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     Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board
of Trustees, University of Kentucky, February 17, 1945.

     The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Universi-
ty of Kentucky met in the President's Office at 11:00 o'clock Satur-
day, February 17, 1945.   The following members were present:  J. C.
Everett, H. D. Palmore, H. S. Cleveland, and R. P. Hobson.   Preside~nt
H. L. Donovan and Comptroller Frank D. Peterson, Secretary of the
Board, were also present.

     A. Temporary Chairman.

                         * * * * it  * * * *

            1. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
               R. P. Hobson was directed to act as chairman
               of the Executive Committee meeting in the
               absence of Judge Richard C. Stoll, who is ill.
                         t * * * it it  * * it

     B. Report of the Comntroller.

     The Comptroller submitted detailed financial report for tile
period July 1, 1944, to January 31, 1945, showing realized and unrea-
ized income, budget appropriations, expenditures and encumbrances,
of each department and division; also Restricted and Agency funds,
The members examined the report in detail and took the following ac-
                         it* iti t * t *iit

            2. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
               the- report is accepted, approved, and ordered
                         St * * *  it * it *

    C. A. D. Kirwan Transferred.

    President Donovan resented the following letter from A. D.
Kirwan, requesting transfer from the Department of Athletics, as Head
Football Coach, to the Department of History:



                                    February 14, 1945

    President H. L. Donovan
    University of Kentucky

    Dear President Donovan:

         Pursuant to my conversation with you several weeks ago,
    I should like to request that I be transferred from the
    Department of Athletics to the Department of History at the
    University of Kentucky to become effective September 1,

         Also I would like to reciuest that I be granted a sab-
    batical leave for the school year 1945-1946 in order that I
    might do graduate study,

                                    Respectfully yours

                                        Albert D. Kirwan
                                        Football Coach

     President Donovan recommended that the request be granted.    The
Committee discussed the transfer and the granting of sabbatical leave
and took the following action:

                         *E v it it *  *t * * *

            3. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
               Mr. A. D. Kirwan is ordered transferred from
               the Department of Athletics as Head Football
               Coach to the Department of History, effective
               September 1, 1945, and it is further ordered
               that he be given sabbatical leave on one-half
               pay for three quarters beginning September 1,
                         * * * * it * * * *F *

     D. BA L Shively Made Football Coach.

     President Donovan presented a recommendation of Dean Chamberlain,
in which he concurred, that Mir. B. A.Shively, Athletic Director, be
appointed Head Football Coach, with an adjustment in salary, as recom-
mended by the President.

     The Committee discussed the question of Mr. Shively serving as
Director of Athletics and Football Coach, and took the following ac-


* * * * it it * * * *

            4, On motion duly made, seconded and carried,
               it is ordered that Mr. B. A. Shively, Director
               of Athletics, be made Head Football Coach*
                         * * * It * * * * * *

     E. Contracts weith Architects.

     President Donovan reported to the Committee that contracts had
been drawn for plans, specifications and supervision of the Memorial
Auditorium-Field House with John T. Gillig, architect; for the
Women's Residence Hall and Dining Hall Unit with Frankel & Curtis,
architects; and for the Men's Dormitory with John T. Wilson, archi-
tect.   The following action was taken:

                         i t * t * Itit I* t  *

            5. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
               it was ordered that the action of the Presi-
               dent in signing the contracts above enumerated
               be approved, and that the architects be re-
               quested to begin without further delay the
               plans for the buildings noted above.
                         it * * * * it * * * *

     F. Recess for Luncheon.

     The Committee recessed. at 12:45 p.m. for luncheon in the Student
Union Building, and invited Mr. B. A. Shively, the newly-elected
Football Coach, to have lunch with the Committee.

     The Committee again assembled in meeting at 2:00 p.m.

     G. Declaratory Judgment Suit.

     President Donovan reported that Judge Charles I. Dawson and Mr.
Leslie Morris have agreed to represent the University in declaratory
judgment suit to test the right of the University of Kentucky to keep
gifts, endowments, and restricted funds locally and not clear same
through the State treasury.    The President stated that Judge Dawson
and Mr. Morris, due to leir interest in the University, have agreed
to give their services free of charge.    The Committee received the
news of Judge Dawson's and Mir. Morris' decision to assist in the
suit with much enthusiasm, and. asked the President to express to them
the appreciation of the University for their magnanimous offer.



    H. Agreement with War Manpower Commission.

    The following agreement with the War Manpower' Commission was pre-

                                      January 23, 1945

    President H. L. Donovan
    University of Kentucky

    Dear President Donovan:

            We should like to enter into an agreement for the
    year 1945 with the War Manpower Commission for the State
    of Kentucky, for furnishing facilities and services. This
    arrangement would be the same as we had during the past
    year. I enclose copy of the proposed agreement, I
    should like authority to sign, in accordance with the re-
    quirements of the Farm Labor Act.

                                       Sincerely yours.

                                       (Signed) Thomas Cooper
                                                Dean and Director


          THIS COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT made this 1st day of January,
     1945, by and between the Cooperative Extension Service of the
     College of Agriculture and Home Economics, University of Ken-
     tucky. Lexington, Kentucky, hereinafter called the "Extension
     Service", and the War Manpower Commission, through its Man-
     power Director for the State of Kentucky, hereinafter called
     the "State Man-Lower Director".

          WHEREAS, pursuant to Public Law 229 - 78th Congress$
     approved February 14, 1944, as supplemented, hereinafter
     called the "Act", the War Food Administrator and the Extension
     Service are responsible for asAisting in providing an adequate
     supply Of workers for the Production, harvesting, and prepara-
     tion for markets, of agricultural commodities essential to
     the prosecution of the war; and

          WHEREAS, the War Food Administrator, hereinafter called
     the "Administrator", has apportioned funds to the State of
     Kentucky for expenditure by the Extension Service for carrying
     out certain purposes of the Act; and



    WHEREAS, the Extension Service desires tottilize cer-
tain specified facilities and services of he War Manpower
Commission and its United States Employment Service in the
State of Kentucky, hereinafter called the "Employment Ser-
vice", to assist in carrying out some of those purposes;

    WHEREAS, both ,parties hereto have legal power to enter
into this agreement.

    NOW, THEREFORE, this agreement witnesseth:

    1. Recognizing that the Extension Service is fully
responsible for the determination of need for, and the re-
cruitment (exclusive of interstate and foreign workers) and
placement, of all agricultural labor: the State Manpower
Director agrees to furnish specified services of the Employ-
ment Service (as listed in Exhibit "AA" attached hereto and
made a part hereof) to the Extension Service to carry out
responsibilities of the Extension Service for the period
January 1, 1945, through December 31, 1945.

    2. The Extension Service will mnke available to the
War Manpower Commission from payments by the Administrator
not more than $9, 600 to be expended within the State of
Kentucky to perform the services listed in Exhibit "All here-
of; to be paid in advance in quarterly installments, the
first installment as soon as practicable after the date
hereof and subsequent Installments 30 days in advance of the
cuarter, according to the following estimates:

                         services  Travel     _Other    Total

         January 1945    $ 590      $ 160      $ 50      $ 800
         February 1945     590        160        50        800
         March 1945        590        160        50       800
1st Quarter               1770        4 80     $150      $2400

        April 1945      $ 590      $ 160      $ 50      $ 800
        May 1945          590        160        50        800
        June 1945         590        160        50        800
2nd AuLIrter      _1_7_            $180     4  150       2400
         July 1945         590      $ 160        50        800
         August 1945       590        160        50        800
         SeO'tember 1945   590        160        50        800
3rd Quarter              $1704o                 150 L2400
         October 1945    $ 590      $ 160      $ 50        800
         November 1945     590        160        50        8CC
       _ecember 1945      590        160        50        800

4th Quarter              $1770     . ,480      '150

Totals                   $7080      $1920      $600      $9600



     3. The funds available under section 2 hereof shall be
expended by the State Manpower Director, through the Employ-
ment Service, in accordance with fiscal procedures arplica-
ble to the expenditure by the War Manpower Commission of its
own funds, to Provide the Extension Service with such speci-
fied facilities of its offices and services of its personnel
in Kentucky in accordance with general policies of the
Administrator and the Extension Service and the provisions of
Exhibit "A", said orovisions to be subject to such modifica-
tions, procedures, and instructions, not incons istent with
any provision of this agreement, as may hereafter be mutual-
ly agreed upon by the Extension Service and the State Man-
power Director.

     4. It is agreed that during the period covered by this
agreement, as to all employees paid pursuant to it, there
shall be charged to Extension Service funds available pursuant
to section 2 only such annual leave and. sick leave as may ac-
crue during the ceriod of this agreement and in accordance
with standard Government leave regulations

     5. It is agreed thetthe salaries to be oaid employees
of the Employment Service engaged under this agreement will
be in accordance with the salary rates and compensation plan
applicable to all employees of the Employment Service in
Kentucky.   In event presently unknown changes in classifica-
tion or salary rates occur, in accordance wenith regular Fed-
eral employment Procedure, such changes will anoly to
employees paid :mrsuant to this agreement fand any necessary
increase will be ouid from the amount advanced by the
Extension Scrvice,

     6. The State Manpower Director shall arrange for each
unit of the Employment Service covered by This agreement to
submit to the Extension Service a monthly report of its
activities,   He shall also submit or cause to be submitted
to the Extension Service such other reports as may be request-
ed by the Extension Service from time to time, provided
that the estimate cost of preparing any such report is ad-
vanced by the Extension Service under this agreement.

     7. The State Manpower Director shall submit to the
Extension Service a monthly statement of expenditures as
early as practical following the period covered by such
expenditures.   This statement shall itemize all expenditures
made by the %14C and the USES in Kenntucky in farm placement
activities and shall include an accounting specifically
in the following categories and covering any other services
not herein afterwirard mentioned if ixrformed by the USES-WIMO:
     Actual cost of the sorvices of all full time and
     part time WMC-USES Dorsonnel, (part time Personnel
     services to be determined by USES time and cost
     study schedule); proportion of rent and public
     utilities used1 based upon Dercentage of full and
     oart time Personnel engaged in the farm placement



     activity to total number of employees in the USES
     offices; local and toll call telephone services;
     all office supplies; all travel performed by per-
     sonnel when engaged in the farm placement function.

     8. If the services rendered to the Extension Service by
the Employment Service in any one quarter do not require the
expenditure of the budget estimates set forth above, the un-
expended portions of such estimate may, with the approval of
the Extension Service, be continued available for expenditure
at a later time during the neriod hereof in furtherance of
the purposes of this agreement.

     9. In the event that it becomes necessary to Incur the
expenditures in any one quarter of sumt larger than the
budget estimate for that quarter, the State Manpower Director
may, with the approval of the Extension Service, use funds
made available for expenditure at a later date.   The services
covered by this agreement will be rendered only to the extent
that funds are made available.

    10. Personnel of the Employment Service while assigned
pursuant to this agreement shall remain under the supervision
and direction of the State Manpower Director and shall be
responsible to him, but will receive such functional direction
from the Extension Service at State and county levels as may
be mutually arranged for by the State Manpower Director and
the Extensiorn Service and set forth in Exhibit "A".

    11. This agreement may be terminated at the request of
the State Manoower Director or the Extension Service upon
the filing of a written notification at 30 days in advance
of such termination or at any time by their mutual consent.

    12. Any part of advance installments paid by the Extension
Service to carry out the provisions of this agreement which
are not used for such purposes shall be returned to the Ex-
tension Service as soon as practical after the termination of
this agreement.

     IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed
this agreement on the day, month and year first above written.

Cooperative Extension Service     (Signed) W. H. Fraysure   -
College of Agriculture & Home        State Char Manpower Director
Economics, University of Kentucky.   State of Kentucky

Director                          (Signed)  Robert C. Goodwin
                                 Regional War Mlanpowfer Director
                                 WMC Region Number V
Approved on behalf of War
Food Administrator              Arnyroved on behalf of War Manpow-
                                 er Commission and United States
                                 Employment Service.
Deputy  Director  of  Extension  _______________________________



                      Exhibit "A"

Plan of wtork for carrying out the Provisions of the agreement
between the United States Employment Service of he War Man-
power Commission and the Kentucky Agricultural Extension
Service 'or the recruitment and placement of agricultural
labor in Kentucky to rhich this is attached and made a part
hereof and subject to such modifications, procedures and
instructions as may hereafter be mutually agreed upon.

     Funds advanced to the Director of the United States
Employment Service, War Manpower Commission for the State
of Kentucky, Frankfort, are to be used to provide full-time
services of designated Personnel and such other facilities
as the Emoloyment Service may be able to supply in the
counties of McCracken and Daviess, for a full-time farm
labor program for the purpose of recruiting and placing
agricultural workers within those counties.   Full respon-
sibility for recruitment and placement of agricultural
workers is thus assumed by the Employment Service in these
counties and all efforts toward the recruitment and olace-
ment of these workers shall be channeled through the Em-
ployment Service offices in these counties.    The Employment
Service also agrees to render assistance to the Selective
Service in furnishing information on the contribution that
individuals are making to agricultural production, as called
for in Public Law 229 as supplemented.   The Extension
Service agrees to assist the Employment Service in these
counties in such manner as carrying on a general educational
program, assisting in the calling of meetings pertaining
to farm labor and such other ways as can be carried out in
connection with regularly assigned duties of the Extension
Service.   The Extension Service will further assist the
Employment Service in helping to encourage the swapping
of labor between neighbors and the exchange of and full use
of machinery and farm eauipment.

     The Employment Service also agrees to assume responsi-
bility for the recruitment and placement of farm labor for
such farm labor problems as may occur in such parts of
counties adjacent to McCracken and Daviess Counties as
represents the normal commuting distance and it is Practical
to tnansport labor to and from Paducah and Owensboro. De-.
termination of this boundary is to be agreed upon by the
two agencies.   As in the previous paragraph, the Extension
Service agrees to carry on general educational work in con-
nection with such farm labor requirements.

     The United States Employment Service further agrees to
assist in recruitment activities in the cities of Paducah
and Owensboro for such farm labor as may be needed in other
counties in this section of Kentucky, such needs being indi-
cated to the Employment Service by actual orders secured by
the Extension Service in these counties.



     In all other sections of Kentucky not covered in the
above paragraphs, the Employment Service is to refer all
agricultural workers, applicants for agricultural workers
and workers available for agriculture apolying to the
Employment Service offices to the nearest farm labor office
of the Extension Service.   Likewise, the Extension Service,
in the territory covered by this paragraph, will refer any
non-agricultural workers wishing employment in industry and
applying to their offices to the nearest Employment Service

     The Employment Service, as the action agency of the War
Manpower Commission for Kentucky, will, through its various
offices, interpret the rules and regulations of the War
Manpower Commission relative to the transfer of workers.
They shall ex:pedite, in every way possible, any clearance
procedure that imy be stimulated by the War Manpower Com-
mission, toward the end that the transfer of agricultural
workers may be accomplished with the least possible delay.

     For informational purposes and to prevent conflicting
recruitment programs, it shall be the responsibility of Ex-
tension to keep the appropriate local office manager of the
United States Employment Service informed of orders for
agricultural workers sent to that particular Employment
Service manager's local office territory,   It shall be the
policy of the Employment Service not to arrange cooled inter-
views for the recruitment of qualified agricultural workers
in any territory which will conflict with the recruitment
of such workers by the Extension Department when the Employ-
ment Service has been previously informed by Extension that
definite recruitment in that area is contemplated for a
definite agricultural order.

     The Extension Service has an agreement with the Director
of Vocational Education, State of Kentucky, providing for
partici-oation of the schools in a labor recruitment program,
The Employment Service in carrying out the provisions of this
plan of work, agrees to carry out the activities outlined
in accordance with the provisions of the agreement with the
Director of Vocational Education,   A cooy of te agreement
referred to is attached to this exhibit. (Exhibit B)


To relieve the acute shortage of farm labor, it has become
necessary to inaugurate a farm labor program for Kentucky,
Several months agon, the Agricultural Extension Division of
the United States Department of Agriculture and the United



States Office of Education formulated a cooperative working
agreement with respect to the particination of each agency
in the farm labor program.

1. In Kentucky, the public schools in cooperation with the
State Division of Vocational Educntion wtill be responsible
for recruiting and enrolling in-school* nonfarm youth in
farm labor training classes to prepare them for work on

2. The schools will provide preliminary and in-scrvice
to ining.

3. The in-service training will involve supervisory visits
to the farms where the boys ere working.

4. The schools Twrill be expected to make available to the
Extension Service the list of people available for farm work
and such information as may be readily available that would
be of service in making suitable placenient of young people
on farms,

5. The Extension Service will have the responsibility of de-
termining the need on farms for youth and, will certify such
need to the school.   The Extension Service will have the
responsibility of placing youth on farms and the supervision
of living and working conditions and other matters not related
to tr.ning.   The schools shall have the responsibility of
supervision incident to training.

6. In areas served by teachers of vocational agriculture, it
is expected that the teacher of agriculture will assist with
the recruitment, training, and supervision of nonfarm in-
school youth*.

This agreement is intended to cover all the in-school youth
of the program properly known as the Victory Farm Volunteers.
Close cooperation between the schools and the Extension Ser-
vice will be the watchword in order that the need for and
the satisfactory placement of workers may closely parallel
recruitment and training.

*In-school youth refers to youth who have not completed or dis-
continued regular training at high schools.



As a basis for facilitating the inauguration of a training
program in the, several city areas of the state, the follolf-
ing approximate numbers are suggested for Imrnediate train-

                Lexington .................. 150

                Covington and Newport ....... 50

                Louisville ................. 30c

                Owensboro .................. 50

                Iienderson ..................  50

                Paducah ..............,.100

                Hoookinsville .50

                Bow,-ling Green .............. 100

State Committee

A state advisory committee for th3 Victory Farm Volunteer
program in Kentucky will be created to consist of the follow-
ing: The Assistant Farm Labor Supzrvisor, Victory Farm
Volunteers, the State Director of Vocational Education, a
County Superintendent of Schools, a City Superintendent of
Schools, an Executive of the Fourth Region - Boy Scouts of
America and at least tw.^To representatsive farmers.  Such com-
mittee is to be a sub-committee of the, State Emergency Farm
Labor Program Committee.   School meimibers of this committee
are to be selected by the Director of Vocational Education
and farmer members are to be selected by the State Director
of Extension.

(Signed)                      (S_          _   _    __ed)
John W. Brooker               Thomas P. Cooper
State Superintendent of       Director nf Extension Service
  Public Instruction          College of' Agriculture & Home
State of Kentucky               Economics
                               St.ate of Kentucky

                     * * . *f * * * * * *

        6. On motion duly made, seconded and carried,
           the Agreement was approved, and D)ean Thomas
           Cooper was authorized to sign saule on be-
           half of the University of Kentucl;y.



    I. Registered Bonds.

    President Donovan read the following letter, which was received,
approved, and ordered made a part of the minutes.

                                     February 7, 1945

     President H. L. Donovan
     University of Kentucky

     MEy dear President Donovan:

          The Board of Trustees, at its meeting November 22, 1944,
     directed that government coupon bonds then held should be
     changed to registered bonds.   This is to report that, pur-
     suant to this order, $113,500.0C government coupon bonds
     have been exchanged for registered bonds, and that proner
     notations have been made on the Investment Ledger of the

                                     very truly yours,

                                     (signed) Frank D. Peterson

     J. Sale of Government Bonds.

     President Donovan reported that, pursuant to order of the Board
of Trustees, the Comotroller had sold Government Bonds belonging to
     the Peabody Fund and to the Student Loan Fund.

                                       February 5, 1945

     President H. L. Donovan
     University of Kentucky

     My dear President Donovan:

               The Board of Trustees, at its meeting on January
     19th, 1945, authorized the Comptroller to sell $40,000.00
     government coupon bonds due September 15, 1952, belonging
     to the Peabody Fund, and $10,000.00 government coupon bonds
     due September 15, 1952, belonging to the Student Loan Furd
     at a .orce of 107,21.   This is to advise that these bonds
     have been sold at 107.25, yielding a net oremium, after al-
     lowance for brokerage oommission of $3,841.94.   The prin-
     cipal of both accounts will be reinvested in government
     bonds,                            Very truly yours,

                                       (Signed) Frank D. Peterson



                         *- * * * * * * v * *

            7. On motion duly made, seconded and carried, it
               was directed that action of the Comptroller
               be aonroved, and that $40,000 of the Peabody
               Fund and 820,000 of the Student Loan Fund be
               invested in 2-1/2% Series G Government Bonds,
               interest semi-annually.
                         v X it  * it * it *

     K. Gifts.

     President Donovan reported two gifts, one from the General Educa-
tion Board in the sum of $19,470 for Forest Project; the other from
the Kentucky Federation of Women's Clubs--International Scholarship
Fund, in the sum of $1,OO0.

                       GENERAL EDUCATION BOARD

                                            January 19, 1945

     My dear President Donovan:

          I am pleased to inform you that at a meeting of the
     Executive Committee of the General Edalcation Board on Jan-
     uary 19, 1945, the sum of $19,470, or as much thereof as
     may be necessary, in addition to any unexpended balance in
     the sun of 46, 600 voted December 4, 1941, was appropriated
     to the University of Kentucky toward support during the
     period terminating June 30, 1948, of the study of the utili-
     zation of the forest resources of the Eastern Kentucky High-
     lands region.

          The appropriation was voted pursuant to the proposal
     submitted with your approval urnder date of December 13th
     by Dean Thomas Cooor, rand is for use substantially in
     accord with the budget presented,   It was noted that for
     the period January 1 to Juno 30, 1945, the project will be
     financed by unexpended balances remaining in the current
     appropriations of the University and of the General Education
     Board, and that the appropriation of 8J19,470 will be required
     at the approximate rate of 86,490 a year beginning July 1,
     1945, for salaries, travel, field and incidental expenses,



     Payment will be made by our Comptroller in the same
manner as heretofore,   At the beginning of each year please
send us a budget and at the close of each year a statement
of expenditures,   Any part of the combined appropriations
remaining unused on June 30, 1948, reverts to the Board,

                              Sincerely yours,

                                 (Signed) A. R. Mann

President E. L. Donovan
University of Kentucky
Lexington 29, Kentucky

Copy to Dean Cooper


                                 February 1, 1945

Dr. Herman L. Donovan, President
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky

Dear President Donovan:

The Kentucky Federation of Women's Clubs, at the mid-winter
Board Meeting held in Lexington in January voted to create
an International Scholarship Fund.

It was voted to send a foreign student to the University
of Kentucky for one calendar year beginning in September
1945.   The value of the scholarship to be one thousand
dollars ($1,000,00).   The Federation would like to pay
this amount in four equal payments.    This sum, we under-
stand, will pay tuition, room, board, books and incidental
expenses for a student for one calendar year,

The Executive Committee had the pleasure of meeting a group
of foreign students on the University campus in December and
since that time we have been most enthusiastic over encourag-
ing more foreign students to study in the universities in this
country.   We have discussed this nroject with the acting
chairman of the Foreign Student Committee on the campus.



    With very best wishes for the continued success of the
    university; I am

                                    (Signed) Susan S. Johnson
                                    Mrs. Robert E. Johnson, President
                                    KENTUCKY FEDERATION OF WOMEN'S

                         * * ** * * * *,**.

            8. On motion duly made, seconded and carried, the
               above gifts were accepted, and the President
               is directed to write a letter of appreciation
               to each of the donors on behalf of the University,
                         * * * * *t *t4 * ** *

     L, Death of Dr. Hume Bedford.

     President Donovan reported with regret the death of Dr. Hume
Bedford, who for 31 years had been a member of the faculty of the
University of Kentucky,   He Dresented a resolution prepared by a com-
mittee of the Deoartment of Chemistry.

          With the death of Dr. Matthew Hume Bedford, Professor
     of Physical Chenmistryr, on February 3, 1945, the University
     lost one of its older distinguished faculty members.    Dr.
     Bedford came to the Univer