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Bowden goes to Aubu
The Cats' Pause

 The Cats' Pause
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Player	Pos.	Ht.	Wt.	'Class	Hometown (School)	'89-90 averages
Jason Caffey	F	6-8	220	Fr.	Mobile, Ala. (Davidson)	20.0 ppg., 9.7 rpg.
Bryan Passink	G	6-4	170	Fr.	Savannah, Ga. (Benedictine Military)	27.3 ppg., 5.8 rpg.
Russell Walters	F	6-9	220	Fr.	Laurel, Miss. (Northeast Jones)	24.0 ppg., 11.0 rpg.
MARKANSAS (2)						
Player	Pos.	Ht.	Wt.	'Class	Hometown (School)	'89-90 averages
John Carter	C	6-10	N/A	Fr.	Oklahoma City, Okla. (Star Spencer)	N/A
Robert Shepherd	G	6-0	N/A	Jr.	Ft. Smith, Ark. (Westark CC)	N/A
 AUBURN (3)						
Player	Pos.	Ht.	Wt.	'Class	Hometown (School)	'89-90 averages
Rodney Dent	C	6-10	210	Jr.	Edison, Ga. (Odessa [Texas] College)	138 ppg., 8.1 rpg., 3.0 bpg.
Willie Jones	F	6-7	265	Fr.	Sylacauga, Ala. (B.B. Comer)	263 ppg., 14.0 rpg., 3.0 bpg.
Aubrey Wiley	F	6-6	245	Jr.	Brantley, Ala. (Patrick Henry JC)	185 ppg., 9.1 rpg., 4.0 apg.
 FLORIDA (2)						
Player	Pos.	Ht.	Wt.	'Class	Hometown (School)	'89-90 averages
Dan Cross	G	6-3	N/A	Fr.	Carbondale, III. (High)	20.0 ppg., 65 rpg., 3.0 apg.
Andrew DeClercq	C	6-10	N/A	Fr.	Clearwater, Fla. (Countryside)	15.0 ppg., 12.0 rpg., 3.2 bpg.
 GEORGIA (3)						
Player	Pos.	Ht.	Wt.	'Class	Hometown (School)	'89-90 averages
Dathon Brown	F	6-6	215	Fr.	Atlanta, Ga. (Douglass)	16.0 ppg., 10.0 rpg.
Mike Green	F	6-9	220	Jr.	Ft. Myers, Fla. (Polk CC)	18.0 ppg., 11.0 rpg.
Steve Jones	G-F	6-5	190	Fr.	Lithonia, Ga. (High)	15.0 ppg., 8.0 rpg.
KENTUCKY (4)						
Player	Pos.	Ht.	Wt.	'Class	Hometown (School)	'89-90 averages
Dale Brown		6-3		Jr.	Pascagoula, Miss. (Gulf Coast JC)	180 ppg., 80 rpg., 4.0 apg.
Chris Harrison	G	6-3	165	Fr.	Tollesboro, Ky. (High)	32.7 ppg., 9.0 rpg., 7.0 apg.
Andre Riddick	C	6-9	190	Fr.	Brooklyn, NY. (Bishop Loughlin)	14.0 ppg., 12.0 rpg., 8.0 bpg.
Aminu Timberlake	F	6-9	190	Fr.	Chicago, III. (De La Salle)	12.0 ppg., 8.0 rpg., 4.0 apg.)
MLSU (3)						
Player	Pos.	Ht.	Wt.	'Class	Hometown (School)	'89-90 averages
Doug Annison	F-G	6-5	N/A	Fr.	Baton Rouge, La. (Sullivan Catholic)	29.0 ppg., 17.0 rpg.
Clarence Ceasar	F	6-7	N/A	Fr.	Iowa, La. (High)	24.9 ppg., 12.3 rpg., 5.0 apg.
David Mascia	G	6-4	N/A	Fr.	Lynbrook, NY. (High)	29.7 ppg., 11.0 rpg.
 OLE MISS (0)						
Player	Pos.	Ht.	Wt.	'Class	Hometown (School)	'89-90 average
Greg Anderson	F	6-6	210	Fr.	Albany, Ga. (Westover)	14.0 ppg., 7.0 apg.
George Brooks	F	6-8	200	Fr.	Lafayette, Ala. (High)	18.0 ppg., 11.0 rpg.
Chuck Evans	G	5-11	185	Jr.	College Park, Ga. (Odessa [Texas] College)	"5.1 ppg., 6.9 apg.
Jay Walton	F-C	6-7	235	Fr.	Pascagoula, Miss. (High)	7.0 ppg., 6.0 rpg.
Bubba Wilson	C	6-11	220	Fr.	Wiggins, Miss. (Stone Co.)	235 ppg., 125 rpg., 4.3 bpg.
 TENNESSEE (3)						
Player	Pos.	Ht.	Wt.	'Class	Hometown (School)	'89-90 averages
Chris Brand	G	6-2	185	Fr.	Bloomington, Ind. (South)	10.9 ppg., 5.1 apg.
Jermaine Brown	G	6-4	210	Fr.	Louisville, Ky. (Fairdale)	153 ppg., 7.9 rpg., 1.8 bpg.
Shun Sheffield	C-F	6-10	215	Fr.	Albany, Ga. (Westover)	15.0 bpg., 10.0 rpg., 4.0 bpg.
Player	Pos.	Ht.	Wt.	'Class	Hometown (School)	'89-90 averages
Malik Evans	F	6-8	210	Fr.	Houston, Texas (Willowridge)	12.9 ppg., 12.6 rpg., 4.0 bpg.
Ronnie McMahan	G	6-4	165	Fr.	Athens, Tenn. (McMinn Co.)	168 ppg., 1.1 bpg., 2.1 spg.
Chris Woods	C	6-10	220	Fr.	St. Charles, Mo. (Francis Howell North)	12.0 ppg., 7.0 rpg.
DS0URCE:SEC sPrts information office  ?NOTE: (*) represents players' class as of next season ? NOTE: ( ) Evans played at Old Dominion last year, where these averages were ammassed, before transferring to Odessa College for this season						
*   \   V   v \ 97i^ @at&>'
Maybe this Kentucky team can win 20 games
Just four games into the season and Rick Pitino's second Kentucky squad has already equalled the number (four) of non-conference victories achieved by his first team of a year ago.
What this means is that Kentucky has the makings of a better than average basketball team, one that is likely to enjoy a winning season and one which has the opportunity to win perhaps even 18 or so victories.
The prospects of a 20-win season border on the "mission-impossible" list. For UK to have any such chance, the Wildcats most likely would have to upset either Indiana or Louisville on the road, plus go at least 12-6 in the SEC. Neither is likely to happen, but one must not count this team out. Certainly not at this stage.
Of course, it's one thing to win at Rupp Arena and yet another to win on the road. In this regard, one has to give the 'Cats credit for withstanding a hostile environment at Cincinnati and overcoming an away-from-home situation in Indianapolis against Notre Dame.
Neither of those teams are of Top 25 caliber, but they were and are big-time foes, teams that are very tough to beat away from your home court.
Saturday night was a good example of what a home court can do for a team. Kentucky downed a decent Kansas team, but it did not come easily.
Had this game been played in Lawrence, Kan., the outcome could well have been in reverse. At the same time, Kansas obviously would not have beaten UK by 55 at Rupp Arena last season.
By the time you read this, the UK battle with North Carolina will be history and the 'Cats will be preparing for a Saturday afternoon date with University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.
Most likely, UK will be trying to rebound from the Cats' first loss of the year in Chapel Hill, N.C.
Most experts would have been excited about five or more December victories for UK, given that UK was set for road contests against Cincinnati, Notre Dame, North Carolina, Indiana, Louisville and a Freedom Hall contest against Western Kentucky.
The way things now stack up, look for the 'Cats to win seven December contests with a remote possibility of eight.
I don't believe UK has any chance of beating Indiana in Bloomington. It is clinic time every season when UK meets Bob Knight's Hoosiers. No team in America sets more picks (stationary or moving) and no club has brickhouse picks like the Hoosiers. An IU pick is made to take a freight train.
Most bruises to basketball players go away in a couple or three days. When you play IU, the bruises will still be felt on New Year's Eve. Kentucky's young players will truly experience a lesson or two.
Kentucky's best shot for an upset victory on the road this month will be after Christmas when UK travels to Freedom Hall to match up with Denny Crum's Cardinals.
The Cards are struggling right now, but a team can do a lot of growing up in a couple weeks. Kentucky will probably be a slight underdog with the homecourt being the difference.
UK usually plays very well in Freedom Hall, but this time it will be with some 20,000 U of L fans and a couple hundred UK followers.
Sandwiched around the UTC, IU and U of L contests will be games against Western Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky. Western doesn't have the manpower to match up with UK, and neither does Eastern, but EKU's Mike Pollio has a year up on Western's Ralph Willard in rebuilding those schools.
Eastern will be fired up coming into Rupp Arena for the first time and Kentucky had better be prepared for this one.
As it stands now, look for UK to be 7-3 when the SEC rolls around in early January. Add to that the kind of SEC record you think Kentucky will have and then you'll have a pretty good idea how the 'Cats will stack up at the season's end.
It's still a shame Reggie Hanson won't have the opportunity afforded the likes of Oklahoma State's Eddie Sutton, Syracuse's LeRon Ellis and Arizona's Chris Mills next March.
The Kentucky crowd Saturday was one of the Wildcats' best homecourt weapons in Rupp Arena memory. Without question, the loudest and most vocal crowds in the history of Rupp Arena were the Kansas and last year's LSU crowds.
It should come as no surprise that both crowds were fueled to emotional pitches by comments and actions resulting from the coaches involved in both games, namely, UK's Pitino along with LSU coach Dale Brown and Kansas coach Roy Williams.
The more I think about the actions of the trio, I'm reminded of the early days of pro wrestling back in eastern Kentucky. Every night the wrestling card came to town, there were always the good guys and then the bad guys. They hated each other, spit in each other's face, dared one another to even look nasty.
Why, you would have thought the opposing wrestlers wouldn't be caught dead at their manager's funeral. It was all a game to get folks to fork across big bucks for those ringside seats and to believe all the action in the ring was for real.
Well, most of us know wrestling is all show, but many of those mountain folks didn't and one night, when they discovered they had been hoaxed into spending their hard-earned dollars on a rigged deal, well, they sent the wrestlers racing out of town with not even the shirts on their back.
It happened one night when the good guy supposedly got popped across the chest with a folding chair by the bad guy. Blood began squirting all over the place. The paying folks were up in arms, little did they know all that gory blood was nothing but watered-down ketchup.
Off-duty police (who went along with the scheme because they picked up some moonlighting dollars on the side) gingerly packed the good guy out of the gym on a stretcher. Officials announced the wrestler was seriously hurt, but promised he would return to get revenge in two weeks.
Well, some of the fans became so enraged as they left the gymnasium they decided to hang around and do something with this naughty, bad guy. About 12 to 15 burly, bearded guys in their early 30s headed for the back entrance where wrestling officials were loading up their gear and preparing to head out of town.
All of a sudden, the mountain boys spotted two guys leaving the gym through a back door. The pair was laughing, had their arms around each other and boasted of what a great performance the night's event had been.
They were just about to open the door of a van when the good ole' mountain boys recognized one as the bad guy and the other as the good guy who showed absolutely no effects of any injury.
To say the least, the two wrestlers were never spotted on the streets of Hazard again. As far as I know the wrestlers escaped, unharmed. The country boys were, perhaps, a little too slow on the feet to catch the wrestlers, but the message certainly was well received.
When I see all these college coaches putting on sideline shows and then acting the way they do, I wonder if, perhaps, sometime in the past, they may have been pro wrestlers.
No one enjoys an excited coach on the sidelines more than me. For a coach to show excitement is a sign of his intense involvement in the game. It's great motivation for the players, the fans and even the television audience. But there is a limit.
For coaches to go at one another's throat anywhere except on the court leaves a bit to be desired for me. Too often, I believe they're just trying to hype up the fans, which I guessed worked against Kansas last Saturday, like Dale Brown does at LSU, etc.
But if coaches really hate each other the way they sometimes claim, they shouldn't be praising the other's character, charm and etc. after the game and the next day. When they do, I'm reminded of the night in Hazard when two wrestlers learned what can happen when country boys are deceived.
I guess that is why I loved the old Rupp-Mears fueds, the Joe B. Hall-Bobby Knight duels and the Norm Sloan-Dean Smith confrontations. The hate was real, not imagined and there weren't any back-slapping congratulations after the game. Fans also knew they weren't being
tricked into watching a staged sideshow.
Just when Kentucky football fans were beginning to enjoy the exciting offensive philosophy of young Tommy Bowden, the son of Florida State coaching great Bobby Bowden goes off and accepts the offensive coordinator's job at Auburn University.
While this is a blow to Curry's rebuilding project, it should only be a temporary one. One cannot blame Tommy for accepting the golden opportunity. It's no secret Tommy wants to be a head coach in the near future and that will probably happen a lot quicker when you're the No. 1 assistant on Auburn's staff rather than Kentucky's at this time.
Tommy was generous in his praise of the current UK staff and what he expects of future Kentucky football teams. Tommy said Auburn today is where Kentucky will be in a couple or three years.
1 believe him, and for that, Tommy will be able to look at Kentucky in three and four years and take a little bow for having had a role in rebuilding the UK program.
For now, Curry will now add the task of finding an offensive coordinator to those demanding hours of high school ' recruiting.
Rumors are flying that two prominent names could be on his list. Mentioned almost hourly are the names of ex-Vanderbilt head coach Watson Brown and Vandy assistant Steve Sloan. Either would be a worthy successor to Bowden.
While Auburn coach Pat Dye was very fortunate to land Bowden, the selection did not meet unanimous approval in Tigerland since there was some strong support from backs of Pat Sullivan.
One has to think the decision came down to Dye's admiration of the job Bowden did with the UK offense this past season. As the season wore on, UK's offense was one of the most exciting in the SEC.
It was great to see many of the members of the 1976-77 Wildcat team in attendance for the UK-Kansas game Saturday. UK officials brought the players back as part of a celebration of the 15th anniversary of Rupp Arena. They were introduced before the game...
Also there as a guest of UK athletics director C. M. Newton was former Tennessee coaching great Ray Mears, perhaps the most despised coaching adversary until LSU's Dale Brown came along. Of all the coaches the late, great Adolph Rupp faced during his four-plus decades at UK, two stand alone in this category. Rupp's genuine dislike for Mears was matched only by the appearance of former Marquette coach Al McGuire. Mears turned the Big Orange program into a successful one and is one of the reason why other SEC schools
Please see, OSCAR COMBS, page 26 e
SLAM-BAM: Reggie Hanson scores two of his 15 points the easy, high-percentage way. photo by -mun Dmmmond
GO FOR THREE: Deron Feldhaus gets this layup, then a free throw, for an old-fashioned three, photo by 1
/ Thun Drummond
SWEET REVENGE: UK's student section, part of the Arena, remembers last season's 150-95 KU win and gives 24,175 that ranks as the seventh-largest crowd at Rupp   the Jayhawks the appropriate welcome.
photo by Thun Drummond
UK-Kansas play-by-play		
116:42 '	0-2	Randall 13 ft.
15:23 | Woods 14 ft.	2-2	
15:00 !	2-5	Jamison layup, FT
14:48 !	2-7	Jordan layup
14:34 j	2-9	Jamison dunk
13:41  Hanson layup	4-9	
13:22 | Mashburn 5 ft. follow	6-9	
14:30 I Farmer 6 ft.	8-9	
13:39 !	8-11	Wagner layup
12:37 i Woods 7 ft.	10-11	
12:23 !	10-13	Wagner layup follow
12:12 i Hanson FT, FT	12-13	
11:45 ! Feldhaus dunk	14-13	
11:04 !	14-15	Tunstall 17 ft.
10:55 i Pelphrey 23 ft.	17-15	
9:55  Woods 9 ft.	19-15	
9:09 j Feldhaus 4 ft.. FT	22-15	
8:15	22-17	Randall 12 ft.
7:47 j	22-19	Riohey 18 ft.
7:27 i Hanson dunk	24-19	
7:02 1 Hanson 8 ft.	26-19	
6:20 i Brassow 10 ft. follow	28-19	
6:11 i Woods FT, FTA	29-19	
6:031	29-21	Randall FT, FT
I 5:53 i Woods 15 ft.	31-21	
i 5:12 ' Woods FT, FT	33-21	
I 4:45 i Woods layup	35-21	
4:34	35-24	Brown 24 ft.
4:24 Mashburn layup follow	37-24	
4:04	37-26	Tunstall layup
[ 3:46	37-28	Brown layup
3:22 Feldhaus layup follow	39-28	
2:39^	39-30	Woodbury 18 ft.
2:30 ; Hanson FT, FTA	40-30	
1:54 Woods layup, FTA	42-30	
1:34 I Martinez layup	44-30	
1:07 i	44-32	Tunstall FT, FT
0:55 ' Hanson FT, FT	46-32	
I 0:28 i	46-34	Jamison layup
HALF	46-34	
19:49 i	46-37	Brown 22 ft.
19:16 j Woods layup	48-37	
19:02 ! Mashburn layup	50-37	
18:49	50-39	Randall layup
18:45 i Woods 7 ft.	52-39	
18:31 1	52-41	Maddox 6 ft.
18:17 ,	52-43	Randall layup
18:02 \ Mashburn layup	5443	
16:26 !	5446	Brown 21 ft.
15:49 i	5449	Scott layup follow, FT
15:12 \ Brassow 22 ft.	57-49	
15:03	57-52	Jordan 21 ft.
14:24!	57-54	Wagner layup
14:10 : Hanson (goaltending)	59-54	
13:29 | Pelphrey 9 ft.	61-54	
12:58 ^ .	61-56	Jamison layup follow
12:41 ] Pelphrey layup	63-56	
11:40 !	63-58	Jamison dunk
11:18 !	63-60	Jamison layup
10:42 j	6*62	Maddox layup
10:18 ! Mashburn 8 ft.	65-62	
9:46; Mashburn follow layup	6762	
9:11 i Woods layup	69-62	
8:42: Woods 6 ft.	71-62	
8:001 Woods layup	73-62	
6:32! Mashburn FT FTA	74-62	
5:49 i Mashburn 15 ft.	76-62	
4:12 i Pelphrey layup, FT	79-62	
3:35! Feldhaus 20 ft.	82-72	
3:08 j	82-63	Jamison FT, FTA
3:04:	82-65	Jamison layup
2:39 j	82-66	Randall FTA, FT
1:54 ! Hanson layup	84-66	
1:11 j Pelphrey FT, FT	86-66	
1:00!	8&67	Randall FTA, FT
0:32!	86^9	Jordan layup
0:10 j	86-71	Scott 16 ft.
0:021 Brassow layup	88-71	
FINAL	88-71	
? TCP chart		
vs UK
Nick Nicholas
What a difference one season can make.
Dec. 9, 1989: Kansas 150, Kentucky 95.
Dec. 8, 1990: Kentucky 88, Kansas 71.
UK had to wait 365 days, but it countered with a 72-point swing. Did this 17-point conquest make up for last year's 55-point setback?
"Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah," Sean Woods, the game's offensive hero, said. "Without a doubt."
More importantly last Saturday, before a spine-tingling atmosphere at Rupp Arena, what a difference 7:32 proved to make.
With 10:42 left in the game: UK 63, Kansas 62.
With 3:08 remaining: UK 82, Kansas still spinning its wheels at 62.
Rick Pitino's 4-0 Wildcats used a 19-0 spree to help ease the pain of last year's loss in Lawrence, Kan., with an 88-71 victory.
Pitino called a timeout after Mike Mad-dox's picked and rolled his way to a layup bringing Kansas to within one, erasing an eight-point halftime lead by the hosts.
"I told them to relax at that point," Pitino, who had just watched his team commit three straight turnovers to fuel a 6-0 KU run, said. "I was pretty hard on 'em at halftime because (he told his players) 'You've got a lot of spectacular individual performances but you can't count on that. You've got to start playing better.' The one thing you're going to have is you're always going to have your defense no matter what you do on offense.
"I told them at halftime that Kansas will have their run. I said,'Defuse their run and create your run.' We wanted to make this a ping-pong matchup up and down the floor. We did a good job in transition of finding the open people on the ballwhich is the best post defenderand the movement and the changing positions of our interior people. They kept changing, playing high, playing low, fronting. They bought time in the low post while we had great pressure on the ball."
While Reggie Hanson and Jamal Mashburn were shutting down Mark Randall (12 points) and Kansas' inside attack, along with an effective Wildcat press, Woods took charge on the offensive end in the second half.
Woods scored a career-high 25 points (11 of 15 from the field), mainly penetrating through KU's defensive pressure. Woods was the "ping" in Pitino's 19-0 "ping-pong" scheme.
"Things are just coming to me because I'm playing loose," Woods said afterward. "I'm doing what Sean Woods is capable of doing instead of playing tight."
Following the Wildcat timeout, Mashburn served two field goals to UK's cause. Next, Woods each time increased the roar generated from the 24,175 fans with a fast-break layup, a six-foot running banker and another penetrating score inside. As quick as Woods can drive to the hoop, Kentucky had moved in front, 73-62.
Walking violations on Randall and Terry Brown continued to shut down the KU offensive surge. Mashburn added a free throw and a nice fake that resulted in 15-footer, making the count to 76-62.
Randall then missed two shots inside. And on Kentucky's end, John Pelphrey glided to the hoop from the left baseline for a layup and was fouled by Maddox. The junior's three-point play increased the margin to 17 (79-62) as well as the crowd's enthusiasm.
Deron Feldhaus capped off the run with a
Believe it or not, UK took just 16 three-pointers for the game, and made only three, the low-water mark for the Rick Pitino era. That was because Kansas coach Roy Williams' defensive strategy revolved around stopping UK's perimeter game. Take away the perimeter. Williams' reasoning went, and make point guard Sean Woods beat you on the offensive end. Of course, that's just about what happened. While KU was stopping the threes. Woods was working his magic among the trees. The junior jolted the Jayhawks with his ceaseless drives to the basket, hitting II of 15 shots for a career-high 25 points, dishing out a game-high eight assists.
"I grabbed him there at the end and told him we made a decision that he would be the one who would have to beat us." Williams said. "By golly, he did."
"You feel like no one can stop you," said Woods, who also had six rebounds and a game-high three steals. "You just keep on going."
Yes, Dorothy, for most of the game it was Kansas. The Kansas that was 3-1 entering the game. The Kansas that was shooting 50.8 percent from the field, 47.5 percent from three-point range. And it was that Kansas that took an early first-half lead, then roared back to cut a 14-point deficit to just one, at 63-62, with 10:42 left.
After Pitino called timeout at the 10:38 mark, however, it was a different Kansas. One that would not score for the next 7:34. One that would follow the Yellow Brick Road (missing 11 consecutive shots) and commit a cornfield full of turnovers during that stretch. It was the Kansas that succumbed to a 19-0 UK run, and the one that ultimately fell to 3-2 on the year.
What caused the turnaround? "Two things." Williams said. "One was that we lost our poise. But I'm also one of those guys who thinks you have to give credit to the other team. too. Their pressure, they really picked it up a notch?
"Rick called timeout (prior to the run). I'm sure he'd like to bottle up that speech. They came out and looked more intense. They smelled blood there a couple of times and knocked in some big shots. At the same time, we were not doing a good job of taking care of the basketball and were not getting good shots ourselves."
Rick Pitino bottling up that speech? Let's see: Rick Pitino Car Washes. Bravo Pitino (restaurant). Rick Pitino souvenir basketballs. Rick Pitino golf clubs. Those are working out pretty well.
Rick Pitino timeout speeches? You never know.
BYE-BYE, BIRDIES With the 88-71 victory in the books, the UK-KU series is now
officially over. The series, which stands at 17-3 in UK's favor, will not be renewed, primarily because UK would benefit much more from playing a team from a large metropolitan areapreferrably from the Eastthat would help in recruiting.
Still, Williams hates to see the rivalry die. "I would like this series to continue but I understand Rick's reasons," he said.
"If we would have played this game Aug. 1 there would have been 24,000 people here. And if we would have played it Aug. 1 in Lawrence, Kan., there would be 15,800 there. The tradition the two schools have and the interest, it's hard to find somebody to match that. And I've been at a pretty good place, too."
That place, of course, was as an assistant to Dean Smith at North Carolina. By the way, UK's series with UNC is scheduled to end this season as well, for the same reasons.
UK, undefeated on the season (prior to last Monday's game at UNC) and sure to move up from their No. 25 spot in the Associated Press poll, went to 4-0 for the first time since Eddie Sutton's top-ranked 'Cats reeled off 10 straight wins to open the 1987-88 season...
Speaking of Carolina, the Kansas win brought UK even with the Tar Heels once again on the all-time college basketball win list. Prior to the contest in Chapel Hill, both clubs had 1,483 wins. UK. of course, continues to lead over UNC in winning percentage by a wide margin...
The crowd of 24,175 was the seventh-largest to see UK play in Rupp Arena. One of those fans. Somerset's Charles Stephenson, was the 5 millionth person to see UK play in Rupp...
Also in attendance were eight members of coach Joe B. Hall's 1976-77 team, the first to play in Rupp. Honored prior to tipoff were Tim Stephens, Kyle Macy, Dwane Casey, Merion Haskins. James Lee, Jay Shidler, LaVon Williams and Rick Robey...
DATE: DEC. 8, 1990
VISTORS (Last name first)
KANSAS (3-2)
Randall, Mark Madoox. Mike Jordan. Adonis Jamison. Alonzo Brov,n, Terry Woodberry, Steve Wagner. Kirk Richey, Patrick
Team Rebounds Totals
	3-pt	Ft	Reb.	Pf	TP	A	To	Blk S	Mln
4-9	0-0	4-9	3-6 9	2	12	1	S	0 0	29:12
2-6	0-0	0-0	0-5 5	3	4	3	4	0 2	27:56
30	1-4	0-0	0-2 2	3	7	3..	2	0 0	29.26
6-9	0-0	2-3	1-3 4	5	14	0	3	0 2	23:20
4-14	34	OO	0-5 5	1	11	1	3	0 2	27:41
1-1	0-0	0-0	1-1 2	1	2	1	2	1 1	14:38
3-5	0-0	OO	1-1 2	0	6	0	0	0 0	9:01
1-6	OO	0-0	1-1 2	1	2	1	0	0 0	11.43
? 5	rui	2-2	,.2 3	2	fi	2	1	1 2	20:19
29-66	4-13	9-15	3-1-4 13-28 41	19	71	12	21	3 9	200
Total FG%: 29-66. 433% 1st halt: 14-31, 45.2%2nd half: 15-35, 425% Total 3-pt FG%: 4-13. 303% 1st half: 1-4. 25.0% 2nd half: 3-9. 333% Total FT%: 9-15, 600%    1st half: 50. 833%    2nd half: 4-9. 44.4%
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Deadball Rebounds: 3
a three-pointer.
"Give Kentucky credit," Kansas coach Roy Williams said. "I think for what they did from the 10-minute mark down to the three-minute mark, they didn't shut us out but we didn't score many. Their defensive intensity picked up, and at the same time we got a little more careless with the basketball. We ran just about every offensive set we could run trying to find something to slow the tide down and we couldn't."
Williams indicated his game plan was to let Woods try and clip the 'Hawks. The Kansas staff noticed in Kentucky's earlier games that Woods liked to penetrate and dish the ball to UK's three-point shooters.
Instead, Woods fouled up Kansas (defender Adonis Jordan picked up three fouls) by driving the distance. "We tried some other people on him," Williams added. "One time he just blew right by us and laid it in. We wanted to make sure and keep him out at 10 or 12 feet. Sean is a good kid and really likes to get the ball to those other guys. Tonight he was able to take it himself."
Besides Woods' 25, four other Wildcats scored 10 or more points. Hanson and Mashburn combined for 12 of 20 from the field, scoring 15 points apiece. Pelphrey and Feldhaus added 12 and 10 points, respectively.
Alonzo Jamison led the Jayhawks, 3-2, with 14 points. Brown scored 11 points but was limited to a three-ofnine showing from the three-point arc. He came into the contest hitting 51 percent from beyond 19*9" (19 of 37). He did. however, continue his streak of
three or more treys, now at five games.
An emotional UK squad opened the contest. Maybe a little too emotional.
The 'Cats found themselves trailing 9-2 when Jamison got free for a slam with 14:34 left in the first half.
UK eased the hometown faithful
with an 8-2 run. Kentucky's four field goals all came inside, with the longest coming on a Richie Farmer six-footer.
A Farmer-to-Jeff Brassow-to-Feldhaus fast-break dunk gave Kentucky its first lead, 14-13.
Kansas last led 15-14 when guard Sean Tunstall drilled a 17-foot baseline jumper.
A 21-6 UK run, triggered by Pelphrey's 23-foot trey, put the 'Cats ahead, 35-21 with 4:45 left. In that stretch, Woods scored the last seven points. "I just went out there and played to the best of my ability. I was just loose and things were happening for me."
After its win over Notre Dame, Kentucky had a week to prepare for Kansas. Notwithstanding the revenge factor which had surfaced all week, the Wildcat staff obviously had enough hours to diagram X's and O's to counter Jayhawk tendencies.
Then again, Pitino didn't sleep too well.
"You have no idea how difficult it was,"
KENTUCKY (4-0)	Fg	3-pt	Ft	Reb.	Pf	TP	A	To	Blk	S	Mln
Pelphrey, John	4-10	1-4	3-3	2-2 4	3	12	2	2	0	2	30:17
Mashburn, Jamal	7-10	OG	1-3	3-5 8	2	15	0	1	1	1	27:20
Hanson, Reggie	5-10	0-1	5-6	2-4 6	3	15	1	6	5	1	36:17
Woods, Sean	11-15	00	3-5	00 6	2	25	8	3	0	3	35:17
Brassow, Jeff	3-7	1-4	00	1-5 6	0	7	1	1	0	3	25:38
Farmer, Richie	1-8	0-4	00	0-2 2	2	2	0	3	0	0	24:56
Feldhaus, Deron	4-7	1-3	1-1	1-1 2	1	10	0	n	0	0	14:54
Martinez, Gimel	1-1	0-0	00	OO 0	2	2	0	1	0	0	3:43
Toomer, Carlos	0-1	00	oo	20 2	0	0	1	0	it	0	1:07
Thompson, Jody	OO	oo	oo	OO 0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0:31
Team Rebounds				0-3 3							
Totals	36-69	3-16	13-18	11-28 39	15	88	13	18	7	la	200
Total rG%: 36-69. 52.2%1st halt: 18-39. 46.2%2nd half: 18-30, 60.0% Deadball
Total 3-pt FG%: 3-16, 18B% 1st half: 1-9, 11.1% 2nd half: 2-7. 28.6% Rebounds: 0 Total FT%: 13-18, 72.2%   1st half: 9-13, 69.2%  2nd half: 4-5. 80.0%
Officials: Don Shea, David Dodge, Gary Marcum Technical fouls: none Attendance: 24,175
Scores by halves
1st 2nd
34 37 46 42
71 88
Pitino said about guarding the husky Randall. "I've watched films and I haven't slept. I've had nightmares watching Randall post up."
But Hanson and Mashburn, with their respective backs against the proverbial baseline, slowed down KU's motion offense.
Pitino said Hanson's performance was the best individual defense he's ever coached.
"Even Vegas last year in the Dodge NIT could not guard that young man (Randall) in the low post," Pitino said. "And I think they (UNLV) are the best defensive team in the country."
The senior's defense also contributed to UK being able to claim 28 defensive rebounds. Overall, UK was only outrebounded 41-39. Mashburn led Kentucky with eight boards and Hanson, Woods and Brassow each had six. Randall had a game-high nine rebounds.
It had been a year, but Kentucky finally got the date it had been waiting for. Said Brassow: "It's one of the best feelings I've ever felt in my life."
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Kansas coach Roy Williams said that after watching film of UK's earlier games he decided to take the three-point shot away from the 'Cat offense and make guard Sean Woo