starting lineup in the region, though having no —,   B  I sity from the bench.
  giants.   .    ir East Carter: Coach Charles Baker had two
  Mike Sutton, 64, has great potential. Brad  ԴfiԤ    I I `  standouts last season in guard Eddie Hale and
  Quillen and Steve Carter are also ready to step *·*I I`     _g  ’pp  Z_ University of Cincinnati recruit Jackson Julsorr
  into starting roles. Replacing point guard Brad ‘ y  A     This year he has less talent but may have ber-
I Stultz will be difficult.     _ __'....,q»   y ~ ter chemistry. Guard Chris Russell is unselfish
  Russell: The region runners-up graduated star     II  _ f -» and high on experience. He will go a long way
I   Howell but coach Ron Reed has backup ar-   ,g.· .   I   _ 3 · gy toward. dctcmumng Fhe Rmdcrsr effectiveness.
  nllery ready. Chris Hughes and Brett Rose are   ee -3       Travis Steele and Jrm Ryland will also see lots
I two excellent players who contributed much last   r, I  sk   G, ~_ of playing ttrne.
  seson. · l I 'i"_       m Elliott County: The Lions were hit hard by
I The Russell coach rs especially high on  I 2  ' , ,     * graduation and hope an influx of young players
  Hughes, whit; uédbgelyl latde on a glo; tlgat would ,  .   yr   _   _,y,____.  can help stimulate the program for coach Rick
  have given e ev` s e regio c ampion—       _   Mays.
  ship over Ashland. Rose can be a dangerous  g g ;  aj.    IC  I Elliott would like a return trip to the region
  three-point shooter. .»   '»‘` · i f f?    I       . tournament, but may be pushed out by a better
1 Fairview: The school sees a new Day     _ ye. Q       ” ’ ~ii`   I C Lewis County team and usually respectable East
l approaching. ;:. s a, I f   ·  “  and West Carter.
  Center Matt Day is the son of former     · I I  _   g    
I Morehead State and Fairview player Jim Day.     {   .,·'i [AI `     I61ST DISTRICT
I The Eagle junior will anchor the inside as coach     l `_i’ e _   I  Morgan County: Veteran coach George
I Brant Creech tries to find a way to replace  gf    gi .   ¤f" '»   _   Bellamy’s region semiflnalist team hasachance
I graduated guard Grant Cannoy, who averaged 20