At a called meeting of the Executive Committee of
State University held in the President's office, October
15th, 1915, there were present, Messrs. C.B. Nicholas, R.
C. Stoll, @,G. Brook, T.L. Rdelen, P,. sohnston and C.B.
Terrell.  On moton the committee apnointe! at the last
meeting of the Board to go to Washington to take up the
question concerning the Smith-Lever bill is hereby discharged.

     Dr. Kastle come before the Committee and exnlainbd
projects suggested by Dr. KnaPDn on the line of work under the
Smith-Lever bill. On motion made, seconded and unanimously
carried, the following resolution was adonted:

     BE IT RESGLVED that a committee comaosed of President
H.S. Barker, Dr. Joseph H. Kastle and Mr. P.P. Rohnston is
hereby appointed. to go to Washington to confer with the
States Relations Committee of the United States Bureau of
Agriculture to discuss and. settle, 4efinitely, all the
differences between the Dean of the College of Agriculture
and Dr. Bradford Knapp as to the Bxtsntion Work in Xentucky.

     On motion, the meeting adsourned.

(Not signed)