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. ["7 my ‘IP x ' ' v "
~ ’ ‘ ii‘ .. ;, ‘ K a: . SENTRAL SERIALS RECORDS ' '
r' '4 1:1 5' “I 9 37.215 \4 ’fiiiffisaeifliw Mg???” ‘2} , “Yew RG I I
:ahm fir: “5;“; 35:55:53? @Uni’ij‘lwfi; ‘3? awe ‘ aria-v.7"..- , LBGNGTON KY LIBRARIES ,
i" ii. area ‘ . " . ” ‘ . 1
33%;: ,5 “pg: a .r eggs? , .> Vi'i‘r . I.
. . iii {’5’ : “r " " , '
' 1, f 'J'flfl" g0} Volume 73, Number 5 - May 2002 - Published by Kentucky Press Association/Kentucky Press Service l ,
Boa‘i‘d votes t0 combine KPA COHtEStS I i
The Kentucky Press Association awards had been associated with the the Fall Newspaper Contest. The com- names of individual staff members. I i ,
Board of Directors has accepted the Summer Convention while the Fall mittee noted that some of the BNC cat— The new Fall Newspaper Contest, , -‘
recommendations of its Contest Newspaper Contest awards are pre- egories were duplicated in the KPA Ad probably to be renamed the KPA ,
Committee to combine the Better and sented at the Winter Convention. Contest and would be deleted from Editorial Contest, will include 26 cate— .
Fall Newspaper contests into one. The committee, chaired by John the "editorial" contest. gories, a slight increase from previous ,
The move was necessitated after Nelson, met in December and present- Categories duplicated in the Ad years. '
the board voted at the Fall 2001 Board ed a list of recommendations at the Contest include Newspaper The recommendations also includ- '
Retreat to discontinue the KPA January board meeting but noted it Promotion, Special Edition/ Section, ed two changes in the FNC:
Summer Convention after this year's wanted to get more information about Best Ad Idea and Overall Best Display 0 combining Category 18 (Best .
meeting in Gatlinburg. The 2002 KPA the contests before making a final rec- Advertising. News Picture Essay - Spot or General
Summer Convention will be June 20- ommendation. The BNC is based on layout and News) and Category 20 (Best Feature
22 and will be combined with the The final version was submitted to design of newspapers with awards Picture Essay) into one category -- Best "
Tennessee Press Association. the KPA board and its April meeting going to member newspapers while Picture Essay - Spot, General or ' '
Registration information has been and approved unanimously. the Fall Newspaper Contest is geared Feature; and,
mailed to all newspapers. Some of the Better Newspaper toward reporting and photography. 0 combining Category 2 (Best Spot
The Better Newspaper Contest Contest categories will be merged into The FNC awards are presented in the See CONTEST on Page 12
* Th' ' u ' N l l t d KPA V-P “
[5 year 5 co ege seniors were e son e EC e ,
O ' O .
In fa nts wh e n KPA last ra lsed d u es Join Neison, managing editor oi a» Among his
the Danville Advocate Messenger, has 36%;?) duties were
Most of this year’s college 4w; been elected vice president of the j. g' i4 teaching
seniors were born in 1980 or 1981. On Second Kentucky Press Association by its me first-aid '
Theyive been through diapers, the T h ht ” board of directors. Nelson has served it .i.1 courses and
Terrlble Twos, day care / babysrt- oug 3%? on the KPA board smce 1995. -: ‘k deallng With
ters, kindergarten, 12 years of sec- £48 The Vlce preSIdency became 1M2 \~.~i««z{' . \i; _i federal ~,
ondary education and four years of vacant when Sharon Tuminski 0f the * .. . ., inspectors.
higher education. By David 13 Thompson Winchester Sun moved into the office The :
That’s the best way to relate to KPA Executive Director W " of president-elect earlier this year. " ‘ experience ,
the last time the Kentucky Press That followed the resignation of David i as ‘ng g5 in another ' .
Association had a dues increase. in 1983, 29 newspapers were HOt Greer, who would have been presi- : 3 ' 2‘52 iii , field gave V L
It was part of a three-year plan -- members 0f KPA- Since 1993, though, dent-elect for 2002, but instead accept— i him a per- ' :
1981—82—83 __ by the Board to increase all Kintuckfyléipexvspapers have been ed a péisition at KPA as member ser- i . . . spectiv:1 ‘tthat ,
KP A clues that ho efull hadn’t one mem ers 0 . v1ces II‘ECtOI‘. ; ' ' some e 1 01's
two previous dec§des vzithout dies A second reason is because the Nelson first joined the board as don’t have, 3 i,
being increased. Board established the Associate Chairman of its news editorial divi- Nelson said. Eventually, he returned J’ ,
I’d even bet that half of today’s Member Newspaper division in 1988. sion. Two years later, he was elected to to college, finished his degree and i ,
newspapers employees were in So what’s the point? Doing busi- a seat on the board. then returned to Journallsm. ’ .
school the last time KPA increased ness has increased. You don’t need to ’ Managing editor of the Danville Why go back after being away j ,
dues. be told that. You’ve increased sub— ' daily since January 1997, Nelson more than a decade? Instability in the i, .
KP A dues are based solely on scription rates, you've increased supervises an editorial staff of about coal industry, Nelson said, led him 1, '
paid circulation Take Line C left- advertising rates; you've raised rates 20. Before that, he was editor, publish— back to his previous career. Besides, he _
hand column of your statement of for every income source associated er and co-owner of Pulaski Week in said, ”I still had ink in my blood." , .
ow n e rshi and multi 1 b the dues with your newspaper sometime, per- Somerset for 10 years. Previously, Over the years, Nelson has been ,
formula 13 p y y haps several times, in the past 20 Nelson was editor of the Citizen Voice active in civic affairs, including being "
For man news a ers Circula- years. & Times in Irvine for two years. president of the Bluegrass Private .
ti on hasn’ t in}; r e a 5 ed) £11 ch in those For KPA, it’s more than just that Along the way, Nelson’s career Industry Council 1984-86. . ,
20 ar and ‘f r n w a r’ . _ the cost of doing business has took a detour from journalism from Nelson sees good days ahead for i
“13’: s h :1 you d9 tip P9 5 CH increased in 20 years. Look at what 1974 to about 1985. He spent more KPA. ”I don’t think the organization , 1'
d a lfin as ecreaile ’ en yogi.” 1 you’re Offered now -_ as ”free” than 10 years with Southeast Coal Co. has ever been any stronger,” he said. .
uesF ave eclr eagle) Acgrresp on mg y‘ in Irvine. There he held a number of He’s proud of KPA being only one j’ j
. ortunate y’ Iues Income S DUES P 12 positions, including safety director. '
has increased. But that s only because ee on age ~ See NELSON on Page 11 ,
,_ _ KM" __—_—‘_—"“'— j

 .e . g i
Page 2 - The Kentucky Press, May 2002 5 ‘
K 0 i‘ i
entucky people papers in the news

New publisher, reporter join McLean Hamilton named manager in dren. Hamilton succeeds Teresa Rice bringing a diversified news and sports 3 i 7KIM C
County News Lebanon who left The Enterprise to become background to The Standard, previ- "1 i ’KPAJC
Greg Abney is the new publisher Chris Hamilton has been named publisher of The Perry County News ously covered local government, the l j ‘ "C?“ns‘
of the McLean County News. He general manager/ editor of The in Tell City, Ind. Both papers are courts, crime, sports, and features as i ‘l " Dinsm
replaces Teresa Revlett, who is now Lebanon Enterprise in Marion County. owned by Landmark Community well as writing a weekly general inter- " 3 , Shohl
director of sales for the Kentucky Press Hamilton, 37, is a London, Ky., native, Newspapers Inc. est column for The Pilot’s bureau in * W]
Service. Abney is a Western Kentucky but grew up in Marion County. He has Nags Head, NC. Both papers are 1‘ ‘ rmade 1
University graduate with a degree in been news editor of The Enterprise for New editor named in Bardstown owned by Landmark i the 200
English and history. the past two years. Before that, he was Paul South, general assignment Communications. , Assem
Jacob Newkirk has joined the a sports writer and sports editor of the reporter for The Virginian Pilot’s South replaces Melissa Newman, : .f unfit]
News as a reporter. A Rockport, Ind., Marion County weekly having started North Carolina bureau since 1994, has who accepted the position of general 3 ”HE-1mm
native, Newkirk worked for the week- while in high school. In all, he has been named editor of The Kentucky manager of The Mountain Advocate in bled ag
ly in his hometown where he won sev— spent nearly 20 years with the paper. Standard in Bardstown, a tri-weekly Barbourville. ‘ lent. on
eral awards from the Hoosier State Active in civic activities, Hamilton with a circulation of 9,150. He begins 8 PEOPLE P 9 Th‘
Press Association. and his wife, Dana, have three chil- his new duties effective June 1. South, ee on age 3:11:12]
E i felt-cor
.——The Kentucky Press— Deaths siaiiiniiii. We.
"I don't think there was anything a;;_theyfcé
The KentUCkY Press (155N'0023-0324) is Pub' DiStriCt 11 ' Glenn Gray, ManChP-Ster . DeRossett, former Middlesboro edi- that she didn't cover at one time or ; {i (access:
lishedmonthly by the Kentucky Press Enterprise tor, dies another," said Richard Wilson, a g 3 .mékefi
3:133lactiiféigigggsggieijiifie’ Inc. D. t . in D 'd Th b: 50 t Lou DeRossett, former editor of retired Courier-Journal reporter who ,Ii‘fis; aways
Frankfort, KY. 40601. Subscription price is $8 ngfion‘gmfi‘gjoursg “”3" merge the Middlesboro Daily News, died in worked With Pardue for 15 years and - “bills-:9]
per year. Postmaster: Send change of address ‘ Eehruaryt 20(121.< Atgrakdujate of tlhe is nowlinterimddréreictor of theScthool of F»; j2133135931
to The Kenmck Press, 101 Consumer Lane, . . . . I'llVerSl y 0 en LlC y ourna 15m ourna 15m an e ecommunica Ions ' ; ;‘:Si 3 .
Frankfort, KY. 4);)601, (502) 223-8821. 15:25:13 - Tom Caudill, Lexmgton Herald School, he joined the Daily News as at the University of Kentucky. : gn
news editor in 1969 and later became "She was extremely versatile as 1 ,Teljejn;
Officers ‘ -. . District 14 _ Teresa Scenters, Berea Citizen editor. He was editor for eight years well as being very complete, conscien- ‘CI‘HQ
KentULkY Press Assoc‘dtlon and won numerous awards from the tious and kind. . . . She could be hard- ;«:.iiigBi11?treg
President _ David Eldridge, Jessamine State At-Large . ' Kentucky Press Association. nosed when she was going after infor- _ g:gnii;th
Journal Keith Ponder, Glasgow Daily Times At one time, DeRossett was co- . mation, but never at all belligerent, . fiawas on
Glen Greene, Mt. Sterling Advocate . owner of the Adair News in Columbia. Wilson added. ' , ymx
President—Elect . Sharon TuminskiI Kelly Robinson, Recorder Newspapers He also served on the KPA board and An article at the time described rm
Winchester Sun Chris Poore, Kentucky Kernel on the then-KPA Legal Committee. her career until then as consisting pri- EtagZGI'OC
In addition to his newspaper marily of "preventing our Frankfort Effijioiial‘il
Vice—President - John Nelson, Danville Division Chairman career, he also taught in the bureau from flying apart into a thou- iii»»€;FfiéS‘:Wl
Advocate Messenger News Editorial Division JEH Mordand/ Middlesboro School System and at sand pieces. She . . . answered the tele- ,; ,keting

. . Citizen VOice 8‘ Times Lincoln Memorial University. He also phone, made the morning coffee and ”behalf)
Treasurer - Da‘fld Thombcrry’ Somerset d d' hr of the c mm 't had been nice to Visitors " - i‘ex ,. 1
Commonwealth Journal Advertising Division- Kelly Robinson serve as irec ( - l 9 uni y ‘ . ~ V ‘ em?
Recorder Newspapers ' development agency in Middlesboro But her unexpected legislative cov- , 111112131”
Past President - Marty Backus, Appalachian and was assistant property valuation erage was described as .a job done With . ;§p“bscfi
News Express Circulation Division _ Kriss Johnson, administrator for Bell County for sev- such assurance that might have led a . 33;.3e1gr1yie15!
. Lexington H e r a] d-L e a d er eral yea rs. stranger to think her life 5 career had 1 comply
Board of Directors been devoted to covering intricaCies of ;, egadqsgagu
DiSUiCt 1 ' Alice Rouse, Murray Ledger and Associates Division _ Cliff Feltham Anne Pardue, longtime reporter for lawmaking in the upper chamber." 3 iypatent;
Times Kentucky Utilities ’ C-J, dies Investigative reporter Livingston ‘ ‘Ifiihgifi'; 'Ii‘w
District 2 _ Jed Dillingham, Dawson Springs . . Anne Pardue, a. reporter who Taylor, who retired at, the same time as ; :«IIQBSl-g
progress General Counscls ~jon Fleischaker, Kim served in The Courier-Journal s Pardue in 1987, said: She was a quiet i raj-13130
Greene, Dinsmore & Shohl, Louisville Frankfort bureau for more than 35 person, soft-spoken, but confident. . . . a iiggsorgqfh
District 3 - Donn Wimmer, Hancock Clarion years, died recently at her home in She was just a fixture there at the ‘, finedane
Kentucky Press Association Staff Frankfort. Frankfort bureau for many years." ' pfliyideOi
District 4 - Charlie Portmann, Franklin David T. Thompson, Executive Director She was 73 and had suffered a She is survived by a brother, ; g’mgmx
“avor‘te Bonnie SOY:rdbCOniT011fg 1 stroke in recent months. Thomas Pardue Jr., and a sister, Mary . isforsexu

eresa ev e t, irectoro a es ‘ '_ p . ~

District 5 ~ Ron Filkins, Kentucky Standard David Greer, Member Services Director tor 815112613111:er 1:13;? efgirtrgreiglr 3511,32: laidl ardue Eigzsoe:
District 6 _ Arthur B. Post, Louisville Courier- Eligdsiiizcggolfizzgfig11:82::1? the newspaper, described her as "a Shelbyville press operator dies fol- ifliigf
Journal Reba Lewis, Research /Marketing very reserved and private person who low1ng an illness . {jigsPOSltlol
. . . . Coordinatof preferred to be in the background. But Charles Allen Morehead, 52,. of @‘orshou
Bigger 7 - Kelley Warnick, Gallatin County Sue Cammack, Administrative Assistant she was also the type of repcclnter who Epelbyviléi (iéEd Auprfilli0 at JeWish , Ewere to
Rachel McCarty, Advertising Assistant 1stalgdliifggiblfutolyaggcégge2:37;” neiféplta e y V1 63 O owmg an 111‘ - Sgfiifatgs":

-- H31 'ar, A ' “ 5 T- s ' ' i $39353;
8:5:ng - Ken Metz, Bath County News JeéflsfimliiaiIRIANNi‘cSclgiiftgeeri‘flve She gave The Courier-Journal and the A native of Hardin County, he had hayigeopy
state many, many years of admirable worked as a senior press operator at v-“Inthat
District 9 — Jerry Pennington, Ashland Daily Staff members, Officers and Directors may service." Landmark Web Press in Shelbyville $.5tances
Independent be reached by email using the individual's Pardue graduated from the Since 1977- Before transferring to Web ‘ :‘Sealthe
first initial, full last name@kypress.com. University of Kentucky in 1949 and Press, he worked at Landmark’s (itapestl;
l District 10 - Deborah Collins, Bcal‘tyvillc There is no space or punctuation in the e- worked for the Frankfort State Journal Elizabethtown printing plant. wdence
Lfiferprise ma” addI'CSS- until she joined The Courier-Journal ,.

. la; in!" Fwd r 4

 d . f d ” . 2 00 2 ThelKentucky Press, May 2'0321- Page 3
By 3. case, HB 130 requires the court to V connection with the jury selection were. If SB 97 had become law, that '
,, ’ KIM GREENE ,, 333 - . - 33 destroy those records. process — which would include juror type of across-the—board review would ‘
a KPA General t“ " ‘ . Rep. Gippy Graham incorporated names — may be made public “upon have become impossible.
‘3 Counsel gfj- this troublesome language into his HB order of the Chief Justice” of the Another expungement bill, HB
‘ Dinsmore &; - 3 3," ””3 ’ 133. This bill also prohibits pho- ‘ Kentucky Supreme Court. The chief 580, sponsored by Rep. Johnnie
' Shohl 3333 , tographing or videotaping certain justice has established a Jury Study Tumer, was particularly troublesome. ’
Whew! We ' "if. 33 3 body parts or sexual acts without per- Commission which, among other This bill would have required auto- .3
made it through mission. Unlike Lee’s HB 130, taking things, will be looking at amendments matic expungement of court records ,
the 2002 General 4’ ' l the photos is, by itself, a violation of to the Rules of Administrative and all related law enforcement '
Assembly session. Relatively thisbill. It does not require any publi- Procedure for the courts. The KPA has records for any defendant who was '
unscathed. In fact, considering the cation of the resulting photos or been invited to participate in that com- acquitted of the crime or who obtained ,
number of bills the KPA actively lob- videos. It does, however, require the - mission and we are hopeful that a rule a dismissal with prejudice on any ,
bied against, the result was an excel- court to seal the photographs and permitting public access to juror grounds. No motion or hearing was
lent one. videotapes in the court record, and names will be a clear result of the required and there was no opportunity
There were 25 bills during this ses— requires the court to destroy them Commission’s work. for-anyone (the victim, the public, the
sion which so threatened press and when the case is over. ‘ ' The rest of the bills we followed press) to object. Fortunately, several ,
public rights to information that KPA ' When these bills, traveling in tan- were not enacted. members of the House Judiciary ' 3
felt compelled to oppose them active- ‘ ' dem, reached the Senate floor, Sen. Committee agreed with the KPA’s
ly. We tracked another seven because , David Karem filed a floor amendment Juror Names view and HB 580 was defeated in com- ‘
they contained language dealing with that would haveremdved the require- Two other bills were introduced mittee. ’ . ’
access to records and we wanted to ment that the court automatically’seal . which would have made juror names The final expungement bill, HB
make sure that right was not amended and destroy the photographs and “ unavailable to the press and the public: 651 ,- Sponsored by Rep. Royce Adams,
away during the session. Of all these videos. Instead, the 'victim would HB 265 (sponsored by Rep. Keith Hall would have amended an existing ‘
bills, only four that really concerned us have the right to ask the court to seal and others) and SB-»263'(‘sponsored_ by statute which allows expungement of .
passed both chambers and were that evidence and the court would Sen. Bob Stivers): Of the two, Sen?“ , ~ certain misdemeanor records upon
signed by the governor. have to follow the procedure outlined Stivers’ bill was less troublesome, since motion of the acquitted defendant. -
3 . ‘ by the US. Supreme Court and 'it would have prevented us from get- This bill actually would have nar-
Telernarketing Kentucky Supreme Court for closing ting a copy of the list of jurors but not rowed the scope of the existing statute, 3 . -
House Bill 47, the multi-sponsored courtrooms or sealing court files. . from seeing the listrin the circuit which would have been an improve- 3 ‘
bill regulating telephone solicitation Unfortunately, those floor -arnend-. clerk’s office. However, when it ' ment. However, even though the bill '
3 (and the subject of another column), . ments failed and these two bills passed became apparent that HB 781 was was posted in the House Judiciary .
. , was one of the first bills to make it to both chambers. Since court records are going to be enacted, the sponsors of Committee, it languished there. '

3: the governor’s desk this session. He ' the primary way the public learns and HE 265 and SB 263 stopped pushing . _ . . . . .

‘ "signed it On Febz6. This bill created the understands what is going on in its‘ their bills and they died in committee. Autopsy Records . ' _ 3- ’
”zero call list" and added a few addiw courts, the KPA opposes efforts like . The death of Dale Earnhardt in a ‘
tional hoops through which compa— this to seal or destroy court records. - Expungement of Court Records racing accident spawned two bills '
nies which telemarket (or the telemar- Thanks to HB 130 and HB 133, court There were three bills introduced which would have restricted public -

' , keting firms which do it on their , observers will not be able to review the which, if passed, would have required access to records of autopsiesHB 582,
' behalf) must jump. HB47'deleted the . key evidence in the court record of or allowed for expungement of partic- sponsored by Rep. Greg Stumbo, . ' ' ' ‘ '
. exemption enjoyed byanewspapers . these voyeurism cases. , - ular courtrecords. During the session, would have precluded the release of ‘ ‘
under the old law for solicitation of - . .. . > - . we sent you alerts about these bills: SB ‘ autopsy photos, videos, audio tapes or . > * -,
3 subscriptions. That means beginning . ,Names- of Jurors ' - - , » 97, HB 580 and HB 651. These are bills other visual images. It would have -' '* 2 . :
- July 15, newspapers must be sure to .» ' According to the statuteon the . we actively opposed, testifying several . established criminal penalties for vio—i. ’ - . . ' ~ v ' s "
- 3 , comply:,with the labyrinthine array'of . booksbefore the 2002'General - ' ‘ . times in committees and contacting ‘ - ~ lations. This bill made no progress in ' . ' ’ ,
q dos and don’ts when making calls to - Assembly, the namesof jurors drawn - numerous legislators for help. the House. The other autopsy bill, .HB , = . . ‘ .1 ‘ '
. i‘potential subscribers-2:: . 1, . , . » from theprospective juror list ”shall be . SB 97 (sponsored by Sens. Dick > . 77,5ponsored by Rep. Brent Yonts, ' _ ' ' , - ' . ' .
-‘ _ Two other bills,,which thegover- , amadeavailable tothe public.” KRS ' Adams and Bob Stivers) came closest - passed the Home. .. . ' -- . ' -' '- ' -
. ’ * nor signedjn April; relate. to crimesr ‘ , . .29A.O60.(13). HB. 781 changes that. This to~full passage. After passing the- . ' ‘ ' ’ This-bill startedout being much '3 ‘ . _. , : ‘ i
2‘ HB 130 and H8133. HB 130 was spone ‘ bill-started out as an effort to raise the Senate, it appeared to be .breezing. - » more restrictive than Rep. Stumbo’s : . . ’ 1' ' 3 ,
sored by Rep. Jimmie Lee and it creat- . r'payfor jurors, but along the way, that through the House whenrit wasban- bill. ltwould-have precluded public ' ' . . .
.~ » , _ed anew crime of ’7video. voyeurism.” provision was deleted. HB 781‘ . ished to the Appropriations and » access not only to photographs, videos - ' ‘ :
' *Vide'o voyeurism means photograph- alarmed the KPA because it struck '- Revenue Committee. This bill would - . and audio tapes, but also to the autop- . > ‘ 3
z ' ing or videotaping certain body parts from the statute the language require have permitted expungement of emer- sy reports themselves and to all ”asso- ' '
: . ,or sexual acts without the individual’s ing juror names to be made available gency protective orders — awarded pri- ciated records” of the coroner. Thanks ‘
:1 consent and publishing the videotape to the public. ' , a , marily in cases-of domestic violence — to Rep. Yonts’ willingness to work ' i
a 'by some, electronic means. - 3 During a legislative committee in certain circumstances. ' with the KPA, the bill was amended in . — . .

-' . Of course, KPA has no official meeting, Rep. Bob Heleringer attempt- After the expungement, SB 97 pro- ' the House to apply only to pho» . ' . '

, position whether video voyeurism is» ed to negotiate an amendment which vided that "the proceedings in the ‘ tographs and videotapes. And a provi— ' . . 3 . ' ' 3 .
or should be a crime. Our objections would require names of jurors to be matter shall be deemed never to have sion was included which would allow . - ' ' ' :

. -- were to a section of HB 130 which dic- made public unless the judge, for good occurred.” In addition to our general a member of the press or public to , '
. - tates what will happen with the pho- cause, granted a juror’s motion to seal objection to rewriting the history of move the court for permission to view ’3
tographs, films or videotapes if the his name for his protection. proceedings in the courts, we objected . or copy a photograph or videotape of
video voyeur is prosecuted in court. Unfortunately, the amendment failed to this bill because it would have con— an autopsy for good cause. .

» In that situation, no matter the circum- after a lengthy debate. cealed judges who are reluctant to The public still would have access ' 2 .
stances, HB 130 requires the court to Despite that, all may not be lost. . enforce the EPO law. Some years ago a to autopsy reports and there would be . ' . .

. ' seal the photographs, film and video- H8781 amended another section of ' newspaper's review of EPO records no sanction against family members . < - .
tapes that are introduced into evi- , the existing law regarding jury selec- throughout the state revealed where ' ‘ - . . '
.dence. And, at the conclusion of‘ the ' tion to say that infOrmation used in ' those pockets of judicialresistance . - See LAWS on Page 11 ‘ , ' 1‘ . .-

 ‘ l 3
3 Page 4 - The Kentucky Press, May 2002 ‘
: ‘KPS ff b ' t f lt't ' ‘W
’ sta mem er IS a mas er 0 mu 1" asking '
”I think sometimes you can look when a month closes on track. With no can try to get that ad re-scheduled.
_3 Advertising f”, for something too long and it makes it prior knowledge of bookkeeping, That's moneyfor our newspapers and 3
3 3 harder to find it. After working in the Holly felt like that was a real accom- It keeps the clients happy,” said Holly. 3
Plus QM; clipping department for that many plishment. 3 3 No matter how much money
‘ —-_- :_3-;:»:_jmm- years it seemed to come naturally to ”Closmg a month 15 wonderful. clients spend w1th KPA and INAN,
' 1 '~ ; me,” said Holly. Last month I Closed for the first time Holly says that she tries to treat all of '
. K112 ElffcsgrRsfvgezes b In Janigfary 1210(1); Holly jointed3 the}: with everythidng happsning just like it them like they are the rriost impplrtant
_ 1" usiness 0 ice e ping out wit oo - was suppose to," sai . “WI‘M“ C ient at t e time
_ . She's not a juggler, but Holly keeping. Now she is the Indiana Holly. rt, ’\ a th a t sh e i s'work-r ‘
Willard knows how to handle multiple Newspaper Advertising Network Dealing with the 33; , W: mg on their
‘ tasks in the advertising department. business clerk. That job calls for her to bookkeeping side of fitfie F t... account. She
On a normal day, Holly can be found handle accounts payables and receiv— the business has ,3 33 a *2: takes that same
3; scheduling ads, searching for ads that ables. She still enters ad orders for caused Holly to take a W phllOSOPhy
} . have been run in newspapers and Kentucky and Indiana and keeps on different look at the t3. sf about the news- '
. , preparing invoices to be mailed to $25003: :ggdzeffid;?:a 1:: sure that the nggngf tchfatthsehe . tier": azgklsswfital: she
‘ ' clients. ' ' . ' dig ' '
. - ”Holly is another one who spent filled out before. $32331. aw} "Regardless of
3 servfizrgggrsfirhwighgggggufgldlgriisr most of her time with KPA/ KPS in the _”I used to not real- 1‘ 31gb”? whether the '
the clipping service. She staYed with clipping service. I don't know that I've ize what all went into I mxig‘wj‘ww’ client spends $2
. that job until the clipping service was ever heard her say she didn't think she Bonnie Howard's (con- iy‘”?“r or $200,000 we
: sold in 1997_ Her son, A ddim, was I could do something. She's got a really . troller) and Buffy _ “ want them to _
‘ 3 born during her first stint with KPS. good attitude about work and is will- Sams’ (bookkeeping 3'3' .3 £34“ 3 . use our newspa- '
'. , . , After GeoTel bought the clipping ser- ing to take on any task. She had no assistant) jobs. They 3 3;”, pers to help . ~_‘
.3 _ ;V. T 3 yice, Holly Worked as a clipping ,1, . ,tCCOUPtt’Tgf-‘Xpeitense bUt beca'ise 9f » are the best teachers 1“ Holly Willard smiles at her them make . - 5‘:
-_ 7 . , . - supervisorthere for two years. , f , her fib'hty’ wgwanted her to handle the world. I thmk they the upper floor of the Kentucky .money for the" 3 “3:"
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" Principal says“ editorial criticizing discipline not fairor balanced '
‘ ‘By Steve Lannen administration. 3 , ' . Lerza, said the staff needs to know review and change a paper's content. '
_ HERALD-LEADER STAFF WRITER "I understand it's an editorial and Gardner's decision by today. If there is But Gardner said he didn't look at \
~ _ , The future of the student newspa- it's an opinion. But, I'm really not sure no paper, they'll have to refund $500 the opinion piece because he normally ~ ‘
-‘ . .per at Tates Creek High School in ' that some of their opinions were based collected for senior wills, Lerza said. reads only items the paper's adviser,
Lexington is unclear after the last edi- on fact," he said. "There was no effort , Gardner, who ‘ Amanda Tanis, flags as con- _
tion contained an editorial the school to seek out the ‘other side of‘the was unsure when ,, , troversial. Tanis deferred
principal calls unfair. _story."' . ‘ ’ he will decide, ' Students (1011 t comment to Gardner.
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. until further notice, the newspaper by the editorial. "I think the adminis— the service the Conkright said students 3
- may not be publishing in May," princi- tration is avoiding the issue rather paper provides, POWETfUI the press question the administra- _
pal Bob Gardner said. "I haven't made than realizing we're giving them a tip but wants the jour- is. I'm hoplng t0 tion's response. 3
a final decision." _ here," said senior Jim Lerza, the nalists to consider . "It's a student newspa- ,
; A staff editorial in the April 11 edi- paper's top student editor. "Countless the consequences use thlS as a V per, and when we use it to
3: - tion of the Masthead complained teachers have said, 'Now I'm really of what theypub- teachable moment." voice our opinions, it's cen-
. about inconsistent discipline of stu- glad the (paper) said that." lish. B b G d sored," she said. "I don't