Mr. Carpenter                         Aye

    Mr. Cox                               Aye

    Mr. Terrell                           Aye

    Br. Clay                             Aye

    Mr. Stoll                             Aye

    hr. Walker                           Aye

    Mr. Wathen                            Aye

    Motion carried.

                ,otT'f:' (a         yQ         b1 l)
    PrcfessoT: - There are some bills before the Legislature looking towards an

additional income from the Commonwealth to the State University. I want to say

here that I have kept my pledge given to you not to introduce any measures relating

to additional appropriations for the University, unless by previous consultation,

hence I have had no hand in the introduction of these measures, yet they are before

the Legislature and I heard the Bills will pass giving us some additional annual

income. If that shall take place, we will then have an enlargement of income to

such an extent that we can do something we thought ought to be done and which we

thought we could not do under present circumstances; one important measure is the

increase in the salaries of our professors, professors in chief and assistant

professors.  They are all working for us for salaries much below the average

salaries of institutions whose income is not so large as ours. We are in constant

danger of losing some of them, some of our best men, men of experience, men of

national reputation and who can demand salaries better than we are paying. Sala-

ries that we have in the past deemed adequate for the maintaining of the household

are not now equal to the draft made upon the home treasury, and from that point of

view, I want to introduce a resolution here this morning for your consideration

that the measure under which the Committee on salaries appear be enlarged so as to

- February 3, 1910