fiesta: GAY mi Another Holiday Mixer w'. Pride
gem} I I; 55m N What a wonderful time we had at “52.53% Month
. theft; éEIZVKE. the Holiday Mixer! We had a large {firs . . It' may seem
\ 735$: . s - '12-'2‘12'. .
3285' TWN turnout and packed the Pnde Center. ~--=~3..-_:;;,t: early to be talking
1." MANZA There were people from all over cen- ii about Pride Month
WW tral and eastern Kentucky. We appre- but we need to start organizing.
ciate those of you who drove a dis- particularly to get major events on
. 11.?» L S 0 NEWS tance to join us! There were people the calendar so we do not conflict
9 new to our community as well as old— with each other. We also can get
Vol. 17 NO. I timers. laughing. talking and generally free announcements in national
having a good time meeting each gay magazines if we have some
_ other. Thanks to the Imperial Court. dates set by March 1.
[)0thth monthly ll! Lexington's Men's Chorus. Lexington We have set the first planning
me mam" Gay Lesblan Wellness Center. The Bookworm. meeting for Thursday Jan. 1:! at 7
. . . Donnle Royce. Krogers GardenSlde pm at the Pnde Center. we like to
Sauce ("me1] and Karen for door prizes. Many include members of many com-
. thanks to Davina Warner. Pat Warner. munity organizations on this Pride
“mm Interweave. Jane Minder. Thomas Month Committee. Please send a
. Collins and Ginger Moore for helping representative. If you already
“"0“ to make this happen. ' have a pride event in mind. we
Mary Crone John Ridner We had so :3; 55;} need to know dates as soon as
much. fun that j::f_3\_-*6-._,. possible. (all Ginger 253-3233)
Bouillembux ' we'd like to have \0 as“? With a full representative
‘ . ' another party in ‘l: committee. decisions can be .
Terry Mullins. Presrdent February. The 3:3 made with input from a variety of
Jerry Hicks. Vice Presrdent . . - GLSO will spon- - “ sources. We alsdwelcomevolun-
Mary Crone._Edltor sor a Valentines Mixer on Saturday. teefs who are not alfiliated with
Chaney Slusbel. Treasurer Feb. 15th from 7 to 10PM. There will any particular group. This is 3
Ginger Moore. Secretary be music. door prizes. lots of foodand great way to meet people and help
Thomas Collins good conversation. Singles as well as our community. For information
Jeny'Neff couples are invited. .Please join us to all Ginger at the Pride Center
“9'” Cherie" meet new people and renew old cfiioe 2533233 from tom 3 daily.
. John Rutter friendships. This party is for. you! "
Cary Suddulh ' . _ . ’
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