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                                 Meeting of the Board of Trustees
                                      University of Kentucky
                                            3:00 P.M.
                                        September 18, 2001
                                18th Floor Patterson Office Tower

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Accompanying Materials:

PR 2 Personnel Actions

PR 3A Proposed Amendments to the Governing Regulations

PR 3B Approval of New Policy Regarding Retiring Staff

Academic Affairs Committee Report

AACR 1 Change in Name of an Educational Unit (Consent)

Finance Committee Report

FCR 1 Acceptance of Audit Report for the University of Kentucky for 2000-01
FCR 2 Capital Construction Report
FCR 3 University of Kentucky Eye Foundation, Inc.
FCR 4 Cardiology Associates of Kentucky Pledge
FCR 5 George Strawbridge, Jr. Gift and Pledge
FCR 6 Gift and Pledges to Violet Irene Eads Endowment
FCR 7 Merck & Co., Inc. Pledge
FCR 8 Michael D. Rankin, M.D., Pledge
FCR 9 Gifts and Pledges to Zantker Professorship in Judaic Studies
FCR 10 Richard K. and Anne Brautigam Pledge
FCR 11 Cornerstone Care, L.L.C. Pledge
FCR 12 Gifts and Pledge to Establish Breckinridge Professorship
FCR 13 Baxter Healthcare Corporation Gift
FCR 14 Dr. Emler A. Neuman and Alexander M. Neuman Pledge
FCR 15 Michael F. Meinze Gift and Pledge
FCR 16 Roger E. Mick Family Pledge


FCR 17 Shirley A. Cunningham Gift
FCR 18 William J. Gallion Gift
FCR 19 Proposed 2002-03 and 2003-04 Tuition Schedule
FCR 19 Amendment
FCR 20 Capital Request 2002-2004

Enrollment presentation by Provost Mike Nietzel

Tuition presentation by Provost Mike Nietzel


      Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky,
Tuesday, September 18, 2001.

      The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky met at 3:00 p.m. (Lexington
time) on Tuesday, September 18, 2001 in the Board Room on the 18th Floor of Patterson
Office Tower.

      A.    Meeting Opened

      Billy Joe Miles, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 3:07 p.m., and the
invocation was pronounced by Dr. Elissa Plattner.

      B.    Roll Call

The following members of the Board of Trustees answered the call of the roll: Mr. Paul
W. Chellgren, Ms. Marianne Smith Edge, Mr. John "Jack" Guthrie, Dr. Loys Mather, Ms.
Pamela May, Dr. Robert P. Meriwether, Mr. Billy Joe Miles (Chairman), Dr. Elissa
Plattner, Dr. Claire Pomeroy, Mr. Steven S. Reed, Mr. Tim Robinson, Ms. Marian Sims,
Ms. Alice Sparks, Dr. Grady Stumbo, Ms. JoEtta Wickliffe, Mr. Billy Wilcoxson, Mr.
Russ Williams, Ms. Elaine Wilson, and Ms. Barbara Young. Absent from the meeting
was Mr. Frank Shoop. The University administration was represented by President Lee
T. Todd, Jr.; Acting Senior Vice President Jack C. Blanton; Senior Vice President and
Chancellor of the Medical Center James W. Holsinger; Jr., Acting Provost Michael
Nietzel; Acting Vice President for Research James Boling, and Mr. Richard E. Plymale,
General Counsel.

      Members of the various news media were also in attendance. A quorum being
present, the Chairperson declared the meeting officially open for the conduct of business
at 3:09 p.m.

      C.    Consent Agenda

      Mr. Miles said that the Consent Agenda consisted of two items:

             Approval of Minutes
             AACR 1 - Change in Name of an Educational Unit

      Ms. Sims moved approval of the Consent Agenda. Her motion, seconded by
Ms. Wilson, passed. (See AACR 1 at the end of the Minutes.)

      D.    Nomination of Officers and Executive Committee

      Dr. Plattner, Chairperson of the Nominating Committee, asked Mr. Miles to step
aside as Chairperson and appoint a Chairperson to receive the Nominating Committee' s
report. Mr. Miles appointed Mr. Wilcoxson to serve as Chairperson and receive the
Nominating Committee report.


- 2 -

       Dr. Plattner thanked the Board members who returned their recommendations to
the Nominating Committee. She said their recommendations guided the Committee in
making their decisions and stated that the process worked. She explained the
Committee' s process to the new Board members.

       She said the Nominating Committee members who served this year were Frank
Shoop, Alice Sparks, Jack Guthrie, Loys Mather, Marianne Smith Edge, Russ Williams
and herself.

       Dr. Plattner commented on shared governance. She read the following statement
about shared governance that was a topic at the recent Council on Postsecondary
Education meeting:

       A collegial system is based upon the participation of all the stakeholders. It both
       sustains and extends the mission of the University and the larger community it
       engages. It shows respect for the many and varied roles of the academic
       community. Shared governance is exactly what it says. It is sharing talents and
       expertise. It is sharing leadership. It is the willingness to devote and dedicate
       oneself to two years of service in a leadership position and rotate off so that others
       may share their leadership and their talent, too.

       Dr. Plattner said this is not in the regulation. It is a practice, and it has served the
Board well for two years. The Board suggested that all leadership rotate every two years
so that all members may share. She said, from her own point of view, she hopes the next
person who is the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee will honor the practice of
keeping himself or herself at arms length from the Committee and neither accept a
nomination for any office or make a recommendation for any office. In her opinion, it is
a way to give some strength to the Committee so that all the members may be considered
to serve, but the Chairperson of the Committee remain neutral.

       She stated that the Nominating Committee has had the great privilege of seeking
out diversity and representation. Some of the Board members are elected, some are
appointed, and some are elected and then appointed. The Board represents different
constituents. The Committee is very hopeful that the slate that they introduce reflects the
diversity that they seek, that this Board must seek, that this University must seek and that
our community must seek. She called upon Mr. Russ Williams, a member of the
Nominating Committee, to present the slate of officers to the Board.

       Mr. Williams moved that the following members of the Board of Trustees serve in
the following positions for next year:

              Mr. Billy Joe Miles, Chair
              Mr. Steven S. Reed, Vice Chair
              Ms. JoEtta Wickliffe, Secretary


- 3 -

      Ms. Sparks seconded the motion, and it carried.

      Mr. Miles returned to the Chairperson role and asked for the nominations for the
Executive Committee.

      Dr. Plattner called upon Mr. Jack Guthrie to present the Nominating Committee' s

      Mr. Guthrie said the Nominating Committee is pleased to recommend the
following Trustees for service on the Executive Committee of the Board. He stated that
all of the individuals have agreed to serve, if so elected, and moved that the following
individuals be named:

             Mr. Paul Chellgren
             Ms. Marianne Smith Edge
             Dr. Loys Mather, Chairperson
             Dr. Robert Meriwether
             Mr. Steven Reed
             Ms. JoEtta Wickliffe, ex officio

      Mr. Miles asked for any nominations from the floor.

      The motion made by Mr. Guthrie and seconded by Ms. Wilson carried.

      Ms. Plattner thanked Ms. Marian Sims, Ms. Alice Sparks and Ms. Elaine Wilson,
who have served for two years very capably as members of the Executive Committee.
She expressed appreciation for their leadership.

      Ms. May said she has watched the Board struggle with a period of growth and
change and apparently a tremendous opening and transparency which appears to be
serving the organization very well. The Board has heard about shared governance and
read about it in the newspaper, but if they went back and looked at the Minutes, there
would be no official commitment of the Board that would be legally there for anyone to
see that says that this is a concept that has been adopted by the Board and will govern the
organization, henceforth, until the Board adopts something else.

       She said that Dr. Todd has his mission that is driving the University, but, in her
opinion, it is also important for the Board to have some kind of official statement stating
the Board does believe in shared governance. The Board does believe it is important that
all Board members be involved and that the officers work together as a unit. Everybody
should be involved. She stated that she was concerned that the Board has not officially
taken that position. In her opinion, this is an important message, and the message is too
important to be lost.

      Mr. Miles said Ms. May' s point is well taken, and it really centers on his
commitment last year to serve two years. He said that everyone has read enough about


- 4 -

this in the paper, and he and Mr. Reed did not need to comment. He said it really gives
one a guilty feeling to say that and then do something else. He reminded the Board that
they talked about that last year in the Bylaws.

       Mr. Miles said that Peggy Way would be sending out a letter regarding the Board
members preference for serving on Board committees. He said that he thought they were
able to appoint everyone to their preferred committees last year. He noted that the
President appoints Board members to various boards, such as the Athletic Association
Board of Directors and the University of Kentucky Hospital Board of Directors. In the
letter that Ms. Way sends out, Board members will have an opportunity to indicate their
interests in serving on these boards as well as other boards.

       Mr. Miles asked Ms. May to prepare a recommendation regarding shared
governance for the next Board meeting.

       Ms. Sparks reminded the Board members that they did formally ratify that by
changing the Governing Regulations to have term limits. That was done about a year and
a half ago. There were no term limits prior to that, and it was saying quite a bit when the
Board did that. She added that the terms are four years.

       Mr. Guthrie reminded the Board that they determined at the Board workshop that
the Board should take a look at the committee structure since they have had it for a
couple of years and determine whether it needs any adjustment.

       Mr. Miles appointed Dr. Mather to be in charge of reviewing the committee

       President Todd thanked Dr. Plattner and the Nominating Committee and
expressed appreciation to them for their hard work. He also expressed appreciation to
those willing to serve in the appointed positions. He noted that the positions are
important and thanked them for their willingness to serve.

       E.    Assistant Secretary to the Board of Trustees Appointed

       Mr. Miles noted that the position of Assistant Secretary to the Board was
inadvertently omitted. He asked Mr. Dick Plymale to continue serving as the Assistant
Secretary to the Board.

       F.    Comments about the University

       President Todd commented about the behavior of the University community
during the tragic situation with the World Trade Center a week ago. He said everyone
should be extremely proud of the way that the institution handled the situation. People of
diverse backgrounds came together in time of a crisis. When President George Bush
called for a day of prayer last Friday, President Todd said that he asked a few people to
put together a very meaningful service on Friday where many of our students


- 5 -

participated. The newspaper recorded that there were 6,000 people in attendance, and it
was truly an impressive occurrence. He said he could not be prouder of how everybody
responded to the event at this point in time.

      G.    Commission on the Status of Women Announcement

      President Todd reminded the Board of the July 5, 2001 Executive Committee
meeting. At that meeting, he announced the new organizational structure and mentioned
one of the commissions that he would be establishing, the Commission on the Status of
Women. He announced that Professor Carolyn Bratt will chair the Commission. She has
been with the University for 27 years and has been a real leader in women' s efforts
around the campus in an unpaid position gathering information, making
recommendations, and chairing committees. In his opinion, this assignment is

      He reported that he had the good fortune of speaking to several women candidates
who had been pointed out to him as potential leaders on campus, and the interviewing
process was a very fruitful part of the exercise. He said he had asked Professor Bratt to
attend the Board meeting to be recognized in her role as chairperson and to make any
comments she would like to make.

      Professor Bratt stated that this is a very, very important day for the University of
Kentucky. She made the following statement:

      "President Todd' s decision to appoint a presidential Commission on Women is a
      powerful statement that there is now an institutional commitment to making UK
      women employees and students full and equal members of the University
      community. I know that I speak for all the women on campus when I say to you,
      thank you. Thank you for your willingness to recognize that there is a problem
      and thank you for your willingness to commit your office and the resources of the
      University to the task of eradicating that problem."

      Professor Bratt recognized the individuals in the audience for their selfless work
and tireless commitment to this task. She said these were just a few of more than the 50
people who have served over the past 12 years on the Senate Council Ad Hoc Committee
on the Status of Women that is probably on record as being the longest standing Ad Hoc
Committee at the University. Professor Bratt introduced the Chair of that Ad Hoc
Committee, Dr. Susan Scollay; a graduate student member, Jenny Hoobler, who is a
doctoral candidate in the College of Business and Economics; Dr. Gretchen LaGodna,
who is now retired but has continued to serve on the Committee; and Board of Trustees
member Loys Mather, who was Senate Council chair who appointed the original Ad Hoc
Committee. Professor Bratt recognized their work and thanked them for being supportive
through the years. She particularly thanked President Todd for appointing the
Commission. She noted that the most recent report of the Ad Hoc Committee is on line
and distributed cards with the www address. She invited the Board to log on and see


                                        - 6 -

what the Ad Hoc Committee found when they updated their 10-year report this past

       H.     President' s Report to the Board of Trustees (PR 1)

       President Todd said he would highlight a few things in PR 1. He called attention
to the following items:

       I1.   The first item is the record number of students coming to UK for the 2001-
              2002 academic year. He called upon Provost Nietzel to present the profile
              of the university' s enrollment report. He noted that the numbers have just
              been gathered and said he is quite pleased with them.

              Provost Nietzel provided a PowerPoint presentation summarizing this
              year' s fall figures and a comparison to the prior five years. He, also,
              provided a written summary of his presentation to each of the Board
              members. A summary of the major points made by Provost Nietzel in his
              presentation of preliminary fall enrollment statistics follows:

              *  From Fall 2000 to Fall 2001, total enrollment for the University
                  System and LCC is up by approximately 4.8 percent;
              *  University System enrollment, excluding LCC, has shown a good
                 increase over the last two years;
              *  Nonresident enrollment has shown gains over the last two years,
                 reversing the recent decline;
              *  Undergraduate enrollment is approximately 17,311, the largest total in
                 the five-year period;
              *  Graduate enrollment, including postdoctoral scholars, is over 5,500.
                 This is nearly a 10 percent increase over the prior year and is believed
                 to be a record high;
              *  First professional enrollment remains fairly stable, although the first-
                 year pharmacy class is the largest ever in the University' s history;
              *  LCC enrollment has increased by approximately 9 percent, an
                 indication that they are responding very well to access expectations;
              *  There is an overall increase in African-American enrollment, with
                 much of the increase at the graduate level;
              *  Enrollment of transfer students is up, and this has reversed a decline
                 that many state institutions have also been experiencing;
              *  Although there are fewer National Merit Scholars in the freshman
                 class, the number of Governor' s Scholars and the number of high
                 school valedictorians has increased significantly; and
              *  A comparison of entering freshmen ACT scores to state and national
                 ACT scores shows that the University is capturing a very well
                 qualified group of students.


- 7 -

              He said he would be pleased to answer any questions. (See PowerPoint
              presentation at the end of the Minutes.)

              President Todd reported that last year Provost Nietzel was Dean of the
              Graduate School. One of the innovative programs that he put in place was
              called the GIFT program where people who were not enrolled previously
              in Graduate School or were not a part of a degree program could take one
              three-hour class for free. Approximately 600 people took advantage of
              that program. This year 30% have returned to the University and are
              paying for their work. President Todd praised Provost Nietzel and stated
              that more employees of the University need to be more entrepreneurial in
              other efforts.

      2.     President Shumaker, President Todd and Governor Patton held a press
              conference announcing an agreement to increase cooperation and
              collaboration between the state' s two research universities. President
              Todd noted that the University of Kentucky and the University of
              Louisville recently had their annual joint Board meeting and had received
              some very favorably press.

       3.     UK research productivity reached $181 million, a 16.6% increase over the
              previous year. That is certainly to be an indicator of the quality of the
              research faculty.

      4.     The College of Medicine is ranked 26 th among public medical schools and
              53rd among all medical schools for NIH funding. Six research areas are
              ranked in the top 20 for NIH funding among all categories of public
              institutions. This is another real bragging point.

       5.    UK licensing revenue of $2.3 million has been the result of 66 license
              agreements. Twelve licenses were granted last year, an area of focus we
              need to continue to increase.

       6.    UK biomedical engineering student, Letetia Richardson, was awarded a
              Role Model Citation by Minority Access, Inc. She represents UK
              extremely well.

       7.     The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has reaffirmed the
              accreditation of Lexington Community College.

      He asked the Board to review the significant activities of the students, faculty, and
staff in the report and congratulate those people if they saw them.


- 8 -

      I.    Personnel Actions (PR 2)

      President Todd said that PR 2 had been circulated with the Board packets. He
recommended approval of the personnel actions listed in PR 2 and said he would be
pleased to answer any questions. On motion made by Ms. Wilson, seconded by Ms. Sims
and carried, PR 2 was approved. (See PR 2 at the end of the Minutes.)

      J.    Proposed Amendments to the Governing Regulations (PR 3A)

      President Todd said the proposed amendments to the Government Regulations are
circulated at this time so the Board will be able to read them, think about them, and get
back with any questions or clarifications they may have. He pointed out some of the
reasons for these amendments:

       Titles have been changed to reflect the organizational changes that the Board
       approved in August of 2001.

       The role of this Board in relation to Community College System is revised
       consistent with earlier agreements between the Board of Trustees and the
       Kentucky Community and Technical College System.

             These agreements were prompted by certain requirements of the Southern
             Association of Colleges and Schools, the accreditation authority for both
             institutions. That is something that had not been done previously so we
             took the opportunity to go ahead and make those changes in this revision.

             Part XV is removed as a Governing Regulation. It remains as a Kentucky
             Revised Statute and is not within the authority of this Board to change.

             Because some of these revisions may affect academic policies, we have
             asked the University Senate to review these revisions. Bill Fortune will be
             getting their feedback.

      While PR 3A is not an action item, it must remain upon the table for thirty days so
the Board will have plenty of time to consider the amendments. After the proposed
amendments are final, the Governing Regulations will be revised consistent with the

      K.    Approval of New Policy Regarding Retiring Staff (PR 3B)

      President Todd said that PR 3B is recommending approval of a new policy
regarding retiring staff members, a policy that the University has had in position for
retiring faculty. The recommendation is that the Board approve a policy allowing the
University to confer the status of Emeritus Staff. This policy does not cost the University
anything. It is a new way to recognize people who have made tremendous contributions



to the University. He said he thinks the policy will be extremely well received by the

       The description of the background is in the action item. The new policy would
grant this title to a member of staff who has at least 15 years of continuous University
service; is serving, at the time of retirement, in a staff position requiring a level of
expertise that can only be gained through prolonged period of outstanding University
service; evidences extraordinary and meritorious contributions to the fulfillment of the
mission of the goals of the University; and has made noteworthy contributions to the
nominee's professional field. President Todd said he would like to have the policy
approved in honor of the staff.

       Mr. Williams said he is enthusiastically supportive of this policy. It is an
opportunity to send a message to the long-term staff of the institution. Particularly, we
care about you, and we appreciate the work that you do. Not surprisingly, we do not talk
about it often enough. We have staff members who devote their entire careers to the
institution. It is not unusual to have people with 25, 30, 35 or 40 years of service. This is
a fine way to acknowledge that service and to thank the long-term employees. He said he
appreciated President Todd bringing this policy forward. He moved its passage. Mr.
Reed seconded the motion and it carried.

       L.     Change in Name of an Educational Unit (AACR 1)

       Ms. Sparks reminded the Board that AACR 1 was on the Consent Agenda. She
reported that the Academic Affairs Committee had a lengthy discussion regarding the
name change. It passed unanimously and without any problems.

       M.    Acceptance of Audit Report for the University of Kentucky for
              2000-01 (FCR 1)

       Mr. Chellgren, Chairman of the Finance Committee, reported that the Audit
Subcommittee of the Finance Committee had met quite extensively with the engagement
partner of Deloitte & Touche, the university's external auditors. The Subcommittee
reviewed the nature of the external audit and would like to bring a number of matters to
the Board' s attention.

       He reported that the outside auditors have issued a clean, unqualified opinion on
the financial statements of the University for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2001.
There are no exceptions that have been noted and brought to the Finance Committee and
the Board' s attention. The external auditors issued two additional letters. One of them is
called a SAS 61 letter which covers about 10 to 12 items regarding (1) the responsibilities
of the external auditors under generally accepted auditing standards, (2) changes and
significant accounting policies, both retroactively for this past fiscal year and
prospectively for the current fiscal year, that have been made, (3) an emphasis on the
management judgments and accounting estimates that are included in the financial
statements, that is various allowances and estimates of accrual and reserves, highlighting


- 10 -

any audit adjustments and highlighting any disagreements with management, (4)
complications with other accountants, and (5) difficulties in performing the audit
management advisory services.

       Again, the auditors made reference to the point that, as always, an external audit
does include certain sampling and testing procedures. They are not duplicating the
accounts and records of the institution or testing all the transactions that an organization
of this or any other institution would actually conduct. The financial statements are the
responsibility of management and that is something that needs to be kept in mind. There
are no material audit adjustments. Actually, the financial statements are prepared
somewhat more conservatively than they would really need to be to be consistent with
both generally accepted accounting principles and government accounting standards.

       The auditors also gave their letter on internal control, and this letter did indicate
they were not aware of any issues of compliance with laws, regulation contracts and
grants that would have any material effect on the consulted financial statements of the
University nor were they aware of any breaches or weaknesses of the internal control
over financial reporting that could effect the books and records of the financial statements
of the University. With that, the Audit Subcommittee felt very comfortable when
recommending FCR 1 to the Finance Committee, and the Finance Committee feels very
comfortable in recommending the acceptance of FCR 1 to the Board.

       Mr. Chellgren reported that the other item the Audit Subcommittee dealt with was
to approve the administration moving forward with the expiration of the contract after six
years of excellent performance with Deloitte & Touche who have been the external
auditors for six years. Under proper procedure, it is time to issue a Request for Proposal
(RFP) to similarly qualified, nationally recognized certified public accounting firms to
consider the audit for the forthcoming fiscal year of the University. The Audit
Subcommittee approved the administration moving forward to issue an RFP. Upon the
recommendation of the Subcommittee and the Finance Committee, Mr. Chellgren moved
the Acceptance of the Audit Report for the University of Kentucky for the fiscal year that
ended June 30, 2001. Mr. Guthrie seconded the motion, and it carried.

       N.     Capital Construction Report (FCR 2)

       Mr. Chellgren said that FCR 2 is the recurring quarterly review of the capital
construction projects. The capital budget is quite significant, and the Board receives a
quarterly report in detail by project that is submitted to the Finance Committee and
reviewed in detail with particular focus on the exceptions and the overrun major contract
change notices. He moved the approval of FCR 2. His motion, seconded by Mr. Reed,
passed. (See FCR 2 at the end of the Minutes.)

       0.     University of Kentucky Eye Foundation, Inc. (FCR 3)

       Mr. Chellgren reported that FCR 3 was withdrawn from the Finance Committee
and will be dealt with at a subsequent meeting.


- 11 -

      P.    Gifts and Pledges (FCR 4-18)

      Mr. Chellgren said that FCR 4-18 were a continuation of a very regular and
enjoyable practice of receiving gifts to the University. He said he would deal with them
as a group, 4-18 inclusively, rather than having individual motions for each of the items.
He mentioned each of the following items for the record:

      FCR 4 -      a pledge of $250,000 from Cardiology Associates of Kentucky of
                    Lexington, Kentucky, to establish and endow the Cardiology
                    Associates of Kentucky Fellowships for the Division of Cardiology
                    in the College of Medicine. This pledge is eligible for matching
                    funds for the Research Challenge Trust Fund (RCTF).

      FCR 5 -      a gift of $100,000 and a pledge of $200,000 from George
                    Strawbridge of Wilmington, Delaware, to the Lucille P. Markey
                    Cancer Center in the College of Medicine

      FCR 6 -      a gift of $35,000 and a pledge of $6,000 from the estate of Violet
                    Irene Eads of Lexington, Kentucky, and a pledge of $15,000 from
                    the Lexington Lions Club, to establish the Eads Endowment for
                    Eye Tissue Research in the UK Lions Eye Bank in the College of
                    Medicine' s Department of Ophthalmology.

      FCR 7 -      a pledge of $50,000 from Merck & Co. to be added to the endowed
                    Merck Professorship in Pulmonary Medicine in the College of

      FCR 8 -      a pledge of $200,000 from Michael D. Rankin, a physician from
                    Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Dr. Rankin is a graduate of the
                    University. This will be used to support the community college
                    endowments for medical students from Boyle, Casey, Garrard,
                    Lincoln and Mercer counties in the College of Medicine.

      FCR 9 -      gifts of almost $19,650 and pledges of almost $53,700 from 11
                    donors to the Zantker Professorship in Judaic Studies in the
                    College of Arts and Sciences. This is also to be matched by the
                    Research Challenge Trust Fund.

      FCR 10 -     a pledge of $50,000 from Richard K. and Anne Brautigam of
                    Brunswick, Maine to create and endow the Richard K. Brautigam
                    Professorship in Juvenile, Criminal and Social Justice in the
                    College of Social Work.

      FCR 11 -     a pledge of $50,000 from t