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What's in
the budget
for Bush


March 27, 2001


As you may or may not
know, our newly
President George W.
Bush submitted his
budget plan Feb. 27.
His office had been
saying that there
would be a significant
cut in his plan, but in
White House terms
that means the

increase would be
less than usual.
Georgie, as I like to
call him. surely has
added a few fine
print items to his
budget. For humor's
sake l'm going to
pretend that I know
what they are. Here
is what his special
funds will be


One 3-inch, 24-karat
gold “W" pendant
with matching 30-
inch gold chain for
his Mr. T starter kit.

$500,000 in legal bills
to unsuccessfully
disprove Al Gore's
patent on the

Funds to redesign the
Oval Office to have
corners. That round
room is freaking him
out, man.

New interns that

actually know how to

do their job, not a

Canceling fees for all of
Bill Clinton's

subscriptions to porn

list serves that use
the president's
e-mail address.

Removing the
McDonald's Clinton
had installed on
every floor of the
White House and
adding a Texas
Roadhouse and

Removing Bill and
Hillary's separate
twin beds from the

presidential bedroom
and supplying it with

a more appropriate
king size waterbed.

Under the advice from
his staff, the "Big
Red Button of World
Destruction" will be
removed from the

Back at it
Yet another
trophy for
cabinetl 4


No student arrests for OxyContin

The issue: UK Police say cancer drug not a campus problem

By Nathan Bradley


Despite the high number of illegal ()xy-
Contin users portrayed in the news over the
last couple of months. UK officials say stu-
dents don‘t seem to contribute to the group
of people that is using the powerful and
highly addictive drug unlawfully.

Travis Manley. commander of commu-
nication and information services for the
UK Police Department. says they haven‘t ar-
rested any students in cases relating to the
use of the drug prescribed to cancer. back
pain and bone marrow transplant patients.

OxyContin has recently been reported
as used illegally in several counties in Ken~
tucky. as well as other states in the nation.

Gregory Hall. a detective for the UK
Police Department said he too hasn‘t been
informed of any misuse of the drug by UK

“To my knowledge no students have
been caught using the drug.“ he said.

Though ()xyContin hasn't led the police
to the arrest of any students. Hall said the
police department has had one arrest and
two other cases relating to the drug.

“We find people who are addicted to the
drug that are going around to different doc»
tors and trying to find a different pain re-
liever to relieve their symptoms." he said.
“Basically they are trying to obtain a pre-
scription drug by fraud."

Hall said this is difficult because ()xy»
Contin is not easy to obtain.


Change: UK medical students, faculty
to restructure Salvation Army Clinic

By Toni Knight

Mike Schafer and Dan-
ny Eiferman met each oth-
er when they started their
medical education at UK
and became friends when
they discovered their com-
mon interest to help those
who are less fortunate.

With the help of other
medical students. faculty
and administration, they
have taken on the task of
restructuring the Salva-
tion Army Clinic within
four years.

The College of Medi-
cine sent Schafer and
Eiferman to visit three stu-
dent-run. free clinics at the
University of California
San Diego. The new mis—
sion for the Lexington Sal»
vation Army Clinic was
largely modeled after the
progressive clinics visited

in California.

Schafer and Eiferman
want the clinic to assume a
leadership role in improv-
ing the health and well-be-
ing of the under-served
population in Lexington by
providing free medical ser»
vices. The goal is to also in,
crease awareness of local
health care issues and pro-
vide a place for student
community service and
early clinical exposure.
Now the first- and second
year medical students are
involved in the clinic. in-
stead of only third- and
fourth-year students.

“We didn't want to
wait until we graduated to
help people. We saw all of
the wonderful things going
on at the Salvation Army
Clinic and wanted to build
on what was already a suc-
cess story." Schafer said.

Eiferman and Schafer.

along with other students.
approached Dr. Wanda
(‘yonsalves residency di«
rector and assistant prov
fessor of family practice at
the College of Medicine.
who encouraged them to
take on the innovative

"They [Danny and
Mike] are the main people.
These two organized all the
students to get a mission
plan. initiating the stu-
dents participation in the
clinic." (lonsalves said.

When Eiferman and
Schafer returned from
their trip to California vis-
iting progressive student
run clinics. they put to-
gether an amazing presen.
tation to the dean. students
and faculty of the College
of Medicine. she said. To-
gether. they outlined what
the students were and
were not getting from the
medical program at UK.

Eiferman and Schafer
stressed the opportunity
that the revised clinic mod-

See CLINIC on 2

University Health Services is prohibit-
ed froni distributing the drug.

()xyContin is in thc opiate analgesics
drug class along with morphine and
codeine. All of these drugs are controllHl by
the Food and Drug Administration and can
not be obtained without a prescription from
a doctor.

Some of the side effects these addicts
are looking for are a feeling of happiness. a
removed feeling and a relaxed dazed feeling.
They do not need pain relief: they are just
looking for the high.

Mary Lea Harper. an associate profcs
sor in the College of Pharmacy. said the
painkiller can be helpful. if prescribed and
taken appropriately.

Harper said patients who have cancer
need the drug to stop the pain. and thus
are not worried about becoming addicted
to the drug. In these particular cases. doc

tors prescribe ()xyl‘ontin to patients who
may not have a lot of time left to live.
'l‘hey prescribe the drug so patients can
withstand the pain.

()xyCoiitiii may l)t' the last chance for
patients unable to stand the pain associat-
ed with cancer and bone marrow trans
plants. Harper said.

“When :1 individual has severi- pain
you have to move up to the next class."
llzirpcr said. “We increase the dose until
the patient can‘t tolerate it any more."

For more information

If you or someone you know has a problem with
OxyContin that does not stem from pain relief, you
can call Narcotics Anonymous at (859) 253-4673.



Oval Office in case
heart attack prone
Dick Cheney was to
collapse on it.

One of those talking
globes from Vtech
with the capitals, fun
facts and correct

Plastic surgery to
remove all that extra
skin around his eyes
so he won’t squint so

And last but not least.
replacing Clinton's
24-hour tactical 50-
man kitchen squad
with a backyard
barbecue pit.


-Jonathan Ray

5.4 3.9

Repeat after me: I
need warm weather. I
need warm weather. I
need oh well.

VOL. 31106 ISSUE $3124


New 5 taps :‘
Call: 2574915 or write:




Important lessons in athletics

By Kristi Martin

Another champion received an award
for excellence this past weekend.

But this time the focus was on women
as the Kentucky High School Athletics As~
sociation Women‘s Basketball Tourna-
ment closed.

Though the KHSAA concluded. nu-
merous women‘s NCAA tournaments con-
tinue to play in full swing.

Many athletes at UK agree athletics
offer both women and men a great experi
ence because they teach important

Susan Lax. media relations di-
rector for UK‘s women's basket-
ball. said participation in athv
lctics is rewarding for women.

“For a woman to partici-
pate in sports can prepare her
for life." Lax said.

Some of the aspects Lax emphasized
about athletics were that it prepares
women to Work in a team format and
manage their time beyond the court. as
well as providing them with opportunities
to have fun.

Likewise, Lax emphasized the posi-
tive aspects of playing sports and ex-
celling in school.

“Being involved in athletics also can
increase your academic performance
through time management and self-es-
teem.“ she said.

Acquiring outstanding time manage-
ment skills becomes essential for athletes
because players must learn to balance
traveling. practice. games. academics and
their social lives through in-
volvement in athletics.

Lax said all ofthese fun-

damentals provide a great opportunity for

self-development. and can also be reward-

ing and fun for anyone who tries to play.
“Women can meet friends

for life through sports." Lax

Kara McCue, undeclared

freshman. agrees. She said

playing soccer for UK was a

learning experi-

ence in



than one.
“I feel like I am
a more well-round»
ed person today be
cause I chose to
participate in soc-
cer." McCue said.
leadership and a pos-
itive spirit were
some of the skills Mcs
Cue said playing soc-
cer helped her
“Soccer has
opened my mind to pos
sibilities and molded me
into a better person with
more strength. commit-
ment and drive than I have
ever had before." she said.

Athletics also helped 3. 5V

. : “a. w > {in}; «e 4 5:.
«muses. a“ ttti'tiggade. .

her academically.

“Being in a team format can help an
athlete overcome adversity in the class
room and life because she has her team-
mates to rely on." she said.

“While playing during the season and
practicing I have learned the importance
of time management and my grades are
actually better when I am playing soccer."

McCue said athletics also offered pos-

itive fundamentals in leadership and

She said athletic partici-
pation molds a

woman's frame of
mind because it helps her gain a

sense of determination while playing.
Though McCue attributes the array
of fundamentals she learned to the ac-
tual sport of soccer. she said she owes
the coaches a huge part of her thanks.
Coaches were the individuals who
helped prepare McCue for leader-
ship along thc way. which she said
molded her into a teammate that

could help others in times of need.
“Soccer has taught me to never
give up. always keep fighting
to achieve my goals that I
set and the important les-
son that if you work
hard enough on the
field. in the class
room and in life.
then you will

m "er-v :RW‘B‘.

k “I f

>9; :Et‘. i“€§ilt’2t3
Second year doc-
toral students
Mike Schafer (left)
and Danny Eifer-
man review
patients' records
at the Salvation
Army Clinic. Both
students, along
with faculty and
have studied how
they can restruc-
ture the clinic.





‘ Candidates

prepare for
BSU debate


(‘ampus is splattered with election signs
for student government. but the presidential
candidates will battle for votes in person this
afternoon at the Black Student l‘nion debate.

"We do it basically for students. not only
African-.»\merican. to meet the candidates in
a more informal setting." said Keisha
Carter. BSI‘ president.

After the debate. the organization mund-
table will choose a candidate to endorse.

A panel of representatives from black
student organizations will first question the

candidates and then

the audience will

have ‘25 minutes for


l'nlike the Greek WNW

Political Action dc “fl"!!!

bate last week. the SWW

HSI' debate will allow Wm

candidates to ask one
another questions.

Last week (H’At‘
endorsed candidates
Tim Robinson and
Caroline Harralson.
Traditionally. the (iPAC endorsement is 51m-
onymous with victory But the BSU debate
and endorsement can affect the election.
(‘arter said.

”It has a large impact." she said. “Stu-
dents who can’t be there will know organiza
tions that they trust are lending their sup
ports to a candidate. It will help them make a


The Student Newspaper at the University of Kentucky, Lexington


t i






The Low-down

I was
going to
but to
80 last
year: ”

- Oscar host
Steve Martin.
commenting on


Bjork's outfit.
which featured
as a part of its
design an enor-

mous swan.

Comair pilots walk off the job

HEBRON. Ky. ~ Comair pilots walked off
the job early Monday after contract talks with
the airline broke off. and union officials said the
pilots were prepared to continue the strike for as
long as necessary. (‘omair, the nation‘s second-
largest regional airline. serves 95 cities in the
United States. Canada. Mexico and the Bahamas
and carries more than 8 million passengers an‘
nually. (‘omair's 1.350 pilots are seeking a compa-
ny-funded retirement plan. more rest time be-
tween flights. higher pay and the right to be paid
for all hours they are on the job. not just actual
flying hours.

Foreigners view demolished statues

BAMIYAN. Afghanistan , Taliban officials
showed off Monday their destruction of two an»
cient statues by taking foreigners to the Bamiyan
mountainside where the relics were blasted
apart despite worldwide criticism. All that re-
mained of the two towering sandstone statues of
Buddha that had been carved in the mountain-
side in the 3rd and 5th centuries were piles of
rubble. Taliban‘s interpretation of Islam caused
their reclusive leader, Mullah Mohammed ()mar.
to order the destruction of all religious statues in
Afghanistan. including the two giant Buddhas.
He said in March that they were idolatrous and
against the tenets of Islam. which forbids idol

Macedonia troops launch offensive

TETOVO. Macedonia Macedonian forces
dug in overnight after piercing rebel lines and re-
taking ground held by ethnic Albanian insur-
gents. and vowed that their offensive would con-
tinue until the rebels were driven out of the
country. The former Yugoslav republic's ragtag
infantry punched through rebel positions in a
day of fierce battle Sunday that raged in the hills
just outside Tetoyo. Macedonia's second-largest
city. spraying houses with bullets and forcing the
guerrillas to pull back. In the most intense fight-
ing in six weeks of conflict with the rebels. the
army broke through a roadblock and moved into
the ethnic Albanian village of Gajre. 2 1 2 miles
northwest of Tetovo. setting afire homes suspect-
ed of sheltering rebels.

President to push tax cut during tour
WASHINGTON ~ Embarking on a high~pro~
tile week. President Bush was pursuing his sales
pitch on behalf of his $1.6 trillion tax cut in
speeches Monday to employees of a minority-
owned manufacturer in Kansas City. Mo.. and to
agricultural producers in Montana. The two-day
trip concludes Tuesday in Michigan with a sum-

Boll Oylan won
the last song
Oscar Sunday
for the rollick-
ing "Things
Have Changed."
the tuna he
wrote for the
quirky campus
drama Wonder
Boys. "Oh good
God. this is
amazing." he
said after per-
forming the
song live by
satellite on the
Oscar telecast
from Sydney,
Australia, and
winning the


At a recent con-
ference on rap
music at Fisk
University. rap-
per MC lyte and
others advocat-
ed boycotting
offensive music,
even if it tem-
porarily imp-
edes hip-hop's
continued com-
mercial success.
The panel dis-
cussion was
part of a three-
day workshop
titled "Rap and
Race: Educating
Black Minds"
sponsored by
the historically
black college's
Race Relations

ming-up speech at Western Michigan University
focusing on the slowing economy, the budget
blueprint and the tax out plan. In Kansas City.
Bush scheduled an address to employees at Baian
Industries. an enterprise that does light manufac-
turing and assembly work. The company has
found jobs for 15 former welfare recipients.

tl.S.. Japan, South llorea discuss policy

SEOUL. South Korea — For the first time
since President Bush took office, U.S.. Japanese
and South Korean officials met Monday to coor-
dinate their policy on North Korea. The one-day
meeting in Seoul took place amid growing con-
cern in South Korea that the new US leader-
ship‘s tough stance on the North might derail
their own engagement with Pyongyang.

Fire in dormitory kills 58 in Kenya

MACHAKOS, Kenya — A fire in the main
dormitory of a boarding school in southeastern
Kenya killed 58 boys and seriously injured 28 oth-
ers early Monday, police said. The fire broke out
at 1:40 am. at Min Kyanguli Secondary School.
where 139 male students were sleeping in the
main dormitory, said police spokesman Dola In-
didis. The cause was not yet known. he said.
Machakos is 30 miles southeast of Nairobi, capi-
tal of the east African nation.

Power regulator proposes rate increase

SAN FRANCISCO 7 California's top power
regulator proposed a 40 percent increase in elec-
tricity rates Monday for some 10 million homes
and businesses, hoping to stave off blackouts this
summer by encouraging conservation. The in
crease would affect customers of Southern Cali
fornia Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric, the
state‘s biggest utilities. It could go into effect as
early as Tuesday. when the commission meets.
Lynch and two other members of the five-mem-
ber PUC were appointed by Gov. Gray Davis. and
Lynch‘s proposal is expected to win approval.
The PUC approved a 9 percent to 15 percent rate
hike in January and an additional 10 percent in-
crease is scheduled for next year. The two utili-
ties have pushed for rate increases. saying soar-
ing wholesale power costs and rate caps under
California's 1996 deregulation law have left them
more than $13 billion in debt and have pushed
them to the brink of bankruptcy.

Compiled from wire reports.




Continued from page 1

el would give students in prac-
tice management, an element
that was previously lacking in
the medical curriculum. They
also stressed what the clinic
could do to meet the needs of
the underprivileged in the
Lexington community.

The School of Public
Health then found out what
the needs of the community
were and wrote the Associa-
tion of American Medical Col-
leges for a grant. The clinic
was awarded a grant of $30,000
over four years this past sum-
mer. which has made the
transformation of the clinic

“It gives us an opportuni-
ty to do what we wanted to do
when we came to medical
school w help people," Eifer.
man said.

Eiferman got his first
taste of medicine when he
worked as an emergency
medical technician on an am-
bulance and helped run a
homeless shelter medical
clinic for two years while do-
ing his undergraduate stud-
ies at Chicago's Northwest»
ern University.

The homeless shelter was
in the basement of a church in
a suburb of Chicago.

“It was a great experience
for me because the doctors at
the clinic let me give shots,
observe exams and answered
all my questions." Eiferman

He said that working
there gave him a good idea of
how he wanted to restructure
the Salvation Army Clinic.

Schafer has wanted to be
a physician for as long as he
can remember.

“Based upon a love of the
sciences and a desire to pro-
vide a practical help. as well
as a spiritual help, I decided
upon medicine.“ Schafer

Schafer became an or.
dained Baptist minister in
1994 while he was finishing
his undergraduate studies
and working at Procter and
Gamble. He was the pastor of
a small country church called

Short Creek Baptist in Fal-
mouth, Ky., for about a year.

“After being ordained I
planned to go to seminary."
he said. “However my wife
and I decided that my desire
to share God's love and my
goals of being useful to others
would be better achieved in

Gonsalves said the duo’s
efforts are not self-serving.

“Some people go into
medicine for other reasons
besides a desire to help peo-
ple. but Mike and Danny re-
ally care. They don‘t volun-
teer just to put it on their
records. They don't look
down on people. They're
good communicators."

Schafer views medicine as
more than just an occupation.

“I think medicine is more
than a job. and it takes a
lifestyle commitment. It is a
way of life. and I see it as an
extension of who you are."

He feels that building re-
lationships with people and
being useful to them are at the
core of being a successful

Schafer pointed out.
though. that success can be
defined in many ways.

“By the kindness of oth-
ers. l have learned to View
success as being about more
than personal achievement. I
have learned that success is
about how much we help oth-
ers to succeed and to achieve
their goals," he said.

Eiferman has similar
views on the power and im-
portance of medicine.

“Medicine allows an indi-
vidual to really get to know
people and understand who
they are. A physician has the
ability to significantly impact
a person's life." Eiferman

Concerning the subject of
what it takes to be a good
physician Eiferman said,
“Empathy is the most power—
ful healing tool. and I hope to
improve at it each day with
each new experience.

“I was taught at a young
age that happiness comes
from when you give of your-
self. My success will come in
medicine by the dedication
and effort that I give to my








Why is TLAA—CREF the
#1 Choice nationwide?






The Best of UK


Now through April 6th

' .d «53:1' out, employees at education 4"".
a mum ,rase wired to WA SPF?

‘ ' ’jwn'i 'Oa’vtv“,


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.. mgrjw .M r PIF

Ensuring the future
for those who shape it.w

”fir/pi r“ ‘exime remove" '3‘ "W 71“ or",

or“, , VAN,” uni/MM .,, I Be

. u» rd and m; .‘a ,.

«.vati' ’v




Investment Expertise


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Expert Guidance




n 12") I .y t fly we“, «on

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‘IV (I ‘ VJ?







Kentucky Kernel



To vote for the hottest
things on and around cam-
pus for your chance to win

2 season student
basketball tickets to all
home games!

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Students use Internet
to study earthquakes

Computers in the classroom: Paducah science teachers look to
technology for latest resources, teaching assistance and inspiration


l’ADlit‘All lf
.Iones' eighth-grade science
students at Paducah Middle
School seetii immersed in their
lessons. they should be.
They're teaching the class.

The students are studying
earthquakes and how they
might affect people living
along the New Madrid fault.
Using information they‘ve
found on lnternet sites that
track and explain seismic ac
tivity. the students present
their findings and use them in
daily class discussion.

“It's so much easier to
learn from the computer than
front a book.“ student l’ierce
Meier said. “There are videos
and animation that show us
how things yvork. instead of a
picture yve would just stare at."

Using a TV that broadcasts
the room's sole computer mon-
itor to the class. Adam Hov-
ekamp explained that his re


ing waves like water.

"And (lid 1 teach you how
to do that?" .lones asked Hov
ekamp shook his head no,
"(letting these kids to do extra
work on this utiit hasn't been
hard at all. They go above and
beyond anything I've asked
them to do in class.”

Recently. the class made a
map of the world and marked
groupings of current volcanic
and seismic activity, [Tsing ge-
ology Web sites. the students
can periodically check the
slightest seismic tremor from
just hours before.

“(me of the good things
about using the lnternet is
some of these pages are only
five minutes old. so the infor
mation is really up to date.”
student Drew Spitzer said.

.Tones chuckled. describing
the books and relief maps she
used for this lesson before In
ternet access was available in
every classroom. "Do you guys
realize that if we were doing

"Five years ago this would
have been a dry earth science
lesson. right out of the book."
Jones said, "The nice thing is
this is really a collaborative ef-
fort between the kids and my»
self. [in just guiding the class
’l‘hey‘re teaching each other.”

.lones admits there are
drawbacks to basing too much
of the class on technology.
Some students do not have
computer equipment at home.

But the school's computer
labs are kept open after school
and there are laptop computers
available for homework. pro-
vided the students' parents go
through a training course on
how to use them.

Sometimes the kids will
enter an innocent word in a
search engine and come up
with an inappropriate site. but
Jones said a block on the
school's system keeps them
froiti finding anything too

"And we‘ve gone over

Kitty 0’ Shca’s


Karaoke eve y
Tuesday Nieh

Must Be 2|




Triiii I\I/\ l’i'o/It l'flt'\


W' W I .7059! {Fttcfliiiiéitjfiii

Priority Registration
Summer and Fall 2001

l’ost-Ilact alaui calt students apply in: to a degree or
\‘t l Iilicatioii [)IUL’J .iiii should print in regisler lor lall.
t'\t'll ii an admission decision has iiol lit-en made.

\Iarcli 27 - 30

littp: yyyyyy.uky.cdti Registrar lielp.litiiil
. lr‘all fees are due by “most 9. Mill -

Postmark deadline is on or before .\ugust I. Zillll

SGA Elections


cent research on ground lique
faction proves that if there was
an intense earthquake on the
New Madrid fault. l’aducah's
Clay soil would have a 50430
chalice of “liquefying” or mak»


this project five years ago. you
would probably be using infor
mation that was lo or l3 years

The students looked thor-
oughly disgusted.

the \lll(ll‘lll.\ should do
they get one of those
sites. yiust go to something
else." she said. "it's really a
small price to fiddle with for
what they get out of it."

w hen

Roberts wins first Oscar,
‘Gladiator' takes five


”Eygg-Ust‘ y <91‘§. "
lily; «statue». s‘m‘iif‘


Benicio Del Toro, left, Marcia Gay Harden. second left, Julia Roberts, second right, and Russell Crowe pose with
their awards at the 73rd annual Academy Awards Sunday in Los Angeles.

I owe this one to: Actors pay
tribute to the best in the business


HTS ANGELI‘IS “(iladiatoi"' won five
Academy Awards on Sunday. including best picr
titre and actor Russell (‘rowe and Julia
Roberts won the best actress trophy for her pot"
trayal of the law assistant who takes on a pollut-
ing power company in "Erin llrockoy'ich.”

“it takes a lot of people to make a (‘oiosseuin
but it only takes one or two to mess it up. To all
the wizards who brought to life the sights.
sounds and citizens of a faraway world. we
should take a chisel to this statue and give you
your fair share." said Douglas Wick. a producer
of "Gladiator." which also yyon for sound. cos
tunie design and visual elTects.

Steven Soderbergh did what observers
deemed impossible: He won best director for
"Traffic” even though people felt he would
split the vote by being nominated for "Erin

Following “Gladiator" was "'l‘raffic" with
four awards. including Soderbergh's. supporting
actor for Benicio Del Toro, adapted screenplay by
Stephen (‘iaghan and film editing.

"(‘rouching Tiger. Hidden Dragon" also
scored four ()scars foreign language film. art
direction. cinematography and original score.

When she won. a giddy Roberts ascended the
auditorium stage and warned that she would be
speaking for a long time "because I may never be
here again."

She clutched her first ()scar and said. "This
is quite pretty "

The audience was amused by her glee.

“i love the world. I'm so happy.” Roberts


(‘rowe. who seemed distracted earlier in the
program. responded eyuberantly

“Really folks. T owe this to one bloke. and his
name is Ridley Scott." (‘royy'e said of his director.

"if you grow up in the suburbs of any
where. a dream like this seems kind of vaguely
ludicrous and completely unattainable.” he went
on. “This moment is directly connected to those
childhood imaginings. And for anybody who‘s on
the downside ofadyantage. and relying purely on
courage. it‘s possible."

Marcia (lay Harden. who played the long-suf
fering wife ofartist Jackson Pollock in “Pollock.”
won best supporting actress

Del Toro. who portrayed an honest Tijuana
detective. thanked Soderbergh and others con-
nected with his ntovie. while Harden noted that
few people had seen "l’oliock." since it opened in
theaters the same week as the ()scar noinina
tions. and thanked the voters for taking the time
to review the videotapes made available to them.

“lid Harris. thank you for inviting me to
share your passion.” she said to her director.
who also played the title role

Because “Pollock" had little theater eypo»
sure. Harden was considered a longshot. Judi
Dench of "(‘hocolat" and Kate Hudson of "AT
iiitisi Famous" were thought to be more likely

(‘ameron (‘rowe won original screenplay for
".\lmost Famous ”

“The inoy to was a love letter to music and to
my family so i dedicate this to all the musicians
who inspire its and my family." he said

The show began from orbit as astronaut Su
saii Helms. yyith fellow crew members of the in
ternational Space Station floating by her side. in
troduced first time host Stey'e Martin,

"lly the way that introduction cost the gov
ernment $1 trillion." .\T.’il‘illl qiiipped to the glit
tering Shrine Auditorium throng.



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