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{ since 1990,” Said Kex Bailey, dII`€C[OI`   the College. College memorabilia   joined joan Chan to form the firm of i  
of development, giving programs and were on display at the Gorman Educa-   Chan and Mohney Architecture. 4 {
services. "Th1s expansion will allow all i tion Center in downtown Hazard i Mohney is the co-editor of "Sea-  
of thc d€V€lOPm€m Program {O (mw I TTT  `5* ’ ’”” 1 side: Making a Town in America," and I l
· be housed in one buildin   I Dean of A I1't t · — · · .7 · il
again g I"¢ I EC UI"E i has published several articles in Aichz- .i
The Sinigiii Building nddinnn Wiii     7-e ee--   mid,-ng R,,n,,·d_ '  
provide Office Space as Well as 3 new   David Mghney, a pai·[n€i· in a New 777777777 7 rrrr 7 77 77 7. 77 777777 777777   i  
i phone-a-thon room. The present I York City architecture firm, has been I Lyme Qiggggg ¢  
‘ phOii€-a-thOH room, in Scovell Hall, i named dean gf [he UK College Of   77 -7- 7 7 7777777 7 7 7 7 7 i  
was used by every UK college last year   Architecture beginning january 1,   Expensive treatment for Lyme disease   il
to contact alumni as part of their Q 1994. Mohney succeeds jose I may be unnecessary for many people r ..
fundraising efforts. I Oubrerie, who resigned as dean in with the disease because the blood   _l
Among his many gifts to UK, he 1991. Clyde Carpenter, professor of test used to detect Lyme is unreliable, ' 7
has funded the annual William B. architecture, is acting dean.   according to guidelines issued by the  
i_ __ Sturgill Award for Outstanding Con- Mohney, a partner in the firm of   American College of Rheumatology g?
  tributions to Graduate Education.   Chan and Mohney Architecture, grad- I and the Council of the Infectious Dis- "
    7    uated magna cum laude from Har- i eases Society of America. Robert  
    Hqgqrd Cglebfqfes     vard in 1977 and received a master’s Lightfoot, College of Medicine, I
  7777——— —  l degree in architecture from Prince- chaired the group whose guidelines '_
Hazard Community College, founded   ton in 1981. l are published in the September 15 .
in 1968, is celebrating its 25th   From 1981-85, Mohney served as a l Annals oflntemal Medicine. The guide-  
anniversary this year. Activities have   lecturer, fellow and associate director l lines conclude that for people with a ;
been planned to highlight the event. l of the Institute for Architecture and   positive blood test, but whose only ` `
This year’s Black Gold Festival in Haz-   Urban Studies in New York. From   syrnptorns are general pain and  
ard held in September had as its l 1985-86, he was a visiting critic in fatigue, the risks and cost of intra- _il
theme "Happy Birthday HCC,” and a   design at the Harvard Graduate venous antibiotic therapy exceed the `  
parade featured floats representing School of Design. Also in 1985, he benefits. i
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