.- 7:7 v" v ATTHE PRIDE cm v v'v vzvvirv
:77 389 Wm AVENUE, sum: 100 Hours Monday Hirmrgh Fridays 1o (:03
4 ‘ bahrrdays 10 127-4- Phone/2533233
@339 / Farcntmg Group _
0‘.- Being a lesbian or gay parent is V V V ‘ gamié, 644001355 fix
1%.. not as unusual as it use to be but there V7 y P/fi -..~‘ ~.
\v’ ' are still issues that straight parents do LEIBIAN MOVIE NIGHT “5’5" .
it 9 "0t have to face. A GLBT Parenting Lesbian Movie Night will continue on Friday Jan.
Group is meeting at the Pride Center 11th. We are looking for a copy of Better Than
onthesecond Sunday ofevery month. The "3’“ get Chocolate. Do you or your local video store have a
”gem Wi“ be Sunday- Jan- 13 at 4 Pm- C°me copy? Call the Pride Center at 253-3233. Everyone is
share V0” thoughts. Snacks "i“ be provided and welcome to attend. bring a snack to share.
activities will be available for the children. if you
have any questions ' please call Ginger “2538233 Glds KiCk 68$ Davina is starting another movie
or Janette at (859) 5830324 series. this one featurs strong female heroines. Thelma
. . and Louise will be the first pick. isn't it time you saw this
WP 11an "'8de for EVQP'JOIIQ one again? Join us on Saturday. Jan. 26 at 1 pm.
There has been a positive responce to the
writing ”acme group so we are adding anoth- Men’s Niflht Out is held every 3rd tuesday
er day I The group wrll now meet on the second and we have keys now so we won't be lock out On Jan.
and M my ofach month. at 10 am at the 22 at 7 pm we will be showing Boyfriends, a queer 'Big
Pnde Center: This month that Will be Jan 12 and 26. Chill ‘for the 90.5 and not bad for 2002.
Taking exercrsesofrom Natalie Goldberg's work. we Three gay couples. eadt at varying stages of cou-
w'“ expenment wrth writing and share our work With 'plehood. converge on a beautiful English country house
each other. No expenence necessary. regular atten- for a supposedly relaxing Easter weekend. What ensues
dancenotrequrred.just bnngapenand some paper is a witty exploration of gay relationship in the 90's
3"“ we “7'" have W “m- Sounds like Love! Velour! Compassionl? Yes. this is the
Discussion Group . English counterpart of that great movie. Don‘t miss it!
Every Wednesday people gather at the
Pride Center for good conversation and some Classic Movie Matinee
laughs. If you are just coating out. new to the area, Come join us at the Pride Center on Sunday. Jan 27 for
want to meet some new people. or just enjoy talk- The Lion In Winterstaning Peter O'Toole and Katharine
ing this is the place to be. Contact Jane for infor- Hepburn. 1183 AD: King Henry ll's three sons all want to
mation at 276-0673. inherit the throne. but he won't commit to a choice. They
andhis wife carry out a magnificent cinematic medieval
chess game. with every intn'wte move superbly thought
. PRIDE CENTER ICHEDULE out. Sparks really do fly in this wickedly elaborate game
D'swssm 6'0“!) Every Wed 7 ‘3130 as the family player pieces weave thick webs of deceit
Parenting GWUP Second Sunday and hatch insidious plots against each another, forming
Writtirrg Practice 2nd 30d 4th Sat. 10 am unholy, protean alliances that put those “Survivor" con-
4 Lesbian Movie Night Second Friday testants to shame. The pure joy comes from seeing all of
' Classic Movie Matinee Third Sun. 3 pm them try to outrnaneuver each other with every new and
Men’s Night Out Third Tuesday 7 pm different Playing piece Put on or taken off the board.
Girls Kick Ass Fourth Saturday 1 pm hatching altemative schemes as fast as one can say
"Long live the King!“
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