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The terrifying reality of abuse occurs
every 30 seconds in Kentucky as over
80,000 women get battered physically,
mentally or emotionally each year.
Many agencies are available to help
women recover from their injuries. See
. page 4.
Vol. LXXXV, No. 30 Tuesday, September 21, 1982 An Independent student newspaper University of Kentucky. Lexington. Kentucky
I V ‘2‘.”
‘ V! >' . w. t i' 1’ W2 _5..< «W‘s: :_ . u r V ' If“ x
y, 2 s 2x .sil. . TV it “3» ' t - ”a V A, ”
«institute we. ; ~ er. . ».-1..-,,.Q:'j 53n- ..2_ f a 2 .. .
I ,% j" ‘2 .. x a", it 3% s2. W ~:_ $2.5. » . as s}: .. 53-3. fl
protest war 'n9 2.. ._. . s *2.__ 2 2 3.- ": . W2 _2 ..
I f r st r s I l in" fl new V W i l we I . . . ’ s :" " ’b‘ s“ “I V _ ..-22. V v,”
H 0 e P 0P0 a 2 .. J .. ~ -
By ANDREW OPPMANN Presrdent Jim Dinkle said. W 4 2K 2 n . .2? s - f . -. 2 _ :\ ..
News Editor Dinkle said he will introduce an "'gflgW i‘ ' 2; 2 . " ’ . . . 'v- ' -
amendment during today's Board t‘ 2.; 2.?” It" I y ! 3L2gns2f' " I t "if” V ' ._ i t" ‘
meeting calling for the phrase to be 2'“???- I,- if“ . 2;; t 1 4° ‘“ l, ' C: P...“ ~ .; 4
In an attempt to demonstrate stu- As student body president, Dinkle, 2“ ’32 it 7.2.??? ; "’ t , ' 3g.» » . f " ‘ a.
dent concern about the future of telecommunications senior, is a vot- __ é’fgtfi .2 ".y 3‘ I gw _, .. ' . “We? .2 2 . 3 M5
Robinson Forest, the Student Gov- ins member oftheBoard. if g» .1 - ' ‘ sfih% " x " « and
ernment Association will hold a stu- “A general student assembly is g ' 2k ...Q_i’:?§‘i‘3i-:~i.2 ‘ 35%: ’x - . .
dent assembly this afternoon on the called as the final authority.” he .. ”if? ' 1 gen ‘ S‘W in, 2 . \ e: w”:
lawn in front of the Administration said. “A great deal of weight is 2W . ’ 2r " - ”'5‘? ,. fig i "it
Building. given to any resolution passed in 22 . -. #2:; t w ‘ g; at? -. - iii.
The 1 pm. assembly was called to this manner." I“, .. 2. .. . 2 , W1 3 l _‘ i gmfifg‘ "‘- f, 2222.; " V ‘12
enberg, Arts & Sciences senator, dent, will preside over the assembly. . . ~ ‘ 352;», . . .. '2 1.3."in 2‘2," i; "gW '*
urging the UK Board of 'l‘nstees to At least 300 students are needed be- I ' - .f"" 2 . 22.2. g;;.':_...-v . .. 2 ,2. 2t?“ - f‘ ' “Eff e
permanently prohibit mining in Ron tore the assembly can pass any res- , :' ' . . 2 " 5‘
inson Forest. olutionsinthe student body’s name. '9 2; I if" WK “’3 3 "° .2 .»
The SGA resolution also requests Students will be allowed to air _g_j';;~3 "" f - l m ' fl:
the removal of the clause “under their views after the assembly is . " » 1 'l .33 "
present circumstances" from the called toorder. Speakers are limited 2 .
recommendation of the Board‘s to one speech not to exceed three 2 2 . ,. , f >. .
Committee for the Future of Robin- minutesinduration. s 2 I .. f” .2 _ y -» _
son Forest. At 1:45 pm, a voice vote will be . . . 2..2.22 - . ' ' ’ ' '* . . 2. _.
“Be it resolved," the committee’s taken. providing there is a quorum. 2 .
recommendation reads, “that the The vote result will be taken to " '2
University of Kentucky should not, Dinkle by Bradford before the Board 2
under present circumstances, exe- meets at2p.m. N 2 .
cute mineral leases or mine its hold- Dinkle said the assembly is a ' ' “
ingsinthe Robinson Forest." “natural 0:1th from oursslpring I runs SALVINO/KerneIStall
“I‘m concerned that the phrase campaign atform and a re ution
. . . . is a loophole through which the passed last Spring by SGA members water ogged
Board of Trustees can reconsider againstmininginthe forest.
the whole matter in the near future “We want to close the issue forev- Bob Bender, business sophomore, receives a faceful of water from Zeta sorority won the 3lst annual event for the first time. For a
when opposition has faded,” SGA er," he said. an unknown assailant during Sunday's Sigma Chi Derby. Delta recap of the derby, see page 3.
Reaga 0 d M I back I t L b3
————__._._ “The scenes that the whole world Wit- (AP) — President Reagan and French into West Beirut last Wednesday. the day Fleet in the previous force and they re-
By MICHAEL PUTZEL nessed this past weekend were among the President Francois Mitterrand, reacting to after President-elect Bashir Gemayel was mained in Beirut for 17 days, suffering no
Associated Press Writer most heartrending in the long nightmare of the massacre of hundreds of Palestinian ref- killed in a bomb blast. Gemayel headed the casualties. One French officer was killed by
Lebanon’s agony. Millions of _us_ have seen ugeos in Beirut, announced yesterday that Christian Phalange Party. a sniper.
. . pictures of the Palestinian Victims of this America and France will join Italy and send Mitterrand said the first contingent of France sent 850 paratroopers and Italy
WASHINGTON — President Reagan said tragedy. There is little that words can add. peacekeeping forces back to the bloodied French paratroopers would be in Lebanon dispatched 5301rifantrymen.
yesterday he IS ordering the Marines back But there are actions we can and must take Lebanese capital. “withinthreeda '
~ - . . ,, . _ YS The lgbanese government, meeting for
into Lebanonln the wakeof the massacre of to bring that nightmaretoan end, hesald. They made their announcements simulta- He said they were being sent at the re- the last time before today’s presidential
Palestinian refugees there. to help “bring “For the criminals who did this deed, no neomly in Washington and Paris. In Rome, quest of the Lebanese government "to pro elections, had made a formal request for
that nightmaretoan end.’ . punishment is enough to remove the blot of the Foreign Ministry confirmed that Italy tect the civilian population“ and to contrib- the U.S.-French-Italian force to return for
Reagannln a broadcast to the nation, also their crime. But for the rest of is, there are again would contribute troops to the three- ute to “a return of the whole country to the at least 20 days to the city they left follow-
declared, It. IS essential that Israel wrth- things that we can learn and things that we nation peaceforce. . . exclusive authority of the legitimate govem- ing the evacuation of some 10,000 pLo guer-
draw from Beirut. ' mustdo: An Israeli official in Jermalem, who ment"of Lebanon. rillas.
“For our frientk in Lebanon and Israel; 0 “The people of Lebanon must have asked not to be identified, said Prime Min- Rea n in a television address, said the d - - n,

. . . _ _ 83 . Reagan ha said earlier at another op-
for our friends in Europe and elsewhere in learned that the cycle of massacre upon ister Menachem Begin’s Cabinet would dis- “participation of American forces in Beirut non would be to send United Nations forces
the Middle East: and for us as Americans massacre must end. Children are not cuss the new multinational force at a meet- will again be for a limited time." He also to Beirut, Secretary-Genera] Javier Peru
— this tragedy,_hombleas it is, reminds us avenged by themurderofotherchildren. ing today, reported that his special envoy, Philip C. de Cuellar said the United Natiom could
of the absolute imperative of bringing peace . “Israel must have learned that there is In the two ravaged refugee camps in Mos- Habib, will return to the Middle East. speedily shift 2,000 men from its moo-man
to that troubled country and region no way it can impose its own solutions on lem West Beirut, Red Cross workers contin- Habib ne otiated the ment that led . - '

., . . . , 8 agree force in southern Lebanon to the capital lf
By working for peace in the Middle hatreds as deep and bitter as those that pro- ued their grisly task, collecting 120 bodies to the evacuation of about 8.000 PLO guer- necessary.
East, we serve the cause of world peace, duced this tragedy. If it seeks to do so. It and preparinga mass grave for many of the rillas from West Beirut to variom Arab . ll th I el'
and the futureofmankind, he said. . will only sink more deeply into the quag- victims. countries last month under the protection of A torrent of outrage fe on e sra _l
. Reagan said the Marines _would again be mire that looms before it. Estimates of the number of people slain in the U.S.-Fnench~ltalian force. government, both at home and ‘F°"‘ capl-
Jomed in their misswn by umts from fiance e “Those outsiders who have fed the the weekend massacre ranged from at least Israel invaded lebanon June 6 to drive tals around. the' world: The ISovret_Umon
and Italy. The same nations sent the peace- flames 0t CiVll war in Lebanon for so many 300 by the US. government to 1.400 by the the PLO out of lebanon. Syria still has an called for 10"“ L.S.-Sov1et action against 15‘
keeping ‘9’“ that OYemw the Withdrawal years need to learn that the fire will con- Palestine Liberation Organization. estimated 23,000 soldiers in the Bekaa Val- ml 3"? ESYP‘ recalled "5 ”“553“? ‘0
0‘ P315“? Inberatlon organization fight- sume themtooifit is not PUt out. Virtually all the victims were Palestinian ley of eastern Lebanon. the Jewrsh state asagesture of protest.
ersfrom Beirut early this month. . “And we must all rededicate ourselves or Lebanese Moslems, and the slaughter A senior State Department officials said Some. "‘Cludmg .two. Israeli “.e‘fvsmpers’
““88" Wide clear than his decision to re to the cause of peace. I recmphasize my has been blamed on Lebanese Christian mi- the 115. unit of some 800 Marines would be Charged the Israel's “”1 ”mPllc'ty “l the
turn American troops to Beirut was .pinned call for early progress to solve the Palestin- litias. deployed within 72 hours, and the total force bloodbath 185‘ week.
to the recent massacre of Palestinians in ian. issue and repeat the US; proposals Many world leaders have said Israel must wouldbearound 2,100as before. Prime Minister Menachem Begin‘s Cab-
their refugee camps. which are now even more urgent. share responsibility since it sent army units There were 800 Marines from the US. 6th inet rejected the charges “with contempt.“
TUESDAY conferenCe for IO a.m. 0' the comPbell House Inn to an- The Senate voted 50 to 39 to limit the prayer debate to
nounce his plans. 100 hours. Sixty votes are required to invoke the procedural
MAmmm Farmer has been mentioned as a possible candidate for move, known as cloture.
the Democratic nomination for governor in the May primary The legislation urged by Sen. Jesse Helms. R-N.C.,
Venable brake curfew, source says and said last week he is giving serious consideration to run- would eliminate Supreme Court jurisdiction over the prayer
hing. issue. including any law approved by a state legislature or
F h" . . . .
LEXINGTON _ Pete Venoble, suspended for the season Y 8,231:.c:bifi:?:v::rlr:e::::ero, restgned from Gov. John a rolling by llower court. Liberals said they would use all
last week, broke on II p.m. curfew and was caught leaving I g i av? ab 2: par lamentary tactics to avert a direct Up or down
a dormitor earl Frida , an unnamed Uni e s't . . . . voeon eissue.
said yesterdyay. Y Y v r ' y source KISSIngef (010”) ABC News The volatile social issues fight, delayed for a year and a
The source said when Venoble opened the dormitory's hall, appeared '0 be for “m" over. Despite the likely 0L.”-
door, an alarm system was triggered. UK coaches and train- NEW YORK _ Former Secretary of Syme Henry A. Kissin- come of the cloture vote, liberals have, an arsenal of parlia-
ers who were in the area to assist linebacker D.J. Wallace ger Wi“ loin ABC News f°r commentary and analysis on se- mentory wéapons 5"“ remomms WhICh 'hey can use as
to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy heard the lected programs dealing with foreign affairs, the network Congress wrnds down toward adlourning for the November
alarm. announced yesterday. elections probably by early next month.
Later in the day, UK officials announced that coach Jerry ‘ Roone Arledge, president Of the network's news dM‘
Claiborne had suspended Venoble for disciplinary reasons. Slon' said in a statement that Kissinger's contract would
There was no other explanation. allow the Nobel Peace Prize-winning diplomat to be avail-
Venoble, the team's leading rusher in its opening game, able for interviews by other news organizations while serv-
was the second player to be penalized for breaking Clai- "‘9 osacommentator and consultant '° ABC'
borne's rules. Terms of the contract with ABC News were not dis- WEATHER
Before the season opened, defensive end Ty Richmond closed.
was told to turn in his uniform after he missed curfew. He Kissinger, secretary °f state during the Nix°n and Ford
reportedly left the dormitory one evening after jamming administrations, was a consultant to NBC News from 1977
several pillows beneath the sheets, arranging them in the until recently.
. shape of a sleeping body.
F '0 Prayeredvocates fall to break fIIIblBIOI Today wlll be mostly cloudy with slow clearing In
armor mm candidacy . . . W the afternoon. It will be cool wIth a high in the upper
WASHINGTON - Senate conservatives, still seeking their 50s to around 60
“I hIXINGTON — .Tracy Farmer, former state Public Protec- first victory in a month-long debate over social issues, Tonl ht will 5.. mostl clear and ‘0“ with a low In
' "Ion apd iegugition secretary, is scheduled to announce his failed by to votes yesterday to curtail a filibuster against the ”Na“ y
pans ort el 83 gubernatorial race today. legislation designed to restore or ' d ' .
ganize prayer to public
A spokesman for Farmer said he has scheduled a news schools. hi.;°|'::;:°|:wvzlo"' be mostly sunny and cool wlfh a

sinuous- Annie-w mainli- momma-ia- wan-ena- lav-uses- new
Edlm-ln-Chid News Editor Arts Editor Sport! w Spock! Hm We! M ”to! 00“ Editor
‘ “mm amour-r anon-manila. mm Issue-ul- senile-lines curl-M
PB Rs UASION "W ""::°' ......,............. W'wm' MW .............. .
A bl '1 Id S mining I‘GSO'UtiOH
When the controversy of whether to mine other students has disputed many claims of . r . .7 / . , . ., ‘
Robinson Forest arose last fall, students student apathy on campus. : //// W / . “ll l
proved that when something mattered to SSRF is supporting the Student Govern- a J / i / , l ‘
them, they would join forces and activate. ment Association-sponsored general student I S x . . x ‘ .
On DeC- 6. 1981, the University’s Board Of assembly being held today at 1 pm. on the ‘ ) ' . :. >‘ I
Trustees formed a committee to evaluate lawn in from of the Administration Building. _ /& i' t, .. '1‘, l‘ ’
“the legal, environmental, economic and (In case of rain, the assembly will be held at Kl ‘ 1 / ‘| ‘\
technical aspects” of mining the millions of Memorial Hall.) . h . m WMi ' m
tons of coal located beneath the forest. Student Government Association President \ u r‘ " .. '“ ' ’
The 14,000-acres forest is located in Brea- J‘m Dinkle called the ammbly to pass a ’), ‘ ‘
thitt Knott and Perry counties in eastern resolution sponsored by Inn Freudenbeig, . f /’ Ii '
Kentucky and was donated to UK in two sep- Ar t.s 8‘ Sciences senator, to permanently pro- ' ‘r‘ ’ , ' 1 \fl ' " .3
. hlblt mining, either surface or deep, in the ’ . \ «\‘\ i
arate deeds in 1923 and 1930 by the ED. Rob u .o , .
. . - - forest. It asks that the clause under present .l ‘ / an... - l
mson Mountain Fund. The forest is spele- . ,, ' l x 3 5-H
ically designated for use by the departments Circumstances be removed from the recom- ‘ V ( ‘ s a Why _.. _ 4
of animal science and forestry, among oth- 3:525?th to the Board “0t to mine m the fi ‘ . r :\ “X I; I._"'13"\\\u‘_ \H
' - - . . ox ‘ '"~ . -
Efésf‘a’g‘fl: pmripmozfiisd teaching, demonstra The results of the assembly Will be hand- cc ‘9‘ ((1 I ‘ A r ‘ 2 Q
. pe ' , . . delivered to the Board meeting, starting at 2 ‘ :~ A ~ g I. / J .
Followmg the Board 5 dec15lon, the Stu- . . i ’- ‘ ~
. pm. A quorum of 300 students is needed, 3 I ,,
dents to Save Robinson Forest group was thou h to be able to even vote on the resolu- e ' \ ‘
formed. SSRF concentrated on getting more tion g ' g “8:; ,\
irritantsassistants; Mismaemsauemlareurswommeet- 1' H124 .. -
ofgminin it ing and vote for the resolution, including the til-NV” ,o mg ¢
g ‘ deletion of the clause, “under present cir- '\ \¢\ ‘~‘§\ $3.49 N 3
The group. a registered student organiza- cumstances.” If the clause is left in the rec- a ({(fié‘h‘ ’ 3
tion, had about 250 official members. Presi- ommendation to the Board, then it will be ‘i‘ \.., ‘ ~_ ‘
dent Ann Phillippi and others worked hard easy for the Board, in a few years after the i a a";
at getting students actively involved in the fury concerning the issue has passed, to ‘ ‘Y :-
organization. change its mind and allow mining to procede “ ,s‘gzt
Last spring the group held a well-attended in the forest. _ 3 ‘ - i \\
Rally for Robinson Forest, among other ac- Mining should not occur in Robinson For-
tivities, attracting the attention of many stu- est, ever. A resolution passed by those who
dents. A meeting last week was attended by will be the most affected by mining — the
about 140 people. The support that the grass- students — could persuade the Board to feel
roots student organization has received from the same way. 3 4-7“ W5
'Y'l' l\ L —". . -
“Lg/(Al 3 OOONW l n a
x . s h I l b tltt I
.3 3 .‘ i” Mi: l c 00 prayer pr oposa may e uncons ll mm
“143:4 ' I ‘
n ' ® I l I &i Last week the president of the promises andstanding up for those And, as feminists have recently Constitution than activist judges,
. ‘ _ Ill ‘ ., log". ', United States souglt to make peace causesaspresldent. learned in their strugggle over the whose decisions can be overridden
l\ as . . l
(O ‘- ‘ ‘3 31/ "" ‘égixf with his disaffected true believers. _ He may be wrong about these Equal Rights Amendment, the proc- byconstitutionalamendment.
‘ ’ f. l l; \‘C » ' / In so doing, he came very close to ideas —. for what it’s worth, I think ass is designed to frustrate even po- lndeed. as recently as last May,
\ ;\ .1 \. k cl ,3, ;, K791 breaking his oath to uphold the Con- he 15 mistaken about all of them — litical majorities. Something close to Reagan's own attorney general
& >— . l ;, —’ '~ 53 / I it ; stitution oftheUnitedStates. ——.————_— a national consensus is required to strongly implied that such jurisdic-
: 7 AWL" . . . (iv “ %/f g’ It was inevitable, and altogether alterthesupremelawoftheland. tional limits were unconstitutional.
3-: ‘6' . ‘8’“- : 1 hill/i n 3‘5 "*7" g ”-1’ ‘1 . understandable, for Ronald'Reagan fa . Where the president strayed badly Last week, the [resident rejected . E”
"a /|".\»““fi‘ .l '92?!" x. V: ro‘ flaw tosupport sorned theaodaleauses m .‘- J0” is in expressing “neutrality” on a thatliotionin favor of neutrality; in . i,
3‘ . ‘ (£951.) ' ‘ " [3‘ , u ,~'c hf'g‘t‘alilow 'NG he championed as a political hero of .u GREENHEl-D particularly nOXiOIS prbposal of Sen. the W'd d wlu'te Home aide, any
‘ N ' __‘ "all" “by 557‘ 3% L, _ .‘\>‘\\ _ ‘ theAmericanRight. . Jesse Helms: The proposal to strip other posture would have been “po~ 3,,
3W5 :1 ' a? " iii“ if “VF“ F ,v ,' "T 3 ‘. A candidate who campaigned in W the Silpreme Court of jurisdiction liticallylmpossible.” .13
i y “A 7.”) 3 " l . .3 : a , S. 4 Nu“ a l l support of a balanced budget, volun- but they are proper fights for him to over school prayercases. In the past, liberals have tended to
27‘? ' “y éfii- J: i . A l 1 tary school prayer and an anti-abor- make. Each of these battles must be The simple and dangerous idea be- see authoritarianlsm' ' in any conser- ”; ,
"‘ 3" 3—” /,x .. * . l . tion amendment to the Constitution fought on the arduous terrain of the hind this proposal is that it over- vative social policy — a notion that
an? M in KNOW WHO “E mm mm 3mm CLAWINé ‘* l 15 Simply keeping faith With his amendment process. turns a Supreme Court constitution- is overumwght. Throughout his own 15:;
What: others MINER COT our.-.» m, ‘ al finding without actually amending $331” Wm to} man kinda: WWW
the Constitution. , . . '
arm me u es un e me ua mes mm mama-«am w s» w m .... ~
' " ' ' former President Richard Nixon.
majontles and a premdent s appro- . , _
val — the bill simply declares that "Exhale. Wat; tho 02-36"; ‘
A friend and I were talking one tures, yet not overly so. Yet, there them still like you and still be eager but somehow, these others just don’t the Supreme 00“" b” no power to Suprem. amount“ I- m'msdiction‘ pow,
day about what particular qualities was “just something about him/ to please. stack up. There’s nothing in Partic- 53)., whether school prayer ‘3 constl- school F'YC' can strip it of any 3 ..
charm other people. She told me I her"the other onecouldn’t forget. And, when a person looks com- ular about the person that attracts tutional 0" "0L other jurisdiction as well including
had the unusual quality of being That particular “something” can pletely disheveled on a bad day but you to him or her. yet, there’s some The power of the Cmsress to do the Dow to we on may, Mm,
able to charm people without even be various qualities in different peo- ean get away with only a few people thingspecial. prlve the Supreme Court of such ju- laws that violate free W11 free~
trying. I replied I didn’t think 1 pie. The extra “something” is hard realizing that fact, well, that’s For some reason, though, it seems rlsdiction is questionable. True, the dam ofrsligion or any other 1”.“ of 3, 2
could. to identify. It isn’t really good looks charm,too. one can never attract the people he Constitution, in Article III Section 2, theComtitution’ «’w
“Cindy, you’re the only person I or a good looking body. Nor is it the Charm is also when one we to or she wants to attract. Think about says _the Supreme Court’s jurisdic- The mdent did not find it aw i*
know who can tell the host of a clothes on one’s back or the amount walk into a room full of and it. Think about that one person in tlon is subject to “such exceptions litically impossible" to alienate con- 3
party that his party sucks and then of money one makes. brighten up the evening. One who particular you met at a class, meet- . . .asthe Congressshallmake." servatives in an effort to hold down 7;
he’ll ask you what he can get you to .- has charm can make the person to ing or party. Remember how hard But for the last 180 years, since future deficits
drink,”shesaid. . .. - whom he or she is talking feel like you worked trying to get him or her the court’s landmark Marbury vs. It is . sad commentary on his
“Well, Barbara." lresponded. ”if ' f“ - . the most importantpersonintheen- tonoticeyou? Madison decision. the Supreme - u. am be {m it «pom.
I have so much charm, how come I ‘ Cindy tireroom,whethertrueornot. And what happened? Why, more Court has been assumed to have the canmimpossible" to bear the burden
have had three boring Saturday ER There are other little things about than likely, the person’s best friend power to strike down laws that are of hi; oath of office which includes
nights in a row? How come most of . DECK charm, though, other than the ba- fell for you instead. in the end, the unconstitutional. the promise to “lime protect
fail toacknowledge my existence? “ ' " " Some men like flirty women who Dreamboat” noticed you at all was grip of a temporary m‘.’ majori- United Stat. .. m [1100 m is
“Why d0 the other guys to whom Personality, character, grace and constantly flatter them, while others because the best friend kept talking ty could sweep aside constitutional "m for his Wm efforts
I’m attracted never seem to want to charisma are all dealt with when prefer the mysteriom type around about “what a really swell” person protections willy-hilly ismuchtoohlgh ._.a
date me but twice maximum? And, trying to describe this quality. A whom they constantly have to keep you were and how he or she was This is why even. such stalwart ‘
why are some guys who seem at- two-word description would be “ng ontheirtoestostayin“good”with. goingtoask ”"0“" conservatives as Barry Goldwata' Jeff Greenfield appears on CBS-TV'a F
tracted to me the ones who act like appeal." But even that doesn’t qmte And. some women prefer men who And so it goes. You just can’t fig- and former Solicitor General Robert as I“: Mom”... and "I. CBS ' '
lecherous jerks?" cover it. ' _ . call them every day, twice a day, ureout where you went wrong. Bork have argued that such . law "Mom"... show and u a Universal .
Neitheroneof us had any real an- The same characteristic In a per- like clockwork, while others want Well, even though it's hard to would do far more dill“? to the Pruu Micatedcolumniat , j
swers. And that got me to thinking. son may make some people crawl the typewho playhardtoget. what exactly charm is, there are " ' a. ‘
Almost all people wonder about out of their skins. While others Will It's so hard to figure out what will some things it’s definitely not. For Q
what that “something” is — the par- be charmed off their rockers by it. charm a particular person. It’s also example, people usually aren’t ' '— '—"""—"'" "' ' E: i
ticular qualities that make someone In short, it’s hard to figure out what hard to discover why you’re at- charmed when insults are being “é
really endearingtoanotherpeison. will charm whom. tracted to a certain person. Of hurled at them — unless, of course, I E __..
For example, man and woman Part of charm, though, is being course he or she is cute and has per- an intense smile is on your face at 3 a
met through mutual friends at a able to set out of a sticky situation sonality, but there’s more to it than the time. 3
party. Afterwards, each finds it without anyone being terribly upset. that. Most people usually don't like to ———_———____—____ if
hard to quit thinking about the Charm is the art of being able to say After an, you’ve seen other people be given “lines,” either. You know _ . _ ;. ;
other. Both have nice physical fea- nasty things to people — and haying just as cute with good muting, the type: “Gosh, you have the most Ethics uestioned While I don t have the credentials -. ‘7
' DRABBLE ® by Kevin F0 on beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen” - q of Sim, I have been taking one :3. L
9 right when you’ve been up for three or twtgsfogaguktclfzrs everyfi . ‘+
. . . mes , .m,
lfiilliK mm 1th we uouw ~lou thc M610 near...ulett, ‘3:ng 3338‘“ and W" em '°°" “kc 8:01:31; ‘3; fimwmchfl so I In" “MVWW‘ w ’s‘i
MN. “’5 6“ LOST]- ‘ WM“ “ “Tm 5W5" or WK “53‘ feel like death eaten on a cracker cial work at University Hospital. one it the most my WM ethics “W
"‘5 ‘0 WW “‘9? ’ looked at you, much less compli- .1 W“ “is" i“ “m"! a?" u” a; of maintaining an unbiased, impar- ~
f 77" , 2 f' y” 2"? ,‘ “- mentedyourappearance. "Cite, wisw'fit 20133:! oil/orb tial and non-mm attitude. .
— —‘ ., 'P r " 0 9. .‘ . SQ? {r- Also, people usually aren’t NEW“ ‘ 9“ Al the Anyonewhohashadany "min
r I 1 // (M (/n/ "' . clarrned with blatant comments er 3 Code of Em. ' ml thefleldwuldhavetoagree.
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7 //: \ ‘ _ Q2, ) Cindy Decker is a journalism and “6' ca, ”my e 'm Mills.
g ‘ ./ ’ “‘ SaaL political science junior and Kernel mmwmlm' WWW r...
"’ u e l \""' ”' ' editorial editor. »

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G k d ' I ssic
Gene Roddenberry, creator of the “Star Trek" TV er of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” and creative r as erb y Te sc a
. series, will be on campm tonight presenting his lec- consultantto“The Wrath othan." 32m m
ture, “The WorldofStar'n'ek." A student of law and engineering. Roddenberry
His lectilre, sponsored by the Contemporary Affairs began his writing career while serving as a 8-17 bomb- ——-——-——————_ s O u
Committee of the Student Activities Board, will be held er pilot in the South Pacific during World War II. Dur- 3’ martial; $21M”
at7:aop.m.intheStudent Center Bellman. ins WWII. he sold his work to publications ransins 803 So. Broadway 233.9178
-— Wherry will dim the more and production “33'"? am” he (‘35? ‘35,?3 33"; :1: 'm, m H
of the series and the two movies “Star N: The M0- American Airlines on their around-the-world schedule - . ~ v -- ~ . - v . i www- »' ~ ' ~.
tion Picture” and “Star’l‘rekll: 'nie Wrethotithan." and ma joined the Les Angel“ Police Force “to gain For the first time in. 31 years, Delta Zeta sorority sfgfigfififfis’g
hisAlso, Roddenberry Will show three film clips during experience valuableto a writer." haswontherighttocall itselfchampions: ill? {gt-.72135g‘n‘fif “millig‘i’l 7", .5 f; )-
presentatlon. The first Will be a feature on the While a police sergeant he wrote and sold scripts to By taking a commanding edge over eight other soro- .651: {his first: 3"»??? v4.1 _ , . . .n _
makmgof“TheWrathothan.” .l '.. .. - .. l. ritles late Sunday. the Delta Zetas captured their fast 5’7" N" ., » “ a”, .. ,3 /
Afterwards he will show the “blooper” reel —some- such 9”“ “3 Dram" Naked (my- Mm Si ChiDerby title * ""“
» ’ - Theatre,” “The Kaiser Aluminum Hour" and “The 3”“ ' . . r' _ W- _-.-... e
times humorous film clips from the series and the re- Ja W nTheater .. Kappa Alpha Theta finished second and Kappa /// v I y
cent movie that have notbeenpreviouly released. ne “yma .. ' . - ~ . Kappa Gamma third. Delta Delta Delta won the spirit ,4 . _ ,
His Star Trek series won science fiction 3 coveted and the m tltions _ any 1,, ‘ . g ._*= 2
The original pilot film for the series, “The Cage,” Hugo Award and was the only series to have an epi- Deltaqz‘elznm glee derb' ’s t of-war toss and ' '. _, , h .d' it?
also will be shown. Although the pilot film was never sode preserved in the Smithsonian institute in Wash- . W“ Y 98 . ”’33 - . ‘
broadcast in its entirety, M of the show was med in mm. its riiystery event. It placed third in the water bucket ,, x .. ‘ .' .
a 1968two-part episode titled “'l‘heMeriages-le.” The original USS. Enterprise from the series 9"" ' , . . . ; .. ‘ g g . .7 g __
“Star Trek” began on television in 1966 and ran for inspired the name of the first experimental space shut- Kemper Todd,.one 0‘ Delta 73.“? coaches, “1d “5 or». A. -' n; r ' " _
ledges were excited from thebe . . . .
three seasons on the NBC network. Later, the show tle. Currently, the original 11-foot model is on display p ”Th a ll ood t mt all the ac- 7:: .- 5;. _ w
was released in 47 countries and was syndicated in attheNationalAlrand Space Miseum. ti aw” x {e8 enthusiastic" he saidpr‘fit . - .31; 7
more than 160niarlrets throughouttheuiiitedsutes. Roddenberry is married to Majel Barrett, who mi "cry w t magic that "he 583d ' _ 9,15?" , _
Roddenberry was the creator and executive p-oduc- played Christine Chapel in the TV series and the first was uncoa “'38 ea ’ .‘ 7» , .
er of the “Star Trek” television series He was pl'oduc- motion icture Todd “'d he was glad to see a team m for the ("St ' " *1 ‘ ‘ . ’
' p ' time, especially since he and John Foley, Tom Mudd ‘5 » ’ , 5::7 7 ,
and Charlie Ray w