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University of Kentucky
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 ‘i.i;i”‘—‘..._   ce. i,i;;:;;:.i;?.‘.";§ i—‘?* +=———‘ "" A ~--— —-`+——‘- #. l
' ' ' NEXT DEB \'l`F
70 t' ."R I dthtth M
lN CHAPEL FOR WILDCATS Aunaass 1·*AaMsRs· rassnmas wml *1;* fm 8;*-·°_;· b ju) Z  
*""; . e . .. . or rine ou e an one  
, ·•”l°" H"° FI”m"d in- P"I°d° °f   At Barbecue in Owensboro Given by Inter-Society Debate From Union ;,|ntc'»·,S°cjety.
·°m°' Stats Wins Bensatlonal Track Meet the Distillers of Daviess Freshmen. Ti,. ., ,. ,. _,i, .,. . ,. . ,. ._
i rllllltll int r nl tl tl hat ht
Wednesday marked A historic day FN"' T•'l”“•“ A"ll““ bY c°“'l*Y- _ "—‘ _ l.\\'f*t*ll the |'nion and llaitterson, from
ci". sc". "lhe annual lntor-society Freshman ii I ii V it ii i_ i _H
· · w i ct to ars y t•· a in r ot w
of many Ruth. °°“°8° camen The On May 30th, President H. S. Bar- debate was held in chapel last Friday i I t i i i i )i HL Hut I
 Y° N} SPO? Pt, S () H? Pt Stl 4* l ll
t °°”*°"· ““°" "‘°" bl"' °°“ll’l°*°" ‘“ sutuvnu snnxs nscono ker will denver an address to the night. 'l`hls fs thc second rresinnon in D i Ti ` ii ’;_' Jl
ecem wr. lv t ues or tr is
°x·mm°u°n°’ m°v°d {mm uw °°°r°d ..... farmers of Daviess and adjoining debate and has proved to be of much if m i _ HR Ii I li] ) ii
·· ·· > 0 acl ls, eso vet , a t t-
Senior spot called the corned, to the Another Wildcat victory was gainediccumies at 8 barbecue given by the ming io the m(_i‘_ii(_S· wg i ii i i I   iii
. 0lll`tn· :4 ltlllf w 2 ifll t lltt. ·~
rostrum, to condpct chapel lll tho $¤l¤l"d¤Y ll·ll€l'll00ll when °lll` track iiuviuhh county dlstlllers, lllcnty ofl The question for discussion llflrl. ii it ,i {Iii I i ii.
_ a .r·rsofl socio y ul rv lr•·st·l , v
Q" manner like that which they have wit and field athletes defeated Tennessee feed wm be propareii for the many ,_R(_SUiw_d' That the right of Suffragp mm ii I ii iv V l iii li l
ti nu vc nin to nun wi t· :m—
n°”°d mr mar y°°'"‘ in (me °r thc prettiest and hardest farmers that. will be present. ln all National, State and Municipal i ii i_ Ti ’ i Ibn
)()Il lil HP 'il l\l‘. ll*>•* •‘lllllS \\'l
They worshipped at the shrine those fought meets €V€l` ¤¤l»8€ll 0ll Stoll The pi-int-ipui Object or the meeting elections should he restricted to all ; i i i il i . ii i i i i
. r 10 Sv vc tlt our )' lll r· fl l•·l` ly il, ,l‘l-
many dns that me horizon of their mem' the some being "8 to 56‘ is to impress upon the farmers the educational qualification. The Putter- ut ni i_ ii _ i _ I _
tl il 4 Ffllll l4· ,lltgs·s t·lr>1<··· l.\o~
me ml, b° w|d°n°d‘ They M-° mln, The volunteers Started mn like thgy value of dlstlllers‘ dried grain for the son team, which was composed of H t i i it i I _ _ [ f
_ . over- o it on a winmnu cunt or
O exultant over the fast victorious con meant business when Martln beat ll. fattening of hogs. ..S(_naim_.. (Tumi Harney and Graddyi ti K im ki ht Nv H I i ii i I
- _¢ ie cn t- _· to- o com o ont e,
wu and their friends am ¤l*‘l to me Roth in the 100`yard dash in 10 3° Dr. ld. S. Good, of the Experimenti affirmed thc resolution and Messrs.
mem reach the goal which they have s°c°nds' The same man mn the 220` Station, will speak on "llogs and thelri Roy Scott, (`larence (`lark and Nance    
t°"°d' · yard dash ip the same posmom but as l·`eeding." For some time Ur. Good! upheld the negative of the question. Y
Each cud" as b°f°r°' m°v°d °¤ to K‘ zerwss and Sandmrd had wml the has been experimenting upon this sub-I The judges, who were Dean A. M.    
uh, up t'h° lumdudl °f ¤l··>l·‘ pr°d°` high lump and hammuc mn r°Sp°°' ject and now has many figures whlchllllller, Dean Walter E. Rowe and Ape y°u_§Q,;Qg io Stay?
censor" All umn “ *ll° Dawn of Sep` uveb" the score was ever" From he will use to show the value of df‘i€dlJudgt~ Lyman (lllillkléé`, f'€fld€?l`Fd tllf‘ll` lt st-ems it qtiwcr tliini.: to the man-
t‘°mp°r m°m umu mm ¤l¤¤l·*¤¤ here °n State lead for quite °' while slop for fattening hogs. decision two to one ln favor of the Qjgkmpnt ami (iii·t..·t(,rS Oi- tht. mst ,.,,1.
through the sky above her crimson until Tennessee, winning firsts in the ii , ·
_ ”;‘°'•* ‘ iaf l`Tll8lll€· ilegc circus ever given on our campus.
wheels, the classof 15 will begin such 220 hurdles and broad jump and first     Thp Siiewhes Oi. each debawr www that more Students (IMM mail mem.
a career as there have hymned. and second ln the shot put, jumped , ii i i, , · _ _ V _ _ _
1 I h H h   lll`<*ll8»l`€‘l wld €l9ll9l`€‘d bl lll€t selves of the opportunity of winning
  _ _ i
      nm the l°°'d* t was S °rt ved °w imemhers of each team. lsome of the $ll¤l which the faculty
C IC   ieven as State cleaned up in the discus Five Schools Taking Port in Cohttlhy Slilté l`0!‘ S0m€ y€&l`S h3\'€ l)l`0V9l'1`antl alumni art- otfwriiig as prizes for
LASS throw, Newhause hurling the disc an their . , _ ,
i *· lll`0l*€5S lll d€b8ll¤g and lllllll the best stunts. lt you tlo not think
Q   SUgCESSIeven 97 feet, beating Howard Wll·i A very interesting high school tour- developing young Students to mi the they mean to give that amount of
Mia chrinin. Ho kin. P.i,f°i,m· th. Hams by one mot lmmwm was held at Shelbyville last Dl8·0€‘ of 0tll€l'S 88 lll€‘Y DHSS ll`0¤l 0lll` money see Prof. Miller and ask him.
P The next event, the mile run, won week with five schools participating. i vm ti _
og"'-., P.i,t ,wmi n”i“i.iubi• ir _ llb ll 0ll- lt also seems at queer thing; that
Ab". the meet for the Wildcats. Sulllvan,» The high schools and grades from the `imw my ii Mimi gina (_mi_H\_ for
'Y· * ·i i· lt t- F l- ` B` l` ` ‘
who won the event, made up a lot ot i follon xiii p atessittig uparii 1;       mp imipm of me Senior Ciussi that M
AT OPERA HOUSE. ground in the lust 120 tm-ds hndlnence, grance, 16 YV S. ¤l‘l`0 S‘ Wildcat. Makeaién gweep of Y“i_,s hlhst smile of them t·.·onltl not off+·l‘
finished fast wlth Hogrife a close sec- burg and Springfield. Contests were _ _ _
  g Athletic come". with Ohio". their assistance. \\c nt~t·tl the help
(LOXl¤8t0¤ H0l'l1ld·) ond, the two Tennessee men finishing held in athletics, music and declama- _   _ _ __ _
H U · by Friday.- victory and assistance ot met; male and .+··
Pysmsllon and Gslstea. the myth- tor in the rear. When the time wasltion and ln about thirty high school , _ _
d S d b_ . malt- on this cannons fo nut this circus
°`°"F“’ }.’I‘.Z; `l1?..‘§."1Z.'ZI`Z .22..21   “'“’i..‘Y.““‘i           0.     “ *° °·     ·~·l···     ¤·····*·=*   ···~ 1 i··i
. l l .
even ug 6 ‘ pe u C ppe one t 0 a sewn 0 IS Ou na 8 ’ u'   W t·oini»rt·lit·ntl tht- im1t.;l1ittitlt~ai1tl t-nor·
under the direction of Mrs. Robert the school record by making 5:45 4-5, kind held in Shelbyville was fostered \\'itli Jini vhrhs pitoliiiig in the best wiiv Oi. img pmj__(_i
• Lee Stout lll honor of Hom'? Cl8889tt Hogrefe holding the record at 4:46 and' promoted by Prof. McHenry i·m·m ht. has Simuin ya; this y(.a,·_ thi. iiemv if mu think mu (Nm iwip
Chapter, D. A. Riiibetore a large and flat, Rhoads, of the University. The fini- xviidchts ehsiiy tietohtod the i‘nii·or. mit in mp n}_mimi__· (ir =ymimm__
l*l’l”'°°l**ll’° *“'l ns:) H d The lll°¤l exclllllg €l’°lll °l lll° l°“l'lll lmlll °“l” l“°llll' “ll"“‘l"d ***4 ~lt>’ lll llllblllllilll bl lll*‘ **`°l€ Ol l lines. soo wor. ltnsintissoii und hc will
The title roles 0 ygma on Bil meet was the relay. On the last tournament and acted as judbes. in o_ iwii) you wit up smiwiiiing. if wu
Galatea Wore tllkoll bY Ml’· Wllllilll quarter Sanfoord started some ten Prof. 'I`. T. Jones, judge and critic in Thy Riiim.im,,h.i-S S(.(.urt.(i only your limi im i'mm_d\_ Qmm in mimi wv
. McComas and Miss Christine Hopkins yards behind Martin, the Volunteers' music and high school subjects; l’l'0l· hits off "'l`urkey's" delivery, two of pmf i.·.ii.iiii.iii.ii; 0,. e.miim.m .iiiii
and were presented with remarkable crack sprinter. As both runners sped C. P. Weaver. judge of deolamatiolls; thein being or it very scrntcliy variety. thm, wm iwiii mu wi up Qmupiiiiim
ublllty by the two talented young around the track, Sanford could be Alpha Bl`Ullli\gt* acted as referee lllld tlnly one man got to second. and he on ii- iiiii imiiiii iiki, in ii.i,._, (,ii.ii.ui, ii,
stars. seen to be slowly overcoming his op- umpire in all athletics and judge in ii dropped throw by lleotl_ after tlio mw of iiw SMP Simwsi SW iimimm or
TM “°“l°u°’ °°"' in the pr°°°°t°` l’°“"“"“ l°“d· Folly yards f'°“‘ the m“Sl°‘ • ‘"l‘l"’l ll“‘l l’*‘*’“ llllllilll *l‘”*lll"l*· l“‘ Noel willhnns ·tntl liesitlcs hiwin·· ·.
tion ably handled by MIB! Ilia DU'- tape they were abreast and then the Sllelbyvllle lllgll S0ll00l lllld graded citlently four men tlietl by thc t`. Park- im iii- mil _iiiii _,iiii.i. i-or \.iiiii,_i,ii— You
nall, as Cyuiloa. PY!¤l¤»ll0¤'¤ WUBS Kentucky man drew away from Mar- school won a large number of points lined rhht,._ -·Yhnnh Thi·h·S·· uhm being Mil bo iwipiim i_;im_ ifmm_i_ iiimi
* Miss Rebecca. Smith as Myfluo. tin and won going away. However, in all cvcnts. Springfield carried all in great siihpo \iiii__i_ iw iwiiiiim i.iii_ iii___S__m iii.i.>i_i_iiii_
Pygmaliolfs sister; Ml¤B Elslo Speck the judges gave the race to the Vol~i honors in track and base ball. Shel· Jini l·iii·ks tlistinuiiisiioil liiiiigplf in iii. [mil limi liimiiiw i_,m,___i_iiwi_:_
as Mfnogi pygmulloiys slave; Thomas untggrg on n toni; ono ot the Statei byville Woll lll slrls‘ basket ball- the first illllills “'lll*ll he l`llll$*‘ll llll‘·‘·* mi, it-in i,,. ,·i..hi ih ihh. nh- hh,. ..i-
Hedden as Chrysols, lll art Datrolli men leaving his mark before he, A most interesting track and field t·int-y nion to wnlk slowly but-it to the im_i_i_ iii. [iw i_i_i]i___ mii iiii_i_i_ i` __H
Miss Marie Michot as Dallline. tagged, which was not allowed underimeet was held on the 14th, Spring- iioiitii entity siinltlnu their h€;]d$_ iimii in iiw mimi___i_ oi. __i_i7___ __i ii M
i . ` o l
ChI')'SOB’ Wife; Mill l"l‘|¤¢68 G6l¤€l the rules of the meet. lllelll llll-lll Wllllllllll by kl sood llll1l`f§lll· State could do nothing in their halt'. im. iwrmii m,ii. win You _ii,`_ __ii_,iiii\_
as Chryuuy uluvm und Franklin Corn The features of me meet were Sui. with llirgrungg a close second. ln the nlthough Schrader not il bose llll bllllS· i·,,,· -,ii ht th,-in l·‘oi· the ht~n.·iit ·»·
as Lollolpbo. I Ioldllll'. llvan’s run ln the mile and Sandford’s base ball tournament the teams repre hi tho sohinul triimtn tho gint,. boys iimw Mw do not kim", Milli my X im.
ThE Oostuma worn WGPO attltnctiva full lll UIQ 440, Wl1lCh llé   lll   2*5. Séllllllll Sll9ll})'Vlll€‘ and Springfield gtll l)llS)' zllld gilflltlrtld tllftltl I‘ll|lS,   Wil i_i_i"_iHi tho"` bein",
wd of Gr"; modal. that worn by Murtim the Volunteers sprinter, also were the l‘Ull|l**l`F··llll· lll lll€ lllllll <‘llll; Park lilllll*‘¢l to ll’lll`llll·! llllll Wlll<‘l`* llllt ,·,,i,.,th. in- ..i.hh»,eti.- stunt xio tin-
Tho second DIN of the Dl’0Kl`ll·!¤ WN gert,, starter; E. L. Gillis, Stonewalli wcrc Ireland and Thomas, of La jug Sui-hiiil hn the throw th hutch Tut. [iw iwst imiiiiiiimi i_immi)_ slum limi
devoted to classic dances, a form of Jucltson and Tom Zerfoss, judges of ll|`l1·llll¢* 'l`llolllll>= lll` l‘Yllllll<‘ll*'l*· l'll“`*‘l`l* tlc lll the but l'lll”llS l’¤ll'k lll*‘ll ti., i·,,,· ih,. h,.,i ,·,i.. shitty
worship to the Greek sod. DloDYBlllB. the rlnlsh; Webb Lall, announcer; Abelof Shelbyville, llllyllllll. llobl¤·tt.. lllvk- singlctl to loft, st-orini.: Wntcrs and .i.iii_i___ is mi i,_;_ii_ii_iiim is in tim
before the temple alld al'0lllld lllb ltoth and (‘hambers, timers; l`. \V.icrson, 'l‘. Spaltliniz, ll. Spalding uml i·tnnitlii,_i hinisoit ttlipii wilholin lot mimiiw of i_i_i__S mi imiiiiiiimi i_i_
altar. williams and J, 'l‘. Jackson, Jr., flcldi Mc(‘lcllaml. from Slll`llllJ{ll€l¢l lllsll. the lnitll not nwny troin hhn anti roll umuii num Win __\ ___i_i iiii_. limi mpi,
The danoers were the most talented judge; ilrolantl, froin l.ngi·atigt·, pitched an t()d(¤(1l) h.t·t_ \\'|·ii_;lit ihon ihuibiod but iS lim WH iuimmi MH imiii _i i_i_i,`_
and graceful of those who have '1`he events and winners follows: excellent saint- of base ball and also whs i.·i‘t on biisn wh.-n si-lii·iiii.·i· tli.-il my wiimiiv _imi WW my vi__i_Uiiiii__
§[,\|d|Qd (BIIBDIC dInClDK in the   and 1w-Ylfd Dllh WELS il [Nlllll \\'lll|lk*l` at l.l`lll‘k. ll't‘l1\ll(l lll Mtllzgtll', \\lltl llliltltl ll §t‘llS&l.I,lt)llill “Ui_ii \`iiii iiiv Yiiiiii siiiiii iiui ih"
Its numbers Were fI.I'l.lflllC Bild b9&\l· l•‘lrst_ Martln, 'l`(lllll€5H(*(!Q St‘('()ll(l, ls pcrliaps one of the best high school butt-]i_ `miw imiiiiiiuiih “iiii iimi_i_i_Hi Nimib
mui_ iguth_ Kentucky, '|‘iine, 10 3-5. :bas•~ hull l>lt<‘ll~·l‘¤ lll lll<‘ Slllllh lllr }l}`l‘l`*. thc llrst lllilll llll l`·ll` l`llll'lll· Hm, win 1,, ,,,i,,.i in-ine he i....sil.i.»_
The boxes in which the rexellts of 220.Yar-d Dash. itcam nmtc. Tllllllllls. belllllll the but. nnti in tlit· third, rt·nt·lit·tl first on Fm, i.iii_iiii_i_ iiiiiii,iiiiiii__ii· ami siiiiiiiig
;;;;iCout,Iu·ded on Page Blx.) I  (Coutinuedrou Page BlX.l V   t(‘ontfnued on llklgelgyl _ it`ontlnut—t| on l‘ugc 'Pwo.1 up your stunts, sec Santltnnn,

 ' I
2 T H E ID E A f
,-.. - ...-...4 .-. 4. . . .» H . , H . . . .. ..- . ,_..,.. .. .7 ..,..- .._. ,._.__.,. _,.. . ,.-.,..* 7-.,,.. ;.....,_.-.-...._. |
-—;···—-—·;—····a—·1 r ·· ·--:;e~—-  ·· ·   ·      t··: j—
Mm IHE ORPHEUM IHEA I RE A"""““‘°" ‘°° I
ME AT Children 5c Z
I FIRST-CLASS IN EVERY APPOINTMENT. J. H. STAMPER. Jr., Owner and Mnnagor. OPEN 10 A. M. T0 11 P. M. II •
THE <=·¤¤¤¤. "`;j‘Q;;"‘_;;‘j;s";j*IIy·’ BEN ALI THEATER ‘ 1·......... .... ...;..1....i-i
'l`l¤·· <·<>¤¤·¤v¤l¤t·;hm·arx·· of the <·lr— n.·.~.1.. .·m.r ..1. his grounder. ne M an ""'*'“P'€ 0* Nw ¤¤d¤Vl¤tl¤s
""*‘ “'l'l"|l “m I"` fl l`*‘FllllFl‘ lll lll<‘ r•·zu·ln•·m¤l¤s Dm- D E N I I S I
l"0l't)' acrobats have already ro- for mma buS€B_ d\10€d ill V&\1dGVlll6. The time Occu-   J T  
BIG FEATURE ACTS ..pm..1»·.1 to me can rm p.·m.rm.—.... I., th., nm, ,,,,0.,,., pufr of wma. pled ln thl¤ production is fertv mln- ° °_ ’
and twenty-tive clowns have been ge. wor., added to Smws mlm After _]_ utes, every one of which is tull ot in-   (:h€8pSid¢
_ _ cured. I., k_ I d Id d T I terest and amusement. H 8 _ I 8 _
Popular Famlly Matmees A sensational and aw.- msplmlg W; 2,,,; (,,,p0fp;ufg;dS;i?n Qy   Another act on the bill that win   I
10c, 15c, 25c. I;:)utrI;I>(§0lIl1;ll(I>lin;l1;:‘awglilcybe tI: hglml and reaelled third when Behle ;";:; °;l:;':"’l:0;° :°""'8t:° Vrczple DOLLAR SAFETY RAZORS. I
` " ' V9 . mussed up llryson's grounder. Tuttle e a 8*9 ° ¤°¤ O I
Night 10c 25c 50clone of the most daring young artists ,,..0,6d a minute mw, on Water-., Sacrt l"Crlp") Rogers. Wilson Rogers hu En5leé• Kei: (gutters
·----··-·····-··-·---······ » r ofthe age. me ny' Bryson Scored on (·_ pm.k·B worked his way to the foremost as an Ver C8 Y
400 GOOD SEATS 10c I *`°“” teams **8*** already applied single. This ended the scoring for 3 b'“°k`f°·°° °°m°di“ by im"! w°"k JU". WHAT You NI",. l
wr vermlsslvrl tv vvntest for the $50 s1...t.·, although Crum singled in me wd °'°¤° ¤“°¤“°¤ *° lm the NW9 d°·   & DUNN I g
prize offered for me beg; comedy smh he was out s,€aung_ tails that go to make a success. Ho l
.1...... _ T *°“"*· l The 1......... ..1 .1.. gm. .....3 .1.. will ¤¤¤¢¤r M ¤ l>l¤¤k-fm <=¤¤¤<>¤l¤¤ DRUGGISTS I
Telephone 638 A prize of $25. has been offered for I “*0rk Of the Kentucky batter). and the and ls sure to receive a warm wel- NNN YYFEET AND UROAUWAY
the best acrobatlc team of not over I gelding Of Metzger, the Rvhjnglandgfs "0lll€ from hi! mw? {Funds- H6 UN
The utzcn  0 I¤~·<= men: a prize or sis for the ¤e¤tI.~....... ...1...., 1..., .»...k..,..11y1..d .. lust ¢l<>¤¤¤ ¤ ¤¤<=¤¤¤¤f¤¤ mr of ¤¤¤ L¢XlIIgi0II Clilf c0IlI|)IIy
L . individual acrobat; a prize or $10 i0rIbIg d&y_ Jim fmmed nine Opposing Eastern circuit where his act was pro- Incorpontcd I
the best individual acrobatic stunt batsmen yyhile C . nounced the best, ever Other; th M { "
V urtis .;,,6, out {Ou, . on e anu acturn of I
TOBACCOS. PIPES. EPC- and a prize ol $10 for the best Sld€I0u, of me me men who attempted to bill are the Two Danes, singing HAND•MADE CIGARS
Pipes Rcpaircdo show. Steal Second bw, Metzger made comedians, Bert Levy in a novel slug- 18. wE·§§£L4Ig§g:;ELY.
rule Side Shows wlll consist of the three sensational catches and covers mg and w¤l¤¤l¤¤ °‘°t• W°bb md T •i
LEXINGTON ‘ ‘ KENTUCKY best Sll¤k€ <=|lM‘mel‘ the world has more ground than any visiting cub Burns, Italian character actors and    
ever knuown; the gigantic orter of heme,. sin ers d th bl f -
  { seen here thlS S€&SOl\, g ' an uno er g eaturo to b9 ~
four shows for the price of one gdmis- Tl b . announced later This is one of the     and   I
c“"· excluivdy to “ud__ nts Mon to see the giant, the midget, the [v_ of K_ AB H R P0 A E strongest bills yet otfered by the Ban a 1
gnd Faculty oe State University fat boy and the bearded lady. w,Igm_ of _________ 5 2 I 2 0 0 All management. The engagement ls STATIONERY  
" The championship for wrestling, · l' r Th d , Frid d S t d ° r
A. B. BARNE. [ T boxing mm temw vm b S¤*·¤*·*€¤ db -·--·· 3 0 0 0 0 1 $’ “" “’ “’ ““ “‘" “"· Slllllllll-FIIIBI Flllllllllll POIIS t
COR. 8- UMESTONE AND COI-FAX i , g. s, xx Q dg- Crum, rf _________· 4 2 0 0 0 0 with popular price matinee daily. z
IIf;;‘°b€a;*I\Ia2I;d¤l·¤mvl¤¤¤¤lv me¤¤l¤IR...¤, 2b .......... 4 1 1 4 5 1   Bmwni _$t D c I
YES The lon ) t· d · _J, Park p .......... 4 0 0 0 1 0 Denser, c ......... 3 0 0 3 1 0       n' `
OS l ’ .' ‘- *
_ _ . _ F l _l·¤ ··¤ i·Ym¤¤**l° ¤<>¤¤ 1....1.. lb ......... 4 2 2 9 0 0 Armmoug, 1b ..... 2 1 o 4 0 o WM- E- ¤'l'A¤¤· ¤¤¤¤•••¤r- '
W• are Stall Pressing 4 Sunts for $1.20 !l3Ill9Hl tor which the gymnastio tm- mwgon lf 4 0 1 1 0 0 1
'"“"' pheis are offered will be given under   '   Heamess, lb   1 0 0 4 0 0         Q  
B.ll B .1 , P .   b · \\ aters, ss ........ 3 1 2 1 1 0 Myers, ss ......... 3 0 0 2 2 0 _._..___-_ ··
I Y 3l €)’S !'€SSll1g ll the mum .·am·&s_ C P   I
AND DRY CLEANING WORKS _ I · . ark, t- ........ 4 2 1 10 .4 0 Wilhelml, lf ...... 3 1 0 2 0 2 .
several herds ot trained animals ‘
l59 South Limestone Phone 621-y have been secured for U f ———— — — Montgomery, p .... 3 1 0 0 1 0 . •   I
· ' *9 lm °¤¤· Tomi ......... as 10 x 27 11 1 -. -----
ance and still the plans for the enor· [· f (· ('“°°"°"‘°‘*)
IIIIUUS €l1i8l`l8lIllll€IlI has DOI b€€I1 I 0 ··' AB H R PO A E Total .........2g 4 0   6 4       I
C_ A_   _ _ I s(~..11...., ..1. ........ 4 0 o 1 1 1 inning. ........ 1 2 3 4 a 6 7 8 9 T FQR WQMEN »
completed, surpmses will await the Suug..m,(.im rf 3 0 0 4 0 0 U fc 0 0
Wheé:)'g;¤iEv;_ié| éigzccvéqgazmg a Ilate comers and there will be some· I;(.hI,._ 2b _' _____   3 0 0 2 1 IIN (Lf K. I   3 3 E 3 3 3 3 3;;   to  
thing doing of interest to everlbod 2 I I ·     HEALTH  
Bhtwld Have- lcc Crea Soda. 5 5   I
MAIN AND WALNUT STREETS. Make your plans to come early and FOR MEN
  I stay late to the most exmmlgam pm. D • L $4.00 tn $5,00
      |(]l1('[i()Il of [he          
• ALVMNI l{l·Jl'Nl()N mucus oy F th O
Anthracite and Bituminouslqlly S·.·.·D,N,~S or °
_ GOALS, IVEl “'*' b*> dl lwllw tv Spéclul 8pp0lI1tm€lltS madé for {Caching the T8l\g0,
The Sanltary Grocer nelr rnends and those interested in  
_ _ _ the ·xl ibit f tl · 'l · ' ' · ·
P]-{gyyh ,20 wor}; iluulpituge £:;:r*’;?dd‘il°u;ng MBXIXC, H€Slt8tl0H 8lld ORE Step,    
_ _ I I · I 1* ITEC 011 •
Cor, S. Lnme and VIPQIDI3 Ave. lor mss Ruby 1lue1...1.... on 1··.~m..y T°k°° iw Sh°'“”“'¥
_ _ ’   —I|d¢by> ,
  UH*'Y`llU0ll trom 2 tu I, gclogkr on me   • •
F c d   h Ilmrd HUM of lm L   L¢Xm8`t0!\ Roller Mlul C0., I
c   S   y | c   1 ‘ducatlona1 uuudmg ‘ -*1 ·a .·~ ———~——.e——.    ¤ g
»~...»l`°ci`.i’.§’·i¤*é.°’ii§35i>.¤»~ `——"l"”” WELSH & MUR “°E “E"'°""‘“`· ""°""°
- . 5 —· A ·— 7.* - ,,,4,. ~•»
_ •   .2,,,  ·g  ,* ‘V•~_*   
Pop Corn Fritters * ~—= " · " i' *i · ""      
. .   _;.,_ I ,_ l' 0
LEXINGTON, - · KENTUCKY ‘· 1   I  ‘l P
————;—-— I I TT { T 1
+“•“•““““•”•”•”•T   J-   E ,  In   ( `C) I07 soma. um••l.n• $1.,.;,. Pawn. ••.•.n {
Clam"' Pr“?h:8, Altering, .~1Aryj{¤r,?I,s   - :.2  , INCORPORATED • FIRST-CLASS wom: GUARANTEED I
Repairing       F t Nw Phon• 1550-Y 152 8. Llm••l•n•
W H Stevenw H y BB R I G H N TP. B. [{( )BARDS
. . ,· · 1. o u
BI walking 0.. tacked I OW S ERVI C E I 1...:.**·rA11.o1zS.l’aT::.:.·;.¤
· .· ·. S0 GS W en we SEW ‘ *" 0l••nlna.Pr•••lng anu Ihpalrlng
I ad’e·* W0r* U , 8p•cI•I Athnllon 6lv•n to L•dI••‘ Tallorln
, • _ . w — \ ` .
S wich em on 0I` t 9 S8m€ All Work 6u•r•nl••d AIt•ntlon••8 I 3 A
P ~ pm. $...1. .1..... ..1..1. com ac l~. woua A sPac1A1.Ty ’°°"
Club Rates, 5 Suits, $1 50 you wm °
• . ll l' I
an ..1...... »..-.......2.. UIIIGIKU Ulllllk Shllll H8|)aIlIllg I '24 {Z8 Nm"' U'“°“°"° L°"'"g*°"· KY- · D ° ` %%§»{~‘L§I~0rd°n • ’
)€2€$¢€€  ‘
• °°°°°'°’ 113 South Broadway     city Nu" awk uw"

 ° I
i TH E · ID E A 3
* ... ._- ........--..-.....-..-t.--v- .,... ,-...,..._._...._.....-- W- ......a-   - t. .-t as AM _ -. .._....- .
l I           Money Loaned on all goods of Value. I can save you from 30 to 50 per cent on
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Etc.
LICENSED PAWNBROKER. 110 South Limestone St. Watch and Jewelry Repairing. Phoenix Block
I .    
uniformly successful. I desire to Husbandry have sent samples of milk
l • · quote from the L•¤&in|ton Herald a and cream to the National Dairy To OUR sulscm-ln,.
‘ c   l\1I'I1I`l1 ‘ S¢Gt101'1 .’Z.‘i3‘i.‘IL'iEE.."1‘Ci’.i’r,."£§‘.Z§"`2I,‘i,“€,‘i..‘.§’.,.E'2§’ “{‘°“ ‘“ "}"°°“" “1‘."I" ""i',‘Z ”“"" were Wm be ~··r   r-me  
·· t ‘ D ° "” °°'"° " °°'“°° "’" wt W"` of The mm tot- the year of 1913-14.
v of SMU! l’¤lVer¤l£Y. Whleh WM Wrlt· ples from such dalrles as those op-
` .............. ·' ten bv an outside alumnus of this in- orated by the oonms, vanuermits and on ¤¢°*>¤¤¢ ef the eremlhetlehe whleh
' ¤ilt\1il0¤. after I m08€ th0|'0\18h eX8m· various other exhibitors ln 1912, the may reflulro a few hours' work for
T0 ALUMNI AND erased frttm 93 ;0I;21·h b b m l¤e¢h>h= sample or milk sent from thlrv l¤¤titu— me members or the staff, no issue wm
The Co ege o w as een u ··1·hG ramu·k,b;,, gb|||(_y gud quglny tion was scored 96.4 per cent, award- I { t
    up to the number of 130 students, and of tht. debating teams why-h have cd a diploma of excellence, and the I:Hp‘:p0t`: imx: ypek'3 The mst issue
OF STATE upon the basis or the recognized gon,. out mm. gmt,. {·mv,sr,,gty gm- sample or cream was given second l' la ° '"M ‘
_________ ·"·nd·,d, adopted by the educational the past nw Mmm havn brought pm", in mmpptmon wm] thirty mhpr Students who have subscribed and
I Thg members or the Alumni Asso- omsnlutiunl for law ¤t¤dy· Throvsh- honor tu the lngtltutiqn, the latent of exhibits or cream, In 101:;, the sam. will go home before that time will he
ctguon of Qtutg University, have re- 011% lh9 Wl10l6 U¤lV€l`¤llYt ¤l¤¤d¤?d¤ which nre lnvltntigng to jqjn B tpl. ple of cream sent by the University mauad The H)y.;A_ pl-Ovtdpd rhpy wm
celved the following letter from Pres- have b9€¤ releed- U€D¤l’lm€¤U* ln state debating league with Tennessee was given second honors in competl- dmv their gddnss In The [DEA bm
|dgn[ }{_ S_ Barker, l°0ll(l(‘3l SCl€T\€F. EC0ll0ml(`8 Blld D0' and Alabama and g pgntggongl lpggug tion with eighteen samples of cream wm h i ·t H Pd i I I  
State University of Kentucky. m€'¤tl€ S¢'l€Yl€9 hm'9 bwn Gslabllslled wlth Tennessee, Vlrglnln, North (jar- from various farms and institutions C H ` E on n the hal ef ml
;,,,xmgt0n_ - and are doing Mve work. A Graduate cnna gud t;a0.·gn,_ ln this eonntry, M¤*¤ b¤llrr<>¤··¤*·r ·¤· me er ·¤¤.yests they have never been defeated *‘“ °"“‘*’““"°" “ S°“‘*‘"'**" ““°
- with respect to s bill to pr¤vld• for accomplish their work wlth the best and in me ning years me decision 0; Stock Judging Contest, which was en-
Alumnl representation on the Board `possible equipment and wlth the least thH_ty_mr9e of the fortymve Mun dowed with the sum of $125. D. H.    ·  
· of Trustees. 1 tam them that t was possible restraint. we have taken as mgm D, me domes have been mi f1wi¤s¤‘ Deirv C0mDa¤Y ef Lehirvhie    
l rar the measure, and is was very nab our lotto: Icholarshlp, Production the University or Kentucky mums effere n premium of $25 in money; for ·   
f · pleasure to assist at several critical. and Service. rwetnaueve that the W ` the beet iudsins of dairy cattle. and  · Q"  
occasions ln securing the passage of University can- be made the leading in- I ‘ 0: has tha lnStlt°m°° mum beck H0¤· J- B- B0Wl€S· B¤·rdBt0W¤· K€¤· v   ',,, j
such a law by the last Legislature. stitution of the South, but to do it, lrteie gryuas the “l"“°" °f uw State lucky. has contributed $25 for the "-~.» D  **"‘  
• The Alumni and old students are, by we need your intimate knowledge ol'·yl;:; cgoii °:;“$’m$°‘;°‘%l contest ithle best judging of saddle horses among "‘··—·-·  _, ’
far, the greatest asset in the bulldfns- our conditions, your intelligent criti- ’ er °’n°’ was S ree Freshmen St\1d€¤tS· W. A. Burnett L"`? ‘ "
l up of the standards, income, equip- clam, -your·•ympathy, advice- and tight- Durst place by me Of the 1udg°S’ we me C°mP¤¤!·'· ef L°¤l¤Vlll€- has Ol" “   y i;
. ment, teaentag force, production and ta; iasaeaee. We have nad same ‘;’°°°"° "'“°"’ by °""’ T"'*’ "““ “‘° fered te ewer