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     The Board of Trustees met at ten A.M., Wednesday, IMay 31st., in the Trustees'


    Mr. Clay in the chair.

    On account of the many years of faithful service rendered to the University

by the Monitress, President Barker moved that the Board recommend to the Executive

Committee to take into consideration the retirement of Mrs. TLuc' Blackburn and to

make such provision for her and prescribe such duties for her as in their wisdom

they may see fit.

     Said motion was duly seconded and carried unanimously.

     A recess was thereupon taken by the Board for five minutes, while the Executive

Committee met to consider this matter.

    President Barker stated to the Board that in his opinion the salary of Mrs.

Marshall, inspector of dormitories, should be increased to $500. a year, and Pres-

ident Patterson stated that in his opinion the salary of Calvin Lenighan, the book-

keeper of the University, should be increased from $700. to $900 a year.

    Upon motion made, seconded and unanimously carried, the recommendations of

President Barker and President Patterson were referred to the Executive Committee

with power to act.

    President Barker presented a report from Mrs. Marshall, recommending that hot

water be put in the dormitories, which report is as follows:-

     "The attention of the Executive Committee of the State University of Ken-

tucky is respectfully called to the followian recommendations:

     1.  That the interior of the Old and New Dormitories be re-calsomined and


     2. That hot water be introduced into the bathrooms of these buildings.

May 31, 1911



     3. That a room shall be fitted up in each dormitory which shall be used as

a "Recreation or Lounging Room."

     Filed with these recommendations are the estimates furnished by Prof. Frankel

relating to items (2) and (3).

                                    Respectfully submitted,

                                        Inspector of Dormitories."

"Dear irs. blarshall:-

                   "As per your request, I have gotten prices and made estimates on

putting in hot water generators for furnishing hot water to the shower baths in the

dormitories, and find that the same installed complete, controlled from the power

house, will cost $583.20.

     In making up this estimate I am figuring on a system that will not require any

fire in the dormitories, and these generators will be controlled by the steam from

the boiler house back of the Lain Building.

     For the sum of i290.00 a hot water system can be furnished in each of the

dormitories, but this system will have to be fired in the individual buildings

by some persons assigned to this wiork.

     I do not recommend this latter system, or in fact, any cheap system. I would

advise, if hot water is supplied at all, that the same be supplied by steam direct

from the boiler house, as outlined in the first system on Which I have given you an


     To make a reception room of the veranda in the new dormitory, same to be com-

fortable both summer and winter, will cost ,162.00.

     If you feel like handling this matter direct, we will be very glad indeed to

co-operate with you, and if the money is appropriated, we will do wThat we can to

have this system installed in the most substantial manner.

                                        Yours truly,

                                          (Signed)  L. K. Francel."

     MIotion made, seconded and unanimously carried that this report be referred to
the Executive Committee with power to act.

MAY 31, 1911



      President Barker presented from Prof. Anderson the following statement:

      "I respectfully make the following recommendations for the consideration of

 the President and the Board of Trustees:

       First: That an effort be made to secure additional funds for carrying on the

 work of the department. During the present year we have been confined to those

 things that are used almost exclusively for the mere operation of the department.

 Increased facilities should be afforded in the way of special apparatus.

      I make no recommendations in reference to the operating expenses of the de-

 partment,for I interpret the ruling of the Board to be that the operating expenses

 will be taken care of by the monthly meeting of the committee as have been during

 the present year.

      SECOND:  That an appropriation of six hundred ($600.00) dollars be made for

 the purpose of putting into mimeograph form lectures and notes pertaining to every

 subject in the department. This work has been carried on during the present year

 and some excellent productions have been the result.

      THIRD: That an additional instructor, known as Instructor in Mathematics, be

appointed at a salary of six hundred ($600.00) dollars a year.

     MUIM: That a fireman be employed at a salary of forty ($40.00) dollars per

month.   For several years we have been relying upon underclassmen to assist in hand-

ling the boiler plant in the electrical and steam laboratories. Mr. Thurman who is

our engineer, is unable to give time to this work, except in a very general way, as

his energies are devoted to taking care of our engines and generators under test,

and looking after the apparatus in general use in the steam and electrical labora-


     We feel that we are taking great risks with our plant by not having a regular

man in charge of the boiler, and this position that we want created is to remain at

the figure of forty dollars a month, and we will supply vacancies as they occur from

the ranks of our young men who are compelled to drop out of school for a year or

more in order to secure funds to complete their college course.

May 31, 1911



      By following a plan of this kind, the position wiill be one that will be a.

 permanent salary of forty dollars a month.

      FIMME: That seventy-five hundred ($750O.OO) dollars be appropriated to build

 an addition to the front of mechanical Hall; the building should extend to the north

 to correspond in dimensions to the south extension that was built five years ago.

      Our accomodations for seniors and freshmen are i.holly inadequate. It is intended

 that the extension of the lower floor be for the enlargement of our senior drawing

 room, and the second floor will be used for increasing the capacity of the freshman

 drawing room.

     SIXTH: That three thousand ($3OO.) dollars be appropriated for maintenance

and equipment.

     SEVENTh: That one thousand ($1OOO.) dollars be appropriated for the purpose of

increasing our facilities for research work.

                                            Yours truly,

                                                Director, College of Ihechani-
                                                cal and Electrical Engineering

     Motion made, seconded and unanimously carried that this report be referred

to the Executive Committee, with power to act.

     A motion was made by mr. Wathen that the President acting with the advice and

consent of the executive committee, be empowered to select a committee on legislation,

and that this committee shall have full charge of all legislation relating to the

University before the next Legislature.

     Said motion was seconded and unanimously carried.

May 31, 1911



      It was moved, seconded and unanimously carried that it shall be the duty of the

 Secretary of the Board to present to the first meeting of the Executive Committee

 after the adjournment of the Board, all matters Which were referred by the Board

 to the Executive Committee, and that this presentation shall be in writing.

     On behalf of the Committee on Finance, Msr. Nichols, the Chairman, presented as

its report the statement of the Treasurer of the University, and asked that it be


     A motion was made that President Barker be appointed a committee of one to

recommend to the December meeting of the Board a complete set of by-laws, and that

he report to the Board all of the actions of the Board which are still in force,

with his recommendation as to wihether or not those acts should remain in force and

that he collate all of the Acts of the Legislature governing the University and its


     Seconded and unanimously carried.

     Motion made, seconded and carried unanimously that the absence of members of

the Board from this meeting be excused.

   Mr. Wathen moved that a vote of thanks be extended to the Executive Committee

for its valuable services of record, to the Board and to the University.

   Motion made, seconded and carried that the Board adjourn sine die.


May 31, 1911


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