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Women -- Suffrage Condensed Minutes of the Victory Convention (1869-1920) National American Woman Suffrage Association and First congress, League of Woman Voters. Justina Leavitt Wilson, recording secretary. Chicago, 1920. text Condensed Minutes of the Victory Convention (1869-1920) National American Woman Suffrage Association and First congress, League of Woman Voters. Justina Leavitt Wilson, recording secretary. Chicago, 1920. 1920 1920 2021 true xt7mgq6r2g0s section xt7mgq6r2g0s we BOOK MUSTB?‘






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Friday Afternoon, February 13th

Mrs. ‘Catt, presiding.

The Chair called the convention to order at 2:30.

She announced that for twenty—eight years Dr. Shaw had opened
the convention of the National Association with prayer. She asked that
in memory of her the delegates rise and join in silent prayer to be fol—
lowed by an invocation by the Rev. Herbert L. Willet.

The Chair introduced Mrs. Grace Wilbur Trout, president of the
Illinois Equal Suffrage Association, who welcomed the delegates to

The Chair responded to the greeting, following which Mrs. Stanley
McCormick took the chair while Mrs. Catt made a brief annual address
in which she reviewed the progress of ratification and gave its present
status. Thirty-one ratifications were recorded, with the announcement
of two more special sessions—one in New Mexico, the other in Okla-
homa, bringing the total of ratifications to thirty-three by the first of

Mrs. Catt took the chair . - .7 r

After Mrs. Catt’Is speech“— sonndincr 11-35:» lfe'yiiote of victory, joy':
unconfined burst forth. For three quarters of: a1§ hddr horns tooted;
state delegations stood be chai} s, sangx gave. their yells formed in groups
and marched around tlre.room;- wafving JilellilalétSrEfl‘ld American flags. The
Republican elephant and the Democratic donkey marched amicably arm

in arm to the platform to _; cé‘i‘jehthe: cengréttgnl‘ations of Mrs. Catt and

members of the Board. ’ " M” .. a ” ” 2 j w’ 2

The Chair called the Convention to order and read the following
telegram of greeting from President Wilson:

“Permit me to congratulate your Association upon the fact that its
great work is so near its triumphant end that you can now merge it into
a League of Women Voters to carry on the development of good citizen—
ship and real democracy, and to wish for the new organization the same
success and wise leadership.”

Woonaow WILSON.

Upon motion of Mrs. McCormick, duly seconded, it was voted that
the gratitude of the Slst Convention of the N. A. W. S. A. go to President





i: __



Wilson for his constant co—operation and help, with deep regret for hisfy
recent illness.
The Chair called upon the Credentials Committee to make a pie-: (5)
liminary report. ,the rerr
The Chair announced that instead of asking each officer of the Board and she
to present a separate report, Mrs. Shuler would render a report including 0 the
the activities of all of the officers. She called upon Mrs. Shuler for her {The E‘
report which covered field work and Headquarters activities. Mrs. ‘if nece‘
Shuler’ 5 report was adopted. 6
Upon motion of Miss Hay, duly seconded, it was voted that this procedl
convention authorize a letter of appreciation sent to the governors oi /-by cert
states that have ratified the Federal Suffrage Amendment; and telegrams Execut
to governors that had not yet called a special session making a strong has be
plea for those sessions to be called. 1501‘“?
Convention adjourned at 51:15.


Friday Evening, February 13th ‘ Feder‘

not be

Mrs. Catt, presiding. . R1

The Chair called the convention to order at 8:30, and proceeded at referei
once to the recommendations made to the Slst Annual Convention of the . states

Association by the Executive Council. ‘ or we
Following are the resolutions after amendment and adoption: (b) t7

, campa


WHEREAS The sole object of many years’ endeavor to the Natonal
American Woman- Suffrage. g‘Xssocaation 311257 EZbeeii‘ ‘to secure the vote to
the women citiz'eris of the: United. States by. appropriate national and state i- v
legislation” and that object isaa,bo.11t.to- be 3.141 1e'd and V

WHEREAS, THE. INatiqnazl AmemfcanNV‘Oman :Suft‘rage Association must I, electo
naturally dissofvenfr take- -up' ne‘w lines of work when the last suffrage t of 011
task has been completed,.tbere‘£ore', -b-e: at; : 3"; I1

Resolved That the A‘s‘sociatiqnt shall assume no new lines of work

and shall move toward dissolution by the following process: 'men)
(1) A Board of Officers shall be elected at this convention as usual ,1
to serve two years (if necessary) in accordance with the provisions of . .
the constitution; , 5111p,
(2) That the eight directors elected at the 50th Annual Convention . h '
and whose term of office does not expire until March 1921, shall be asked . bzvi:
to serve until the term of office of elected officers shall expire; ‘ high
(3) That any vacancy or vacancies occurring in the list of directors °
shall be filled by election at this convention; [
(4) That all vacancies in the Board of Directors occurring after this i
convention shall be filled by majority vote of the Board; , Ame

4 depe


for his”,

a pre-; (5) That the Board of Oflicers so constituted shall have full charge of
,1 he remainder of the ratification campaign, all necessary legal proceedings
dfand shall dispose of files, books, data, property and funds (if any remain)
luding‘Of the Association subject to the further instruction of this convention.
or her ,The Executive Council shall be subject to call by the Board of Oflicers
, Mrs,‘if necessary;
(6) That the Board of Officers shall render a quarterly account of the
,t this procedure, and an annual report of all funds in its possession duly audited
”.5. oi [-by certified accountant, to the women who in February, 1920, compose its
grams/Executive Council. When its work is completed and its final report
has been accepted by these presidents, it may by formal resolution dis-




WHEREAS, The question of the legality of referendum 'by petition or
' Federal Amendments is pending in the Federal Supreme Court and will
not be heard before March 1. therefore be it

Resolved, That if the Court holds such referenda to be legal and
ed at referenda campaigns are in consequence instituted (a) each of the 48
fthe ’ states he urged to pledge itself to furnish a competent experienced man
' or woman campaigner and defray all expenses of their representatives;
(b) that each state be assessed for its due proportion of the necessary
. campaign fund; (c) that the Board of Directors be authorized to appoint

‘ a national‘campaign committee, if one be found necessary.

tonal V
:e to , 3. CITIZENSHIP
state ,1 WHEREAS, Millions of women will become voters in 1920, and

i WHEREAS, The low standards of citizenship found in the present
nust J, electorate clearly indicate the need of education in the principles and ideals
rage i of our government and the methods of political procedure, therefore be it
Resolved, That the National League of \Vomen Voters be urged to
vork make Political Education for the new women voters (but not excluding

men) its first duty for 1920;

:11ij That the nation wide plan shall include normal schools for citizen—
1 ship in each state followed by schools in each county;
tion ' That we urge the League of Woman Voters 'to make every effort to
ked ‘ have the study of citizenship required in the public schools of every state
beginning in the primary grades and continuing through the upper grades,
tors high schools, normal schools, colleges and universities.

(1) That the League of Women Voters now a section of the National
American Woman Suffrage Association, be organized as a new and in-
dependent society;




(2) That the present auxiliaries of the N. A. W. S. A. while re: MI
taining their relationship to the Board of Officers to be elected in thisppom‘
51st convention in form shall change their names, objects and constituE Offic
tions to conform to those of the National League of Women Voters an!" M
take up the plan of work to be adopted in its first Congress. (t B”

The Chair called upon Mrs. Rogers for her annual report. Mrsfenns
Rogers’ statement showed a balance, with all resources included, offlowa

$33,646.42. The report was adopted. #1?“
Miss Young reported on the Year’s Publicity and Press. Report ilomt
Miss Ogden gave the final report of the National Publishing Company ring 0
Report adopted. . ,3
Proposals for a permanent memorial to Anna Howard Shaw werebusm

considered. She :

Dr. Potter of the VVomen’s Medical College of Pennsylvania spoke in was i

behalf of the chair of preventive medicine in that institution as a fitting: . 1”
memorial to Dr. Shaw. ' .tirey

Mrs. Louis F. Slade urged the founding of a chair of politics in quill:
Bryn Mawr College. ma (

Mrs. Laidlaw made a plea for a chair of citizenship in Barnard'furfl
College, New York City.

A motion made by Mrs. Slade was carried in favor of the chair of

politics at Bryn Mawr College. VVLE
Adjourned 10:45. . #d
. Mec
a fi
' th
Saturday Morning, February 14th 3 ci:1
Mrs. Catt, presiding. i,

The Chair called the convention to order at 9:30. 5 Of
The minutes were read and approved after slight correction. me

Invocation by Father Mulaly. ‘
The Chair proceeded to the business of the morning. 1 the
Mrs. Trout, Illinois, moved to suspend the rules and elect the present 5 50‘

Board of Officers to remain in office until suffrage is gained in this “ 0“}
country. Carried unanimously.

Upon motion of Mrs. Slade, New York, it was voted to reconsider M

her motion of the previous evening in regard to the Anna Howard Shaw . m:
Memorial at Bryn Mawr.

. . . 1
Actlon was taken to table the motion concerning the Anna Howard ‘1 m
Shaw Memorial at Bryn Mawr.

Action was taken that the N. A. W. S. A. establish an official I at
memorial to Anna Howard Shaw. “Official Memorial” was interpreted \ H
to carry with it financial responsibility.




 While re? Mrs. Morrison, Illinois, suggested that the N. A. W. S. A. should
1 in thisl’POint a chairman who would take up the work, organize it and give
Constitut official sanction and backing.
rters anr”: Mrs. Miller, Pennsylvania, moved that the N. A. W. S. A. establish
(t Bryn Mawr a foundation in politics, and at the Woman’s College of
t. Mrs-‘r‘ennsylvania a foundation in preventive medicine in memory of Dr. Anna
td'ed, 0frIoward Shaw, as a fitting continuation of her life work. A question
raised resulted in Mrs. Miller’s agreeing to reword her motion to include
oint memorial.”
. It was suggested that if the N. A. W. S. A. should endorse the rais-
lng of a fund the states would respond heartily.
‘ Mrs. Rogers rose to say that the N. A. W. S. A. having been in
W were business for about forty-five years was on the point of going out of it.
She suggested appointing a committee to report to an organization that
poke in Twas not winding up its affairs.
‘ fitting The Chair suggested that the convention establish a committee en-
tirely outside of the present Board of Officers to come to National Head—
quarters, send out an appeal to people whose names are on file there,
.make use of help to be had there and release the National Association from
arnard - further responsibility.
Discussion and amendments followed.
Finally Mrs. Miller’s motion was carried to read: That the N. A.
W. S. A. establish an official joint memorial to Dr. Anna Howard Shaw
—at Bryn Mawr College a foundation in politics, and at the Woman’s
{ Medical College of Pennsylvania a foundation in preventive medicine, as
a fitting continuation of her life work; and that a committee be ap—
' pointed to carry out the work by appealing to the women throughout
the country and that this committee be incorporated and assume the finan-
3 cial responsibility. The motion was carried.
1' The Chair presented as the first donation towards the fund a check
of $1,000 sent to the N. A. W. S. A. by Mrs. Howard Lewis, Buffalo, in
. memory of Dr. Shaw on her birthday.
‘- Upon motion of Mrs. Gellhorn, duly seconded, it was voted that in

; the future all monies collected under the jurisdiction of this incorporated
esent : committee be divided equally between the two foundations, unless it be

this ' otherwise specifically stated by the donor.

“ Action was taken that the Board appoint in consultation with Mrs.
Eider Miller, Mrs. Slade and Dr. Potter, four other members for this com-
ihaw ‘ mittee and that these seven shall have power to complete the committee.

f The final report of the Oversea Hospitals Committee and recom-
Vapd l mendations concerning residue fund was given by Mrs. Brown.

’ Mrs. Brown touched briefly upon the work of the Oversea Hospitals
icial I and stated that there remained in the treasury about $35,000. She gave
eted / the recommendation of the committee as follows:

The W. O. H. Committee recommends to the parent board in

'. 7

Report ii

Jmpany .

itics in

lair of




disposal of remaining funds, their immediate investment by the treasui
of the National in gilt edged securities to be held as a scholarship e
dowment fund for the training of one or two French women a ye
here or in France, in medicine or nursing as students or post-graduatv’
It further recommends that the administration of the income from 1‘;
fund, the selection of candidates and type of education be entrusted .

a committee of five to be appointed by the president of the Nation'
The report was accepted.

The Chair stated that five organizations wished to be heard in beha
of securing the residue funds. The convention granted each two minutrv‘

time for presentation of its proposal. l‘un
Motions were lost to accept (1) the recommendation of the Ove.

sea Hospitals; (2) to give the fund to the American Fund for Frenc‘.Cit
Wounded for the hospital at Rheims; (3) to turn the sum over to th} d‘
Anna Howard Shaw Memorial; (4) to devote it to the East relief worl.

The motion was carried 106 to 65 to turn over the fund to the oven i‘
sea work in France of the American VVomen’s Hospitals. A motion wan
made to reconsider the vote, and lost.

. . . . a
Mrs. Edwards, Indiana, rose to a pomt of priv1lege and presenter:
the following resolution:

WHEREAS the leader of the little group of women known as the Anti}
Suffragists, who for a decade have helped to defeat woman suffrage 1ij
discrediting all who advocated it are now directing their familiar slanderj
against Mr. Will H. Hays, chairman of the National Republican Com-1 1
mittee, because they say he has influenced ratification in several states by,

appealing to the younger element in the Republican party for the support

of suffrage, be it . ‘V

Resolved, That the National American Woman Suffrage Association
with two and a half million organized women, congratulates the Repub-J 5
lican party upon having a chairman who is astute enough to recognize‘ 1
the certain trend of public affairs and to attempt to lead his party in; 1
step with the inevitable march of human progress. ‘,

\Ve extend to Mr. Hays our sincere gratitude for any and all help“
he may have rendered on behalf of ratification and assure‘him that our’
members, being progressive women, hope to align themselves with the"
“younger element” of the parties of their choice, whichever party that
may be.

The resolution was carried 199 to 22. Upon motion of Mrs. Ed—
wards, seconded by Miss Hay, it was unanimously voted that thanks go to
Homer Cummings for his very signal service for ratification. .

Upon motion of Mrs. Gellhorn, duly seconded it was voted that both
motions be made unanimous.

Adjourned 12:50.


the treasuxl
:holarship e CORGRESS

05 'gt'aduat‘

entrusted . Saturday Afternoon, February 14th
the Nation'

. Mrs. Charles H. Brooks, presiding.
1rd in beha The Chair, in a brief address, explained that the League of Women
tW0 minutiVoters means the banding of the women of the country together in an
unselfish effort to improve the electorate.
Miss Marie B. Ames was introduced who told of the work of the
citizenship schools in Missouri and Kansas. Following, the Chair intro-
duced in turn the chairmen of the standing committees of the League of

f the Ove,l
for Frenfi

OVer to th
relief Worl) Women Voters.
The first matter of business was the election of a permanent conven-

30 the oven . .
tlon chairman.

motion .. . .
wa Upon motion of Mrs. Brown, New York, duly seconded, it was un-

l Present ( animously voted that Mrs. Catt be made the chairman.
e The Chair expressed the wish that the convention consent to the

p appointment of Mrs. Wilson as recording secretary for the sessions. The

Juggle Anti: convention so consented.
rage bi The Chair called upon Mrs. Fletcher Dobyns, Illinois, for the final

,LCraSIander‘? report of the Credentials Committee. She reported 507 delegates present,
' n com-l 102 alternates and 89 fraternal delegates.

£65233“ by, The report was adopted.

pport The Chair read a telegram of greetings from the League of Women
. ' Voters, Bennington, Vt.

SSOCiation The Chair proceeded to the first of two questions on the program:

e Repub‘i Shall the National League of Women Voters be made permanent for
recOgnize‘ the purpose of fostering education in citizenship and of supporting im—
party in; proved legislation?

, Mrs. Munson, Kansas, moved that an organization be continued for
all help, education in citizenship. The Chair explained the need of the double
program of education and legislation. Mrs. Munson reworded her motion

that our?

with the i to embody the question which amended was adopted as follows: The

vrty that National League of Women Voters shall be continued for the purpose of
fostering education in citizenship and of supporting improved legislation.

[1-5. Ed- The Chair said that the second question, “Will the convention confirm

(5 go to the appointment of an organization committee by the N. A. W. S. A..”
might ‘better follow the presentation of the plan of organization.

[at both Upon motion of Mrs. Miller, Pennsylvania, it was voted to hear Mrs.

Brown’s plan.
Mrs. Brown read the proposed plan.

5 _ 9



Referring to the matter of representation Mrs. Munson, Kansasu
asked if a group in a state not having an organization of the League (7215‘
Women Voters might pay the required sum and get representation at a
National convention. Mrs. Bass, Illinois, raised the same question on the
basis of legality.

The Chair replied that the League of Women Voters was an honest
organization with the object of seeking not power in organization but
power to secure legislation. The proposed plan of organization was read.

The plan adopted with the exception of the paragraphs on Representa-
tion and Elections, advanced to» Monday for consideration, was by action
of the convention put into the hands of a committee appointed by tln
Chair, one of whom should be a legal authority, this committee to em-
body the plan in a constitution and present it Monday. (See constitution,
p. 11-14). _

The Chair appointed Mrs. Brown, New York, Mrs. Sherman, Illinois.
Mrs. Miller, Pennsylvania, Committee on Constitution.

By action of the convention the Chair was authorized to appoint a
committee to work out the division of the states into regions. The Chair
appointed as a Regions Committee, Mrs. Costigan, Colorado, chairman,
Dr. Atwater, Montana, Mrs. Sherman, Illinois, Mrs. Dietrich, Nebraska,
Mrs. Ueland, Minnesota, Miss Potter, New York, Mrs. Holmes, Louisiana,
Mrs. Jacobs, Alabama, Miss Ludington, Connecticut.

The Chair was authorized to appoint a nominating committee.

Announcements were made following which Mrs. lCatt set straight
before the seven hundred women present the plan and purpose of the
League Of Women Voters and struck the big inspirational note of the

Adjourned 4:45.

Monday Morning, February 16th ,

Mrs. Catt, presiding.

The Chair called the convention to order at 9:30.

The minutes were read and approved. The Chair proceeded to the
business of the constitution.

At this point, Dr. Felix A. Levy pronounced the invocation. ‘

The Chair called upon Mrs. Brown for a report of the committee
on constitution.

Following is the constitution after amendment and adoption and
change in phraseology to conform to amendments:





no pal

an aft

of Co




of VV

the <


.nsas , 3

1e out
at a
n the

1 but
y tht
) em-


)int a

)f the
)f the

to the


1' and





The name of this organization shall be the National League of Women



The object of the National League of Women Voters shall be to
foster education in citizenship and to support improved legislation. The
National League of \Nomen Voters urges every woman to become an
enrolled voter, but as an organization it shall be allied with and support
no party.


Section 1. The National League of W'omen Voters shall consist of
an afliliated League of Women Voters from each state and the District

of Columbia.
Sec. 2. National organizations working along similar lines may be-

come associate members by vote of the National Board.


Section 1. A Board of ten National Directors shall be elected at the
annual convention to conduct the business of the National League of
Women Voters. Seven of these Directors shall represent regions of
states, three shall be elected at large. The term of office shall be one
year. The Board of Directors shall have power to fill vacancies in its

own body.
Sec. 2. The National Board of Directors shall immediately after this

election hold a meeting and elect from their own body a chairman, a vice-
chairman, a secretary of the board, and a treasurer of the National League

of Women Voters.

Section 1. The National Chairman shall preside at all meetings of
the organization, of the Executive Council, of the Board of Directors of



the National Executive Committee. She shall be ex-oflicio a member of
all committees, except the Nominating Committee.

Sec. 2. The National Vice—Chairman shall perform the duties of the
National Chairman in her absence or temporary inability to serve.

Sec. 3. The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the
National Board.

Sec. 4. The National Treasurer shall collect and receive all money
due the National Treasury. She shall be the‘custodian of this fund, and
shall disburse the same only upon the order of the organization or the
National Executive Committee. All orders upon the National Treasurer
for the disbursement of dues shall be signed by the National Chairman.
The National Treasurer shall give a bond of such amount as shall be

determined by the National Board of Directors, and her accounts shall ’
be audited previous to each annual meeting by auditors appointed by‘

the National Chairman. The National Treasurer shall present a quarterly

report to the National Board of Directors and an annual report to the .


A National Manager shall be chosen by the National Board and
shall have responsibility for the national work under the direction of the
National Board with a vote in its decisions.

The Board of'Directors shall appoint from its own body two elected
members who together with the chairman shall constitute an executive
committee to act in emergencies between meetings of the Board. The
Board of Directors shall have authority to define what would constitute

an emergency.

The educational and legislative work of the organization shall be
divided among standing committees, the national chairman of each com-
mittee to be appointed by the National Board.



The Board of Directors and chairmen of standing committees shall
constitute an executive council to consider programs and methods of work.







the D

to fill


' 110 t“


I once
. be m

to the
The r
of the

 r of
' the

- the
11 be
shall '
d by '
3 the .

l and
)f the



[all be
1 com—

5 shall
E work.


Section 1. The annual meeting of the National League of Women
Voters shall be held at such time and place as the Board of Directors shall
determine. .

Sec. 2. The National Board shall meet once annually in each of th
seven regions of states.

Sec. 3. The executive council shall hold at least three meetings an~


Representation in the conventions of the National League of Women
Voters shall be in accordance with population, and shall be on the same
basis as a state’s representation in Congress, provided that a state shall
have paid into the National treasury $50.00 for each delegate. Afiiliated
members shall eight weeks prior to the National Convention certify to the
treasurer in writing, signed by two officers, the total membership at that
date. A state shall be allowed its maximum representation only when the
organization in the state shall warrant, and this shall be determined by
the National Board by a two-thirds vote.



The Board of Directors shall present a budget for the ensuing year
to the annual convention for its adoption. Traveling and other necessary
expenses of the Board of Directors shall be authorized.



A nominating committee consisting of five members shall be ap-
pointed by the National Board at least three months before the annual
meeting at which the directors are to be elected. No member of the
National Board shall be eligible to be a member of this committee and

'no two members shall be residents of the same state. The name and

address of the chairman of the nominating committee shall be sent at

once to each state chairman that recommendations for candidates may

:be made by state leagues. All such recommendations shall be sent

to the nominating committee at least a month before the annual meeting.
The report of the nominating committee shall include the recommendations
of the committee together with the names of all other candidates recom-




mended by the state leagues and this report shall be posted at the opening
of the annual meeting. In addition nominations may be made from the
floor. An election committee appointed by the chairman of the Board
of Directors shall take charge of the election. The election shall be by
ballot. A majority vote of those present and qualified to vote and vot-

ing shall constitute an election.



All questions of national policy and all legisislative programs shall}
be presented to the annual convention but shall not be voted on until 5
at least one day later, in order to give the states a chance to consider n

and decide their vote.

The Constitution may be amended at any annual convention provided
that the proposed amendment is presented one day previous to action’ tl

thereon. ‘C


All meetings shall be conducted under Roberts’ Rules of Order. ye

The Chair heard the report of Mrs. \Villson, chairman of the Com-

mittee on Elections who stated that from nine names of women proposed Ct
at the regional caucuses for directors at large the three having the highest fei
vote at the convention polls would be elected, no woman being slated un-'
less consenting to act. i
The Chair called for a report from the Regions committee. Mrs in(
Ueland, acting chairman, reported. Action was taken authorizing the ho

committee to call together state presidents who were not satisfied with
the divisions, complete the districting and report later. tal<

The Chair appointed the following committee on Nominations:

Mrs. Gellhorn, Missouri, chairman, Miss Ludington, Connecticut, Mrs. a 1
Smith, Pennsylvania, Mrs. Dudley, Tennessee, Mrs. Edwards, Indiana,~ wo
Mrs. Ueland, Minnesota, Mrs. Edson, California.

The Chair called upon Mrs. Robins, Illinois, to make the report for ap
the committee on the Protection of Women in Industry. Folowing a hea
brief statement of the aims of this committee Mrs. Robins introduced De;
Miss Grace Abbott, Illinois, who presented the recommendations, which,

amended and adopted by the convention, were as follows: in o
I. We reaffirm our belief in the right of the workers to bargain col p

lectively through trade unions and regard the organization of workin in d1
Women as especially important because of the peculiar handicaps frot .

. . Wit}
which they suffer in the labor market.


 II. We call attention to the fact that it is still necessary for us to

:mng urge that wages should be paid on the basis of occupation and not on sex.

i the III. We recommend to Congress and the Federal Government:

.oard (l) The establishment, in the U. S. Department of Labor, of a per-

)e by manent Women’s Bureau, with a woman as Chief and an appropriation

VOt' adequate for the investigation of all matters pertaining to wage earning
women and the determination of standards and policies which will promote
their welfare, improve their working conditions, and increase their

5113“; (2) The appointment of women in the Mediation and Conciliation

until Service of the U. S. Department of Labor and on any industrial com—
nsider mission or tribunal which may hereafter be created.

(3) The establishment of a joint Federal and State Employment

Service with women’s departments under the direction of technically
qualified women.


. , (4) The adoption of a constitutional amendment giving to Congress

the power to establish minimum labor standards, and the enactment by
‘Congress of a child labor law extending the application of the present
federal child labor tax laws, raising the age minimum for general employ-
ment from 14 to 16 years and the age for employment at night to 18

(5) Recognizing the importance of a world—wide standardization of
e Com- industry we favor the participation of the U. S. in the International Labor
mposed Conference and the appointment of a woman delegate to the next Con-
highest ference.
1.th un-i IV. We recommend to the States legislative provision for

_ (l) The limitation of the hours of work for wage earning women in
;_ Mrs industrial undertakings to not more than 8 hours in any one day, or 44
zing the hours in any one week, and the granting of one day rest in seven.
ied with (2) The prohibition of night work for women in industrial under—


cut, Mrs.

(3) The compulsory payment of a minimum wage to be fixed by
a Minimum Wage Commission at an amount which will insure to the
working woman a proper standard of health, comfort and efficiency.

(4) Adequate appropriations for the enforcement of labor laws, the
. appointment of technically qualified women as factory inspectors and as
.lowmg‘ a heads of Women in Industry Divisions in the State Factory Inspection
UtYOdllFed Departments.
‘51 Whmh’ V. We urge upon the Federal Board of Vocational Education and

_ lupon State and’ local Boards of Commissioners of Education, the neces—
rgam Cf)! sity of giving to girls and women full opportunity for education along
‘f “’01, m