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Summer Session Little Symphony Orchestra
" fit " ' f



The Campus
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8, 1939

Enrollment Figure Nears 1,200
As Short Course Students Sign
And School For Coaches Opens




A training school for members of
4VH club judging teams from 25

counties will be held Thursday at
the Livestock Judging Pavilion at
the University, it was announced
yesterday by Charles Dixon, assistant Fayette county agent.

club member interested
in stock judging may take part in
the sessions, which start at 8:43
a. m.. Mr. Dixson said. Judging
piactice under the supervision of
staff members of the College of
Agriculture will be conducted on
and hogs. Mr.
Dixon stated that all boys who expected to be on the Fayette county
judging team should attend.
4-- H







Films, Demonstrations
Included In Program
For Session

To Study In New York

&Aium vac

for the
With the enrollment
Coaching School that opened Monday promising to reach 100 and with
75 additional students enrolling in
the short courses that opened August 3 the total enrollment of the
University for the second semester
of the Summer Session reaches
nearly 1200 according to latest figures from the office of the registrar.
The all time high for second semester Summer Session enrolment
was reached in 1938 when 1,250







R. W. Blackburn of Chicago, executive secretary of the American
Farm Bureau Federation, will be
the principal speaker at the Farm
Bureau picnic August 11 at the
Livestock Judging pavilion at the
University, it was announced yesterday by Virgil Steed, president of
the Fayette county organization.
Before becoming secretary of the
national organization. Mr. Blackburn was president of the California
Farm Bureau Federation.
had an important part in the farm
movement on the Pacific coast, hs is well versed in cooperative agricultural problems, Mr.
Steed said.


The 31st mountain radio Bstenine
center of the University was installed Monday on the banks of

Stacy Fork creek in Morgan county.
The new establishment will be the
second to operate in Morgan county,
one already having been put into
use at the home of Mary Eva Mccarty at Insko.
The new listening center will be
lit charge of Lucien M. Nickel of
the Payton postoffice. It will be
located about two and one-ha- lf
miles from Cannel City. Mr. Nickell
is associated with the WPA pack-horlibrary and, as part of the
radio education plan, intends to coordinate the library service with the
radio programs.

Courtesy Lexington Leader


Banquet Planned
For Graduates


A program for the com- week activlties
August 17, 3 p. m. Dr. Jesse
Adams asks that all students
receiving degrees meet in
Room 111, McVey Hall. At
that time instructions will be
given regarding the marching
and seating arrangements for
the commencement.
August 17, 7 p. m. Commencement
Dinner in the
Gold Room of the Lafayette
Hotel. All students receiveing
degrees in the August commencement will be guests of
the University of Kentucky
Session and. the
Alumni Association, provided
that they obtain their free
tickets from the Summer Session Office by noon, August 17.
p. m.
August 18,
Faculty reception for graduates and their friends in the
Faculty Club Rooms.'
August 18, 7 p. m. Commencement on Stoll Field.




Dean W. S. Taylor of the University Colege of Education was the
speaker Sunday afternoon at the
week vesper program at the
Female Orphan School at
Midway. His subject was "Religion
Criticism of the architecture of the
in Europe."
new women's dormitory was voiced
recently in an editorial published in
the Lexington Leader.
Dave Ragland convincingly stroked
Referring to the building as a
his way to his fourth tennis
"barracklike structure," the paper
of this summer by defeat- said,
"It seems to The Leader that
ing Russell Cooley 56-and the building could have been built
1 in the singles finals of the secto harmonize with other structures
ond summer school tournament on the campus without unduly inplayed Friday on Downing courts creasing the cost and certainly
at the University.
without impairing its value as a
The doubles event, matching Rag-an- d woman's dormitory."
and Totsy Rose against Major
The editorial follows:
Gardner and Emit Johnson, was
'Construction of a new $200,000
until yesterday at 3 women's 'dormitory has been como'clock. Gardner was called out of pleted at the University of Kentuctown Friday morning.
ky. The new building, located on
after the singles Euclid avenue opposite the
will provide badly needed
clash. Courtkeeper Lee1 Powers announced
he would supervise a quarters for 101 additional women
mixed doubles tournament next students, and will help solve the
week. Registration for the tourney problem of suitable living quarters
will conclude Tuesday night, when for the Unversity's growing female
drawings will be made. Powers will student body.
supply tennis balls and trophy. The
"The interior of the structure is
registration fee is 50 cents and play modern in every detail and will undoubtedly provide comfortable quarbegins today.
ters for the women students, but
unfortunately the exterior does not
One hundred and eighty
club present a very pleasing appearance.
members representing 12 counties The barracklike structure on one
last week attended camp at the of the city's main streets does not
University experiment
station at add anything to the University
Quicksand, Ky near Jackson.
Assisting in the camp program
"It seems to The Leader that the
was Miss Dorothy Threlkeld of the building could have been built to
harmonize with other structures on
extension department.
the campus without unduly increasing the cost and certainly without
value as
Beta Chi of Kappa Kappa Gam- dormitory. its building a woman's
of early,
ma entertained with a swimming
party and picnic Wednesday at Miss modified Georgian design would
have harmonized with other strucJean Mahan's camp on the Kentuctures on the campus and improved
ky river near Boonesboro in honor
the general appearance of the
of a group of girls who plan to engrounds, where a beautifica-tio- n
ter the University this fall.
program is now in progress.
The party began at 11 o'clock with
"Plans for any additional buildswimming and was followed by ings at the University should be
drawn to blend and not to clash
lunch, games and dancing.
with the architecture of existing

Architecture Of New
Building Criticized




Pictured above is the University
Little Symphony orchestra under
the direction of Dr. Alexander
executive head of the University music department. During
the second semester of the summer
Session this group of muciciahs
has presented weekly concerts In
Memorial hall. The next concert
in the series will be given at 7
o'clock Thursday night.


6-- 3,


gym-nariu- m,

4-- H

Uni-vesri- ty

Members of the Alpha Gamma
Delta sorority entertained with a
buffet supper from 6 to 8 Saturday
night at the home of Aimee MurBernie Bierman. head football
ray, for girls entering the University
coach at the University of Minnethis faU.
sota and an outstanding authority
Tables decorated with summer on the game, will address members
flowers were arranged in the gar- of the Lexington Lions Club at their
den. Miss Murray's mother, Mrs. E. meeting at noon today in the Lafayette hotel. Mr. Bierman is in
J. Murray, and Mrs. William H. Lexington as a member of the
Townsend assisted in entertaining. coaching school now in session at
Forty guests were welcomed.
the University.

Liens Will Hear
Bernie Bierman

Meets Today
of the comA meeting
mencement committee will be
held at 2:00 o'clock this afternoon in the dean of women's
office, Mrs. Sarah B. Holmes,
chairman of the committee


Convo Speaker Lauds Education Groups Will

American Scheme
Of Government

Take New Members

Second semester initiation services for Summer Session students
"If the fires of private industry are being planned by Kappa Delta
are banked in Amerca, the fires Pi and Phi Delta Kappa, the two
of one of the 'isms,' Communism, education
fraternities on the camHitlerism or Fascism, will be light- pus.
ed," and Harry Collins Spillman.
Phi Delta Kappa will hold initiaof Washington, D. C, representation for approximatey 15 students at
tive of the National Association of
Manufacturers, in a convocation 3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon in
library of the training school.
address on "Fortifying Democracy the
Base," Tuesday in Memorial Prof. Ezra Gillis will be in charge.
at the
Initiation will be followed by a
steak fry at Castlewood Park with
Dr. Adams, director of the Uninew members as guests of honor.
versity's summer session, presided
Dr. L. E. Meece is in charge of arintroduced the speaker.
rangements for the steak fry.
"Among the steps by which man
Approximately 10 students will be
moved from barbarism to civilization
initiated by the Alpha Gamma
none was more basic than fire,"
said the speaker, who characterized chapter of Kappa Delta Pi at serfire as the sire of industry and vices to be held at 6 o'clock Monstated that "wherever you look in day, August 14, on the roof of the
history you will find that when the
women's dormitory. Irene Reyfires of industry burned low, the new
nolds is in charge.
lamp of progress and the torch of
New members of Kappa Delta Pi
freedom began to flicker." He said
that this was true at the dawn of will be guests of honor at a picnic
Communism in Russia, of Hitlerism supper which wil be held following
will be
in Germany and of Fascism in Italy. the initiation.
"Capitalism, which has fostered played.
industry and our system of free
private enterprise, and democracy
have grown up .together in America" said Mr. Spillman. "Their flags
have flown side by side from every
ApproxiWashington, Aug. 7
battlefield of the Republic. The
same is true of education.
Free mately 10.000 college men and
schools and democracy are so nearly women, including more than 150 in
coeval in our nation that it is dif- Kentucky, are to receive flying
ficult to distinguish the parent from training during the next school
the child. A like relationship is year under a new program of the
sustained between religon and de- Civi Aeronautics Authority.
Congress voted $4,000,000 Saturmocracy."
day to carry out the program and
A native of Scotlsville, Mr. Spillman was greeted by several former CAA officials announced preiminary
neighbors, now summer school stu pans folowing a special meeting.
Louisville and Lexington are exdents. Mr. Lela W. Cullis, of the
an pected to be principal centers of
music department, presented
organ prelude and postlude. An Kentucky training activities but a
other colleges of that
nouncements of the summer school
commencement program were made state may be eligible to participate.
Chairman Robert H. Hinckey of
by Doctor Adams.
the CAA urged colleges to indicate
immediately whether they want to
take part in the program so allotments may be made and courses of
instruction prepared for the SeptNEW! YORK, August 7 The red- - ember semester.
"The results of the experimental
haired showgirl who influenced J.
program for 330 students in 13 colRichard (Dixie) Davis to overturn
leges authorized by President Roosethe underworld with relations of velt last December and carried out
lush racketeering was honeymoon- -' during the half-yeof the school
ing with the disbarred lawyer today just ended were so satisfactory,"
under the chaperonage of detec- Hinckley said, "that we feel we have
adopted a method of training that
will contribute enormously to inThe bride was Hope Dare, now creased safety among private fliers,
28. who was arrested in Philadelwhich will healthily and almost imphia with Davis on February 2, mediately stimulate the production
1938. and of whom Davis' first wife. and use .of private airplanes
alMartha, said: "The
which, in the long run, will provide
ways get them, don't they?"
a national strategic asset in trained
It was after Davis was allowed personnel and manufacturing capato leave the Tombs prison many city of incalculable value."times to visit his dentist, and perRECEIVES APPOINTMENT,
mitted each time to stop by at Miss
Mr. Albert Moffet, son of Mr. and
Dare's apartment, that he detailed
for the district attorney the dark Mrs. H. B. MofTett, 113 Desha road,
of the old Dutch eft Saturday for Philadelphia, where
Schultz numbers racket that Davis he will be in training for a year at
served as "attorney general."
the Philadelphia Navy Yard. GradHis testimony figured largely in uating in June from the College of
the conviction of ex Tammany Dis Arts and Sciences, where he was
trict Leader James J. Hines for cadet colonel of the ROTC, Mr.
selling political protection to the MofTett is second lieutenant, United
States Marines.
Schultz mob.

Lexington Chosen
Air Training Site


"Kid Mouthpiece"
Weds Hope Dare













students matriculated.
The 1938 total included, however,
275 students who were sent to the
University by the WPA to matriculate in classes in adult education
and nursery teaching offered last
summer but not this summer.
The school for basketball and

James Park Presides
At Meeting
Nineteen ' appointments to the
University staff were made Tuesday
by the executive committee of the
board of trustees at a meeting in
the Administration building. Present at the nieeting ware James
Park, who presided as acting chairman; R. P. Hobson of Louisville and
Lee Kirkpatrick of Paris.
The appointments follow: Robert
B. Ogle of the University of Minnesota, instructor in vocal music;
Doris Seward, secretary of the University YWCA; Paul Macey, Purdue University, assistant chemist at
Station; Phillip
the Experiment
Preston Johnston, assistant in the
art library; Bruce E. Dahlring,
Robert I4. Sawjter, and Orba F.
Traylor, research assistants in the
Colege of Commerce; Hoyt L. Ful-mand Damon W. Harrison, graduate assistants in the College of
Commerce: W. E. Clark. Centre
College, instructor in English; Robert Godfrey of UK and Emeline
Eggenmeyer of Western, graduate
assistants in English; George
in laboratory of dispensary;
Mrs. L. H. Mills, secretary in education department; Lawrence Henson,
Berea College, assistant agronomist
at Experiment Station; Robin Williams, Cornell, instructor in rural
sociology; Dr. Clifford Westerfield.
Western State assistant veterinarian, and Stanley S. Willmott, in
charge of the botanical garden. .
In addition. Prof. Merton Oyler
was granted a year's leave of ab
sence to study at the University of
, Chicago
under a fellowship of the
General Education Board, and resignation of Paul M. Phillippe, instructor in agronomy, was accepted.
He will work at the Ohio Experiment Station.


football coaches which is being held
this week opened yesterday with 78
coaches registered early Monday afternoon.
Prof. M. E. Potter, director of the
school, expressed confidence that
the final figure would reach 100.
With a staff composed of Beinle
Bierman of the University of Minnesota. Burt Ingwersen of Northwestern and Adolph Rupp and Ab
of the University,
school has attracted basketball and
football coaches from many points
in the country. Ohio leads in
representation with 10
coaches registered to date. Other
states represented are Michigan,
Tennessee. West Virginia. District
of Columbia. Virginia, South Carolina. Illinois and Mississippi.
Motion pictures of football, basketball and other sports are a feature of the school's program. Monday night Hal Shields of Detroit
Tech presented a five-refilm entitled "Post Graduate School in
national professional
football pictures.
Professor Potter expressed satisfaction with the general outlook
for the school and was especially
pleased over the number of Kentucky high school coaches who are
Schools represented include
Springfield. HopfcinsviUle.
Shelbyville, Beaver Dam. Berea.
Rineyville. Tilman high school at
Paducah, Lancaster. ' Knott county,
Fleming. Hurst high school at Mt.
Pikeville. Vine Grove. Cumberland.
Hyden. Lunch, Mt. Vernon, Franklin Junior high school at Paducah,
Loyall. Elizabethtown. Stuart Rob
inson at Blackey. Inez. Hall at
Gray s Knob. Clark county. Franklin at Middletown. Paris. Hazard.
Lloyd at Erlanger. Leitchfield. Lone
Jack at Four Mile. Fort Thomas,
Shelbyville and Versailles.- Colleges
represented are St. Mary's at Orchard Lake. Mich., Sue Bennett at
London, Georgetown and Transylvania.
Professor Potter said that coaches
may enroll throughout the week for
audition but matriculation for credit closed Monday afternoon.
tuition for the course is the same
regardless of date of. enrollment,
J17.50 including room and board.
The complete program for the res:
of the week follows:
Tuesday. 8:30-1- 0
Kirwan, lecture:'
10:15-11:Ingwersen. lecture: 1:30-3:Rupp;
Bierman. field;
moving pictures N. Wesout-of-st-



Cumrtetn Lexington Leader

Miss Mary Louise McKenna, above, talented young Lexington singer,
will study in New York City this fall under Madame Maria Gay Zenatello,
noted voice teacher, whose pupils include such opera stars as Lily Pons
and Nino Martini. The Mary Louise McKenna Scholarship committee,
meeting Wednesday night at the Lafayette hotel, accepted Madame
offer to take Miss McKenna as a pupil.
The famous teacher, who has heard the Lexington girl sing, was
impressed with her voice that she agreed to give her two lessons a week.
The committee, which will administer a scholarship fund rased by a recital
and other means, was guided in the choice of a teacher by Miss McKenna s
own wishes and the recommendation of Mrs. John Burgin, Miss McKen-na'- s
Lexington voice teacher, the members said.



Convo Postponed

Clin-tonvil- le.

The general convocation originally
scheduled for next Friday morning
has been indefinitely postponed, it
was announced yesterday from Doctor Adams' office.

Graduating Recital PASTOR TO TALK

The fourth concert to be presentby the Summer Session Philharmonic Orchestra will be given at
7:00 Thursday night in Memorial



Banquet Will Be Held


Featured on the program will be
H. D. Ingles who will conduct the
Scheduled To Talk orchestra in "In theElie for aof the Principal speaker at a banquet to
gradSun God" by Justin
be given in honor of summer-schoo- l
uating recital. Horlowe Dean may graduates of the University will be
Adams, Bierman And Tayloi appear as tenor solojst but his apthe Rev. Ross Culpepper, pastor
Will Address Youngsters
pearance is as yet indefinite.
of the Methodist church at
At Kiwanis Camp
W. Va. The summer-sessioOther numbers on the program
will include "Alma Mater," "South- staff and the University Alumni
Two University faculty members
Association will be hosts.
and one special Summer - faculty ern Rapsody," by Lucius Hosmer.
The banquet will be held at 7
Victor Herbert's "Babes In Toyland,"
member will be guest speakers dur- "Song of
the Bayou" by Clarence o'clock the night of Thursday. Aug.
ing the week at the Kiwanian-spor.sore- d White
and "Blue Danube Waltz" by 17, at the Lafayette hotel. Although
camp for Kentucky boys Johann Strauss.
the event will be given primarily
being held for 10 days at Camp
for graduating students of the sumCommunity singing will be includDaniel Boone on the Kentucky
mer session, reservations of Unied on the program.
versity staff members and members
Bernie Bierman. head football
Next week the concert will be of familities and friends of graducoach at the University of Minnepresented at the same hour and ates also will be accepted at the
sota and a member of the coaching place but on Wednesday night in- office of Dr. Adams.
Other speakers who will appear
school staff, will speak to the boys stead of Thursday to avoid conflict
tonight, following a fishfry which with commencement activities, it on the program are Judge William
Blanton of Paris, alumni associawill be attended by members of the was announced.
tion president, who will give a
Lexington Kiwanis Club and their
short address, and one graduate
and one undergraduate member of
Doctor Adams will speak Wednesday night, and Dean W. S. TayDies At Owensborc the commencement class. for the
Tickets and reservations
lor of the College of Education
banquet will be given candidates
will be principal speaker at a banOWENSBORO. Ky., August 7
quet Saturday night.
Urey Woodson, 79, former Owens-bor- o for degrees who call at the offe
newspaper publisher who re- of Dr. Adams before noon the day
boys from
event, it was announced.
signed recently as federal alien of the
Lexington and surrounding Central
Also in honor of the graduating
property custodian, died at his
Kentucky towns are attending the
will be a reception to be given
home here early today of heart class
by the University summer session
The special session of the camp disease. He would have been
faculty from 3 to 4:30 o'clock FriAugust 16.
is being held for the first time this
day afternoon. August 18. at the
Woodson had returned from Faculty Club building. The comyear under auspices of the Kiwanis
Club. Last year the local service Washington to vote in the Demo- mencement
exercises will follow
organization financed the construc- cratic primary last Saturday.
that night on Stoll field.
Woodson, a vigorous man who
tion at the camp of a new dining
hall now known as the Lexington tried to retire in 1929 but later
Kiwanis Lodge.
returned to activity, announced in
LORAIN. Ohio, August 7 WilBoys who participate in the ses- Washington July 24. that he had liam Capps. 19, of Somerset. Ky..
sion were selected partly by the resigned his federal post because told tonight how he had amputated
Kiwanis Club members and partly the alien property bureau's work his own leg with a
He falling under a train near here.
of the Y. M. C. was "practioally
by representatives
Capps. according to physicians,
A. Under the direction of Kenneth had held the post since 1933.
He said he was considering writ- cut off his crushed foot, applied a
Bowman, assistant secretary of the
local Community "Y." they are en- ing a newspaper column to "show tourniquet fashioned from a shirt,
joying a typical camping program, up these alleged columnists who improvised a pair of crutches from
including such activities as swim- try to stir up trouble between the tree branches and hobbled nearly a
ming, tennis, hiking, boating and President and Jim Farley (national mile before falling beside members
Democratic chairman).''
of a train crew.



Clen-denni- n,


Veteran Publisher



pen-kni- fe








C0 Ingwersen.
Bierman. lec-




1:30 3:30 Rupp:
Kirwan (field;
moving pictures, basketball.
Kirwan. lecture;
sen. field;
pictures (Ken4:00-5:3-

















Bierman, lecIngwersen. lecRupp;
moving pictures



Ingwersen, lec-

with the research
committee of the National Basketball Committee of the United States
and Canada the school will try basketball practice experimentally with
a new type of backboard havmsr a
convex surface, being somewhat
smaller than the present style and
having the ba.sket set lower on the
board. The board is said to increase
visibility of the goal from the stand
and to permit freer use of the four-foend space, to permit offensive
play from nearly all sides of the
basket and thus relieve congestion
in the lane.


Page T vo


Colonel Bradley's Idle Hour Farm
Is Home 0 Four Derby Winners


Congress Adjourns

(Blurf ras Editor)
Idle Hour farm, home of Edward
Riley Bradley, sportsman and philanthropist, is renowned for its
beauty and famous horses.
farm is situated on the Old Frank-fo-

Music By Heifetz,
Songs By Tibbett
On Music Program

Plan Course
In Script Writing

Beethoven's Sonata In G Major,
played by Jascha Heifet. and
of the world's
selections will be heard on the
broadcast of "The Music You Want
When You Want It" programs over
WSAL HeifeU will be heard during the broadcast of Thursday,
August IT, and Tibbett will sing on
the program Friday, August 11. The
programs are heard daily except
Saturday's from 11 to 11:45 p. m
In addition to the Beethoven So
nata. HeifeU will be heard in ine
playing of "Caprice No. 13." by
Paganini-Kreisle- r;
by Debussy; "Guitarre." by
Moszkowski; "Sea Murmurs" and
Bumble Bee," by Castelnuovo-Te-des- co
and "Alt Wlen," by

101 UK Co - Eds Will Live

The appointment of Arthur Rad-ke- y
of the WLW educational de
partment as instructor in
continuity writing, to be
in radio
offered by the Evening College of
the University of Cincinnati for the
first time this fall, has been con
firmed by V. H. Drufner, director of
the College.
The course has been established
In response to widespread requests
for a formal radio course. Druffner
said. The first semester will be a
consideration of the broad field of
radio writing, designed to acquaint
the laymen with its problems, and
the second semester will emphasize
the writing of dramatic material.
Together with instruction covering
sound effects, transitions, music and
diaiog mechanics, the students will
receive practical training in writing
radio script materaL with the possi-Withat some of trie better offerings will be produced on the air.
Radkey. who was graduated from
Purdue Universit In 1937. became
associated with the WLW educational department later that year
as a continuity writer. He directed
the School of Air Players, an amateur group recruited from Cincinnati
dramatic organizations, during 1937-3and acted as script editor for


Washington, D. C After a tursession the 76th
bulent seven-moncongress adjourned Saturday night.
The original tract purchased by
Following is a few salient facts
Col. Bradley in 1906 consisted of concerning
the congress and a sum
336 acres.
Since then, additions
mary of its work:
inhave widened Its boundaries to
Convened Jan. S. 1939.
clude almost 1300 acres.
Appropriations authorized
Miles of green and white fences
surrounding the paddocks and pas'
tures, the barns and stables In
Bills signed by President 425.
matching colors, and the house of
Bills vetoed by President 18.
white brick and frame have made
Bills awaiting presidential action
the farm a familiar sight in the
Nominations confirmed by Senate
Four Kentucky Derby winners
have made Idle Hour and Col.
Nominations rejected by Senate
Bradey famous the world over. In
the trophy room Inside the house, 12.
Bills Enacted
the p'ace of honor has been given
to the gS.OOC cup commemorating
Authorized exBurgoo King's victory in the 58th penditure of more than $13,000,000,-0C- :.
running of the great turf event.
a record peacetime total.
Behave Yourself and Bubbling
Appropriated $1,775,000,-00- 0
Over, who claim the same honor,
for the current fiscal year; aphave their own cups In the collec- proved curtailment of WPA activition as has CoL Bradley's most re- ties.
cent Derby winner, Bioker's Tip.
Defense Voted to spend nearly
whe won in 1933.
to expand the army,
Bit of White has added her "bit" navy and air forces In a record
with a loving cup which commempeacetime program.
orates the day the fily won the
Governmint reorganization Em
Louirville Cup. establishing a track powered President Roosevelt to re
record for a distance of two miles group federal agencies In the interin 3:22 and three fifths.
... r...?.-1
est of efficiency and economy.
m , mimnilt ',t '
In the trophy room the walls are
Monetary Continued the Presi
Courfesy Lexington Leader
lined with small cases each of which dent's dollar devaluation
contains a
shoe from the $ stabilization fund,
Recently completed at a cost of
a winner.
Gold plates bearing and the life of the RFC.
fSCO.000, the new wemen's dormitory,
names and dates identify the shoes.
Taxes Wiped out last vestige of pictured above, lecated south of
Col. Bradley is equally
undistributed profits tax on corpor- Boyd hall, will house 101 women
for his various charities.
A one-da- y ations and substituted fiat 18 per beginning
this September.
Orphans' race meet was once cent levy; permitted federal and stcrirs high and constructed of
a yearly feature for several years state governments to tax the in- brirk, the structure is fireproof. It
A'umni gymnas'um took on an
at Idle Hour. The proceeds of more come cf employees of the other.
will aid in relieving the crowd-- d
than $100,000 went to institutions
air of activity Monday as football
Passed Hatch bill to housing cenditions at the I'niver-ritof charity in the state.
limit political activity by federal ofOn the rcof is the building and basketball coaches from scores
cf high schools and some colleges
fice holders.
space is provided for informal
came to enroll in the University's
Bill; Killed
coaching school. Some are being
Pensions House defeated Town-sen- d
sent by the athletic departments of
plan for old age pensions.
their schools; soma are sending
Lending House refused to conthemselves; some return to the Unisider President's lending and housversity as alumni; some come from
ing program.
Three out of every five studenets
distant states; but all are anticipatBill Deferred Cntil 1940
who enter this University do not
ing a profitable week of instruction
Neutrality Senate Foreign Relagraduate here, according to staand all expect to produce better
tistics over a ten year period. Rea- tions Committee refused to take up
teams this fall from the tips they
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