Bishop Lewis W. Burton then offered the following
  0 God, Thou art the Judge of all the earth! 'Justice
and judgment are the habitation of Thy throne; mercy
and truth shall go before Thy face.' We thank Thee for
the good example of Thy servant, whom we remember
before Thee this day. We praise Thee that, as one of
the chief of our tathers, he was a man fearing Thee, and
that he finally accepted Thy Son as his divine Savior.
To Thee did he owe his well-balanced mind, his intuitive
insight into the eternal principles of righteousness, his
ability to recognize equity, when others were in doubt,
and his steadfastness in the pursuit of justice even in
the face of opposition.
  Thou didst raise him up to these, Thy people, that,
in erecting the foundation of our republic, he might
'lay judgment to the line and righteousness to the
  And now we pray Thee that his influence may be
potent over this whole land in this, our day, in reviving
among us the love of justice and the practice of right-
eousness. May the law of our God be in our hearts.
Incline our hearts to keep Thy law. May we reverence
those set to judge us; and, that they may be worthy of
our reverence, enlarge their human limitations; lessen
their natural infirmities, and keep them free from igno-
rance, prejudice, partisanship and corruption. May
our people be a people loving truth and order, respect-
ing authority, obedient to law, holding sacred their own
and others' rights, and treasuring their priceless, blood-
bought inheritance of freedom. May they love Thee,
the Lord their God, with all their heart, with all their
soul, and with all their mind, and their neighbors as