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Vol. LXIX, No. 5
July 14, 1977

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series
about the Equal Rights Amendment. It
contains the writer’s opinions and ob-

nortly after the passage of women’s
suffrage on Aug. 26, 1920, it became

obvious that the vote would not
guarantee equal rights for women.

In 1923, Alice Paul,sufiragist and founder
of the National Women’s Party (NWP),
introduced the US. Congress to another
amendment designed to compensate for the
deficiencies of the nineteenth. Every year
the determined women of the NWP lobbied
for the new language, which now reads:
“Equality of rights under the law shall not
be denied or abridged by the United States
or by any State on account of sex.”

For various reasons the Equal Rights

by (‘arol Dussere


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. . .

University ofKentuchy
Lexington. Kentucky





Amendment (ERA) had little support until
1968, when its endorsementby powerful and
established organizations brought ad-
vocates more lobbying activity than the
entire Vietnam War. In 1972 it passed in
Congress and was quickly ra tified in many

But profit-conscious industries who did
not like equal pay for equal work funnelled
large amounts of money into the right—wing
opposition, and by 1975 the backlash was

Why? Will the ERA undermine the
strength of the nuclear family, deprive
women of alimony payments, child support
or child custody? No.

Will the ERA mandate unisex toilets,
topless dancing, forced abortion, busing for
school desegregation and homosexual
marriages? No.

(‘ontinued on back page

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Don’t argue with the IRS,
take the money and run

Jimmy Carter recently
announced his desire to pay
approximately $6.000 in taxes
even though he was not
legally obligated to pay at all.
due to his use of a very large
tax loophole.

“Every American.“ he said
in effect. “should have to pay




at least 15 per cent of his (or
her) income in taxes."

Perhaps that is acceptable
for a President. But it‘s a
little harder to pay extra
taxes when you're an average
taxpayer. I tried it (although
I didn‘t know it at the time)
and got a ‘You Dummy"

First of all. let me say that I
am a law student. an ”almost-
a-lawyer.‘ who did very well
in income taxation. So this
year. for the very first time. I
was confident that my
deductions. records and
calculations would be the
model for any taxpayer.

Then lgot a letter from the
IRS I hesitated opening it.
I've always heard that
lawyers. doctors and
gangsters are the ones who
get audited most often. I felt
my time had come.

Enclosed was a com—

puterized copy of my tax
return with the notation:


After going through the
arithmetic and pointing out
the errors I had made. the
letter concluded. “You
overpaid IRS...Sl.“

The letter then explained,

I called the IRS and ex-
plained the situation.

I could hear the IRS agent.
Terri. giggling after I told her
the overfigured amount
totaled $1. Unable to control
herself. I heard a click on the
line and vociferous laughter
in the background as she
shared my situation with the
others in the office.

Regaining her composure
she thanked me for checking
bew use. “This is our way of
showing you that YOUR
Internal Revenue Service is
doing its job. We check
everything to make sure the
taxpayer gets a fair shake."

Marie Mitchell

Managing Editor

Joe Kemp

It made me feel proud that
MY government thought
enough of me to return my
misappropriated money. But
how much did it cost the
government to return my

“Exactly $764.37." Terri
said. “But that's ok. we can
deduct it as a business ex-



"Well. wouldn‘t it be better
if I just sent the check back
and saved the government
some money? After all, I did
makea math error. It’ll teach
me to be more careful next

“What?" she asked. sud-
denly in tears. “Do you

realize if you did that. you‘d
be putting me out of a job'.’ If
it weren‘t for the
Dum...er...the taxpayers who
make math errors, there'd be
nothing for ME to do around

“Perhaps." she said. her
voice turning bitter. “You‘d
like meto turn you over to our
investigators. They‘ll be glad
to look at your retums for the
last five years and..."

Now I know why they call
them “You Dummy" letters.


Bruce W. Singleton is a third-
year law student. His column
appears every week.

Arts Editor
Nancy Do U

Jennifer Greer
Ken Kagun
Davfl Hlbbltts

SievenJ. Schuler

SI." Writers

Advertisin- Dlrector
Anthony G ray

St- at Artist


William Fulau

ANTHEM . . .


.. - ,
\ v}. .nni .K mu.

'God’ is alive and well

As Almighty GOD. I greet

The dismal centuries have
been very cruel to Me. After
coming down through the
corridors of Time. I Am once
again here. on Earth, in My
beloved Son's flesh.

Through these ten—odd
years—in which We have
been mailing these Letters to
Editors and Publishers
throughout the world—the
response has been dismal.

With the passing of Time. I
thought these Letters would
bring us closer together. but
Time has drifted us apart.

My heart is sad and heavy-
laden, as I Dictate these
Words of hope; Hope that My
Letters will be cherished for
future generations to behold.

The Newspaper industry is
Our King-pen of hope. This is
not a Faith that can be cast
aside. as a worn garment. but
Loved for all to see.

I pray. these Letters have
brought you Hope to un-
derstand that 1. YOUR Living
GOD. Am Truly Alive and not
hid in the pages of the Bible.

With Love and Devotion, I
close this Holy Letter, which
My Holy SPIRIT has Dictated
to you. through My blessed
Son. who wrote down My
Very Sacred Words. My Holy
Name is NEVER written on
paper. My Son will sign His
precious Name. as he blows
you a Kiss.

E u g e n e
Maple Heights.


Elderly 'shortchanged’ by retirement article

Last week there appeared
an article on “Mandatory
Retirement" in the Kentucky

The following facts are
pertinent concerning this

(1.) On Wednesday July 6.
Mr. Steven J. Schuler from
the Kentucky Kernel came to
Christ Church Apartments
and asked to photograph a
number of the residents there
for an arucle on retirement.

The residents readily
agreed. Mrs. Anne Snell,
special services director for

(‘hrist Church Apts.. was
present and saw that the
residents agreed and allowed
the photographs to be taken.
Mr. Schuler took many
photograpls—possibly 15-20.

(2,) Mr. Schuler also talked
with the residents and in-
structors and got the names
of the photographed.

(3.) The front page photo
was of one of the residents of
Christ Church Apts.. but the
writing at the photo “Old and
in the way" was not on the
lady's paper when the
photograph was made. She
had done only some drawings

on the paper. We feel the
Kernel's misuse of the photo
was demeaning and
unethical. Mrs. Snell has not
shown the article and photo at
Christ Church Apts.. due to its
content which would upset the
lady whose photo was taken.

(4.) Mr. Schuler discussed
arts programming with
residents ard UK students
alike in what seemed to stem
from an interest in writing, as
well as photography, the arts
progr m at Christ Church
Apts., ani commenting on

However. the resulting

article on mandatory
retirement had nothing to do
with the photo accompanying
the article. nor with Christ
Church Apts.. or the
university art course entitled
“The Elderly and the Arts”.
This course is taught by Dr.
Donald Hotfman.

To sum it up: we feel, as a
class. with Dr. Hoffman’s
support. that the elderly in
Lexington have been short-
changed by such an article as
written by Mr. Joe Kemp in
last week‘s issue of the
Kernel. Indeed, Mr. Kemp
has the right to his opinions,

but we beg to differ with some
of his points. Also, we differ
greatly with the manner in
which the photo was used in
conjunction with the article.

Mrs. Anne Snell
For the class. AB 599

Editor‘s note: The photo
was not meant to be a
misrepresentation of the
class. “The Elderly and the
Arts". It was used for an
artistic effect. nothing more.
Because of space limitations
the article concerning the
class was not printed.

«(an '




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Legal Aid guarantees
equal representation


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