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Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky., Nov. 23, 1871

from page

of N'ov.
24, 1F71

Comn. of five
asked to be
not granted

Substitute of
Withers taken
up for con-
si zerati on

     4th That Prof. Picketts for prudential reasons should have
voluntarily declined to fill a place which the President could
not longer conscientiously tender hi,.
     5. That in view of the common and ecual rights belonging to
every member of the same Faculty in any college Prof. Pickett, so
long as he occupies the place tc which the Curators have celled
him, is, vithout respect to other outside matters over which the
Board hrve no control, entitled to all the rights which any other
member of the Faculty enjoys, the prerogative of the President
as such only excepted -
     6. That we respectfully call attention of the Faculty to the
action of the Students of the Bible College as respects their
newspaper publication hereby recommending thp.t they be called up-
on to make acknowledgement, that they did wrong in making that
publication and that said acknowledgment be published for them by
President Milligan
                  Sinned Enos Campbell
                          C. T. Worthington
                          R. C. Ricketts
                          W. L. Williams
                          R. R. Sloan.

/219/ Morrison College, November 24th, 1871

     Board met pursuant to adjournment at 9 o'clock.
     Roll being called the following Curators were found present.
R. M. dishop, J. B. Bowman, John G. Allen, Benj. Gratz, Andrew
Steele, Joseph Wpsson, D. S. %ocdloe, G. W. .Elley, J. S. Woolfolk,
A. H. Bowman, C. T. Worthington, Joseph Smith, J. P. Tarbitt,
R. R. Sloan, W. T. Withers, Enos Caipbell, L. B. Wilkes, Z. M*
Sherley, S. IM. Wing, Horace Miller, William Rogers.
     The Secretary reae the minute- of yesterday which v'ere ap-
proved by the Board.
     The Committee of Five not beinE ready to report asked through
their Chairman to be released from farther duty and that the sub-
ject refered to them be refered to the Comtee of three who were
appointed on yesterday for the purpose of trying to reconcile the
difficultues now existing between the Brethren & Feculties con-
nected with Ky. University - not granted -
     Curator Worthington moved that the Comtee of five be discharged -
wi thdrawn
     Moved anti adorted that the substitute of Curator Withers to
J. A. Williams resolution on the subject of declaring the -purpose
and design of the various Colleges of Ky. University be taken up
conscientiously paragraph by paragraph.



Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky., Nov. 24, 1871

Con. to in-
form Pres.
Milligan .

Corn. to in-
form Prof.

Statemta t for
of the confi-
dence of the
Board in
Regent Bowman

Sale of grounds
Ln the city &


Sale of
,grounc3s. at

     Curator R. C. Ricketts was appointed a Committee to inform
Prest. Milligpn of the action of the Board of Curators. /220/
     Curator John Aug. Williams was appointed a Committee to
inform Prof. Pickett of the action of the Boara of Curators.
     Curator Sloan offered the following resolution -viz  That
a Committee of three be appointed to prepare and publish a state-
ment expressive of the condifence of this Board in Eegent Bowman
to manage thp interests of the Unive-sitty true to the objects
and purposes for which it was created and unanimously aidopted.
     Curator R. R. Sloan, S. M. Wing & B. B. Groom were appointed
the Committee.
     Curator Joseph Smith offered the following Resolved - That
the Executive Committee of Ky. University are authorized to sell
for building purposes, such ground in the city and of Woodlands
as in their judgement will not injure the value of said Wooaland
paot for the Educational buildings proposed to be erected there-
o nt-
     Curators Goodloe, Rogers and Elley we6Z appointed the Committee.
     After the report of the Coranittee the above resolutions wers
     The Board met according adjournment at this 2z; o'clock./221/
     The minutes of the morning session were not read
     On the call for report of Committee Curator D. S. Goodloe
Chairman of the Committee to consider and report upon the prosperity
of selling a portion of the Woodlapnds property make the following
That they repaired to the ground immediately after being appointed
by your honorable body and made such examination as the limited
time woull pe:rmit  That they consider the ground proposed to be
sold (as per plott and surver shown them.) of but little halue to
the Agricultural farm and as it is belived that the sale of said
ground will probably realize to the University from fifteen to
twomty thousand dollars and that said funds are greatly needed for
building purposes for the Agricultural College - Recommend the sale
of same
  Adopted.  ~   . S. ~oo~lo

Adop te i.

L. S. Goodloe


Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky., Nov. 24, 1971

Before readin;
this read A.
page 223.

This resolu-
tion is ordered
to be nublished
by the Ex. Cor.
in the City
papers and one
of the papers
of largest
circulation in
Louisville &

of confidence
in Regent

Publi cation
of resolu*

     Curator Slo,'n offered the following
     Resolved _"That in orllar to correct certain false impres-
sions as to who are the owners of the Ky. University we refer
to the first sentence of section 3 of our Charter as defining
that ownership which reads as follows.
     "For the ownership and control of said University, at least
two thirds of the Board of Curators shell always be memberrs of
the Christian Church in Kentucky u." and as Curators we will con-
tinue to hold & administer the University in strAct accordance
with its Charter.#' /222/
     under the auspices of the Christian Church
     For R. M. Bishop, J. B. Bowman, John G. Allen, Benj. Gratz,
Steele, Joseph Wasson, D. S. Goodloe, G. ". Elley, J. S. Woolfolk,
A. H. Bowman, C. T. 'Worthington, Jose-ph Smith, W. L. Williams,
A. G. Herndeon, B. J. White, R. C. Ricketts, B. B. Grooo, John
Shackelford, Z. F. Smith, J. P. Tarbitt, R. R. Sloan, W. T.
Withers, Enos Campbell, Z. I:. Sherley, S. M. Wing, Horace Miller,
William E. Rogers 27 -    Nays L. B. Wilkes - 1
     Your Committee appointed to prepare for publication a series
of Resolutions excressive of our confidence in Regent Bowman
recommend the following for your adoption.
     1. That the entire history of the University is proof of
undividing devotion on the part of Regent Bowman to the interests
of the Institution marked by a self sacrifice (being without
salary or reward) as also a success rarely if ever equalled.
     2. Our records from the beginning ever open to the inspec-
tion of all interests are demonstrations beyond doubt not merely
of eminent financial skill but of unflinching integrity in the
management of all its finances.
     3. That therefore we express our fullest confidence in Regelf;
Bowman not merely as regards his fidelity in the past but also
his competency to carry it forward to still higher success -
and we do most heartily and unequalifiedly Lsij7   commend the
Regent to the confidence ens we bespeak for him the cooperetion
of the grounds of education everyehere - Signed
                              ,R, R. Sloan
                              S. M. W'i ng
                              B. B. Grooom
Peport reel and aiopted.
/223/ Curator Z. F. Smith offered the following Resolved that the
Secretary of this Board publish the resolutions of confidence in
Regcnt Bowman in the papers of the Christian Brotherhood, and in
the secular press of Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati
adop te 1.



Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky., Nov. 24, 1871

 Worthington *

 I Said Resolui
 tion could not
 be formed but
 ras rejected
 on a resolu-
 tion of Z. F.

   B. From
page 222.
Aye s & Nays
being alled
for stood as

     Curaitor C. T. Worthington offered the follo'4ing substitrte
to the resolutions of J. A. Williams and the substitute of flu_
rator Withers which was refered to a Committee composed of
Regent Bowman, C. T. Worthington & W. T. Withers who reported a
reolution X
     Curator Withers moved to amend the last section so as to rerd-&
to administer and control the University in strict accordance with
the Charter in the interests of the Christian Church-
     On motion to lay on the table the Vote Stood
Nays R. M. Bishop, -. W. Elley, John G. Allen, C. T. Worthington,
Andrew Steele, W. L. Williams, A. G. Hernion, R. J. White, E. C.
Ricketts, B. B. Groom, IV. T. Withers, L. B. Wilkes, Wmi. E. Rogers 13.
Ayes Benj. Gratz, Joseph Wasson, D. S. Goodloe, J. S. Woolfolk,
A. H. Bowman, Joseph Smith, John Shackelford, Z. F. Smith, J. P.
Tarbitt, R. Sloan, Enos Campbell, Z. M. Sherley, S. M. Wing, Horace
Miller, J. B. Bowman - 15.
The motion to lay on table  was carried - by the above vote.

   Nov. 25, 1`71

Death of
T.M. Allen

Prof. Mc-
Garvey's Com-
suni cati on
marked A.

Thanks to
Chai rman &

Report of
ComT.. of

Letter of
Com. to

     Boara met at 9 A.M. pursuant to adjournment Curator Worth-
ington in the Chair. Minutes were read and corrected.
     Curator Tarbitt offered a. resolution that 7;as adopted viz
that a Committee of three be appointed to draw up suitable resolu-
tions in regards to the death of Curntor Thomas M. Allen and
     The following composed said Committee G. W. Elley, R. C.
Picketts,W. L. Williams.
     Curator Withers presented a Communication frown Prof. McGarvey
which was read & on notion refered to the conference Comsmittee.
     On motion a vote of thanks was offered and adopted to the
Chairman and Secretary of this Board.
/225/ R. M. Bishop Chairman and others of the Committee of Confer-
ence addressed the following note to Regent Bowman.
     The Undersigned Committee of Conference unanimously & earnest-
ly beg that in view of our pending negotiations looking to a recon-
ailation of all parties, you now withdraw your charges against
Curators Wilkes & Withers & Professor Mcharvey.
                            Signed R. X. Bishop
                                   J. G. Allen
                                   Jno. Aug. Williams
                                   Z. F. Smi th
To which they received the following response.