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      Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the University of
Kentucky, Tuesday, December 14, 1965

      The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky convened in their
statutory quarterly meeting in the Board Room of the Administration Building
on the campus of the University of Kentucky at 10:00 a. m., EST, on Tuesday,
December 14, 1965, as provided in KRS 164. 170, with the following members
present: Governor Edward T. Breathitt, Chairman., Dr. Ralph Angelucci,
Vice-Chairman, Judge J.A. Sutherland, Secretary, Mr. Wendell Butler, Dr.
Harry Denham. Dr. R. W. Bushart, Mr. 0. L. McElroy, Mr. RobertHillenmeyer,
and the two non-voting faculty members Professors Paul Oberst and Stephen
Diachun. The following members were unable to be present: Dr. Harry Sparks,
Mr. Smith Broadbent, Mr. Sam Ezelle, Mr. W. F. Foster, Dr. H. B. Murray,
Mr. Clifford Smith, and Mr. Floyd Wright. Also present were Dr. John Oswald,
President of the University, Dr. A. D. Albright, Executive Vice President, Dr.
William R. Willard, Vice President - Medical Center, Dr. Glenwood L. Creech,
Vice President - University Relations, and Mr. Robert L. Johnson, Vice
President - Student Affairs. Mr. John Darsie, Legal Counsel, was present repre-
senting Mr. Robert F. Kerley who was out of the state. Members of the news
media were also present.

       A. Meeting Opened

       The Chairman called the meeting to order and the Invocation was pro-
nounced by Judge Sutherland. Following roll call to which ten answered with only
seven being absent, the Chairman announced that a quorum was present for the
conduct of business.

       B. Oath of Office Administered to Mr. 0. L. McElroy

       The Governor administered the Oath of Office to Mr. 0. L. McElroy whom
he had appointed to complete the term of office of Mr. Gilbert Kingsbury which
ends December 31, 1965.

       C. The President's Report on Activities

       Governor Breathitt requested Dr. Oswald to make his monthly report on
activities. Copies of the report are distributed to each member and to representa-
tives of the press and are mailed to the faculty following each meeting. Dr.
Oswald indicated that since the agenda for the meeting was rather lengthy he
would not follow his usual procedure of commenting on each item and suggested
that the members of the Board read the report at their leisure.



      Dr. Angelucci indicated that one item had been omitted from the report
which he would like made a matter of record and that was that Dr. Oswald had
been named to the Executive Committee of the Council of Presidents of the
National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges at the
meeting of the Association held in Minneapolis on November 15, 1965.

       Governor Breathitt thanked Dr. Angelucci for his addition to the report
and indicated that, without objection, the report be accepted and filed.

       D. Recommendations of the President (PR 2)

       In advance of each meeting, copies of the President's Recommendations
(PR 2) are mailed to members of the Board. Thus the Board is familiar with the
contents of the report which contains important but routine items of business.
Before recommending approval of the report as a whole Dr. Oswald called par-
ticular attention to the financial report, to the establishment of the Department
of Computer Science and to the reaffirmation of the University's policy of equal
employment opportunities for qualified persons regardless of race, religion,
national origin, and sex.

       On motion by Mr. Hillenmeyer, seconded by Dr. Angelucci, and without
objection the recommendations of the President as contained in PR 2 were ap-
proved and ordered made a part of the official Minutes of the meeting. (See PR 2
at the end of the Minutes. )

       E. Supplemental Recommendations of the President (PR 3)

       Each month some important but routine matters reach the President's
Office too late for inclusion in PR 2. Attention was called to PR 3, copies of
which were available to all those present. The Board members took a few
morments to familiarize themselves with the items in the report and Dr. Oswald
recommended that the recommendations be approved as a whole.

       On motion by Judge Sutherland, seconded, and carried, PR 3, Supple-
mental Recommendations of the President, was approved and ordered made a
part of the offical record of the meeting. (See PR 3 at the end of the Minutes.

       F. Presentation of the Academic Plan of the University of Kentucky

       President Oswald opened his remarks by reminding the members of the
Board that copies of the Academic Plan had been mailed in advance of the meeting
and indicated that additional copies were available for those who had failed to
bring their copies with them. He said that last month he made the statement at



the time of the presentation of the budget request for the 1966-68 biennium that
the budget is an attempt to express in financial terms the needs and programs
of the University. Of equal importance is the manner in which the educational
programs are to be offered. A year and a half ago at the June 1Z, 1964,
meeting of the Board of Trustees, the Board members were presented a volume
entitled BEGINNING A SECOND CENTURY The University of Kentucky Academic
Program: Analysis and Prospects. This volume, which resulted from a careful
study conducted by the members of the faculty, administrative staff, and the
Board, was in a sense an analysis of where the University stood, what demands
would be made upon it in the next decade, the number of students anticipated, the
kind of programs to be offered, the research facilities available, and the
prospects for meeting these demands. In his presentation, President Oswald
emphasized to the Board of Trustees that the Academic Analysis provided the basis
for launching a year of faculty study and review of many areas and that the Aca-
demic Program presented today was the result of this year's attempt to answer
many crucial questions. He reminded the Board of Trustees that in June 1964,
they took the following action: that the University of Kentucky Academic Program
Analysis and Prospects be adopted as a guideline for future action.

       Following the action of June 1964, adopting the Academic Analysis, Presi-
dent Oswald stated that he had met with the entire University facultyand had pre-
sented the document as a challenge, a statement of mission, and a point of
departure for a University-wide study. The Senate Council was given the re-
sponsibility of considering ways and means of handling lower division instruction
and an overall improvement of the basic liberal arts instruction for undergradu-
ates. Also individual college faculty committees were appointed to make intensive
studies of their various areas of concern and the reports of each committee were
turned over to the Senate Council, which took on the responsibility of bringing the
several reports into focus, integrating them, and recommending a final plan. The
President cited two individuals among many who have provided great leadership in
this study - Dr. Lewis Cochran, Acting Provost, and Dr. Edmund Pellegrino,
Chairman of the Senate Council. The plan contains three sets of recommendations:
(1) Recommendations to the University Senate, (2) Recommendations to the College
Faculties for further study and action, and (3) Recommendations to the Adminis-
tration for consideration and future administrative implementation. The document
has been considered by the University Senate at several different sessions. The
document presented today has been approved by the University Senate and is now
presented to the Board of Trustees for ratification and endorsement of the'actions
taken by the Senate. The Trustees were asked to take note of those recommen-
dations to the colleges and the President said those recommendations to the adminis-
tration were being considered and would come to the Trustees for action at a later

        President Oswald then asked Dr. Pellegrino and Dr. Cochran to discuss
the report. Dr. Pellegrino gave a brief analysis of the procedures followed by the
Senate Council in the preparation of the document and called attention to the fact




that the University Senate had approved the document and accepted the recom-
mendations made to them. Recommendations to the various colleges have been
approved by the Senate and referred back to the colleges for further study. He
closed his remarks with a statement that the year's intensive study had been a
great stimulus to the faculty to look at what has been done and to plan for the
future programs of the University.

       Dr. Cochran then capsulized some of the recommendations approved by
the Senate calling particular attention to the following:

       1.   That every baccalaureate degree program include four
       divisions or components: (1) general studies, (2) pre-major or
       pre-professional, (3 major or professional, and  (4) free
       electives; and that the general studies component in every bacca-
       laureate degree program consist of at least five of eight areas of
       study, with course sequences as approved by the University Senate.

       2.   To achieve the educational goals of the proposed programs,
       the following organization for lower division studies on the Lexing-
       ton campus be adopted:

             (a) Beginning with the Fall Semester, 1966, registration
             of all entering freshmen in the College of Arts and
             Sciences; during 1966-67 registration of freshman and
             sophomore students in the same college in which they were
             prev-iously registered, until graduation or transfer, as
             under present regulations.

             (b) Registration of all students who enter the University
             in the Fall Semester of 1966 and thereafter in the College
             of Arts and Sciences until the end of the sophomore year.

             (c) Each lower division student have as his advisor a pro-
             fessor in the college in which he intends to major, if his
             probable major area of study has been decided.

             (d) Formal transfer to a professional college be made at
             the beginning of the junior year (at the beginning of the
             fourth year for combined degree students),

       3.   That the concept of an integrated complex of classroom, lecture
       room, residential- and other appropriate facilities for freshman and
       sophomore students be approved with respect to its educational soundness
       and desirability as one of the alternative means of providing for increased
       enrollment, that the area south of Cooper Drive be considered for the lo-
       cation of such a complex, and that additional space in this area be re-
       served for future development of additional facilities of this nature and
       that such similar programs be considered also at the graduate level and
       in the development of any disciplinary programs.



         4.   That the interdisciplinary instructional programs be formal-
      ized by:

               (a) That each program be administered by a duly ap-
               pointed chairman who will have the same responsibil-
               ities with respect to curriculum and student advising
               as a departmental chairman.

               (b) That the chairman be advised by a committee of
               interested faculty drawn from the departments offering
               the courses composing the curriculum.

               (c) That participating faculty members have primary
               appointments in regular instructional units.

               (d) That all courses will be given by the regular in-
               structional units.

               (e) That the chairman be responsible to the dean of the
               college in which the program is located and advise the
               dean on staff and other needs of the program in connection
               with budget planning.

               (f) That the procedure for establishing a new inter-
               disciplinary program be the same as for the establish-
               ment of any other new instructional program. New
               courses for the program will be initiated by the de-
               partments offering the courses, and the procedure for
               approval of such courses will be the same as for other
               new courses.

       Members of the Board of Trustees expressed their pleasure with the Plan
as presented and expressed appreciation to Dr. Oswald, Dr. Cochran, Dr.
Pellegrino, the Senate Council and the many other members of the faculty who
have assisted in its preparation, for the forward-looking program which had been
recommended. It was pointed out that the University was most fortunate that over-
all long-range academic planning and physical planning were being done concurrent-

       Dr. Angelucci made a motion that the Board of Trustees go on record as
ratifying and endorsing the University of Kentucky Academic Program: Curriculum,
Policies and Organization - as approved by the Faculty Senate and take note of those
recommendations made to the academic colleges and to the administration for
further study, and that appreciation be expressed to the faculty for their contri-
bution in preparing the Plan. His motion was seconded and adopted without dissent.



      G. Appointments Approved for Dr. Lewis Cochran as Provost,
Dr. Elbert Ockerman as Dean of Admissions and Registrar, and Dr. Herbert
Drennon as Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

       Dr. Oswald said he wished to make recommendations for three adminis-
trative appointments which were needed to assist in implementing the Academic
Plan just ratified by the Board. The Board requested that he present each recom-
rnendation for separate action.

       I.   Dr. Lewis Cochran - Provost

            Under the Academic Plan the Office of Provost is to have the follow-
       ing responsibilities:

       The Provost

            The Provost of the University is appointed by the Board of Trustees
       upon the recommendation of the President. He is the chief academic of-
       ficer for the Division of Colleges -- presently composed of the Colleges
       of Arts and Sciences, Agriculture and Home Economics, Engineering,
       Law, Education, Commerce, and the School of Architecture -- and is re-
       sponsible to the President for the baccalaureate programs of these
       colleges. His major responsibilities shall be the functions of planning,
       coordinating and evaluating instructional programs and he will work with
       the deans of these colleges in the development of instructional programs
       within and between colleges. The deans of these colleges will report to
       hinm on academic matters including academic personnel. He will advise
       with the Dean of the Graduate School in the coordination of undergraduate
       and graduate instruction in the Division of Colleges.

            He shall serve as chairman of the Undergraduate Council and shall
       have responsibility for academic programs and operations thatare broad
       in nature and primarily related to undergraduate instruction, such as the
       Honors Program and the Office of Instructional Resources.

             Dr. Lewis Cochran has served as Acting Provost since that office
       was reactivated in January 1965. Dr. Oswald stated that he has demon-
       strated outstanding capabilities in this office and, inasmuch as Dr.
       Cochran has been a non-voting member of the Board of Trustees and is
       therefore well known to the Board, he would not elaborate on his quali-
       fications for the position. He said it gave him great pleasure to recom-
       mend that Dr. Lewis Cochran be named Provost of the University on a
       permanent basis effective immediately.

             Dr. Diachun as a colleague of Dr. Cochran's said he felt he express-
       ed the sentiments of the entire University faculty in saying that the ap-
       pointment of Dr. Cochran as Provost would be one of the most gratifying


V                                                                          7

            administrative appointments that had been made. Dr. Denham on behalf
            of the Board expressed the same confidence in Dr. Cochran's abilities
            to assume this position of leadership.

                  On motion made, seconded and carried, Dr. Cochran was named
            Provost, effective immediately. His appointment as Provost was made
            with the understanding that he would retain his professorship in the De-
            partment of Physics with tenure.

                  2.   Dr. Elbert Ockerman - Dean of Admissions and Registrar

                  Dr, Oswald emphasized that the Office of Admissions will have a
            major role to play in the implementation of the University's new Academic
            Plan. This will necessitate some reorganization in that office and the
            initiation of new records and procedures for strengthening student ad-
            visement. Dr. Charles F. Elton, present Dean of Admissions and Regis-
            trar5 has requested reassignment to the area of institutional studies. in
            this capacity he will work as an assistant in the office of the Executive
            Vice President in developing the many additional studies that will be needed
            as the new Academic Plan is implemented. In seeking a replacement for
            Dr. Elton, President Oswald stated that Dr. Ockerman's previous ex-
            perience and his potential fit him ideally for the new assignment. He
            recommended that Dr. Elbert Ockerman be named Dean of Admissions and
            Registrar at a date after spring semester registration but no later than
            March 1. 1966. He recommended that Dr. Ockerman retain the director-
            ship of the School Relations Program but that he relinquish. his services
            wXth the stuident scholarshi.p loan, and work program. These will be
            placed under the supervision of an Administrator for Student Aid who will
            be responsible to Vice President Robert L. Johnson.

                  On motion by Judge Sutherland, seconded by Dr, Bushart and carried
            unanimously, Dr. Elbert Ockerman was named Dean of Admissions and
            Registrar of the University of Kentucky, his duties to begin after spring
            semester registration but no later than March 1, 1.966. The appointment
            was made with the understanding that Dr. Ockerman would retain the
            directorship of the School Relations Program.

                  3.   Dr. Herbert Drennon - Associate Dean for Instruction in the
             College of Arts and Sciences

                  Inasmuch as the College of Arts and Sciences soon will enroll all
             freshmen entering the University and they will remain under the College's
             jurisdiction through their sophomore year, it is necessary that some re-
             organization and strengthening be effected in the student advisement and
             other student services in that College. Dr. Herbert Drennon who present-
             ly is assistant dean in the College will assume the major responsibility for
             this program. Dr. Oswald pointed out that he has demonstrated great ca-
             pacity for leadership in instructional administration and advisement and



      recommended that he be named Associate Dean for Instruction in the
      College of Arts and Sciences, effective January 1, 1966. Dean Nagle
      strongly recommends this appointment.

            Mr. Robert Hillenmeyer expressed the feeling that it was most
       gratifying when three top administrative positions could be filled from
       within the ranks of the University faculty. On his motion, duly seconded
       and carried, Dr. Herbert Drennon was named Associate Dean for In-
       struction in the College of Arts and Sciences, effective January 1, 1966.

       H. Report on Results of Alumni Member Election (PR 6)

       Dr. Angleucci, Vice Chairman, who had assumed the responsibility for
counting the ballots for the election of an alumni member for the Board of Trustees,
reported to the Governor that the election had been held as prescribed by Statute
and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Board of Trustees and the
results of the election were shown in PR 6 which is included at the end of the

       On motion duly made, seconded and carried, the report of the Vice
Chairman on the results of the election authorized by the Alumni Association was
ordered received and put to record and authorization was given for him to certify
to the Governor the names of the three persons receiving the largest number of
votes from which a successor to Judge Sutherland, whose term expires December
31, 1965, wtould be appointed. (See PR 6 at the end of the Minutes.

       1. Adjiustment of Housing Rates - Summer Conferences

       President Oswald indicated that the increase in the direct operating cost
including salaries, wages, supplies, services, and replacement of equipment make
it necessary to adjust the rate for housing summer conferences to help offset
these increased costs. The present rate for non air-conditioned buildings has been
in effect since 1956 and the rate for air-conditioned buildings has been in effect
since Haggin Hall was opened in 1960. Although student housing rates have been
adjusted to meet rising costs during this period, there has been no increase for the
conference groups. The rates for six universities in bordering states range from
$2.50 to $3. 00 per person per day with an average of $2. 83 for a double room in
non air-conditioned buildings. Only two of these institutions have air-conditioned
buildings. Rates charged are $4. 00 and $3. 50 per person per day per double room.

       Mr. Robert Hillenmeyer made the following motion: that the following ad-
justments be made effective the summer term of 1966: (a) The charge for housing
members of summer conferences in air-conditioned buildings be increased from
$3. 00 per person per day for a double room to $4. 00 per person per day for a
double room, and $6. 00 per day for a single room, (b) The charge for housing



members of summer conferences in non air-conditioned buildings be increased
from $2. 00 per person per day for a double room to $3. 00 per person per day for
a double room and $4. 00 per day for a single room; (c) the charge for housing all
pre-college age groups who are residents of Kentucky will be $1. 50 per person
per day with linen service or $1. 25 per person per day without linen service. Mr.
Hillenmeyer's motion was seconded by Dr. Angelucci and carried.

       J. Negotiations of Initial Contract with the United States Department
of State for Establishing and Operating a Technical ResearchCenter in Thailand

       President Oswald reported that he had received a letter from the Agency
for International Development indicating that the Thailand government and the
United States Department of State were interested in the possibility of the Uni-
versity of Kentucky participating in a program of technical assistance in North-
east Thailand through the establishment and operation of a technical research
center in agriculture. No final decision is necessary now but, if the University
is interested, it will be necessary to enter into an initial survey contract. Under
this contract a three-man team will be sent to Thailand to survey the possibili-
ties and determine whether or not the University of Kentucky wishes to enter into
a final contract. President Oswald recommended that the University conduct the

       On motion by Dr. Angelucci, seconded by Mr. Hillenmeyer, and approved
the proper University authorities were authorized to negotiate an initial contract
with AID, Department of State, with the clear understanding that any final contract
which might result would come back to the Board for consideration and approval.

       K. Deed of Easement and Additional Easement Granted to Lexington
Water Company

       Dr. Oswald said that on August 20. 1965 the Board granted an easement to
the Lexington Water Company over a portion of the Experiment Station Farm.
Since that time the Water Company has discovered that the description contained
in this easement was incorrect. In addition the company desires to obtain an ad-
ditional small easement near the intersection of Nicholasville Pike and Dantzler
Court to permit the company to tie into its existing facilities.

       On motion duly made, seconded, and carried the Chairman of the Executive
Committee was authorized to execute a deed of correction relating to an easement
granted to the Lexington Water Company by action of the Board of Trustees on
August 20, 1965, and further that the Chairman be authorized to execute a small
additional easement to the Lexington Water Company near the intersection of
Nicholasville Pike and Dantzler Court.



       L. Policy of Integration of Athletics Reaffirmed

       Governor Breathitt having determined that there were no additional items
on the agenda expressed a wish to speak briefly to the Board on the matter of
integration of athletics at the University of Kentucky. He commended the Board
for having adopted in April, 1963, a policy which calls for the active recruitment
of young people and young athletes on the basis of academic and athletic excel-
lence without regard to race, religion, national origin, or sex. The University
assumed a place of leadership, particularly among institutions of higher edu-
cation in the South, when this policy was adopted, but up to this point the policy
has not been implemented in the area of athletics. The Governor urged the Board
to reaffirm their position on this question and to urge the active recruitment of
young athletes of excellence, regardless of race, with the hope that the policy may
be implemented during the present period of recruitment for football.

       Dr. Oswald stated his complete commitment to this policy and reiterated his
belief that a person's race, religion or national origin had no place in the Uni-
versity's athletic program and that only two factors should be considered in the
recruitment of athletes -- athletic potential and academic potential.

       Governor Breathitt pledged his full support in seeing that the policy is
implemented immediately. Dr. Angelucci suggested that it would be helpful if the
faculty of the University might also make a similar affirmation as to recruitment
of all students and Dr. Diachun was asked to bring this to the attention of the Uni-
versity faculty.

       On motion by Dr. Denham, seconded by Mr. McElroy, and with all members
voting "aye" the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky reaffirmed its
formerly stated policy that race, religion, national origin, or sex held no place in
the recruitment of any student and that only academic and athletic potential be con-
sidered in the recruitment of athletes.

       M. Adjournment

       Dr. Oswald reminded the Board members that a luncheon would be served
in the President's Room of the Student Center immediately following adjournment
with the Student Centennial Committee and Professor Louis Gordon, Visiting Cen-
tennial Profe ssor, as guests of the Board. For those who wished to remain after
the luncheon, a preview would be held of the film prepared by the Department of
Radio, TV and Films on the inauguration ofg President Oswald.

Governor Breathitt then entertained a motion for adjournment which was



duly seconded and carried and the meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.

                                              Respectfully submitted,

                                              James A. Sutherland, Secretary

(PR 2, PR 3, and PR 6 which are included at the end of the Minutes are official
parts of the Minutes of the meeting held on December 14, 1965. )



                                December 14, 1965


     The University president and Centennial Coordinator J. W. Patterson
have announced that the following events have been planned as appropriate
means of ending the University's Centennial celebration and for estab-
lishing traditions for Founders Week in the institution's second century:

     Saturday, Feb. 19--Annual "Founders Day Ball," sponsored by students,
faculty and alumni.

     Sunday, Feb. 20--"Major Cultural Event," initiated by the Student
Centennial Committee,

     Monday, Feb. 21--First annual "Founders Day Dinner" for Faculty
Senate, sponsored by the Board of Trustees and president.

     Tuesday, Feb, 22, Founders Day--Annual "Founders Day Convocation" for
students, faculty, alumni and public; "Founders Day Luncheon," sponsored
by the Board of Trustees and the president for distinguished visitors;
release of "Centennial Volume on Higher Education."

     Wednesday through Saturday, Feb. 23-26--"Founders Week Guignol Production,"
Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night."

     Thursday, Feb. 24--First annual "Presidents' Dinner," sponsored by
Omicron Delta Kappa for heads of campus organizations,

     The 1966 Founders Day Convocation is to be designated as the first
annual convocation since the Centennial Convocation, in 1965, at which
Pre5ident Lyndon B. Johnson delivered the address that officially marked the
University's 100th birthday,

     The University president has disclosed that a permanent committee will
be named to continue planning for symposia, seminars and other special events.
Also, consideration is to be given for publishing a picture volume, "Cen-
tennial 1965," as a sequel to "Hail Kentucky," a work published this year to
review through pictures the University's history.


- 2 -


     The Student Centennial Committee has turned over to the University
president $2,000, proceeds from the Centennial Ball, for establishment
of the committee's Centennial Scholarship Fund.

     The committee, which is headed by Art Henderson and Mrs. Claudia
Svara, also has announced that it is arranging two special events for
1966, In January, tentatively on Jan, 20, it will sponsor a political
forum. One leader from each political party and a moderator will pre-
sent a dual-section program on "Issues of the Future for American Political

     For the weekend of April 2, the committee plans to hold a High School
Leadership Conference and the Undergraduate Research and Creativity Confer-
ence, The two will be held simultaneously in order that leading high school
seniors may attend sessions of the University meeting.


     The Chief Justice of the United States, Earl Warren, was present Dec. 4
to participate in dedication ceremonies for the new Law Building and to re-
ceive one of two honorary degrees awarded by the University.

     In his address, he referred to the "Kentucky spirit" as boundless as
the rising sun on the east and the Aurora Borealis on the north and said
he believes this spirit will prevail during the University's second century,
He called attention to the unique position Kentucky has held in the work of
the Supreme Court by naming jurists from the state who have served it as
members, In concluding remarks, he said that "international cooperation is
basic to the development of international law,"

     The full day's dedication activities included a sympo