasn't been able to attract consistent sellouts at neutral sites like Birmingham. Atlanta and Orlando. Perhaps the test in Orlando wasn't completely fair, because UK was banned as a result of the NCAA probation. The tourney would never be a sellout in New Orleans and I doubt the nine remaining schools would ever allow the tourney to be played on a team's homecourt permanently, so you can count out the likes of Nashville, Lexington or Knoxville. With the addition of South Carolina and Arkansas, it's a safe bet an SEC tournament ticket will become a very hot commodity in the future. Then there will be a case for making Atlanta or Birmingham a permanent home...
Ex-Wildcat Rex Chapman put together, perhaps, his best back-to-back basketball performances in his entire life last week for the Charlotte Hornets. Rex enjoyed just an exceptional game line in a loss at Boston Garden. But his play making and passing skills were never better and there wasn't a bad shot taken. A couple nights later, Rex exploded for 12 fourth-quarter points in leading Charlotte by Atlanta 119-109. He scored a total of 22 points, including seven in a row down the stretch. Chapman was 4-4 from three-point range and is one of the NBA leaders in that category this season...
Former Wildcat Sam Bowie also had a big evening the same day as he scored 20 points and hauled down 21 rebounds in a 105-96 loss to the two-time defending NBA champion Detroit Pistons... &ay& 4
&7ie (oats' &au&e
Mvm/>r 24, (C^O
SAFETY FIRST: Kentucky senior bandit Jeff Brady (39) lowers the boom on 'SNEAKING' AROUND: Kentucky quarterback Freddie Maggard squirms his Florida quarterback Shane Matthews in the Gator end zone to give the Wildcats way through this pile of white-shirted Florida defenders to keep one of UK's an early 2-0 lead. photo by Nick Nicholas   scoring drives alive with this quarterback sneak,   photo courtesy uk sports information department
"---'---J      MISSED IT BY THAT MUCH: John Bolden has this
TOUCHDOWN, 'CATS: This sideline observer is a little premature, but he's right. UK's Al Baker chugs Freddie Maggard pass slip through his fingers as Gator J yards toward paydirt after taking a screen pass from Freddie Maggard. photocopy uKspor,s,niorma,ior, department    corner Jimmy Spencer looks on. Pho.o by nick Nicholas Jfartmber 24, (CtfO
&7ie (oats' &ause
UK is Gator bait, loses 47-15
Florida finishes atop SEC with 6-7 record; Curry's Wildcats couldn't shoot any holes in No. 6 Gators
Does Florida have a weakness?
Kentucky coach Bill Curry would defy anyone to tell him differently, as his Wildcats couldn't find one, losing handily to the No. 6 club in the country, 47-15.
"There is nothing to say but that's obviously a vastly superior football team on the other side," Curry, whose team, with the 32-point defeat, falls to 4-6, 3-3 in the SEC, said. "They whipped us in every way you can whip somebody today. They deserve enormous credit for the quality of their football team. It's one of the best teams I've ever coached against."
Just put an "S" on their chests. Even kryp-tonite couldn't have subdued Steve Spurrier's Gators.
Where to begin? Shane Matthews and the offense? Or does Florida's strength come from its defense, No. 1 in the SEC and No. 2 in the country?
Curry praised the entire Gator unit, comparing them to last year's Miami club, last year's No. 1 club in the final polls. That team defeated Curry's Alabama team in last season's Sugar Bowl.
'They really don't have a flaw that you can ck on." Curry said. "T mean, they don't have a corner that you can just eat up. They don't have a weak area on their defense. Their pass protection is superb. Their running game is superb. The quarterback is great. Their wide receivers are great. Their coaching is great.
"We would have had to capitalize on our turnovers early, the ones we got, and not turned the ball over at all."
The win pushes the Gators' SEC record to 6-1, best in the SEC, 9-1 overall. NCAA sanctions, however, do not allow Flordia to claim the SEC title nor a Sugar Bowl berth.
Kentucky closes out its first season under Curry at Tennessee this Saturday. Remember, Tennessee? The Vols are the only team to defeat Florida...45-3.
"That's our bowl game," senior bandit Jeff Brady said.
Matthews, Florida's young (only a sophomore) but talented quarterback, recorded more than just favorable numbers against a frustrated Wildcat secondary. He completed 20 of 37 passes for 303 yards. Four of those completionstwo to wide receiver Ernie Millsended in the end zone.
Mills' first TD catch was a 16-yard reception on the initial play in the second quarter. Aided by free safety Will White's interception, Florida's early second-quarter score erased a 9-7 Kentucky lead. And Mills' TD snag ignited 37 consecutive Florida points.
"Kentucky really likes to blitz," Matthews said. "When they blitz, it leaves the speedy wide outs one-on-one and I just have to take my steps and throw the ball. They left the middle wide open and I just looked there at the right time."
Later in the same quarter, Matthews and Mills played Gator and 'Cat with hit Gary Willis. After knocking down a sure touchdown earlier, this time Willis was beaten by the Florida receiver on an out-pattern.
Mills' 19-yard TD pushed the Gators further ahead, 21-9.
Mills turned in a sparkling performance in the first half, catching eight passes for 136 yards and two touchdowns.
After Florida's defense held UK on downs, Matthews found a different victim.
Jeff Brady was his name.
On first and 10 from the UK 21, Matthews sneaked a pass past Brady's coverage and into the hands of tight end Kirk Kirkpatrick to the Wildcat three.
That's all the incentive fullback Kelvin Randolph needed. He eluded three would-be tacklers before crossing the goal line.
Arden Czyzewski's successful PAT gave the visitors a commanding 28-9 lead with 1:23 until halftime. That score concluded an 87-yard, nine-play drive that took only 2:37.
Convincing as they were, the Gators were not through. Again limiting UK to a one-two-three-kick offense, Florida had enough time to tack on three more, a 30-yard field goal as the first half came to a close.
"I haven't seen that good of timing between a quarterback and a receiver in the pros," Willis said. "I don't know where I've seen it. They're really good. Their receivers and quarterback are in syncthe guy knows when they are breaking out and he has it right there."
Larry New's blitzing strategy that had worked in the game's early stages, was now being picked apart by Matthews.
Florida came out in the second half and didn't miss a beat. Matthews guided his club to a 37-9 lead on its first drive of the second half. His 24-yard scoring strike found Tre Everett, ahead of Willis' coverage. The only miscue was Czyzewski's botched extra point.
It was the third period and UK hopelessly trailed 37-9.
The final blow of this 37-point barrage came on a one-yard pass from Matthews to Kirpatarick early in the fourth period.
So, Florida had busted loose from a 9-7 first-quarter deficit to completely dominate an improving UK team.
Overall, Florida gained 537 yards, the third highest ever given up by a UK team. And, Kentucky hadn't given up 47 points since its 47-21 loss to Georgia in 1983.
Speaking of numbers, Matthews, for the sixth time this season threw for three or more touchdowns.
Kentucky's blitzing defense sacked Matthews for a 2-0 lead on the Gators' first drive of the game. Facing a second-and-40 situation on the UK 1thanks to a Larry Jackson quarterback sackMatthews was pinned in the end zone by Brady.
"I kind of disguised I was covering Kirkpatrick man-to-man," Brady said about the safety. "I noticed there were no backs in the backfield. I knew it was going to be a pass or a quarterback draw.
"When they came out with no backs it crossed my mind that I was going to make the sack. It was just a matter of me doing it."
But on the next series, Kentucky starting quarterback Freddie Maggard, throwing to tight end Rodney Jackson, was picked off by Gator Back Godfrey Myles. Catching Jackson's dropped pass. Mvles outraced Maggard to the end zone for a 48-yard score.
Kentucky didn't fold, however, and needed only three plays to answer Florida's first score. On third-and-12 from the UK 27, Maggard tossed a screen to Al Baker. The senior tailback followed the path provided by Joel Mazzella and the rest of the line and raced 73 yards to put Kentucky ahead 9-7. '
"I was making sure I caught the pass," Baker, who was held to 15 rushing yards, said. "I caught a lot of good blocks down the field. I just started running as fast as I could."
Please see, FLORIDA 47, UK 15, page 26
UK's Larry Jackson has his eyes (and hands) on Shane Matthews.
First downs.......................................................18 32
Rushes-yards................................................27-19 41-200
Passing yards.................................................326 337
Artempts-completions-interceptions...........44-29-3 41-22-1
Total yards......................................................345 537
Return yards (does not include kickoffs)............0 83
Punts-average.............................................7-39.2 4-343
Fumbles-lost....................................................1-1 i-o
Penalties-yards..............................................3-30 10-95
Possession time...........................................29:34 30:26
KENTUCKY....................................                                  9    0    0 6 - 15
VANDERBILT..................................                                 7  24    6 10  47
UKBrady tackled Matthews for safety 2-0. UK
UFMiles 52 interception return (Czyzewski kick) 7-2. UF
UKBaker 73 pass from Maggard (Petlrey kick) 9-7, UK
UFMills 17 pass from Matthews (Czyzewski kick) 14-9, UF
UFMills 19 pass from Matthews (Czyzewski kick) 21-9, UF
UFRandolph 8 run (Czyzewski kick) 28-9, UF
UFCzyzewski 30 FG 31-9, UF
UFEverett 24 pass from Matlhews (kick failed) 37-9, UF UFKirkpatrick 1 pass from Matthews (Czyzewski kick) 44-9, UF
UKHockman 1 run (pass failed) 44-15, UF
UFCzyzewski 40 FG 47-15, UF
Attendance: 55,140
Maggard	6	9		-32	0	8
Baker	9	22	7	15	0	9
Samuels	5	10	0	10	0	4
M. Thomas	4	20	0	20	0	14
Hockman	3	6	0		1	
TOTALS	27	67	46	19	1	14
Uagg aid	31	19	3	192	1	73
Hockman	13	10	0	134	0	36
TOTALS	44	29	3	326	1	73
Jackson			3	19	0	7
Logan			8	128	0	36
Baker			3	80	1	73
Samuels			7	28	0	11
Phillips			1	4	0	4
Clark			3	41	0	20
M. Thomas			3	17	0	11 I
Page			1	9	0	<*,
Hawk			6	259	43.2	55
Maggard			1	15	15C	15
TOTALS			7	274	39.2	55
			-		-	
TOTALS			-		-	-
Tolbert			'	68		- 
Bolden			4	54		- 
TOTALS	-	-	6	132		1 0
Matthews	5	6	25		0	4
Randolph	3	13	1	12	1	8
McClendon	13	93	0	93	0	30
Rhett	18	111	0	111	0	18
Wabberson	1	0	0	0	0	0
Ackerman	1	3	0	3	0	3
TOTALS	41	226	26	200	1	30
Matthews	37	20	1	303	4	38
Morris	4	2	0	34	0	29
TOTALS	41	22	1	337	4	38
Mills			8	136	2	20
Kirkpatrick			5	84	i	38
Barber			2	11	0	7
McClendon			1	9	0	9
Everett			2	38	1	24
Sullivan			 1	12	0	12
Rhett			1	13	0	13
Houston			1	29	0	29
Duncan			1	5	0	5
TOTALS			22	337	4	38
Czyzewski			4	139	343	40
TOTALS			4	139	343	40
Czyzewski			2	2		40
TOTALS			2	2		40
Houston	_		l	17		- 
Duncan				27		
Barber	5	22	. 			- 
Myles						1 52
Paulk						1 0
White						1 9
TOTALS	5	22	2	44		3 61
 fyooemfer- 24, /(tfO
'89 UK RESULTS (6-5)
UK	Opponents	
17	INDIANA	-14
3	at Alabama	15
12	AUBURN	24
27	LSU	21
23	at Georgia	34
15	at Vanderbilt	11
28	at Florida	38
: Home games in ALL CAPITALS
OFFENSE Split end
25 Steve Phillips (6-2, 209, Sr.) or
80 Phil Logan (6-2, 190, Sr.)
Left tackle
71 Greg Lahr (6-5, 270, Jr.) 74 Dean Wilks (6-3, 311, Sr.)
Left guard
68 Todd Perry (6-4, 265, So.) 61 Bill Hulette (6-3, 262, Sr.)
53 Matt Branum (6-2, 261, So.)
64 David Parks (6-2, 247, Fr.)
Right guard
63 Joel Mazzella (6-1, 265, Sr.) 61 Bill Hulette (6-3, 262, Sr.)
Right tackle
65 Chuck Bradley (6-5, 278, So.) 73 Jeff Weihe (6-4, 261, So.)
Tight end
85 Rodney Jackson (6-2, 240, Sr.)
81 Bobby Henderson (6-2, 245, Sr.)
18 Freddie Maggard (6-2, 212, Jr.)
19 Ryan Hockman (6-2, 195, So.)
44 Terry Samuels (6-2, 240, Fr.) 5 Al Baker (5-11, 227, Sr.)
5 Al Baker (5-11, 227, Sr.) 32 Mike Thomas (5-1, 205, Jr..)
82 John Bolden (6-0, 175, Sr.) 7 Neal Clark (5-9, 169, Jr.)
21 Doug Pelfrey (5-11, 178, So.) 10 Don Rubin (5-9, 185, Jr.)
42 Dean Wells (6-3, 230, So.) 59 Zane Beehn (6-4, 220, Fr.)
Defensive tackle
98 Jerry Bell (6-3, 275, Jr.) 78 Brad Shuford (6-3, 285, So.)
Nose guard
48 Joey Couch (6-1, 250, Jr.) 92 Jon Collins (5-10, 262, So.)
Defensive end
56 Derrick Thomas (6-2, 227, Jr.) 87 Jim Graves (6-6, 245, Jr.)
Mike linebacker
40 Randy Holleran (6-1, 238, Sr.) 45 Marty Moore (6-1, 235, Fr.)
Will linebacker
84 Billy Swanson (6-0, 225, Sr.) 46 Reggie Smith (6-3, 209, So.)
39 Jeff Brady (6-1, 228, Sr.) 3 Duce Williams (6-0, 186, Fr.)
17 Larry Jackson (5-11, 200