FACULTY Teaching Associates of Clinical Nursing TH:
Marcia A_ Dakc, dcgm Carolyn Hooper M.S.N., Pennsylvania, 1962 Km
professors Delores E. ]ohnson M.S., Minnesota, 1966 Bo;
Marcia A. Dake Ed.D., Columbia, 1958 DOHS O Connor B'S'N" K€ntuCky’ 1963 tacé
Hesse] H. Fhtter Ed.D., Pennsylvania, 1958 Associate Degree Nursing Education lge
Professor of Clinical Nursing C00Tdi¤¢1t0T the
Loretta Denman Ph.D., Ohio State, 1962 Marie L. Piekarski M.S., Pennsylvania, 1957 vers
Associate Professors of Clinical Nursing SC']
]can Hayter Ed.D., Columbia, 1961   . . 1 SCIE
virginia Lane MA., chieage, 1950 im'S·$"O" In ,
L MHC M¤?h¢t¤dg¢ M·A·· C¤l¤¤¤l>¤=¤» 1956 Requirements and process for admission to the Col- rect
LUIS  Mcmu _ M‘S·* C°1OmdO> 1959 lege of Nursing for students desiring to enter directly pers
Mum] A· Poulm MSW C°1°md°> 1960 from high school and for registered nurses (graduates of "1
Aonstont professors state approved schools of nursing) are in the process of stu<
Ruth Bishop MA., ceiembia, 1962 “’“$‘°“· ‘Yh°
ErllCStDCI1l]\,· M_A_ Boston loo; All persons interested in pursuing work toward the Sim?
Mnn, C_ Donn M_N_; Enlow; loo] degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University 19
Ion}; Hnrgnrdino Fine MSW Cincinnati, 196; of Kentucky are advised to contact the Dean of the 0111
Banner L. Fox Ms., \Vestern Reserve, 1963 College Of Nursiiig f<>r up-tv-date i¤f<>rm=¤¤<>¤· 8 St
Louise ]imm MS., \’Vestern Reserve, 1959 _ gl;
Instructors Curriculum
Ruth D. Berry M.S.N., XK/`ayne, 1964
Mac Frazier M.P.H., Michigan, 1960 Persons interested in pursuing the University of Ken- T
Anna   Croft MS., Colorado, 1963 tricky program leading to the degree Bachelor of Science dew
liilla K. Harmon M.P.H., Minnesota, 1963 in Nursing are strongly advised to make initial contact nb]o
lilizabcth S. llellcbusch B.S.N., Nazareth, 1957 directly with the College of Nursing for accurate up-to- koor
Dorothy B. Sanders M.A., Syracuse, 1963 date information. This contact is particularly essential trjbi
Ruth 1. Stoll M.S., VVayne, 1966 for individuals planning to complete any college course com
work prior to entering the College of 'Nursing. Accurate ‘ com
Marcia A. Dake, M.A., Ed.D., is Dean of the Col- and up-to-date information will be supplied from the noo
lege of Nursing. College of Nursing. bet`;
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