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;§ Section A. Function of Intake and Certification Section
I Section B. Certification Agreement Between WPA and State Department
Q l, Establishment of Local Referral Aeencies
  " I
lr a, Approval of Personnel and Initial Training
4 b, Adequacy of Staff I
E c. Salary and Travel `
Q d, Conformance with Regulations and Policies of WPA
§ e. Office Supplies .
Z f. Records and Official Forms
2. Standards of Certification
_ Section A. General Definition of Eligibility
Section E, Eligibility Requirements
q l. Need
2, Enployability
I 3, Family Wage Barner
· 4. Minimum Age
I 5. Eligibility of Women
= 6, Employment Limited to One Member of a Family
7. Legal Settlement
S. Citizenship Requirement l
- 9. Registration with RSHS and Social Security
lC. Eligibility Status of Persons Keceiving Public Aid Benefits
I a, Unemployment Compensation
i E. Unemployment Insurance Under Railroad Insurance Act of IQBS
if c. Old nge Insurance
d, Survivors Insurance
` e, Veterans Conpensation
f, Public Assistance
nid to Dependent Children
Old Age Assistaice
V Aid to the Blind
gf Farm Security Administration ‘
‘— .. ii, ,. . .
Q; Section C, Procedure for NLA Certification
&t1¥Q?“; § I. Relative Need Indicated on Certification Documents
te]; ex E. Fauily Budget for Determining Need of Relief
Q " Eg 5. Type of Investigational Service
gf 4, Certification Procedures
f lr·l:  
I _g a. Eouting
_. —;\* _ _ A
n‘t t, Preparation oi Forms Z .U.,, i .._..
c. Use of WPA Form %l6 Q_,Qg}Q1"U.Zf Q
d, Notification to Client _ I
  C.   ,` if ii,éei5;o-l&I52‘;‘
.7 - · ~ no ~**~~——·---t·~~—»—····e 7 rrr.= —-—»»—---—¢»-——-—- V -·-r / ·~—rr —-»-·— Pr ’*— . .#-.-,—r.l- i.ii ii.,   cccc, M , , _ _,_ W , in,

{ secta
’ ‘ Se crbf
. _ CIrIAF‘I‘ 
V   S e ct
1 O
. ` 2 •
. ° •
. ( [1- 0
S2 c*
W S c c*
  Se c'
, X •
. ~ ·
S 0 c
A S G c
" - . ..
 »' ::9 Is",. :..3 :· na E E U I-  
`II'. ·"E .·.E ~,•.. E E PLpvi),`:;1

 A A ‘
 5¥7·z¥?5¢E5i‘;t *E·&·:·:?,·:  ter"` ~ `
I Section D. Transfer of Certified nouseholds
E Section E. Compensation for Workers Injured on Projects I
A Section A.
A l. 'forkers expected to take reasonable offers of private
or public employment. I
< A . . . . . l
2, Reinstatement of workers on project assignments after
f loss of private or public employment,
_ I E, Filing of certifications of workers who leave project I
h , employment to accept private or public employment, ·
{ 4, Verification of eligibility of workers seeking reinstatement on
project employment after loss of private or public employment.
Section A. Review of the Current Working Load A
Section E. Naintaining Eligibility of the Awaiting Assignment File
p Section C, Cancellation of Eligibility
' I, `Wben awaiting assignment
_ 2, When employed on project
A Section A. Employment on Basis of Relative Reed l
Section P, Preference Extended to Veterans
4 Appendix A Hap of Kentucky Showing Districts of UPA
Appendix E Family Budgets
App ndix C lQ4l Emergency Relief Act
Appendix D Notices to be Posted on Projects `
1. Payment of Debts
_ 2, Citizenship, etc.
V 5. Review
Appendix E Explanation of Old Age and Survivors Insurance
Appendix P Division of Public Assistance
’ Aenendix G Kentucky State Employment Security [
Apaendix Q Index of Forms .; y», v_
li é Q eel-A·· 5
,§ Jl·

 E 5
#mn@@ %§ Q
 Y¥ €?? $¥??$5?·¤$?§?¥¥::¤zr t s ’ ‘   ‘ c I .
- Chap. I, Section A, Items 1,2,5,4,5, I
Section A Functions of Intake and Certification Section I
There shall be employed in the Employment Division a sufficient number ‘
’ of qualified social workers to perform the functions of the Intake and i
ICertification Section, The duties of this staff shall be coordinated ·
—with other functions of the Employment Division and shall be under the I
supervision of a social worker in the State Employment Division who .
shall be approved by the Regional Director and the Assistant Commissioner
in charge of the Employment Division. The social worker responsible for
p intake and certification in Kentucky shall be delegated as the Assistant 1
` Director, Employment Division. y
The Intake and Certification Section of the Employment Division shall be
responsible for the following:
l. Liaison with public welfare agencies,
2, Certification procedure.
5, Determination of relative need.
· Q. Review of the need status of all certified workers.
5. Validating eligibility for reinstatement of workers on projects,
following loss of private employment by such workers. (
6. Changes of priority for employment,
7. Cancellation of certification,
8. Determining general employability.
Q, Reviewing complaints and making adjustments concerning the 1
functions for which this section is responsible.
lO. Gathering information regarding the relief needs of the
state insofar as they relate to Work Projects Administration
ll. Directing special programs of research related to relief needs
and welfare programs in the state,
12. Gathering data and preparing reports, narrative and statistical,
on subjects pertinent to the responsibilities of the Intake and
Certification Section.
112Q40—A—4 “

 if cf '
g P
A Chap. I, Section B, Item l
Section E Certification Agreement Between WPA and State Department .
Joint Agreement between the Work Projects Administration of
Kentucky and the State Department of Public Welfare
It is agreed between the Work Projects Administration of Kentucky
and the State Department of Public Welfare that the latter shall I
be the official referral agency for Work Projects Administration {
employment. This agreement has been approved by WPA Regional
and Federal Authorities.
o The State Department of Public Welfare agrees to take full respon- j
sibility for the determination of need of persons for employment ·
· by the Work Projects Administration pursuant to the provisions of
applicable Emergency Relief Appropriation Acts and in accordance
with the provisions of the rules and regulations of the Work '
Projects Administration. i
The Work Projects Administration reserves the right to accept or I
reject referrals on the basis of eligibility requirements as set I
forth in the rules and regulations of the`Work Projects Administration, [
This agreement may be amended provided such amendments are accepted
by both agencies. This agreement shall be subject to termination
by either party,
The articles set forth in the plan which follows constitute the
program of intake and certification which shall be carried out,
l, Establishment of Local Referral Agencies
a, Approval of personnel and initial training i
Personnel assigned to referral agencies on July l, l94O
shall be temporarily approved until such time as the certi—
fied list of personnel qualified for public assistaice shall
be established through the merit examination which will be
conducted in the State of Kentucky in the near future, pro~
vided that the approval of any staff member may be discon— `
tinued at any time that authentic information indicates
that such staff member had failed to meet the requirements
` of the intake and certification program as set forth in
this document, After the certified list established by
the merit examination is available, all personnel engaged
in social service activities in connection with referral
agencies shall be selected in accordance with the standards
of the personnel in effect by the Division of Public
Personnel selected to fill vacancies that must be filled
previous to the time that the certified list of personnel
‘ is established, shall meet the standards already establisied
si for such personnel by the 7E%, State Department of Public
Welfare agrees to examine the credentials of each such appli-
cant and to filo with the WPA a report setting forth in
detail the qualifications of the person recommended for
approval in filling vacancies, State Department of Public
Welfare shall receive from.the Fiscal Court of the County
ll2940—A-5 P

    A    if y y r
Chap, I, Section B, Item l (Cont'd.) ,
· l, Establishment of Local Referral Agencies (Continued) {
a, Approval of personnel and initial training (continued)
in which a new staff member is to be assigned, ag_official
court order employing the staff member who has been approved ~
on a basis of qualifications; this official court order shall {
give the amount to be paid in salary and the amount to be l
paid in travel. _
I Each new staff member, exclusive of clerical staff, shall V
V receive a program of intensive training for a period of not 1 _
less than two weeks previous to entering upon his assignment
in a local referral agency. State Department of Public Welfare
and WPA shall cooperate in planning the training program which T
shall be mandatory for all new staff members, and shall in- _
clude training for several days in WPA District Office and
training for at least one week in a local referral agency
carrying out a fully satisfactory program,
. P
b, Adequacy of Staff
y Services of the local referral agency shall be acceptable only
when such agency is staffed with a sufficient number of quali-
fied staff members to carry the responsibilities of the agency
satisfactorily. This includes provision for the welfare of
applicants in matters of facilities for filing applications and
carrying out investigational work in a manner that will provide
_ prompt and professional service to those seeking the services
of the agency. {
c. Salary and Travel
Salaries of personnel assigned to local referral agencies shall
be established at rates comparable to those paid to other pro- V
fessional workers whose duties are comparable in responsibility,
Travel funds to meet‘the responsibilities of each staff member
in a referral agency, assigned to investigational duty shall be
provided. Travel funds should not be included in salaries, but
should be established as a separate fund for each staff member
requiring such funds.
d• Conformance of Referral Agencies with Regulations and
Policies of the NPA
State Department of Public Welfare shall be responsible for the
conformance of local referral agencies with WPA regulations and
policies• WPA shall file with'the State Department of Fablic
T Welfare manuals of instruction, memoranda, bulletins, letters
and other documentary material setting forth the regulations and
the policies of the UPA, State Department of Public Welfare shall
issue to local referral agencies the material necessary to inform
these a encies of the re ulations and olicies of the WPA.

 ` Chap. I, Section E, Item l (Cont'd.) _
. l, Establishmggp of Local Referral Agencies (Continued)
_ d, Conformance of Referral Agencies with Regulations and
Policies of the h@ETTcEntinuedi
Conferences pertaining to these regulations and policies shall
be held by WPA staff members responsible for intake and certi- [
fication and by State Department of Public Welfare members i
assigned to intake and certification service, Staff members
of local referral agencies shall be included in these conferences .
whenever it is deemed advisable by either, or both, the WPA
and State Department of Public Welfare. ` _
WPA shall have final authority for establishment of certification
of cases referred by local referral agencies, and is authorized _
to accept or reject each case referred, WPA shall designate _
staff members to report to each local referral agency regularly
to read the case records of persons who are selected for referral
by the local referral agencies; these staff members shall accept
the cases in which eligibility seems clearly established and p
shall send them to the District Office of the WPA for final {
" approval or disapproval of the Assistant District Director of
Employment. In instances in which WPA declines to accent a
case referred, the reasons for refusal of the case shall be re-
corded on WPA Form 416, copies of which shall be filed in the
_ following manner: Original copy filed with local referral
agency, first carbon copy with State Department of Public Welfare,
second carbon copy filed with District Office of the WPA, third
carbon copy filed with State Office of the WPA,
ln instances in which a local referral agency is carrying on a y (
_- program.of intake and certification which is obviously out of y
harmony with the regulations and policies of the WPA, the State l
Department of Public Welfare shall be notified in writing by
the WPA of this matter, WPA Forms 4l6 or other related informa-
tion, shall be used as documentary evidence of lack of efficiency
on the part of the local referral agency. Conference shall be
held by WPA and State Department of Public Welfare pertaining to ,
· this matter, Written notification shall be filed by State Depart-
ment of Public Welfare with the local referral agency calling
attention to the unsatisfactory conditions of the agency. A short
period shall be allowed the agency to bring obout necessary changes
to restore the agency to efficient operation. If this period does
. _ not effect improvement, WPA may decline to accept the services of
‘ the agency.
G- .9£§a<;a.wi>.%.ie2
Each local agency shall be equipped with such supplies, postage
and office equipment as is necessary to meet the responsibilities
of the agency promptly and efficiently, TPA shall furnish Peieral
forms requisite to the program of intake and certification. Local
authorities are required to furnish other items. Staff nembers in
local referral agencies shall not be required to furnish supplies.
ll29éO-A-7 S

 :z : 2 z% ·: ·== >¤;¤: ¤.v    , ,   r V   I __ ___   f_ L to L L __
Chap. I, Section B, Item l (Cont'd.)
Item 2 `
1, Establishment of Local Referral Agencies (Continued) ‘
f, Records and Official Forms
A case record, inclusive of all the information necessary to
establish eligibility for IPA certification, definitely and
completely, shall be prepared in duplicate for each case re-
ferred to the WPA, The WPA and the State Department of
Public Welfare shall cooperate in establishing an outline to ' _
be used in preparing case records. The original of this case
record shall be filed in the local referral agency and the
carbon copy, together with other required documents, shall be
sent to the WPA District Office at the time when the case is
referred to the WPA. The confidential nature of information
pertaining to family situations shall be observed, and records
shall be stored in a manner that insures privacy, Lists of `
· certified cases shall not be issued, excepting upon authorize- I
tion of the State Administrator of the WPA.
2, Standards of Certification L
The Work Projects Administration shall establish and maintain on a
state-wide basis uniform policies governing intake and certification.

Chap. II, Section A and Section B
. Items l and 2 I
Section A General Definition of Eligibility
To be eligible for assignment to work projects which are financed T
in whole or in part from funds allocated by the Emergency Relief i
Appropriation Act of l94l, persons, except as indicated below, shall
have been certified as in need of relief, A public welfare agency
approved by the Work Projects Administration as referral agency is T `
responsible for referring persons who are employable and in need of E
relief. The regulations, policies and procedures established by l ·
the WPA shall be followed by the referral agency,
Certification shall always reflect the existing need regardless of '
current assignment opportunities on projects. Persons who apply *
for certification or who are determined eligible for employment shall
be certified and their certification shall be placed in the awaiting
assignment file maintained by the Division of Employment of the’WRA,  
Referral agencies have no responsibility in matters pertaining to
assignment of workers to projects. Certification to WPA is not
» granted to applicants for the purpose of obtaining particular assign-
ments to projects; certification is based solely on need of relief
due to unemployment.
Section B Eligibility Requirements
l. Need
For the purpose of certification, need shall be said to exist l
when the resources of a family or unattached individual are in-
sufficient to provide a reasonable subsistence compatible with
decency and health. Persons whose names have not heretofore been
placed on relief rolls and who are in need shall be eligible for
employment, and shall be certified in the same manner as persons
who have actually been receiving relief.
2· §£&]:.E’l’BE·.¥E9.3.C ‘
Employability is determined by the ability of a person to perform
satisfactory work for which he is qualified on projects eligible
\ for prosecution by the Work Projects Administration. No person
r whose physical condition is such as to make his employment danger-
ous to his health or safety or to the health and safety of others `
may be considered as eligible for employment on a project. This
shall not be construed to operate against the eligibility for em-
ployment of physically handicapped persons otherwise eligible for
employment when such persons can be safely assigned to work which
they can perform, Neither shall this be construed to prevent the
certification of persons whose normal occupations are not current-
ly being used on projects, provided they are otherwise eligible
and would normally be considered in the labor market. Young persons
who have no previous employment record or other persons coming into
the labor market may be employed on projects provided such persons
are otherwise eligible and qualified.
ll29€O-A-9 I
.Ji ¤

Chap, II, Section B, Item 2 (cont*d.) ·
Section E, Eligibility Requirements (Continued)
2, Employability (Continued)
I I In determining eligibility for certification to WPA, it is required 1
that a full investigation and careful evaluation of information ;
~ which establishes the employability of an applicant shall be made. *
The age, health conditions and previous work history of applicants ·
shall be considered and only those who can produce a reasonable ·
· day's work without being a hazard to themselves or other project ,
‘ workers may be certified, Education, vocational training and ex- .
perienoes which may affect the work skills of an applicant shall
be considered in determining eligibility.
V It shall be the responsibility of the Work Projects Adndnistration I
· to determine the employability of persons for work on projects to j
which they may be assigned. Local referral agencies shall, how- j
‘ ever, be instructed not to refer to the`Work Projects Administra- I
tion for certification persons who because of age or physical I
condition are obviously unemployable. Form KY—DE—ll shall be I
‘ used by referral agents and WPA social workers to obtain medical
Persons known to be suffering from the following physical disabil-
ities shall not be assigned to any type of manual labor on work
Double Inguinal Hernia Systolic Blood Pressure Over 200
Loss or Impairment of Both Arms Extensive Varicose Veins {
Loss or Impairment of Both Hands Active Tuberculosis
Loss or Impairment of Both Legs Active Venereal Diseases
Loss or Impairment of Both Feet Epilepsy
Total Blindness Extensive Paralysis
Total Deafness Severe Diabetes Mellitus
Hon-compensated Cardiac Lesions Malignancy of any Vital Organ
In general, persons suffering from the following disabilities should
be assigned only to those duties which are within the range of their
normal experience and which entail no particular hazards to themselves
or to other project employees:
Single Inguinal Hernia Compensated Cardiac Lesions ·
whether supported or unsupported Systolic Blood Pressure
,` Loss or Impairment of One Arm from 175 to 200
Loss or Impairment of One Hand Arrested Tuberculosis
Loss or Impairment of One Leg Deformities — Congenital,
Less or Impairment of One Foot Old Fracture, Sprains, etc.
A Impaired Vision, Cataract, etc, Partial Paralysis
Asthma or Silicosis Arthritis, Neuritis, Rheumatism

 Chap, II, Section E, Item 5, 4 & 5
f Section B Eligibility Requirements (Continued)
, 5, Family Wage Barner
The worker to be employed on Work Program projects shall be the
normal wage earner in a family eligible for relief. Exceptions
to this policy shall be made in instances in which the head of a ‘
family is physically or mentally unable to work, A son, daughter, .
or wife who is employable may in such cases be designated as‘the
logical wage earner, and if the family is otherwise eligible, may _
be certified. Employment of the head of the family whenever pos-
sible, is in harmony with good social service policies for it
places support of the family upon the person who would normally .
be responsible for suppo