to be his duty-uncompromising in the maintenance of
what he believed to be the right-fearless in his own
conscious rectitude, and inflexible in his loyalty to his
own convictions, he so bore himself during his arduous
career upon the bench as to inspire in all who knew him
the most perfect confidence in his incorruptible integrity.
His strong friendships-and no man ever had stronger-
never warped his official opinions, and no breath of sus-
picion ever tainted his judicial decisions with the fault
that they were dictated by his prejudices or influenced
by his passions."
  Back to the dust, "whence they sprung," they have all
passed. Noble in the conception of what was duty, and
brave in its performance, they have all been summoned
to appear before the bar of that inexorable court from
whose decrees no error lies, and from whose judgments
there is no appeal. Their mortal forms, with which
the elements have long since mixed, must soon from the
memory of the quick forever pass, but so long as we
shall remain a liberty loving and a law-abiding people
so long will their names remain as monuments to
regnant law and established order.  In the Court of
Grand Assize, o'er which Remorseless Time presides, the
final orders have been entered, and the last sentence
executed. Whether those "strong and subtle energies,"
which here gave them such distinguished pre-emi-
nence, yct serve them   in the presence   of some
higher court; whether those "trained and quick-
ened faculties" yet contend for supremacy in some
greater forum; whether in some court of Last Resort,
before the Great Chancellor of the Universe, they have
long ago appeared, or back to dreamless dust have
passed, lies yet beyond the impenetrable veil.