xt7mkk94bg02 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7mkk94bg02/data/mets.xml California California Historical Records Survey 1942 xvii, 109 l. 28cm. UK holds archival copy for ASERL Collaborative Federal Depository Program libraries. Call Number FW 4.14:Am 3/2/no.31 books  English San Francisco This digital resource may be freely searched and displayed in accordance with U. S. copyright laws. California Works Progress Administration Publications United States. Department of Commerce -- Archives -- California American literature -- California -- Bibliography California -- Bibliography A check list of California non-documentary imprints, 1833-1855 text A check list of California non-documentary imprints, 1833-1855 1942 1942 2019 true xt7mkk94bg02 section xt7mkk94bg02 "WT

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 VWWWW? i.__. i. ,“mmwiw,. -H 7v _a.,.wv miriimii,i,wr-r ,. “a“.ppifmiwijw
1 ‘39” .
l 1
§ ‘ 1853 - 1855, _
i ‘ Prepared by the
i -” : Northern California Historical Records Survey Project
, j . from material furnished by the
5 ‘ Historical Records Survey
3 : in all of the states.
§ L*?:”T:rifi’zf WZCOVJJI :erdra!_ ~ua -"m>y .a,
! ‘r
i Service Division
WWiRSIfl" «2% Kimmy
San Francisco, California
3 April 1942
187694 H ,,.Li: .

 y grew E
P Historical Records Survey Project P
1' Sargent 3. Child, National Director '
, Thelma Ziemer, State Supervisor ; wa
% . . ' Sui
P American Imprints Inventory Ca
P ; ' Re
' Don Farran, National Consultant or
P Millicent Lawrence, State Editor _ Re
P ac
P ' be:
P on
P . . tht
: war Seerces Section
P Walter M. Kiplinger, National Director 19
P Miner Chipman, Jr., State Chief . , un
P Reginald Gianelli, State Supervisor of or
‘ Clerical Services Program ho
P cm
P co
P7 in
{ Service Division to
P ’ . . . . P "a
_ Florence kerr, Agelstant CommlSSloner , :1
: Vary H. Isham, Chief Regional Supervisor Da
1 Hope L. Cahill, State Director la:
. _ st:
.y 1‘ st:
, pu
P Howard 0. Hunter, Commissioner 3%:
_ R. L. Nicholson, Regional Director . 0‘
William.R. Lawson, State Administrator i0
. ; 0:
f TiP
? P th
I . , I
P l
P 'I A?
1 L1 .
3 Po, mo:
-: ' P‘ to
' P 11
wk "3
> /
«.. ::z~= ::z :2 a s
, P
P"« in“: , P l

 iii .
The Inventory of American Imprints, initiated nation-wide in 1937,
was opened in California in June 1938, under Millicent Lawrence, State
Supervisor of the project. It operated as a separate project in Northern
California until October 1940, when it became a phase of the Historical
Records Survey, continuing to operate, however, under the immeliate sup-
ervision of Mrs. Lawrence, Assistant State Supervisor of the Historical
‘ Records Survey. Imprints field and editorial Work is now suspended as all
activities of the Survey not of immediate value to the war effort have
been discontinued. For this reason also, although extensive field and ed-
itorial work have been done on California imprints through the year 1876,
only the present check list covering 1833-1855 can be issued until after
the war.
When the American anrints Inventory was started in the spring of
1937, two final results were anticipated. The first was to be a file or '
union catalog of title slips which would represent the holdings of Am—
erican libraries to the limiting dates for each state in the fields of
books, pamphlets, and broadsidos printed in the United States. The so-
cond was to consist of published check lists drawn from this material,
covering the publications of the various states and certain cities, with—
in certain periods. .
The master file of title slips has been built up until it new con—
tains more than 8,000,000 typed slips, representing possibly 1,000,000
separate titles printed in the jeriod of American printing to 1877 in
all states but Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and the 5
Dakotas. In these states the limitin; date is 1891. because of the :
later start that printing had in them. Work is continuing in several 3
states in making additions to this file, has been completed in some 1
states, and has been discontinued in others. ?
Under the direction of Mr. Douglas C. McMurtrio, Consultant from the i
beginning of the Inventory until July 15, 1941, the second phase, that of 5
publication of check lists was chiefly confined to the editing and is- ;
suance of them in the more complex Style A form in the central filing i
office in Chicago where the editorial staff is located. The Style A lists, é
requiring title page lino endings and printers’ devices and bibliograph- 1
ical notes, entail an almost endless amount of research, both in tho libra- :
ries where the books are located and in the huge file which complements
/ them in the central office. -
3i It had become apparent on the basis of possible pgblication of Style Q
Lb; A lists by either the central office or the various states, that if the
‘4 more than a million titles so far harvostod from American libraries were
“ to be made available to the public some swiftor method of issuing the check :
lists must be found. Two solutions seemed possible; that of abandoning the 2
complex Style A lists and issuing simple Style 3 lists which would provide E

the user with all pertinent information on the title of the book and its
location, author and printer and date of publication, or the return of the
title slips to the states themselves for issuance of Style A lists of their
own titles° The former solution would have speeded up publication to a
considerable extent in the central editing office. The latter Would have
provided twenty or thirty Style A lists at the end of a year, some of which
might have been of questionable quality because of the limitations involved
in personnel and sources for necessary research.

A study of the problem has convinced the Central office of the Histor—
ical Records Survey Projects in Washington that the answer may lie in come
bining the two solutions, that is, the issuance by the various states of
their own titles in simplified Style B check lists which can at a later
time be refined by them or by interested scholars. To this end a manual of
Editing has been written and furnished the various states. In more than
twenty states the staffs have given assurance that such simplified editing
is possible and have requested that their material be sent from the central
files: California is among these states.

This editing was begun for the State of California by a staff of workers
in the Berkeley office of the project but was interrupted by the outbreak of
war. Due to the suspension of Imprints work, slips used in compiling the
present volume were not checked against the Union catalog in the Library of
Congress in the usual way. Special mention must be made of Mrs. Lawrence's
supervision of Imprints field and editorial work. Her thoroughness in train—
ing her large staff of workers, her insistence upon accuracy, and her sincere
interest in the Imprints Inventory awakened an appreciation of its value in
the workers under her jurisdiction. Credit for faithful and accurate work is
due to the following: Aileen Williams, first chief editor, and her successor
Beatrice Lee, the last mentioned of whom occupied this position from July
1939 to June 1941; research field workers Maurice Buswell, George F. Nickerson,
Janet Purcell, Libera E. Spinazzo and the workers who made the entries in the
thtington Library; Martha Roberts, who prepared the Key to Symbols for libra- ’
ries; Caroline O'Hara who prepared the Index of Printers and Publishers; Inez
M. Stryker, who typed the final copy of the manuscript; and Bettina M. Shep—
pard and Libera E. Spinazzo, who cut the stencils and proof-read them.

Without the complete cooperation of the librarians and custodians of
early.American Imprints in California, none of this work could have been ac-
complished. we acknowledge their invaluable assistance. we are particularly
indebted to Miss Mabel R. Gillis, State Librarian, who originally sponsored
the project in Northern California and whose never-failing encouragement to
Mrs. Iawrence and to myself was the source of constant inspiration.

Thelma Ziemer

State Supervisor
San Francisco Northern California
April 15, 1942 Historical Records Survey

 _ 3 .3
3 Page
Notes on the titles vi
Key to symbols for libraries x
Check—list entries .. 1
Subject index .... 91
Index 01‘ printers and publishers 105
Publications of Historical Records Survey Project 106 ,
,- \/

The editing of the California material returned to the state from the
central files in Chicago was begun in the Northern California editorial
office in July 1941. It was planned to issue a check list of all-California
imprints from 1855 to 1856 inclusive as the firSt of three check lists
covering the entire period of 1853 to 1876. Documentary and non-documentary
titles were prepared in Style B form and accumulated in the state editorial
office. It was intended that those titles, then completed, would be cleared
through the central office in Chicago and subsequently through the library
of Congress, in order to provide all possible checks on errors and omissions
and to add any additional 10cations of titles included in the list, known
to the library of Congress but not reported by field workers on the project.
The outbreak of war on December 7th, 1941, rendered it impossible to
carry out the plan above outlined. It became necessary to complete as soon
as possible all work not directly connected with the war which was yet in
such an advanced state of preparation as to render its abandonment inadvis- '
able. The Imprints editor in California, therefore, was instructed to pre-
pare for publication whatever portion of the check list could bo issued at
an early date with some prospect of proving of value to students of Cali-
fornia history. The trained staff in the Berkeley office was Withdrawn for
. urgent war work on other projects or in private industry and limitations of
time and available personnel forced the editor to omit all documentary
titles and to abandon all efforts to make a recheck of non-documentary
titles for additional information or additional locations. The check list I
now issued contains, therefore, such information as was already in the
project files. It is believed that, as it stands, it will prove a valuable

reference tool for students. It can be revised and other volumes in the
series issued as and when opportunity offers.
Of the £89 titles, 228 are listed in the two Cowan bibliographies;
261 are not so listed. Many of these latter were undoubtedly known to
Mr. Conan but were not included by him for the reason that they fell out-
side the scope of his work. 59 of the titles listed here were found in
Harding and 60 in Lagner. Of the total, 60 titles were reported only from
bibliographies or publishers' catalogs, 429 from actual copies found in the
libraries of the United States. 207 of the titles are represented by one .
copy'only as far as the project records go, 180 of these, or approximately
87 per cent, being located in California. The collections in the Bancroft
Library at Berkeley and the Henry E. Huntington Library at San Marino are ‘
responsible for 119 of these unions copies, the score being 65 unique copies
in Bancroft and Ed in Huntington. The number of broadsides included in the
total of 489 items is 128.
The printing presses of Monterey, Sacramento, and San Francisco account
for the greet-majority of titles here listed. The following place names, ‘
however, will be recognized by students of California history as of signifi- j
canoe in the early history of the State; the figures in parentheses denote’
the number of titles in this list printed in the place mentioned; Benicia
‘ (6); Carson's Creek (1); Coloma (1); Grass Valley (2); Los Angeles (12); _
Marysville (5); Nevada City (2); Placorville (1); San Jose (10); Sonoma (163; J
‘ Sonora (3); Stockton (5). 1
The files of many early California newspapers were searched by project ,
workers for references to possible contemporary local publications which ' 9
have since disappeared, but through lack of time the results of this search 1
have not been incorporated in the present check list.

. It will be noted in glancing through this check list of California
imprints that besides the 207 unique copies already mentioned, many more
items are represented by two or three copies only. The scarcity of copies I
of books and documents published in California since the formation of the.
State was noted by Mr. R. E. Cowan in l904. In an article by him entitled
”Bibliographical Notes on Early California", which appeared in the annual
Report_g£lth§_dmerican_historical_é§sociation for the year 1904, he wrote:
"There are but few works printed in New England after the year 1700
that are not more plentiful than most of our works published since 1849, '
and this has been strongly influenced by special causes — the number of
copies of the individual work was at no time large; the character of the
population was unsettled and shifting; there was during the first decade
an almost complete absence of family and domestic life; this and most other
towns were ravaged by successive and widely disastrous fires, which almost
I invariably involved neWSpapers and printing offices; the neglect by the
public libraries of early days to secure and preserve local material; and,
finally, the unhappy success of the ignorantly disposed who waste much val— I
uable material that appears to them to be useless. I
"Each year witnesses the destruction and loss of some valuable material,
both printed and in manuscript, and these various agencies, so destructive to
books, waste the priceless with the poorer material, and it will be only by
systematic endeavor that the comparatively little that yet remains can be
secured and preserved for those who will one day hold this generation to
Since these words were written, the San Francisco fire of 1906 and other ,

 . ix
causes have still further reduced the number of items remaining from the
early formative period of the State. '

Millicent Lawrence
San Francisco State Editor
April 15, 1942 American Imprints Inventory

 x C
Ke: lei}: 1e; .L..i.b.r.a.r.i.e.a -
The number preceding the name of the library indicates the total
number of titles recorded in this list held by that library or collecm
tion, including, within parentheses, the number of those which, according
to present reports, are unique copies. .
.iKFM 10 Alabama Grand Lodge Library, Montgomery,.ila.
c 101 (16) California State Library, Sacramento, Calif.
C—L 1 (1) California State Law Library, Sacramento, Calif.
C—Su 5 (1) California State Library, Sutro Branch, San
Francisco, Calif.
CAla 1 Free Public Library, Alameda, Calif.
CBPSR e (2} Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, Calif.
CEu 1 Public Library, Eureka, Calif.
CEuHL 1 Humboldt County law Library, Eureka, Calif.
CHi 45 (7) California Historical Society, San Francisco,
CL 7 Public Library, los Angeles, Calif.
CICM ’ ‘13 (7) Los.ingeles County Museum Library, Los ingeles,
CLSU 1 University of Southern California Library,
Los.Angeles, Calif.
CLU 6 University of California at Los Angeles, Calif.
CMC 5 Mills College Library, Oakland, Calif.
CMery 5 City Library, Merysville, Calif.
CMbnSP 5 (2) Saint Patrick's Seminary Library, Menlo Park,
CO 3 Free Library, Oakland, Calif. .
CPomJ 1 (1) Junior College Library, Pomona, Calif. ¥

cs 4 Free Public Library, Sacramento, Calif. i
CSansS 7 (1) San Francisco Theological Seminary Library, _
San Anselmo, Calif. .
CSau 1 Sausalito Free Public Library, Sausalito, Calif.
03d 1 Public Library, San Diego, Calif.
CSf 8 (3) Public Library, San Francisco, Calif.
CSfA 1 California Academy of Sciences Library,
San Francisco, Calif.
CSfCom 1 Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, Calif.
CSfCP 44 (12) Society of California Pioneers, San Francisco, .
CSfCBM’ 1 (1) California State Division of Mines Library,
San Francisco, Calif.
CSfCW 22 (2) San Francisco College for Women, San Francisco,
CSfDMN 16 San Francisco Law Library, San Francisco, Calif.
CSfNI 4 Mechanics' Institute Library, San Francisc0, 3
Calif. E
CSfP 7 Pacific Union Club, San Francisco, Calif.
CSmH 193 (54) Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery, '
San marine, Calif. 5
CSmyS 1 Saint Mary’s College Library, Moraga Canyon,
Calif. Z
CSrD 1 Dominican College Library, San Rafael, Calif. .
081: 17 (2) Stanford University Library, Stanford, Calif.
CSt—Law 1 " " Law Library, Stanford, Calif.
CStdIU 1 Santa Clara University, Varsi Library, Santa :
Clara, Calif. .
CSto 6 Public Library, Stockton, Calif.

CStr 1 Public Library, Santa Rosa, Calif.
CU 20 (3) University of California, General Library
Berkeley, Calif.
CU-B 199 (65) University of California, Bancroft Library,
Berkeley, Calif.
CU-Law 2 University of California, law Library,
Berkeley, Calif.
CtHC 1 Hartford Seminary Foundation, Case Memorial
Ctflwatk 1 watkinson Library, Hartford, Conn.
CtSoP '1 Pequot Library, Southport, Conn.
CtY 4 Yale University Library, New Haven, Conn.
DE l U. S. Office of Education Library, '
washington, D. C.
DLC 50 (5) Library of Congress, washington, D. C.
DNA 5 (2) National Archives, washington, D. C.
GOgU 1 Oglethorpe University Library, Oglethorpe, Ga.
ICJ 1 John Crerar Library, Chicago, Ill.
ION 15 Newberry Library, Chicago, Ill.
IU 2 ' University of Illinois Library, Urbana, Ill.
' IaCrM 13 (3) Iowa masonic Library, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. f
KHi 2 Kansas'State Historical Society Library,
Topeka, Kans. 2
M 4 (2} massachusetts State Library, Boston, mass.
113 17 (1) Public Library, Boston, Mass. \
MBAt 5 Boston Lthenaeum, Boston, Mess.
M30 6 Congregational Library, Boston, Mass.
MBFM 3 (1) Nassachusetts Grand Lodge F. a A. M. Library,
Boston, Mess. .

ME 47 (3) Harvard University Library, Cambridge, Mass.
lfli—BA 5 Harvard Business Administration Baker Library,
Cambridge, Mass.
MH—L 10 Harvard law School Library, Cambridge, Mass.
MH—Z 1 Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology Library,
Cambridge, Mass.
MHi 10 Massachusetts Historical Society Library,
Boston, Mass.
MNBedf 1 Free Public Library, New Bedford, Mass.
MSaE 2 Essex Institute Library, Salem, Mass.
MM. 7 (1) American Antiquarian Society Library,
Worcester, Mass. Y
MdBE l Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltim'~ re, Md,
MdBJ 1 Johns Hopkins University Library, Baltimore, Md.
MdBP '2 Peabody Institute Library, Baltimore, Md.
MdHi 2 Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, Md.
MiD—B 1 Burton Historical Collection, Detroit, Mich.
MiDMCh 3 Mariners' Church, Detroit, Mich. '
MiHi ‘ 1 - Michigan Historical Commission, Lansing, Mich,
MiU 4 University of Michigan Library, Ann Arbor, Mich.
MnDu 1 Public Library, Duluth, Minn.
MIIHi 1 Minnesota Historical Society Library,
St. Paul, Minn.
MOS 3 Public Library, St. Louis, Mo.
MoSM 4: Saint Louis Mercantile Library Association,
St. Louis, Mo.
mm: 1 (1) Crosby Public Library, Antwerp, N. Y.
NBLiHi 5 Long> Island Historical Society Library,
Brooklyn, N. Y.

 , xiv
*NBu 3 Public Library, Buffalo. N. Y.
NBuDD 3 De Laney Divinity School Library. Buffalo, N. Y.
NCH 2 Hamilton College Library, Clinton. N. Y.
NHC-S 3 (1) Samuel Colgate Baptist Historical Collection,
Hamilton, N. Y.
NN AN (4) New York Public Library, New York, N. Y.
NNC 1 Columbia University Library, New York, N. Y.
NNE 1 Engineering Sooities Library, New York, N. Y.
NNFM 1 Gran; Lodge of New York. F. & A. M., New York, N.Y.
NNNAM 3 (2) New York Academy of Medicine Library,
New York. N. Y,
NNPM l Presbyterian Missionary, New York, N. Y.
NNS 2 New York Society Library, New York, N. Y.
NNUT 3 Union Theological Seminary Library, New York, N. Y.
NWM l U. S. Hilitary Academy Library, West Point, N. Y.
' Nb 1 New Hampshire State Library, Concord, N. H.
Nj 1 New Jersey State Library, Trenton, N. J.
NjPT .1 Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, N. J,
NjR 3 Rutgers Unitersity Library, New Brunswick, N. J.
NvHi 4 (1) Nevada Historical Society, Reno, Nev.
OCH? 1 Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio
Library, Cincinnati, Ohio.
OCH 9 Masonic Library Association, Cincinnati, Ohio.
OCIWHi ' 3 Western Reserve Historical Society Library,
Cleveland, Ohio.
0T 1 Public Library, Toledo, Ohio.
OrHi 2 Oregon Historical Society Library, Portland, Ore.

: PP
.x’V‘ P P
' PBL 1 Lehigh University, Lucy Packer Linderman Library, P
Bethlehem, Pa. P
PCP. 3 (1) American Baptist Historical Society Library, P P
Chester, Pa. '1 P
PHi 6 Historical Society of Pennsylvania Library, P
Philadelphia, Pa.
PMA 1 Allegheny College, Reis Library, Meadville, Pa. ‘
PPFM 1 Pennsylvania Grand Lodge, 73. a i M. . PP
Philadelphia, Pa. ' i
‘ P ,
PPL 5 Library Cempany of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa. P
PPL-R 6 (1) Library Company of Philadelphia, Ridgeway Branch, P,
Philadelphia, Pa, ‘ Pt
PPM 1 Mercantile Library, Philadelphia, Pa. PP
P P'
PPPrHi 5 Presbyterian Historical Society Library, - P
Philadelphia, Pa. P PP
PPWI 1 Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology Library, f PP
Philadelphia, Pa. j P
PU 3 University of Pennsylvania Library, P ,|‘ P
Philadelphia, Pa. P P
l P
PWW 1 Washington and Jefferson College, Washington, D. C P PP
’ in
RPB 4: (1) Brovm University Library, Providence, R, I. P
SOC 1 Charleston Library Society, Clarleston, S. C. : PP
TBriK 1 th College Library, Bristol, Tenn. P P
TxH 1 Public Library, Houston, Tex. PP
q Pl
TxWFM 9 Texas Masonic Grand L dge Library, Waco, Tex. P
‘ USI 1 Public Library, Salt Lake City, Utah.
USIC S (2) Church Historical Office, Church of Latter P P
Day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah. 1
mom 1 Westminster College Library, Salt Lake City, ‘ PP
Utah. P
P , P
i P

 ' H ll
:-:vi 1; ‘3
. z ‘1
ViU . 1 University of Virginia Library, Charlottes— i
- ville, Va. ‘ i‘
. I i
wfli . 12 (1) State Historical Society of Wisconsin Library, ! 1
Madison, Wis. i 1
r v.
. !
WWa 1 _ Free Public Library, Watertown, Wis. 1
Other libraries 3
l :5
Adler 1 Adler, A. W” Sonoma, California 1 l
Brllus 15 British Museum, London, England i j; '
1 College of St. Albert the Great, Oakland, Calif. i
2 M. H, de Young Museum, San Francisco, Calif. ' I;
, [1
2 San Jose Archives l ‘;
, Streeter l Streeter, Thomas W., Morristown, N. Jr ‘ é
Taylor 1 Taylor Documents, Archives of Archdiocese of A l
‘ San Francisco, Calif. !
Tuttle 6 (2) Tuttle, Charles w., Rutiand, Vt. ‘
. i i
Wagner 2 (1) Wagner, Henry Raup l .
‘. H
' Wells Fargo - 2 (1) Wells Fargo 6; Company, 681 Market St. iii
' San Francisco, Calif. {vl
Biblipgraphies and Catalogs { I
» l4
p 1 Aldine Book Co., 1873 Glst St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 3‘
A 1
9 Anderson Art Gallery, so East 57th St., ' [
New York, N. Y, [E E
:ji F
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Press 9}; California, 1855-1845. San Francisco, 1 *
‘ Iéigu ‘ j)
. l
Cowan,1935 175 Cowan, R. E and R. G. éggbliographypi the ' 1
Effigy if Califoin‘ia, 1510-1950. By Robert I
‘ Ernest Cowan and Robert Grannies Conan. San ?
Francisco: John Henry Nash, 1933. ‘
‘ i
- l

 t s V
t 1% v.
l xvii g‘fi
, a
, l Dawson's Book Shop. 627 South Grand Avenue. E ;
Los Angeles. Calif. i l
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wagner 60 wagner. Henry Raup. 9E;i£9£flifi.lfl££§fl§§v V”
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1922. ii
Photogfiatig CoEies . 1
» 7 n
C 1 State Library. Sacramento, Calif. 1
1 i
CHi 1 California Historical Society. San Francisco. .
Calif. _ ; i
CSfCP -1 Society of California Pioneers, San Francisco, i
Calif. f
CSmH 9 H. E. Huntington Library & Art Gallery '4
San Marino. Calif. I i
CSt 2 Stanford University Library. Stanford, Calif. 3;:
CU-B 3 University of California, Bancroft Library. 15 ;
Berkeley. Calif. ; {
CU-Law 1 University of California Law Library, é;
Berkeley, Calif. R§
MHi l Mbssachusetts Historical Society Library, ‘ j
Boston. mass. ,, i
NN 15 Public Library. New York, N. Y. > E
- i

 " 1
1 11 x
1 h 1
j 1853-1834 17 I;
1 |1 1‘
I 0F 1 ‘1
CALIFORNIA 111131111113 1 !
1855—1855 1 1
1855 1
Figueroa, Jose. , :1
El Supreme gobierno federal se ha servido confiar é mi insuficienccila, 1
el mando politico militar del territorio ... (Mbnterey, January 16, 18351. F 1
1 7 ‘1
Cowan 1919, p. 11; Harding 1. ZT- "' ‘11 '
CU—B. 1 11
1 1:1
1834 1 1
““' 1
California (Alta). Diputacion Territorial. / r H
Raglamento provicional para el gobierno interior de la ecma. diputacibn 1
terr1toria1 de la Alta California, Aprobado por la misma corporccidn on 31
sesion de 51 Julio del presents aha. Honterey 1854. Imprenta de A. V. :1
Zamorano y ca. ‘1
16, 11: p. 10 x 14 em. [ 2 _7 11
Cowan 1919, p. 11. 3 1
CSmH. CU—B. s
. , . 11
- Figueroa, Jose. I 1 ,
' Jose Figueroa, general de brigade della republica hbjicana, comandante 5 1
general y inspector y gefe superior politico del territorio de la Alta d
California ... (Monterey, August 6, 18341. 1
Broadside. 30.5 x 42 cm. /“ :5 7 1 1
V This important document is a project to devise ways and means for the 31
public funds of the councils, etc.- Cowan. 11
Cowan 1919, p. 11; Harding 4. 111
CU-B. , 1 1
- 1
. / 1:1 1
Figueroa, Jose. . 111
1 Raglamento provicional para la secularisacion de 1as misiones de la 11
Alta California ... (Monterey, August 9, 18341. 1 1
Broadside formed by pasting two sheets together. Printed on one side
‘ 19 x 63.5 cm. Another copy exists, formed by three sheets 25 x 67.4 cm.- 1
‘ ' Cowan. _/_— 4: ___7 1 ‘11
' Cowan 1919, p. 12; Harding 5. g
1 CU‘Bo . . ’3 ,.. . ,- ’ ,. '1
i 1 :3, 5'33," 1 1
1 1
1 . 11‘

 1 I 3
1' 1
' Zamorano. Augustin V., y Compafiia. 3 fl
Aviso Al Publico ... Monterey, 1834. Imprenta do Zamorano y ca. F_ ”3 3 3
Broadside. 18.5 x 28 cm. 1;£L/ 31d
1 3i]
Cowan 1919, p. 11; Harding 2. 3
CU-B. 1
18.2.: '3
Figueroa, José. .
El oomandante gral. y gefe politico de la Alta California a 105 3
habitantes del territorio. Coneiudadanos e1 genie del mal ha aparecido 3 j
1 entre, ..3 Monterrey. 16 de Marzo de 1835. Jose Figueroa. Imprenta del ' N
C. Augustin V. Zamorano, _ 3_ fl
Broadside. 21.6 X 31.8 cm. 1 6_/ ' i
Cowan 1919, p. 13; Harding 7. '1 3 '
CU'FBo 3 '33
'1' 11
I . 1' 33
Figueroa, Jose. 3 3.1
Manifiesto a la republica Mexicana que hace e1 general de brigada José ‘3
Figueroa. comandante general y gefe politico de la Alta California ... en 3 3
1834 y 1835. Monterrey: Imprenta del C. Augustin V. Zamorano. 1835. ‘33
1813. P0 10 X 113.05 om. 1‘77 1 3
Cowan 1919, p. 13; Harding 8. ' 31
C. CH1. CSMH. CU-B. Photostatic copy: CU-B. 3 H
' lgéé '%
Alvarado, J. B. ’ ‘ 3 L
31 C. Juan B. Alvarado coronel de la milioia oivica. gefe superior 1 3
politico del primer canton y gobernador del estado libre y soberano de la 3
Alta California, a los habitantes del mismo sabed: ...[Monterey. 3
December 20, 1836]. .. ' 1"
Broadside. 21.6 x 31 cm. Z:8_7' '3
1 1
Cowan 1919, p. 21; Harding 3?. 333
CU‘BQ ' 33 3
13 3
Castro. Jose. 3'3
3 {Decretos of the Constituent Congress of the Free and Sovereign State 3 '
3 of Alta California, by its President), [Monteroy, 18361. 3 3
3 Numbered 1 to 10. ' [9:7 ' 1
Cowan 1919, p. 18-20; Harding 25-34. H
3 CU-B. ' 3
3 2. 3 ,
i 1
. 1 |
- 3 1.1“

 i !’,
i Ei‘h
1856 1 1
‘ . i‘ “
I Castro, Jose; ; A
_ E1 C. Jose Castro presidente del congreso constituyenfie del estado libre 1 C
y soberano dc 1a Alta California. (Monterey, December 11, 18361. E
Broadside. 10 1
w ..r .7 g ‘
Cowan 1919, p. 20; Harding 55. {1,
CU‘B. b l
/ 1
Castro, Jose. . 5
E1 que subscribe ticne el honor de participar a Vd. que asuntos inter— : ‘
santes a1 bionestar del departamento ... (Monterey, 18361. %
Broads1de. 20.5 x 11 cm. if 1117 1 i
Cowan 1919, p. 21; Harding 38. .§} .
’ CU-B. 1 y
i“: ‘
Castro, Jose. ; g' V
. Gobierno politico de la Alta California ... [Montcrey, January 2, 1856). '9 !
Broadside. 21.5 x 52 cm. /*'12 7' I ,
Cowan 1919, p. 15; Harding 10. 3 l
. CU-B. 3 W
Chico, Mariano. e 1
DiscurSO Pronunciado ... (Mbnterey, May 27, 18563. , “
Caption title, [31 p. 8vo. zf’1a;7 q R
i 1
Colophon: Monterrey, Imprenta de C° Augustin V. Zamorano, 1836. J L
, Cowan 1919, p. 15; Harding 15. ! fl
CU-B. CSmH. Whgner. M
Chico, Mariano. E
E1 C. Coronal Mariano/Chico representantc del oongreso Mejicano, comnn- J1
dante general y gefe politico de la Alta California, a sus habitantes ... i;
lenterey, July 24, 18363. if 1i17 111
, I
Imprenta del C. Augustin V. Zamorano. E k
Cowan 1919, p. 15; Harding 16. fl 5
wagner. Photostatic copy: CSmH. J E
Chico, Mariano.- I , i J
El cimdadano Coronel Mariano Chico, representante de la nacion, coman— V
dante general, inspector y gofe superior politico de este departamento a los [1
habitantes del mismo ... [Monterey, Moy 3, 18561. i
Broadside. 23 x 52 cm. zf'1§;7 I L
Imprenta del C. Augustin'V.Zomorano. h V
; Cowan 1919, p. 14; Harding 12. g f
it! i
: ,é.

 E a E
i Ei E
7 1836 E? E
, E. E
: E'.
f Chico, Mariano. / E: E
E1 ciudadano Coronal flariano Chico, representante de la nacion, coman- h H
. dante general, inspector y gefe superior politico del territorio de la Alta E E
‘ California, a sus habitan‘tes ziionterey, May 11, 18561. E E
E Broadside. 20.5 x 53 cnu [716.47 E E
I Cowan 1919, p. 14-; Harding 15. E E
‘ CU—B. E E
i . , ' . E
‘ En el puerto de Monterrey de la Alta California, a los siete dias del mes E i
1 de Noviembre de mil ochocientos treinta y seis reunidos en sesion estra- E E
‘ ordianaria los vocales de la ecselentisima diputacion ... [Declaration of 1,5
Independence} Monterey, November 7, 1836. E E
. Broadside. 21.5 x 31.5 cm. /”17 7 EE
3 — ._ ‘71
‘. IE
Cowan 1919, p. 16; Harding 22. E; E
' En recuerdo del glorioso grito: Dado en el pueblo de Dolores, en el ano E E
de mil ocho cientos diez. IMonterey, 18561 . . r E
' I
E _/_‘18 ___7 E; E
Harding 20., E h
j CU-B. 1E E
3.: 1
g ' 3E E
1 _Gutierrez, Nicolas E E
E Comandancia general de la Alta California ... (Mbnterey, January 2, 1836:. EE
j Broadside. 21.5 x 81 cm. [197 E
Decree uniting Military and political commands in one person.— Cowan. E
E Cowan 1919, p. 14; Harding 11. E
‘ ' L i
3 Variation of this, same date. wagner. Harding 11a. };E
E CU—B. Photostatic copy: CSmH. E E
E tRomero, Jose MArianor p
E Catecismo de ortologfa .4, Moaterey, 1836. > M
2, 16 p. 8.5 x 10.5 cm. [20 _7 EE
E Incomplete at end. One of the earliest school books printed in Calif— 'E E
Ornia.- COWano E E
} Cowan 1919, p. 21; Harding 17/ E E
E a; i
_' :I E
E Tablas para los nines que empiezan a center. Monterrey: Imprenta de EE A
E A. Zamorano. 1836. E E
E Title and 8 unnumbered leaveSr' 10 cm. [721‘47 1: E
E Cowan 1955, p. 629. Harding 18. {E j
E send. 5
4 E} E
. E E
, EEL‘

 1 I‘ \
: 22 22
: 1‘: E1
1 1856—1837 2 2
I ,. i ;.
Tablas para los nigos que empiezan a contar ... (Monterey, 18561 - 2 2
Broadside. 30.5 x 45.5 cm. /'2%J7 222
‘ :‘N
Apparently from the press of Zamorano at Monterey.- Cowan.
, Cowan 1919, p. 21; Harding 19. 2
‘ Vallejo, M- G. ‘ i
Proclama e1 C. Mariano G. Vallejo en el acto do prestar e1 juramento de 2
las baces adoptadas per la ecselentisima diputacion de la Alta California ... 2
(lbnterey, Novemeber 29, 1856). 22
Broadside. 24.5 x 34.5 cm. [25] , 22
Cowan 1919, p. 17; Harding 24. 2‘ ‘ _
CU-B. I 1
18:1 2 I
I; E!
Alvarado, J. B. ' f 2
E1 C. Juan B. Alvarado gobernador interino del estado libre y soberano de 2 2
1a Alta California, a sus habitantes ... Monterey, May 10, 1857. r 2
. [24.7 I 22
Cowan 1919, p. 22; Harding 40. . H
CU-B. 2 22
- .1 II
1 I
Alvarado, J. B. 3 2
E1 C. Juan B. Alvarado gobernador interino del estado libre y soberano de ‘2
1a Alta California, a sus habitantes ... tMonterey, May 10, 18571 I
' 2 1. 20.5 x 50.5 cm. [25] 2
‘ Cowan 1919, p. 22; Harding 40a. 92 2
CU-Bo I 2
I 2 i
(Vallejo, M. G.J » 2‘ 2
Dies y libertad, Sonoma: Enero 7 de 1837. 2
Broadsheet. 15.5 x 20.5 cm. /‘26 7 2 2
n ._ 2 2
One of 6 documents stitdwd together. Called collectively "Comuni- fl 2
caciones." 222
3 Cowan 1919, p. 23; Harding 45. h 2
CHi. CSmH. csr. CU—B. 2| 2
5! i
lVarlejo, M. G.) ‘1
? Dies y libertad, Sonoma: Enero 24 de 1837. 2 2
Broadsheet. 15.5 x 20.5 cm. [T2747 2 2
‘ One of 6 documents stitched together. Called collectively Gbmnni; : 2
2 caciones." ‘ I V
2 Cowan 1919, p. 23; Harding 43. Y I