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The Cats' Pause
What Does The Future Hold For UK Athletics?
Winston Bennett Hel
U.S. Bring Home The Gold In Jones Cup
*Kentucky basketball player Kenny Walker was  named Most Valuable Player of the National Sports Festival leading his South team to the gold medal in the tournament.
Walker averaged 17 points and six rebounds per game. He was 27 of 49 from the field.
For his performance in the tourna ment, Walker was named to be a part of a 12-man team that will travel to Spain on a junior men's team to play
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for the junior world title. UK freshman James Blackmon was also named to the U.S team.
"The University of Kentucky Athletics Association voted to allocate $3 million towards a swimming facility at the University. The facility will cost an estimated $5 million and hopes are that the the other $2 million can be raised   through   private donations.
Presently, the only swimming facility on campus is a pool in Memorial Coliseum.
*In the National Basketball Association draft, three Kentucky players were selected. Dirk Minniefield, UK's point guard, was taken in the second round by Dallas, but was traded to the New Jersey Nets. Derrick Hord was the 67th pick overall, being drafted by Cleveland in the third round. The third
UK player was Charles Hurt, who was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in the sixth round.
Former University of Kentucky track All-American Mark Nenow won the Bluegrass 10,000 meter road race held in Lexington on the Fourth of July in a record time of 29 minutes and 14 seconds. The previous record time was 29:56.
*The University of Kentucky basketball schedule was released and it includes Houston, Louisville, Indiana, Purdue, Illinois and Kansas on the preconference schedule to go with the regular season SEC lineup.
'It has to be one of the finest college basketball schedules ever," said UK Coach Joe B. Hall.
*UK junior golfer Russ Cochran lost the individual championship of the Southeastern Conference in a sudden death playoff, thereby earning Cochran the right to play in the NCAA Golf Championships in Winston-Salem, N.C. Cochran lost the SEC title to LSU's Wayne DeFrancesca after both had a   54-hole  total  score  of 212.
*LSU captured the annual Bernie Moore trophy symbolic of the strongest overall athletic program in the SEC. LSU finished with 61 total points, while runner-up Tennessee collected 55 points. Kentucky placed seventh with 39 points.
The Kentucky All-Stars defeated the best from Indiana in the annual high school series. Kentucky won the first game of the two-game series by a 78-59 score.
Wildcat Quiz
Returning SEC Leaders
1. Which of the following returning SEC running backs had the highest yards rushed per game average in 1983?
a) Bo Jackson of Auburn
b) George Adams of Kentucky
c) Johnnie Jones of Tennessee
d) Ricky Moore of Alabama
2. What is the name of the receiver, who caught the most passes per game last season?
a) Keith Edwards
b) Vanderbilt
c) Dwayne Dixon
d) Buford McGee What   school is
5. Who is the top returning scorer?
a) Bo Jackson of Auburn
b) Bobby Raymond of Florida
c) Kevin Butler
d) Juan Betanzos
6. What position returning play?
does   the top
the receiver in
question 2 from?
a) Georgia
b) Vanderbilt
c) Florida
d) Mississippi State
4. Who is the top rated returning quarterback according to SEC stats.?
a) Jeff Wickersham of LSU
b) Bill Ransdell of Kentucky
c) Jeff Lastinger of LSU
d) Alan Cockrell of Tennessee
33SS3UU3J_ - q oi
|Mfl J unoqres mc^ si it 'ssibj puooas   sem   saAejAT  Auox   'sa^ g ApuByv jo 3Sbj uny[ - p 7,
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SpjEMpg q]I3>I - B "j
jiiqjapuEA - q
J33SS3UU3X   JO   S3U0f   SlUUqof   -   0 -T
j-10 correct - Big Blue Trivia Expert 5-7 correct - Wildcat Wiz 3-4 correct - Average Fan 0 0 correct - Barely Blue
a) Running back
b) Quarterback enlace kicker d) Wide receiver
7. Who led the SEC in total offense last season and will also be returning to play again this season?
a) Johnnie Jones of Tennessee
b) Bo Jackson of Auburn
c) Jeff Wickersham of LSU
d) Kurt Page of Vanderbilt
8. Does Kentucky have a returning player that was in the top 5 last year in kickoff returns?
Yes or No
9. The top returning punter is from Florida.
True or False
10. The top returning interceptor is Charles Davis. What school is he from?
a) Georgia
b) Tennessee
c) Mississippi State
d) Ole Miss
Bo Jackson
George Adams
Alan Cockrell Tough Decisions Essential To UKAA
If you're seeing a happier and more confident foe B. Hall these days, it could be the direct result of gubernatorial action some six weeks ago which has been largely ignored by the media of this state. *
And if you're one of those annual critics of the Wildcat basketball coach, you probably would be wise to either (A) move out of the state, (B) switch your support to another school or (C) subscribe to the theory "if you can't whip them, then join them."
There are those close to the scene who were not surprised when Hall was quickly awarded a new five-year contract after the Final Four in Seattle. Forget for the moment UK had finished in the top eight for the second straight season. Forget for the moment that Hall continues to prove with his record that he is one of the game's very best coaches. t
There are still some who believe he should win a national title at least every three years. Those folks might as well forget their crusade. Joe B. Hall is here to stay.
Why you ask?
Well, about six weeks ago, Governor Martha Layne Collins announced three appointments to the University of Trustees, the group which forced the athletics board (UKAA) last year to study the policy of not playing Louisville. While the board's action was a public jesture to just reconsider the existing policy, members of the UKAA knew full well that it was a non-compromising directive and not a mere suggestion.
The man who was instrumental in the trustee's decision to reunite the two schools in basketball battle was board chairman William B. Sturgill, a Lexington coal executive who has been instrumental in state educational matters and politics for several years. His seat on the board was one of those which were due to be filled this spring. He was not reappointed. Sturgill's contributions to UK's educational success cannot be minumized.
While the decision not to reappoint him might be construed as a backlash of the UK-UL decision, this wasn't the case. Sturgill made the 'mistake to support a losing candidate for governor, that being Louisville Mayor Harvey Sloane. The man who replaced him? Well, that's another matter.
One trustee, Edith Hayes of Lexington was reappointed to the board. The third board member whose term has expired, A. Miles, was not reappointed.
During those days of the UK-UL debate, Hall was shocked when the board of trustees and athletics board abandoned the long-standing policy so quickly, especially when their own coach was against the change.
According to those  close  to the
Robert McCowan Cap Hershey Jim Rose
program, it was the second major confrontation to Hall's authority of operating the basketball program as most coaches do. The vote from both UK groups indicated Hall had some strong support, even against the board majority control and high UK officials. But it was still a clear minority. Academic and athletic personnel don't always agree.
Hall's minority of a year ago is very close to becoming a majority in the future.
First of all, London coal executive Jim Rose was named to the UK Board of Trustees by Governor Collins. The news was no more than an eight-second mention on one television newscast in Lexington. The sports desk of the local media is yet to make any
Jim Rose is one of Joe B. Hall's closest friends and confidents. For the past several years, Jim Rose has watch almost as many recruits in action at high school gyms as Joe B. And for good reason, Jim has been riding shotgun on his private plane with Hall most of the time. The two are almost like brothers. Period.
One less negative vote for Hall, add one   on   the   Hall   bulletin board.
And then the crusher. Whether it was intended that way or not, as Sturgill's departure was being revealed, his replacement was being announced. The man's name is Cap Hershey.
Many people across the state thought it was a new version of the
Postal Inspectors Request Info On Mail Order Form
Some six months ago, an advertisement appeared in The Cats' Pause which has resulted in numerous complaints to the TCP offices. With the help of our subscribers, we hope to obtain some official action against the advertiser.
The firm, MCO, Inc., of Columbus, Ohio, advertised UK sweat suits for sale and we've had numerous complaints that orders have not been filled.
TCP has already turned information and some complaints over to the Postal Inspectors Division of the U.S Postal Service.
The USPS has requested that we ask all our subscribers who have ordered the sweat suits and not received them, to send details to: Marge Rizzo, Postal
Inspectors Division, United States Postal Service, Cincinnati, Ohio. You may also phone Ms. Rizzo by calling (513) 684-5700.
At this time, we have been unable to determine if anyone who ordered the suits has received them. If you placed an order and you DID receive the goods, we would appreciate you letting us know that information also.
TCP regrets this unfortunate situation, but we did require street address, bank reference and company telephone number before running the advertisements. The firm apparently went out of business about two months ago, but Postal authorities have assured us they will pursue legal action on behalf of those people who have placed mail orders.
famous candy bar. If it were, Joe B. would have purchased a couple truckloads right off the assembly line. No, Cap Hershey is a wealthy Central Kentucky horseman who is probably closer to Joe B. than his best fishing buddy. Fact is, he probably is Joe's best fishing buddy along with Lexington attorney Terry McBrayer, another fellow who is on (guess what) the UK Board of Trustees. And the recent selection of Ashland's Robert McCowan as chairman, gives the board one of, if not the, most competent leaders in the country.
What's so important about these two decisions is the fact that Joe B. Hall's support on the board of trustees is at its highest peak. If Governor Collins' appointments over the next three years continue at the present pace, Joe B. might just be in line for the presidency when Dr. Otis Single-tary retires in a few years or so.
Well, not exactly. Hall wouldn't go for that route, even it it were available. But Hall now feels he won't have to wear the "whipping boy" label any longer. He doesn't have to look over his shoulder at each street corner. And if Joe B. just happens to grin occasionally,   now  you  know why.
A couple Wildcat supporters close to the innner-workings of the UK program have asked us in recent weeks what we think will be the immediate impact of the two new board members.
It could be as little as nothing or as big as a major overhaul within the athletics department. These two men have a genuine interest in all UK sports. It goes without saying that UK's annual finish near the bottom of the SEC's all-sports standings con-continued On Page 23) Mike Whitaker And Charles White Quit UK Football Team
MOVING ON. . .Quarterback Mike Whitaker, along with Charles White, a defensive end, have decided to transfer to another school to play football.
Two Kentucky football players will not return to  the  squad  this fall.
Mike Whitaker, a sophomore backup quarterback, and Charles White, a backup defensive end, have both decided to pursue their careers elsewhere. Whitaker is headed to Eastern Kentucky University while it is unknown where White will be going.
Whitaker, who redshirted last year, was listed third team after spring practice. However, he had shown progress in the spring. Despite that, Whitaker felt his playing time was limited in the future at Kentucky and that he would see more action at Eastern.
"Mike felt he had a better chance to play at Eastern and I'm sure he does,'' said Kentucky Coach Jerry Claiborne.
Claiborne added, "we are sorry Mike left. We wish him well and we hope he has a good career. We always hate to lose someone from our program."
Whitaker apparently decided after spring practice that he was leaving. Bill Ransdell and Kevin Dooley were the starting quarterbacks in the spring game. Whitaker did come in and hit two of five passes for 25 yards. He also ran for one score.
Whitaker was quoted in the Lexington Herald as saying he should not have come to Kentucky in the first place. He said it was his own mistake but he came to UK because "I had Big Blue fever."
The 6-2, 200-pound Whitaker came to UK as a heralded prepster from Leslie Country High. He threw for over 7,000 yards and 30 touchdowns in high school.
As a freshman at Kentucky, he saw action in 15 plays during the 0-10-1 season. In three games, he hit four of ten passes  tor 39  yards  with two interceptions.
It was expected he would battle for more time last year. However, he fell behind the spring after his freshman year when he missed most of spring practice due to sickness.
Claiborne said Whitaker talked to him about the transfer but added "I think his mind was already made up."
Whitaker will have to sit out one year before becoming eligible at Eastern.
White would have been a redshirt freshman this coming season. He was listed low on the depth chart after spring ball and was not expected to play a great deal this season.
"Charles called me and said he felt he had a better chance of playing at a lower level," said Claiborne. "I don't know where he is planning to go."
White was a 6-0, 205-pounder from Christian County High School in Hopkinsville, which is Claiborne's hometown. He was noted for having good speed. He was a prep teammate of Jerry Reese, one of the most highly-touted UK frosh last year.
Cats On Most
In SEC TV Schedule
Southeastern Conference basketball teams will appear on television 27 times during the regular season for hte 1984-85 year. In addition, five games of the annual SEC Basketball Tournament, which will be in Birmingham March 6-9,  will also be televised.
The University of Kentucky will play before the cameras a total of four times on the Lorimar Sports Network (formerly Sports Productions Inc.) and also make six appearances on either the CBS or NBC network game. The Auburn Tigers, Tennessee Volunteers and LSU Tigers will also make four sundication appearances. Since four television games are the maximum number of sundicated appearances that one school will make during the season, all SEC schools will be on the SEC package/Lorimar network at least twice.
3rd-	-Mississippi State at Alabama	Thursday,	8:	00	pm	EST
5 th-	-Florida at Auburn	Saturday,	4:	00	pm	EST
10th-	-Florida at Vanderbilt	Thursday,	8	00	pm	EST
12 th-	-Kentucky at Alabama	Saturday,	4	00	pm	EST
17 th-	-LSU at Ole Miss	Thursday,	8	00	pm	EST
19 th-	-Ole Miss at Mississippi St.	Saturday,	4	00	pm	EST
24th-	-Ole Miss at Auburn	Thursday,	8	00	pin	EST
26 th-	-Alabama at Florida	Saturday,	4	00	pm	EST
31st-	-LSU at Kentucky	Thursday,	8	00	pm	EST
y 2nd-	-Georgia at LSU	Saturday,	4	:00	pm	EST
7 th-	-Kentucky at Vanderbilt	Thursday,	8	:00	pm	EST
9 th-	-Tennessee at Auburn	Saturday,	4	:00	pm	EST
14th-	-LSU at Tennessee	Thursday.	8	:00	pm	EST
16th-	-Tennessee at Va lerbilt	Saturday,	4	:00	pm	EST
21st-	-Georgia at Auburr.	Thursday,	8	:00	pm	EST
23rd-	-To Be Announced	Saturday,	4	:00	pm	EST
28th-	-Tennessee at Kentucky	Thursday,	8	:00	pm	EST
2ndTo Be Announced		Saturday,	4	:00	pm	EST
SEC NETWORK TELEVISION APPEARANCES December 8thKentucky at Indiana January 5thTBA at Kentucky January 27thKentucky at Tennessee February 2ndKentucky at Auburn February 9thLSU at Alabama February 10thNorth Carolina at LSU February 16thLSU at Syracuse February 23rdGeorgia at Kentucky March 2ndKentucky at LSU
Saturday, TBA (NBC Sports) Saturday, 1:00 pm EST (CBS Sports) Sunday, 1:30 pm EST (CBS Sports) Saturday, TBA (NBC Sports) Saturday, 2:00 pm EST (CBS Sports) Sunday, TBA (NBC Sports) Saturday, 1:30 pm EST (CBS Sports) Saturday, TBA (NBC Sports) Saturday, TBA (NBC Sports)
In the SEC Tournament, two quarter final games and both semi-final games wi.1 5
Winston Bennett Goes To War Overseas As U.S. Wins Gold In Jones Cup Games
You can take Winston Bennett out of the country; you can't take the game out of Winston Bennett.
The Kentucky sophomore-to-be helped the U.S win the Jones Cup International Tournament in Taipie, Taiwan   this   past   July.   As usual,
Winston let his presence be felt in more ways than one.
He played well enough to make the all-tournament team. Along the way, he made sure no one was going to rough up the red-white and blue boys.
"I just went out there like a blur, hit him with a forearm and he went out cold. I rushed back to the bench," Bennett says of a shot that decked Terry White of the Italian team.
Before you think twice, don't get the idea Winston was playing dirtv. He was one of the last players to enter a bench-clearing brawl. Yet when Winston got involved, the fracas took an immediate halt.
The incident went something like this.. .
White had been pushing himself around in games leading up to the contest with the U.S. The Italian who is playing college ball in the U.S, White was quickly earning a reputation as a player without the cleanest of tactics.
Winston Was
Our Leader.
Roland Wierwille, the Berea College coach who was the U.S. assistant, said he had noticed White dishing out blows   earlier   in   the tournament.
"He has been throwing some cheap shots throughout the tournament," said Wierwille. "I told Lute Olsen (U.S head coach) that I hoped White was smart enough not to do that against us.
White was not so smart. Both Bennett and Wierwille said that all during the game, White was dishing out blows to U.S player Mark Alarie, a star at Duke. Finally, on one loose ball off a rebound, White took Alarie to the floor. Suddenly, White was beating up on Alarie, who was lying on the floor.
Bennett was not in the game at the time of the incident. He sat and hoped matters would quickly clear up. They did not, so he took action.
"TYhe benches had cleared and I was still sitting. Finally, I just got enraged. I had to do something. It was an instinctive reaction. I like to protect my teammates and I feel they will protect me."
Wierwille seconded the notion that Bennett was one of the last to get involved, but that he immediately made his involvement felt.
"Winston did not take long to let Mr. White know tht he had done the wrong thing," said Wierwille.
"I just saw this flash go by. All of the sudden, it was over. I told someone that it was the quickest move I had ever seen.''
Bennett was so quick, in fact, that
few knew he had thrown the lasting blow. Bennett was wearing number 13. Olden Polynice, a Virginia center playing for the U.S., was wearing number 14.
When the incident was over, the officials kicked out White, Alarie and Polynice, thinking it had been number 14 who caused the damage. The United States went on to win 107-80 en route to a nine-game sweep of the tourney.
It is Bennett's intensity and fierce style that has long been a trademark of his game. He showed no fear as a rookie to the college wars last season and he took that attitude overseas.
"Winston was our leader," said Wierwille. "He is a quiet type leader but when he does say something, people listen. Winston is just a coaches player. He is a pleasure to be around.
"There may be kids who play as hard as he does but they don't have his kind of talent. A kid with that kind of ability usually does not play that fierce and intense. Winston is different."
For the nine-game stretch, Bennettt averaged 11.4 points and 3.6 rebounds He shot 54.9 percent from the field and 78.1 percent from the line. The stats were somewhat deceiving in that each player usually played only about half of the game.
No team got within 15 points of the U.S except for Spain, which lost 79-76 in the tournament opener. Bennett scored 22 in that game.
"No one's stats were really what they could have been because we played everyone about equal time," said Wierwille.
Wierwille said even when Bennett was sitting on the bench, he was involved in the game.
"When Winston was sitting out, iie was cheering everyone on. He was a leader in practice. He was always encouraging his teammates. And of course, on the court he is just a tremendous competitor and no one gets in his way."
What was encouraging to Bennett was the way he played. A key sixth man for Kentucky a year ago, Bennett is being counted on to ease the rebuilding process caused by the loss of four senior starters.
"It really helped my confidence," Bennett said of the games. "I was able to play against guys older than me and do well. Plus I was going against guys like Brad Daugherty (North Carolina) and Rafael Anderson (Syracuse) everyday in practice. Anytime you can start on a team with guys like that, it has to help your game."
Bennett, known more for his power than finesse, also got the opportunity to work on and improve his perimeter game.
"We ran a motion offense and I was playing on the wing, kind of like a shooting forward," says Bennett. "It was an excellent experience and opportunity for me to prove I could play outside. I am noted as a defensive player but I need to establish my offense.
"I had no trouble at all adapting to going outside. I loved it. I was shooting outside and I will have to do
more of that this coming year. I learned a lot and I matured a lot."
Wierwille said he definitely saw a better version of the Bennett perimeter game than he had seen before.
"He was especially good in the transition game. He would pull up an hit the 15-16 footer. Then if they played him honest, he would kick it inside," said Wierwille.
Was Wierwille surprised at how Bennett adjusted to going outside?
"No. Anyone that works that hard will just keep improving and improving," said Wierwille.
Adjusting to the food was not quite as easy for Winston.
"After the first night, I sent a postcard to may parents and told them how bad the food was. I told them to get the food ready at home because I would not be eating for the next two weeks and I would be hungry when I got home."
Bennett learned quickly it was feast or famine. By day two, he was chowing down on the Japanese cuisine.
"I actually started liking it. I was eating all the time," he says.
Bennett would have loved to have played for the U.S. Olympic team this summer. However, he feels he experienced the next best thing by bringing the gold home from Taiwan.
"This was as close to the Olympic gold as I will get. They had the same type of ceremony when we won. I got the feel of what the Olympics would be like. They played our national anthem. It felt patriotic, representing the United States.
"The entire trip was something I would not trade it for anything. It was an experience that will stay with me for a lifetime. We got to see a lot of the history of Taiwan. It also made me see the greatness of the United States. It makes me appreciate what we have. The people over there rolled out the red carpet for us, but I was sure glad to get back home."
Nonetheless, he left his mark on Japan.
WINSTON DRIVES. . .Winston Bennett was one of the leaders of the U.S team that won the gold medal in the Jones Cup tournament held in Taiwan. Five Wildcats Pondering Future
It may be mid-summer but this is a most important time in the careers of five graduated Kentucky players.
First-round picks Sam Bowie and Melvin Turpin are trying to work out matters on the negotiating table while Dicky Beal, Jim Master and Tom Heitz are trying to prove they are worth negotiating with.
All five Wildcats were selected in the June NBA draft. In case you missed it, here is how draft day went for the Cats.
As expected, Bowie was the second player selected, chosen by Portland. Turpin was the sixth player picked, by Washington. That same day, Washington traded Turpin to Cleveland.
Beal and Master both went to the Atlanta Hawks. Beal was taken in the fourth round, the 81st player selected. Master went somewhat lower than he had anticipated, in the sixth round and the 127th overall pick. Many were surprised Heitz was selected, but Indiana selected the UK backup in the eighth round as the 163rd player chosen.
Now, for a quick update.
Bowie and Turpin, or at lease their agents (Larry Fliescher and Donald
Dell, respectively) have been trying to work out contracts. Both have attended press conferences at their respective cities, but neither has yet to report to any kind of camp.
Beal and Master both attended a three-day, mini-camp held by the Hawks. Beal survived the tryout and the Hawks sent him to play in the Southern California Pro League in San Diego, where he was when TCP went to press. Master did not survive the cut but is awaiting a tryout with another squad. Heitz will attend Indiana's   camp   in   early August.
Naturally, Bowie is the most prized prospect of the group. Portland opened the door for his selection by making a major trade in which they traded a pair of starters to get high-scoring forward Kiki Vande-weghe of Denver. The Blazers hope to move previous center Mychal Thompson to forward so Bowie can play the pivot.
"I certainly think Sam could easily be, within a couple of years, one of the top five or six centers in the NBA," says Portland General Manager Stu Inman.
"He is a very quick kid. He has
Tom Heitz
Jim Master
BIG BOO FOR TWO. . . Sam Bowie, the No. 2 pick in the draft joined four ot his teammates in being drafted in the NBA's annual draft.
enormous defensive potential as an intimidator and such."
The Blazers were somewhat criticized for selecting Bowie. Some still question if the 7-1 Bowie is still a risk after sitting out two years with an injury. The Blazers put Bowie through a strenuous testing period before the draft, which convinced them he is 100 percent.
In selecting Bowie, the Blazers bypassed North Carolina superstar Michael Jordan. However, Portland obviously felt a stronger need for a center. The Blazers have been one of the strongest teams in the west in recent years, but have lacked the true big man inside.
"Bowie is the best player available at the position where we have the biggest need," says Inman. "Centers are difficult to find."
Bowie averaged 10.5 ppg and 9.2 rebounds last year. He also led Kentucky in blocked shots with 65. While he still hit 51.6 percent from the flgor, it was his offensive game which seemed to suffer the most from the layoff, especially early last season. Ironically, Bowie's shooting touch from outside was considered one of his major strengths earlier in his career.
"He is good scorer and an excellent passer," says Inman. "I would not rate him as an exceptional shooter. He's a very upbeat person, a kid who will play more harmoniously in structure than away from structure. Jack Ramsey runs a structured offense."
Portland Coach Ramsey is considered one of the masterminds in the game. His teams run a motion offense and Bowie's passing abilities should fit in well.
"Portland is looking for a passing center, like Bill Walton was when they won the championship in 1977," says Bowie. "They don't need much scoring with (John) Paxson and Vandeweghe in the lineup."
"I have no doubts about my playing abilities. I have a lot of pride and confidence in my own ability. During the last two years, there was a lot of skepticism about my future but I never doubted I would come back."
Nonetheless, being picked number two was probably a far-fetched thought for Bowie two years ago. It was a long-awaited award for his previous hardships.
"Until I heard them announce my name, there was skepticism. I just
want to say, 'Mom, we made it," Bowie said moments after being chosen.
Supposedly, Bowie was close to signing as of last week. He has already inked what is believed to be a lucrative shoe contract with Nike.
Speculation is that Turpin is not as close to signing as Bowie. He changed agents just prior to the draft.
Several teams were reportedly interested in trading for Turpin on draft day. He led UK in scoring the last two seasons, averaging 15 last year while hitting just under 60 percent from the floor.
In going from Washington to Cleveland, Turping went from a contending team to a struggling one. However, it could work out better for him.
The Bullets already have plenty of beef inside, with Jeff Ruland and Rick Mahorn. The Bullets are also reportedly much closer to the $3.6 million salary cap NBA teams are under. So Cleveland is in better position to offer more money plus the Cavs should allow more playing time for Turpin.
Centers Are
Difficult To Find."
"I'm not disappointed, "Turpin said of the trade. "Maybe this will help me. It is an opportunity to start and play."
Beal, who bounced back from injuries to spark UK's run to the NCAA final four last season, impressed Hawks management in the mini-camp. He was one of only two draftees sent to San Diego, the other being Bobby Parks of Memphis State. Beal showed strong defense at the camp, leading everyone with seven steals. He also had six assists and hit six of 11 shots from the field.
"I feel confident about my chances," Beal said before going to the mini-camp. "There is still a good chance I could get cut but I wasn't to give it a shot and be confident. If I work hard, maybe I could be playing for them.
"Six months ago, there was no way I thought I would be playing basketball now, especially not trying to make it in the NBA."
When Beal first heard he was taken
(Continued On Page 23) 7
Summer Work Should Show Results Sept. 8
PUMPING THE IRON: Kentucky opens football practice August 17th. The Cats open the season Sept. 8, so that leaves only around three weeks to get ready. That illustrates the importance of players arriving to camp in the best possible shape. Look for the Cats to check in stronger than ever. Around 70 players have been working out at Shively Sportscenter, a record number. Almost every player has reached the weightlifting goals the UK staff sets. Making the most progress has been redshirt freshman offensive lineman Dermonti Dawson. His total in the three lifts (squat, clean and. bench) is over 1500 pounds. The next four strongest are probably senior captains David Thompson  and Oliver
Dermonti Dawson
White, sophomore Larry Smith and junior John Dumbald, all around the 1400 pound mark. Nothing but positive results can come from this... Freshmen report to camp August 11 and start workouts Aug. 13. Most all of the in-state signees have spent the summer in Lexingto