xt7mcv4bqb4k https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7mcv4bqb4k/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19780210 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, February 10, 1978, no. 212 text The Green Bean, February 10, 1978, no. 212 1978 2014 true xt7mcv4bqb4k section xt7mcv4bqb4k   ”____ L. QQ
2/l0,/78 N0. 202 L2 12;]
I l0 February ~ Library Faculty Meeting E Gallery, 8:30 AM l
l0 February — The Gallery Series - Wind Music by the Faculty
y Woodwind Quintet · Noon in the Gallery, King
Library North · _
l7 February ~ Administrative Council Meetinq — Gallery, 8:30 AM
· Current Exhibits: Foyer, Kinq Library North — A Tribute to
Vladimir Nabokov. Also display of Recent Acquisitions.
Gallery - Department of Special Collections — 19th Century  
Photographs (January l6 — February 15). A
Contributors to this number: Pat Boyle, Faith Harders, Claire
McCann (Editor), Linda Newman, Patricia Renfro, Mollie Sandock,
Charles Timberlake, and Bob Turner,

 - 2 - g V I
‘Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Russian but were 3
Afraid to Ask; or, Russian for Librarians . i
Barbara Galik (King Reference Department) will give a series · j
  of classes on "Russian for Librarians," sponsored by the
_ Staff Development Committee. Barbara has a master's degree
in Russian literature andis fluent in the language. The
class will be limited to l5 people. This instruction will be
· of great use in searching, verification, transliteration,
etc., for both Public Services and Technical Services staff.
· Please call Barbara Galik or Mollie Sandock at 7rl63l to sign
up; a meeting will be held later to arrange the most convenient
SPEC_Kit: Remote Storage W
The Reference Department has received SPEC Kit #39 from the
Systems and Procedures Exchange Center entitled, "Remote 4 {
_ Storage." It may be borrowed at the Reference Desk.
U .
The Systems and Procedures Exchange Center is operated by the.
Association of Research Libraries, Office of Management
Studies. The Office of Management Studies also publishes
ARL Management Supplement, and the Reference Department is in
the process of collecting back issues. Volume 4, no. l,
"Professional Specialists in Academic Libraries," and Volume 5, °
no. l, "Library Use Instruction in Academic and Research
Libraries," are both available now at the Reference Desk. A
Faculty Representative_to Administrative Committee .
I should like to thank the Library faculty for giving me the
opportunity to serve on the Administrative Committee. It was
. an honour to be able to represent my colleagues and I found the
experience extremely rewarding professionally.
` —-Patricia Renfro
In a January 30 memorandum, Jack Blanton, Vice-President for
Business Affairs and Treasurer, requested that no arrangements’
be made for live musical performances to be presented after
March l on campus or sponsored by the University for which an
admission will be charged or fees will be paid to the performers.

 If performers in a concert are paid $1,000 or more, $0.02 per seat
should be earmarked in your budget to be used for royalty
payments. In addition, no taped music, recorded music, radio
programs or similar broadcasts are to be transmitted over any
campus public address system.
These steps are recommended pending an agreement with the
performing rights societies regarding higher educational insti-
tutions‘ use of music. Classroom performances and instruction
will not be affected. For more specific information contact
Mr. B1anton's office.
The Graduate School of Library Science at the University of
Illinois at Urbana—Champaign has announced it is now accepting
applications for its Scholarship Program which is designed to
assist mature individuals "from culturally different backgrounds
underrepresented in our student body" to become librarians.
Applicants will be considered on several levels including
financial need, library work experience, foreign language study,
grade-point average, letters of reference,_persona1.resume,
scores on the Graduate Record Examination aptitude test and
evidence of leadership. For additional information write to
Scholarship Program, School of Library Science, University of
Illinois, Urbana, Illinois 61801.
 S111D11AL. ish E!.&1?iE1i1_.C;HE1l§i1L1&1_1l1iZ.$
Cataloger, University of Arizona Library. Salary: $11,000
minimum. Application Deadline: February 15, 1978.
Head Government Documents Librarian, University of Arizona Library,
Tucson. Salary: $15,500 minimum. Application Deadline:
February 28, 1978.
Biomedial Sciences Specialist and Coordinator of Computer
Literature Searching Services for the Science Libraries,
University of California, Riverside Library. Salary: $14,268 to
$16,584. Available: April 1, 1978. y
Chief Collection Development Office, same as above. Salary:
$21,276 · $22,788. Available: April 1, 1978.
Director of Libraries, Cornell University. Available: July 1978
to July 1979.
Reference Librarian, Duke University Library. Available:
Spring 1978. Salary $10,500+. Application Deadline: April 15,

 - A -
Government Documents/Law Librarian, East Tennessee State
University Library, Johnson City. Available: May 1, 1978.
Application Deadline: April 1, 1978.
Assistant General Reference Librarian, University of Missouri-
Columbia Library. Available: May 1, 1978. Salary: $11,000
minimum. Application Deadline: April 15, 1978.
“ General Reference Librarian, same as above. Salary: $14,000
minimum. Same available and deadline dates as above.
Serials Librarian, same as above. Salary: $16,000 minimum.
Same available and deadline dates as above.
Head, Agriculture Library, Ohio State University. Available:
May 1, 1978. Salary: $14,280 to $16,920. Application Deadline:
April 1, 1978.
Assistant Head Automated Processing Division, Ohio State Univer-
sity Library. Available: April 1, 1978. Salary: $12,000 —
$15,000. Application Deadline: March 1, 1978.
Science Biblioqrapher, SUNY, Albany. Available: January 1,
1978. Salary: $13,000 — $18,000. Application Deadline:
January 31, 1978.
Senior Monoqraphic Cataloger, SUNY. Available: May 1, 1978.
Salary: $14,500 - $18,000. Application Deadline: March 15, 1978.
Special Collections Librarian, SUNY. Available: April 1, 1978.
Salary: $10,800 — $18,000. Application Deadline: March 15, l978.
Director, Schaffer Library, Union College, Schenectady, N. Y.
Available: September 1, 1978 or earlier. Salary: $23,000 to
$28,000. Application Deadline: January 31, 1978.

 - 5 -
i The Library Staff Organization would like to remind you that
Active Membership in the Library Staff Organization is
available to all full—time library personnel (i.e., employees
T working 32 or more regular hours per week). The Board would
E like your support during this year in two ways.
Q g First, we need your membership and your dues to help defray
f the cost of hosting social events and having guest speakers
{ during this year. At present, the LSO treasury is very low,
e and until it increases substantially, we can do little planning.
f We urge all eligible employees to join the LSO or to continue
1 their membership by paying their annual dues as soon as
j possible to Joyce Turner in Acquisitions. Dues currently are
l $3.00 per year and may be paid in full or at $1.50 per semester.
j Remember: LSO programs and social events depend upon your_
financial support.
2 Second, we need your ideas for programs and social events.
Q The summer picnic and Christmas luncheon are annual events of
{ long standing, but we need to know what other ideas you may have.
? We especially need suggestions for guest speakers or special
Q programs. We would appreciate your answering the following
§ questions and returning this sheet as soon as possible to Wanda
j Dole in the Architecture Library.
g Thanks for your help!
S ·l. Are there any new social events that you would like to see
% LSO sponsor?
i 2. Are there any library—related program topics of interest to
* you or which you think would be of interest to the entire
J library staff?
i 3. Are there any topics outside the library field which are of
; interest to you? To the library staff: To the general public?
Q 4. Do you know of any persons who would be interesting guest
{ speakers?
5. Were there any speakers (or topics) sponsored by the LSO in
the past which you especially enjoyed?