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By c. B. FISHER, ·20   t
Persia like eher neighbors, Turkey and its former grandeur when more than 1 000 ` it
Afgihanistan, (iis piastsing tgirougtlg an elpoch- caravan mules made this their headquar- ° c   I
ma mg perio o_ ransi ion, _ oug per- ters. The people of that 'll h th-   1
hlagigetshen rrii`e1tIe1;i(;;h;lrli1g1 tiipildglymlgf fthe ing good to say for Mr,Vt‘t;§1(-il ave no ;__»· t  
of the attempt in Afghanistan haxie tie? The new em may -b€ dated from the   i Z
_ Csived more publicity than has been given Eggigtigg gg tig? gggigditiinfsty ·ami9tgtt;€     L  
to the steady program that is being made Our Own Sehoolimys were i§·1I-{Z1}? m ,, '     I  }
in Pew _ _ _ _ sion eee; eeieemee Aimee Shalit §°§‘i$i§e   i   
thgg cyqvgileggisrzegggénlgqeginiagei  of I`?/_han, his Prime lg/Iigister and Minister of   *‘ 1   
A 1 is ori- ar, accompanie ` t th b d ‘ `   f 4 j
cal events and terms such as ‘tthe”m‘ailed 1925. Since that timdtftiz; Khtan iilasebedh ‘   ,  E
{ist, the Industrial Revolution, The crowned as the first king of the Pahevi tt    
French Revolution, the end of the feudal dynasty, Ahmad Shah has died in France   I  1
system and the confiscatingpf the large and Persia has experienced changes that   1 4,
holdmgslof the monasteries, the renais- no one dared dream of a decade ago. t · 1
Same, _th€ Pilgiim F3th€t`S fleeing tt`0m A strong centralized government has A ` 1
Holland in order to preserve their mother been built up in T€h€1~an the capital , ` I
}g);1t§t{§;;a“gt€€ it;€t\;;f§ittti0ni” "€be tastg 0; which though unwieldy, inexperienced;  ._  t A
,u, hemsoldl diverse eimemtsn ,,,dt;§g1i§?a;_O“d0u ti; and inefficient, is yet strong enough,  __1 t  
tmastgr john _ . f ~ ,, y U _ ` Y QSPO ‘ thanks to the army, to carry through re-   A 
- in his hen, 1Sm_O Ceesep and the tab}? that tttttd forms that are amazing. As in Turkey, is  Yi h
tlggs ggckly 1t;t§`tC%€€ht}S h€$abOt`_€d_t0_b§€ttttty Atlhegsx the first step was to change the headdress · if  .
iSer;,€d,,, “ O _tS tm mote IS We mm mt 3 tt and flowing garments. The people object-   'j
t   Once heme Worked out m the Ptttttms ef ed at first and said that they would not   X
d?;sS;;,t‘ {fg; - able I*ie)a1;v§%i‘;.S  ge Elrivilege Boi; Obey, but 1 was on the street when the   q 
quick.wimd, . 1 Yt   I d,_ t     ~ D Otamtt tt order went into effect. As soon as the  gt _ 
1d up, politely *1 S0_ O 6 P It QC 1 te Some extent people saw turbans and fezes ripped up 1 , _ j Q
ardent add ne _ Nine years ago when the humble don- with bayonets they began to realize that   ,
_c·d Thl°UP{°¤*; 1 key was the chief means of transport to the government meant business and I was y   `
wg; qmgi iéfhdistant places as Mecca, Kerbelaeand quite impressed with the way that open   ,
s_ O12lSS2i1'l, we arrived in Hamadan in a defiance gave way to a lurking fear and  
n h,s_ AIM, 1 four-horse covered wagon. This does not then to apparent obedience. Today it is I   _
he was Onhig mean that there was no auto transport at difficult to distinguish between Jew and   A
the President that time, only that it was scant and hard Mosem, clerk and merchant, pseudo priest i  ‘ 
1¤¤k¢d ¤f¤¤¤d· ` to arrange. For the three days and two and lawyer as was shown formerly by   at
  _ nights_paid three times as much as the the different types of turbans-worn t  if  
1d diSmb,,,,,,, Same six-hour auto ride costs today. It is since olden times in Persia. The psycho- .  ji  
Unienp ____ not difficult to imagine the changes that ogical effect of this change was soon €V1—  ir  ,
reported me   iifiiliifftiiesiiti{LEE.?tEi‘§2§§ett§§.?e‘§e`Q il‘§.’2$‘e rtE§l‘”§‘$?EEi‘e“eie“’€iii‘iZiiit`§`teEti$i { i ll  
rl ‘ . . i . * t `. > ‘ . . Q t
lg; clipgml have tieenllquilt, the Persians are traveling really change their way of doing things, 1    “
‘ . I more, oca oodstuff has advanced in price. and that the new might be more becoming   ,5- 1 
lmatm tm' While oranges, fish, and other products of and better than the old.   F
‘ t0? lengthy the Caspian Sea provinces are now Then came compulsory registration and   f
“at‘°“# °W’ g brought up to the plateau and sold at choosing of family names. Hasan the son _     ,
it St¤1¤_%"‘” reasonable prices. Best of all we see more of Hosein now became Hasan The J ust,   `Q
18§2- tt  , and more of our friends from America Highborn, The Vagabond. Fifty cents,   ,
0m¤S€ tatt é e who now find it possible to include Persia Eight Rivers, Lost name, Black eyebrow,   e
  game 1HI_§h€11` 1t]]it(E`3,]‘y {';,b]‘()3d_ b h d '[zghg @@58 S§%l€1`,fB(E`I'1   {2;-19 LION, €tC·,   L
l ar. owever, ese c anges are eing ma e e c. ema ero c oosing amiynames  
 ` at the expense of caravan drives and vil- became quite popular with the peope until »   f
‘ &g€S_ that marked the former stages of they knew what was to follow. When com- f , 1,
. tt}€_,l0111“Iiey. One decrepid village that I pusory military service Went into effect, Lj j l
V1S1t€d this summer still showed signs of then there was COnSte1‘DatlOH. Yet, all  
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