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     Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee of the
.Hoard of Trustees, University of Kentucky, for Friday, March 7,

     The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, University
f Kentucky, met in regular monthly session in the President's of-
-fice at the University on Friday, March 7, 1924, at 11:30 a. m.
The following members were present: Robert G. Gordon, Richard C.
Stoll, and Senator H. M. Froman.   Frank L. McVey, President of
the University and Wellington Patrick, Secretary of the Board,
were also present.

     1. Supplementary Contract for Basketball Building.    President
McVey presented to the Committee the matter of the Basketball
Building, stating that the contractors had been unable to dispose
of the notes executed anla signed under previous agreement with the
Doard.   The matter -;-- iscusses at length, and The following
resolution was offered, seconded, and unanimously adopted:

     Be it resolved, That the Chairman of the Executive Committee
be and he is hereby authorized and directed to execute a contract
in the following terms.   (The wording of the contract was author-
ized in the following form and subsequently executed in the same

        THIS SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT between the Blanchard-
   Crocker Company, a corporation, whose principal office is in
   Lexington, Kentucky (hereinafter sometimes called "Contrac-
   tor") , party of the first part, the Alumni Association of
   the University of Kentucky (hereinafter sometimes called the
   7"Owner"), party of the second part, the Athletic Council of
   the University of Kentucky, (hereinafter sometimes called the
   "Athletic Council"), party of the third part, and the Uni-
   versity of Kentucky, party of the fourth part,

                        Wi I T N E S S E T E:

        WHEREAS, the parties hereto entered into a contract, in
   writing, dated December 22, 1.923, covering the construction
   of a building upon the property of the University of Kentucky
   called the Basketball Butilding' and.

        WHEREAS, the terms of that contract provide for the ex-
   ecution by the Alumni Association and the Athletic Council
   of promissory'notes aggregating in principal amount approxi-
   mately $30,000; and

        WHERFAS, the Contractor has represented that he has been


unable to arrange to negotiate said notes or to realize any
cash thereon, and unless he shall be able to realize cash
thereon he will be unable to continue with the construction
of the building or to complete the building pursuant to the
terms of the contract, or at all; and

     '1HERRAS, it is to the interest of the University of Ken-
tucky that said building be completed within as short a time
as practicable,

     NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises and of
other good and valuable consideration, receipt of all of
which is hereby acknowledged by each of the parties hereto;
it is agreed as follows:

     1. Each of the $1,OOO notes mentioned in said contract
shall be made to mature in six months after its date.

     2. The University of Kentucky agrees to guarantee the
payment of the first twenty notes of $1,000 each, referred to
in said contract, and any renewals thereof by appropriate en-
dorsement thereon.

     3. After said $20,000 in principal amount of notes shall
have been issued under the terms of said contract, as hereby
modified, then all remaining notes issued thereunder shall
bear a statement to the effect that the payment of said notes
shall not be made until after all of the first twenty notes
which have been endorsed by the University, and any renewals
thereof, together with all interest thereon, shall have been
paid in full.

      4. It is agreed by all the parties hereto that any and
all of the notes endorsed or guaranteed by the University of
Kentucky will be renewed from time to time upon the request
of the University of Xentucky, and as often as requested by
the University of Zentucky.

      WITNESS the signatures of the parties hereto by their
 respective officers thereto duly authorized this seventh day
 of March, 1924.
                                THE BLAVCHARD-CROCZBR COKPANY

                                By     E. C. Crocker

                                ALUMNI ASSOCIATION
                                UNITEVSITY OF ZENTUCKY

                                By  Wim. H. Townsend
 ATTEST:                           Chairman, Executive Committee

      W. C. Wilson



                                 ATHLETIC COUNCIL
                                 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCXY

                                 By      H. E. Curtis
                                     Se cretary-Treasurer

                                 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY

                                 By    Reichard C., Stoll
                                    Chairman, Executive Committee

      Wellington Patrick

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That upon the execution of the fore-
going contract by all the parties thereto, the Business Agent of
the University be and he is hereby authorized to execute on behalf
of the University appropriate endorsements upon $20,000 in prin-
cipal amount of notes above mentioned and any renewals thereof in
order to carry into effect the purpose and intent of the forego-
ing agreement.

     2. Purchase of Petit Farm.   (At the previous meeting of the
Executive Committee, March 19, the Executive Committee authorized
the purchase of the Petit farm.)   The matter of examination of
title and the signing of notes was brought to the attention of
the Committee by President McVey.   On motion, duly seconded, it
was authorized that notes for the purchase of the farm be executed
by the Business Agent and the Chairman of the Executive committee.
It was also ordered that J3 Pelham Johnston be employed to make
an examination of the title,

     3. Rental of Patterson Farm (Collins Farm).    (At the last
meeting of the Executive Committee Dean Cooper was authorized to
take up the matter of an option on the Patterson farm, adjoining
the Experiment Station property. This farm is rented by Mir. Col-
lins.)  Dean Cooper reported to the Executive Committee that he
had been able to reaK.'- an agraement with Mr., Collins whereby the
farm can be rented for a period of one year for $1,500 cash rental,
payable in three installments.   He desires to rent the farm, he
states, in order that he may be in a position to hold it in ef-
fect as optioned, provided it is deemed advisable to purchase it
later.   On recommendation of President McVey, a motion was made,
seconded, and adopted, authorizing the rental of the farm for a
period of one year, for an annual rental of $1,500, payable in
three installments.

     4. Insurance on Basketball Building.   A motion was made, sec-
onded, and adopted, authorizing the Business Agent to carry insur-
ance on the Basketball Building amounting to $50,000, and provid-
ing further that as soon as the building is completed, the in-
surance shall be put on a regular basis.



     5. Meeting of the Board for April.   The matter of the regu-
lar quarterly meeting of the Board of Trustees, provided by law
for the month of April, was taken up and discussed.   It was de-
cided that Priday, April 4, would be the most suitable date, and
the Secretary was directed to call the meeting for that day.

     6. Appointments,   On recommendation of President McVey the
following appointments were approved:

     Appointment df Miss Myrtle Weldon as State Agent of Home
Demonstration Agents, at a salary of $3,20O a year, effective May
1, 1924.   She has a bachelorts degree in home economics from
'Rockford College, and a master's degree in home economics from
olumbia University.

     Appointment of Miss Marietta Gerard as clerk in the extension
division, at a salary of $85 a month, effective March 3, 1924.

     Appointment of J. E. Atk rson as assistant county agent,
green County, at a salary of $160 a month, from Pbruty l1 toG
_buary 20, 1924.

     Appointment of Miss Mary Ella Rudy as home demonstration
agent, Campbell County, Kentucky, at a salary of $133 1/3 a month,
from February 11 to December 31, 1924.

     Appointment of Miss Sally Coleman as home demonstration
agent, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, at a salary of $133 1/3 a
month, from January I to December 31, 1924.

     Appointment of Mrs. Catherine T. Johnson as home demonstra-
tion agent, Jefferson County, at a salary of 4166 2/3 a month,
from January 1 to December 31, 1924.

     Appointment of Miss nillian Cole as assistant home demonstra-
tion agent, Woodford and Jesaamine Counties, at a salary of T166
2/3 a month, from February 11 to 29, 1924.

     Appointment of C. 0. Dickey as county agent, Wiester County,
at a salary of $150 a month, from February I to May 15, 1924.

     Appointment of H. P.. Jackson as county agent, Shelby and
Spencer Counties, at a salary of $183 1/3 a month, from   ebruary
1 to December 31, 1924.

     Appointment of R. E. King as county agent, Morgan County,
Kentucky, at a salary of $125 a month, from January 1 to March
31, 1924,

     Appointment of C. V. Bryan as assistant county agent, Fayette
County, at a salary of $100 a month, from January 31 to April 30,



     Avrointment cf A. J. CIhadwe ll as assistant county agent,
.2rv.asi. Ocu-nty, at a salary of $125 a month. from February 1 to
r.ae 20, 1924.

     Ap-oMnt-ment of .E. R. Sparks os county agent, Clay Coulnty, at
a salai'r of $125 n month, from 1'ebmary 1, :924 to January 31, 1925  

     Ap.:oiuntmenit cf
at a sa ary of $166

     A-ppoinitment of
at- a s!3.7.aray of $1C3
o l, 152'1.

     Appointment of
at a salary of $15S

C '.yde Watts as county agent, Carroll County,
2,/3 a month, from Jananry 1 to Dacember 31,

H. P. McKenney as county agent, Grant County-
1/3 a month, from February 1, 1924 to Janviar7

B, G. Marsh,as county agent, McCracken County,
1/3 a month, from January 1 to February 15,

     Appointment of Phil Watlington as county agent, Mclean County,
at a salary of $l;5 a month, from January 1 to September 30, 1924.

     Appointment of John R. Spencer as coonty agent, IMercer County,
at a salary of $20C a month, from Pebruary 16,, 1924 to Pebruary
i5; 1925.

     Appointment of E. MI, Darnaby as county agent, Trimble County,
at a sa-lary of $1t'5 a month, from jotruary 2&', 1924 to Pebruary
i9, 1 925 .

     Appointment of W. C. Wilsou as assistant State Agent, at a
salary of $233 1/3 a month, effectivo March 1, 1924.    He is trans-
ferred from county agent, Pulaski Co   gty, where he has been em-
pl.oyed. for severEaL years as county agent.

     Appointment of Horace Patterson as assistant couiaty agent,
. ~arue County, at a salary of $100 a month, from Maroh 3 to July
1, 19244

     Ootianatio;2 of zizjoyirunt of J., H. Atkorson as county agent,
Green County, at a salary of $200 a montk, from February 20, 1924
to Feb-uary 19, 1925.

     7. R.esgnations.  The resignations of Lloyd ). Cutler, county
agc:t, Den Gordon Marsh, county agent, and Wi. B. Woodward, county
agAt, were presented and accepted.

                                       Respectfully submitte&

                                          Wellington Patrick

Secretary of the Board