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¥:|e;:‘.xy,xAx::-:;7N‘:.9:is an Independent student newspaprr :‘::iv:r:::l" OKfeKnetLlllfick) I', ' ‘
J . i . c i . .
Barkley found guilty "
of sexual harassment 2'
By DIANA TAYLOR the General Assembly because 2 - l ‘. 2 . .
AssociatedPressWriter Barkley is an elected constitutional ,' ' . 2 II

FRANKFORT K St t omm‘ I ’l' 1 i

. ' .y: - a e The board ruled that Wheeler #2 j‘

gagkclgytlllfvascmitryelastflizrl would lose about 15 daysofpay Iwhlch " ._ .I 2
of sexual-harassment and involves about $1,500, according to V ‘ - ._ 2.
discrimination charges filed by a Tal‘a‘em2 2 - .. f.I2I.-.-- /. , -i ”212,3. '. .2 .
former employeeot hisdepartment. The board has ordered Barkley to - f a » . i" i - \, .L .

The state Personnel Board, after enforce that ruling against Wheeler. , .. ’ - ‘ 2 l .. 2 , 's 2 t .-
deliberating for about 24 hours, also If he does not by May 1, Personnel . ‘ . . "is... I s\\ (l » l ‘. 2 \II -'
ruled that Doug Wheeler was guilty Commissioner Dick Robinson could “ct" {f‘ 2»— . “ , a ff: » ‘ “ _, ‘t \ t i Q ;' ‘
of sexual harassment. Wheeler is take the action under the board‘s .Q- 5"; ‘ l R . _ .l _ i l . 2 . 2’ 2,3 5-3 2
markets director in the Agriculture order. 5:“ :5: .. ' t _’\'I f xiii ‘ ; , 3; f - . ', 3 ' \. .. ‘3 _, ~ " 2 2I
Department. Ms H t ‘L 1‘5“ _. .' j" r‘ t‘ at '3 ‘ l ‘ l 1' l l '. .\I. \\ a. . -‘ ’ - '_

Athird man charged, food distribu- . es er, who went to work for g;- 3:131: 41. .3; I! *- . a .I ‘l 2. 3; II, l y \I \‘x‘ 4 -o 2 :
tiondirector GeraldDeatherage, was the Department for Human .‘ 2 t if“ r ’. * Q ‘ Q 3.2. ' 't it, - ~ . . *.\ -\ ‘ co -. 2 . '
cleared of a single sex-harassment Resources one day after ‘efwmg the 't § ‘. $4.“ '3'" 37": I‘ i ‘ l /. N i \' ‘ .~ V ' " l 1- ’t l ‘ -
charge brought against him. ABmulture DopaIrtment, will receive r5“ $1 . ;. ’.\O o“. m... I, ,t , 2. II . . \ \./2"' '.

The three men had been accused of a 5 percent pay increment that she 2322;: «one.» at! - , h... I . I . I I I
harassment by two women _ Ann losIt With the transfer, Tallaferro hfir ' a. . fl
Hester and Barbara Armstrong. The said. ‘ , .. . . . L “ ' .. .. . I ‘ ' ' l ‘ ‘~ _' I. .
board’s rulingscame afterafour-day One of the women, Ann Hester, 25, fl . I . _ 2:341“: a“ i ‘, .3 22 .2 . .
hearing which included 40 hours of alleged that Barkley asked her Aft? $5! to: ” E’I "' 5;" I ' 0' i
testimony. several times to look inside her ;. j. ,j’ ‘ i ' ’ .. . ~ . <3

Chairman Philip Taliaferro said clothing and also asked that she . do. .. . x: ~ ,. - " I 2‘

I the board issued a reprimand to become his lover. She also charged ’ t’b’fr are l » ‘ fir" l‘ \
Barkley, but that any further action Wheeler with giving her written in- jug,- ”r 21’7"; 29"75- \ ,
against him would have tocomefrom vitationstohavean affair. lg“... . :2 ’3 _ I . . . 1 \ -. {,1} I . I I ,.

as g . . . :III II - ‘ , I 1' . I I
H l ‘ ‘ l 1 Ken“. 1' l loii‘fitx w". 2
e p atgraso 'r00tls eve , a] B} ht‘RTl..-\i)l)/Kernel Staff 2 f
0 ~ 1
lspurpose OfPeace ‘ :OrpS Vocalist Wanda Rllorer and entertainer Larry Lambert harmonize preceded the performance of Don McLean. of "American Pie"
for an audience of :5nt people at Breeding‘s nightclub. 'l‘heir act fame. . '
3 RON HALL those early volunteers, he said the ' , 6 ' 9 . '
slum a... Audlence hears McLean s greatest hlts at local club . .
“I think we were altruistic but we a 2

The director of Peace Corps pro- were also pragmatic," he said. “We 2 ‘I .‘
grams for the Dominican Republic knew we couldn‘t save the world but 'I
said the agency plays an important we thought if enough People were dO- . ' ’
role in the development of Third me what we were doing we could ByDALEGMORTUN back-up band. dewaled from the distributed on the \llllcniilnl label. a ,‘ 2
World countries because it works (makeacontribution).“ Senior Staff Writer norm by assembling ii four-member (in-Non m ltl'A Records I .
directly with people. The pace 0f life in countries that 2 group from four different countries The “from t 52 Wu,- began m .2 . I

“Peace Corps' role is working at have corps programs moves at a Though 8Xhausted from an exten2 I Most notable among these musicians Rhodc Island on March 37 and Con. I ..
the grass roots level, trying to help slower pace than life in this country, sive European tour, Don McLean I is Garth Hudson, who has gained 5:515 mos“) of “m. night “and: In 3“ . 2.
people to help themselves in meeting and patience is something Honore' was able to stay alert and compOsed recognition as a member of The Band stun-s. Fraitag sa id .' .
their basic human needs," said said the volunteer soon learns. long enough to perform what could be . . Z inthe movic The Last Waltz. It is audxcncc participation which ' 2
Stephan Honore’.“[ feel Peace Corps "We didn’t get as much ac- called a "greatest hits" concert at . » ‘ other members of the back-up helps sustain McLean's pertor- . ,
works at a very realistic level, since complished as perhaps we thought Breeding‘s nightclub last night group were Bob Mctzger on guitar. mam-05 During a “inmmm (,f , , 2,
we are trying to help people in their we could. We had to come to grips McLean offered the notquite-sold— ‘ r - English-born Bob Henrit on drums "American pp.“ .im“. an, 3 Don II 2. ..
villageswhere theylive." With the real world," he said. “I'm Out CFOWd 0t 360 a one—hour. tcn- . I I I and bassrst Fred Snellromllolland. McLean show be complete without

Honore' and two representatives nOtsure we really changed that much minute combination of early Buddy DON 1"“ LEAN “He can have Just about anyone this song"; the 35-year-old balladeer . -
from the regional Peace Corps office and I‘m not sure that is the best Holly style rock ‘n' roll and his more lnn_" who he wants lln his band). said united iheuudlmum, tom m singing ' 2
in Atlanta are on campus in connec- measure of whatyou’re doing." recognized traditional ballads. McLean‘s last appearance in Lex- tour manager Ira r‘raitag. indicating thochorug Ir- .-
tion witha three-day recruiting drive The goal of a volunteer's work Though the concert was designed to ington on Nov 22 1930. aithe tienter recent shows with the Marshall "Why don‘t you singthls along with I'
for volunteers that began yesterday. should not be “change for change‘5 promote sales for his newest album. for the Arts. was a benefit pert'or— Tucker Band and the Police me?" he asked WI. (Tomi ,1 m cm, .
A table in the basement of the Stu- sake“ but should instead be to try to Chain Lightning. most of the lit songs mance for the Lexington (‘ouncil for McLean's recent European tour you've heard it on“. or Mm. I, . :12.
dent Center has been set up to pro- raise the standard of living by im- simply reflected the idea “give the the Arts. covered all portions of Great Britain. before.”Then. Wllllt' the crowd was .
vide students with information about proving existing social conditions, people whattheywant." Larry Lambert, a regular per- the Scandinayian countries. Spain vocalizmg lht' very well-known 2I ' , 2
theprogram. Honore' said. “In many cases it was But that was enOugh to keep the former at Hall‘s Restaurant, and and Israel. r‘raitag saidone tour took lyrics. McLean hurmomntd h,5 part I'I .

The Peace Corps grew out of the finding better ways to do things they crowd satisfied. Wanda Bhorer provided the perfect the musician through lreland in one tocrezitc a wry pledging sound ,
idealism of the Kennedy administra- were already domg." “It's nice to be. back,“ McLean told opening for McLean. Their music week. in which he made five concert Though audience resixmsc was ‘gI. 2II
tion. Honore' was among the first Improving the standard of living the audience. “I've been coming here allowed the crowd to settle and to ad» appearances. I reslwcluble. and attendance accep I I
group of volunteers to be accepted; while staying within the social and (Lexington) for the past 12 years oft just to the soft ballads to 001110. Chain Lightning was first released table. McLean said he prclcrs Euio- I; . .1 l. .
spending two years in Colombia in cultural limitations of the country and on. I used to watch (local The singer-songwriter, who has overseas becauseIot the difficulty of pearl audiences
1961-63. While the chance to serve can frustrate a volunteer who wants country-western entertainer) J .I). been rcferredto as the only major or obtaning an American recording con- '2'l‘hi-Ix re more faithful more I? v.
others was a strong motivation for Continuedonpages Crowe play the banjo at the Holiday tist who still performs without a tract. The album is currently being ('ontinued on page 5 It. ‘ .

. inside. . . ,. .. - .. _ ouiSloe , .»

Educators redtct teacher Shorta eb I985 2222 -’ 22-2
y wounded by an alleged assassin. kite-flying. but don't pull a Charlie Kl

‘ the editorial page deals with what Brown, Mostly sunny. becoming ,1'I2 ' ~I,:

hasI transpired. The editorial ex- windy today with highs in the up- '.1 ' I

By PEGGY BOECK shortage of journalism teachers at and have no intention of teaching, department. said the areas more “We?! m? mama" to fhe ewm' per 605 m 1”“ 7““ Increasing '
SeniorStaff Writer thecollegelevel. Barnard said. Teacher salaries have removed from institutions are the 335;; aiihfflafijlr? fish‘s; CLOUd'nPSSI mm a Chime" ‘3 ‘, I" ‘
.‘ , not met the increase changes that onestoex rience roblems. ‘. » l " S OWNS, {mmr_r°“'~ "0mm”? ‘ ' .

Although students planning on salzritfsehrft: $153222] pgfliginczgts other professions haveexperienced The eagfern rifral areas have gaTe§‘(’rlffln,mlks about gun con» warm mm h'uhs m thmlppvr 6mm
careers in edscatim have been told Barnard said. Electricians have had “The profession is not very attrac- always had teacher supply problems, ro 4 See page 2' 10w '05 '- . l ,
horror stories about teacher a salary increase of 135 percent. five financially," he said. “The real~ hcsaid. ’.

. ' (still-121$): for thlidIPaISIt few y'et‘iirsl while teachers' salaries have in- Iy good teachers. those committed to The coal boom in Martin County . .,
are p c “‘3 a on ca creased65to70 rcent. social causes. onl teach for a few has taken people from the teaching SA 1 tt (1 , '. ,'
shortageofschoolteachers by 1985. pe years and then nlove on to higher professions into the coal industry. By encourages 6 er nve " '

figmggfe: lie 1'3““ 0: falling In Missouri, Gubser said, there isa paying jobs to support their families driving coal trucks or mining, . . . 2 ' I' .I

l Ic r uca ion pro~ call-out for elementary school orwhat have 2ou. 2 workers can make twice as much a: -

grams, 10W salanasandageographic teachers in all areasofthestate. “In order t3 get good people,“ Bar- money as they would teaching. to OppOS€ decrease In ald . ~‘ 2

Sham U.S.p0IpulaItlon. “The surplus 0f teachers from hard said, “the public has tobe made. However. the next three years I r In .

IA recent article in the Chronicle of years ago does not exist today." said aware of the problems and (be) will- show no indication of an overall Bv PEGGY BOEt‘K plight of children in Atlanta by wear ' ‘ - - .2

_ "“he' ,Educatm" “I‘d some states Gubser. “it takes a while to become ing to pay for them,“ tenchcr shortage in Kentucky. Shultz Senior Staff Writer ing grgm ribbons ' . 2 ‘_ 2

{are having trouble thde teachers alerted to the fact that situations George Denemark,deanof the (‘01- added “The vibration we're receiv- ' SA passed a resolution urging " , ' '

"T ute'amm 9333::Ywfi have changed.“ lege of IEducation. said Ian additional mglooks like we'll have a good supp: The Student Association. with cam- students to contact their con . '

t' ndi The effects of the exaggerated factor in the decrease in enrollment ly in the next four to five years, paign pressures behind, turnedits at— gressmen before Friday when t'on- .' I. :'
. pg?g:lsbs:;ee$pr:cm;tg& the Na- “teacher surplus" have surfaced in is the college‘s “more rigorous and Shultr. said I I tention to five major issues in the se» gress addresses the MINI m express 2. . :I I .
,, tional Council for Accreditation of the enrollment figures of UK 5 Col- selective I admrssrons policy. In light of the national concern for cond to last SA meeting of the spring displeasure with the proposal in . I .

“ _ , legeofEducatlon. “We'reusing more evaluative teachers. Denemark said action will semester. decrease Kentucky's $75 million I I

Teachetr Educasltilf?’ said the US Harry Barnard, assistant IdIeanIfor measures 'It like testing reading be taken at UK to makeIstudents SA. which barely had enough share of the Guaranteed Student .. I

WWI“ 1°" ‘SI “8 west as JOhS teacher education and certification, skills) that in turn are reducing the aware of the opportunities in educa- members present for a quorum to [pan program. 2

msfifiévghbh 3:“: ”Titty i); said enrollment in the College of numberofchosenapplicants.“ tion awaiting them and tosee that the vote on the issues, addressed the SA President Brad Sturgeon and '« . .

such a dinmthes wesmtlthaeatggme Education is down 56 percent from Currently, the teacher supply for teacher supply is met. . following: Director of Finance 30th Clark , .

. d.e,3'ee 1970 and students are not aware of the future in Kentucky does not look Denemark said high school 7A resolution encouraging were co-sponsors 0f the bill ~ - -
muversitiesI, such as Texas A & IM. the available areas in education that as grim as the supply nationwide. counselors will be made aware of the students and SA senators to contact in light of the tuition increase for .
:re ”Stymtgagivm gymnast; are in desperate need of teachers. However, Barnard said there are openings coming up in education so their congressmen over the proposed 198182, Sturgeon said he was worried 1 ‘ I
mtude'l' ted 11 their red 'l'heselnclude: . some areas in the state experiencmg they can relay the information to decrease in financial aid. the cuts in financial aid would harm

pe a W courses. wMathandscience teachersonthe difficulty in getting substitute high school students interested in “A resolution proclaiming SA 0? the“truly needy 22 . -

Gubser said Arizona, where the highschool level. teachers as well as full~time teachers teaching careers. , . position to the proposal to declare “The extensive damage is going (0 - I
cities of Phoenix and Tuscan are ex- wlndustrial arts imtructors. becauseof geographic location. “we need to also build an improved students delinquent when they owe be astronomical," he said. , . .
per-fencing population booms, “can’t wElementary school teachers cer- Southeastern portions of the state, positive image of teaching," he said. the University 3999 instead of the Disbursements of student loans - .
keep “P thh the demand for titled in 3900i“ education t0It83¢h like McCracken, Pike and Johnson "Salary opportunities need to current rateofszo. will be delayed for at least two mon- ‘
teachers. and Florida and Georgia handicapped children and bilingual Counties are examples, Barnard become more attractive to get and .alnitiation of a proposal to the tlfi. until the Reagan Administration ,
are experiendng some of the worst classes (special education teachers said. These areas are isolated and it keep 800d people." Board of Trustees requesting a $1 per restructures the financial aid pro . ’
shortages of teachers across the na- were in demand even during the is difficultto findaplace to live. As for UK, budget cuts pose some semester increase in activity fees gram, Sturgeon said “Any pressure
tion." surplus 0‘ teachers experienced in “Fayette County is fortunate With drawbacks in improving and increas- that would go to SA for student ser- we can get is needed to delay the cut ‘ 2

other areas feeling the crunch are the last to years.) the universities and imtitutiom to mg available programs for education vicesI backs.“ he added. “I dare anyone for

Wiscmsin, Iowa and When 11- MM“ some students do Icon- Wide a backlog 0t teachers," Bar- students. Denemnrk said. However. wOn whether to pay SA Attorney it tcutbackst to speak out on it with

linols. all experiencing My: of time to enter the education held. nard said. . the 0011989 IS '3“ "weed of "toner- Keith Baker outstanding debts for any rationale." ‘

Whom. almost all F‘dlflt” 0t teacher- Prank Shultz, <19th superinten‘ The 9'55”?“ "Y'QSWJ‘BMY 9’" services rendered and services an- Business and Economics
II in is .0 uteri f trainim programs have takenjobsor dent for elementary and secondary isting money. he said, in order to ticipated up to May 15. Representative Ray Carmichael took

m l s "8 rom I are in hereon unrelated to education education for the Kentucky state maintairlprograms underway. .«To SW campus concern for the . Continued ”.0 5 I

\ ' I

[.__W- W ., W ., _- __ W -__.,_ ___________._—.______————————————————————
i I I M
e dllorl C] lS & stares, stir- mom-g- 23.93.... mm arts-1.,
J. Feud! M” Davidka
CO m me nts Mdvuuinc Editor Anecdote “won Chiokaotographar
. Jnckl Rodd Auintanf Day Editor firfi aw u“ Wallace , rue-W1:-
. Day Editor John [lilo Autumn Sport: Editor Auiuont Entertainment Editor smug."
~ lnr hut/mitt kernel ml. mun .l“ lrllrn and opinion; [film and opinions should}: lyped. lriplc- MG. *1- i
son rd Ind "mud: "amt. |I'NI~.I‘"IA‘ Ind proper ids-unallo- including 1 It In for undul- nld V! m“. m ‘
Pnlpltlyth lull-n should It. bound to 200 ppm: and opt-kins and vol-norm lo 300 words. SgnbrMWrtun
H rtl k t ' f tional si kness
, , C ,
_ ea ess remar s suppor cries 0 na Sadcommenmm guns legal,
, 1 It has ha )(Ined before; it will ro— was to play a game Monday night, Human Seerces programs, I’m not sur- . . . ,
. p . bably happeii‘again. P rem arked. uwhy should I worry about prised that’a militant citizen has acted medlcatlon andsyrlnges are” t
-. ' Since the attempt on Ronald Reagan’s the preSident when I have a game to this 'way, said Student Association
. ‘ life last Monday, that seems to be the play. ' _ Pr wident Brad Sturgeon. Over the next couple of weeks
., ' . consensus of opinion of a suprisingly un- Sen. 3111 Bradley, D-New Jersey, may Some of the more heartless comments there is sure to be a concerted ef-
' t V disturbed general public. “30. they tried have been closer to thetruth than he came at the Student Center lounge fort on behalf of handgun control.
- ,~ to shoot the president, what‘s new? ” realized when, “P0“ hear mg news Of the where people were watching the event The National Rifle Association will
' ' ' The reactions to the events in shooting, he told the Senate thet there on television. be predictably Silent until the
, .- -. and three others were struck by an at- American somety. TV lounge,” said the article, “boots of agnwsh 0: t "imuigs out the flffl it
5 , , . tacker‘s bullets, were disconcerting. at That observation was given credence delight were heard along with the gags NE A_ will silently sen d mimzms of g n 1 .
. - the least. by student reaction. In last Tuesday’s of disbelief at the attempt.” When e letters to its members with in. ’
. . , . The lntliuna Daily Student, perplexed Kernel, one Student was quoted as pro- first reports said that the president had structions to send telegrams and .\ \
a. ' With the problem 0f dealing Wit bOth claiming that Reagan should have escaped injury, one student said, “I’m postcards to the appropriate con- its ‘
.- . the shooting of a presidelifi and the finals “protected himself better instead of sorry he missed.” grossmen. " The ‘ I‘t
. .l of the NCAA baskelba tournament, ‘ t hot or him.” The N.R.A. wi win. re Is 1- abotitusing_
_ opted to give the Iioosiers’ win over battling others ge s f . Those remarks hardly support tledoubtaboutthis. ‘ it we cannot blame the gun {or
.‘ ' ,. North (.‘arollna and the shooting equal _ The proposals or Reagan and his ad- Publisher Creed Black scomment in the Assummg that they ought to win. the urge to kill, then it follows that
‘ ' billing on the front page. ministration are gomg to hurt "many Sunday Herald-Leader that the rest of - that they are right (a big assthD- we cannot blame the noneaddictive
' .7 .- There were numerous complaints to more people than the gunshots, said the country should not be Judged on the tion), should we not also legalize drugs for the urge to seek mind-
- ' . ,t - ’ .’ . another. Many comments, even more actions of one man John Hinckley. the use of all drugs, remove all bending escape, Never mind
. . the ABL lelex lsmn littvvork when the . . . . , . . . . .
' . . . insenSltlve were deleted from the arti- . restrictions from gambling and go psychological addiction — there
. . Oscar presentations were postponed 1e , The sad, Sick and thoughtless com- Simon pornography? Why enforce are pathological killers, too, and
. ‘ last Monday Night. Many 960918 were C ' merits and apparent insenSitiwty to the any victimless crime law if we ac- people with addictions to guns.
‘ .* ahhoy€d With all lhmti‘ network‘s CODti- No more surprising was the lack of ex- events of last Monday may have been cept the NRA. logic? Those drugs not physcially addic-
. ' . . ‘ nuing coverage of the event.Rudy pected shock. “Considering the fact that more telling of our society than the The aforementioned vices cer- tive ought not becontrolled, accor-
Krlacklin, an I.Sl? basketball player who the president had cut many Health and shooting itself. tainly takea smaller toll on society dingtothis standard.
_ than the handgun does, and what Indeed, when guns are illegal, on-
‘ 0 . . . tragedy there is to be found in the ly criminals will have guns. The
' Lon 1 case 0 Hmckle IS a amtllar sa (1 ..
_. e V nocent bystander, kills no curious band: those that will abuse the
_ ‘ child and threatens no important privilege do not wait for legal ap-
. '~ politician or famous musician. proval, and those that restrain and
‘ Ithai; bet-n at least :i week since the F——_Il Don Barrett, who remembered Hin~ to gain your respect and love." When the handgunners claim seek moderation cannot getit. . _ ‘
. . . SlllCtm :lripius‘idc John litirnock Hin- l j ckley in Lubbock, Texas. during his Some believe Hinckley was in- there IS no way to enforce a ban If the constitution's admonition
‘ V - ckley, .ll‘ ‘5 head slipped into i ~ ‘. seven-year off-and-on tour at Texas spit-ed by the movie Taxi Driver, in without Violating the rights and that“A well regulated militia bemg
' overload. A week since Ronald E '* ‘ Tech University, told the New York which Robert De Niro and Foster ap- liheities of gun owners, theyiare m- necessary to the security of a free
, .-‘ Reagan lay on 3 operating table in a l hn ‘ i Times. “I saw the guy walking up peared. De Niro portrays a dieting the very fuondation of soCiety, the right of the peopleto
. ' Washinelon hospital '4 hull“? ttmbed- to ' . and down University Avenue with a psychopath who stalks a politician federal. state and local efforts to keep and bear arms shall not be in-
‘_ . (1.}(ixnhlhxiuzlgr ‘ i, H ' white bag under his arm carrying his and ends up wasting away in the control narcotics, gambling, pro- fringed" is an unqualified en-
Aiid m that time the authorities j clay ,_ 3 ' hamburgers.“ solitudeofhotels and fantasized love. St'_t“tl°“ and other V‘Ct‘mtess dorsement 0‘ the fight t0 9“ any
,. , :nd the press have pounced on every . . ., Of all the recent reports. none have The movie played in Lubbock at the crimes. . gun you want, then consider the
. ," ._orappt‘rlnilliitg it) tho litt. oi the man ; j mentioned anyone asa close friend to same time Hinckley dropped out of Is it more right tosearch homes protection the open-ended right to
. i . locust-{l of ~ in ohm! llll‘ rresnlenl ‘ 533': _ i Hinckley. At times, he lived close to school and went to Hollywood for a for mariJuana than lt ls for guns. the pursuit 0t: happiness offers the
. {\t'lt‘l‘ lhl‘ ,.\ “his (,1 List Monday. it ‘ ; his parents‘ home without them even short time. Again, life imitating art. And when we fIHd the drugs, what VlctllnleSS Cl‘lfl'flnal. . .
fl ’ ' :5 hard to lune r-oliipnssmn for so— 1- ! knowing. No friends, no home, little Perhaps gimme), mistook fantasy then — tell the offender to drink Most unfortunately, Victlmless
. . ' nit-one who loii'rs as it they deserve *‘V T“ ‘—”——T‘ love. for tact, becoming so involved ihthe scotch or get a prescription for crimes do notasamleinvolve guns
' ‘ “one. Alter all, llmcklf‘)’ is accused potential assassin like a glove: a Through this lonlinoss Hinckley dream he failed to distinguish Valium?. _ . . , —crimes “nth guns have'Victims,
. ._ '. . of mint: 10 take it]? lli'f‘b of low peo- white male unable to hold or find a built a wall of fantasy around between the two. Or he didn't want .. Thereis tWIsted logic in the claim all too often innocent victims, who ,
5' I 910.0!" 0? ”Rim “"3 l’t‘t‘téltliiill “John job. a loner, a misfit with violent himself. He apparently rejected the to. In a recent job application, Hin- guns ‘10“ kt" people, people kt” cannot be rev1ved “"th “8980?“
'. \l'zu‘i‘mcla lltliklis' Jr. 15' Hick. all tendencies. This comes despite the real world for more appealing fan- ckley falsely put down that he had people. medicine, treated by h psychiatrist
' . i, - ' ,. light." ‘Al‘Oll.’ itili- coillteitnsl Bill if it fact that Hinckley's name did not 3p- tasy. And he oversteppedthelimits. studied at Yale, just as Mark Chap- [wonder how the gun lobby would ortaughttomend their Sinful ways.
7 ‘ .= , .- ere only that siniplt pear on either the Secret Service list He could not, or did not show an in- man signed “John Lennon" on a react_ to . loosemng the . reins (in The ‘40th 0‘ gun crimes are often
‘ ‘ . Instead. his aim-5 sounds familiar. of people considered to be dangerous forest in girls. Instead, he substituted work sheet then scratched it out anythinglncapable 0‘ killing P9990 dead:
. , in a mole!) tllsii pats ac- to the president ton which there are a fantasy love for actress Jodie before going to New York. Chapman 0" “,5 own; d‘Stnbt‘te plutonium, It ‘5 3 sad commentary 0" 001‘
- . . timlllihlizm'h-‘e 0:1 11w luick and kicks 300 names) or the list of 25.000 people Foster. The obsession grew to such is the man charged with Lennon’s legalize all drugs and open society t°,"°t£ that there are laws
- - failures tor m recited failures; in the believed to bepossibly dangerous. heights that Hinckley went to New murder. brothels, lets give thema taste of guaranteeing the right to purchase
. , lfl‘iil‘. there are a lot 01 .lonn Hin- Still, for no other reason than Hin- Haven, Conn, the site of Yale In his final letter to Foster, Hin- freedom. The NRA. is always a lethal mgapon and bullehtz, and
l 1 , t-kleys. .\lr)l’l' than we alum to think. ckley came from a wealthy, other- University, where Foster is enrolled ckley wrote, “Jodie, lwould abandon hooting about thethinigstice f0 h ws pro , 12%] e 11er 55 0t
-: ,‘ , or own cum about. As czu- friend wise happy family, he did not fit as a freshmanile stayed in a hotel this idea of getting Reagan in a se~ qusmng “first? I? a."ses °. 3 ”915””; "ed. ‘f 3“ CW“ ‘55
.' . N‘illélt'kt‘il. "Wm (10 l ‘Mllw 10 read some of the expected patterns. Also, near the campus. cond if I could only win your heart minority,so et em tlveénasgie V339 '5 in ma ion. f 'd f
. WW! ”lit! lW'i‘v 'l‘hi'y 'EH-t‘i’ us; we his turn to violence had been a recent Hinckley visited Yale Feb. 9 and and live out the rest of my life with ty where all are frele 0 a pse l‘ e" slays til: are more; t: rai l)
‘ ,‘ wwtt'lhi‘m one. He is not considered to be an March 1 and 2. There he delivered you, whether it be in total obscurity indulgences. If we fife a (i: 13:: 2mg: tirila‘tvewinigar sums}:
' t " .3 Wht‘r- lht‘ tl‘ltti’i\lilll lt-porters outspoken opponent of Reagan. He several letters to Foster, slipping orwhatever.“ Lev? 50‘000‘ is m f e gangs or masochistic tendencies more than
‘ ., ' “flight 011‘ hlLl? rt‘hml Clawmhlefi 0f was never disruptive, although be some under her dormitory door.A Now, Hinckley can no longer live in a?" guns)t,hrum 2.3:] of urban we fear the sadists that surround
‘ . ‘ Fllht‘lilt‘)’ lint 'M‘t‘k ”It?” dPSCTlP- had received psychiatric care last month ago, Yale police reportedly obscurity. His parents are asking A1293 .en th:t’ss(l;Klwe have to us
' . .. (ions were the some. someone who year. His parents had arranged for tried to find Hinckley in an attempt to that we pray for their son. Although h erlca’onbe t ‘ pay That m friends is where we
, ne‘er “cat out of his not to make the treatment. discourage him from bothering the actions of which he is accused t ffpriceredl r .3; l 't ould cross theyline The hunter has
. i ' - Itlt‘nflS 3"“ ’slllprlelhglih the But of thesad facts that fill the Hin- Foster. cannot be condoned, we can at least Odappif Znifomiitthirldvthan become the hunted and the on]
f M ’lt’scrwlitm “UM have t-‘H‘lly fit ckley report, none painfully sticks 0n the day of the shooting, Hin- pray.Nooneshouldbealone. pr tucea ar 1 ereould t l t time he looks his "’3 in thee cl:
- ‘ many of tlie- some classmates we all out more than his solitutude. In the ckley wrote her a letter at his hotel mosthgun ownetrs fw ed of.” e, whenhe lancesiifthzmirror y
. “1 it hufl in thl‘: who'll tirt‘llllt‘gs- An out- months before Monday, Hinckley room in Washington. “Jodie," he and (itprospect 01.32")“ 'c1 ”'3? g '
' ‘ last, a social l‘i‘Jl‘C! always alone gave up companionshipfor a solo life wrote, “I’m asking you to please 100k John Clay is the Kernel's sports in ti'evot againsna I I; r1134): th: James Griffin is a s eech senior
1’ ,' , " Report no“ ill-Jill in pointing out ofjunk food and cheap hotels. into your heart and at least give me editor. His column appears ‘5 {1g}; elsimgk wou 35m . His column a ears pever Tues:
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'-‘ -' . have always chided the RuSSlans day.
.l' ' 3 - All contributions should be delivered to m Journalism Building, l'niversily
‘l .. ' of Kentucky. Lexington. KY., 10506. The Kernel reserves the right to will for
1‘ f . ,_ '2 ,‘ grammar and clarity and to eliminate libelous malarial. and may condense o-
llel‘lers lo the editor
' ,- - u i YOU bl?“ It, Sturgeon. voted for.“ [wanted to hear. Much ofmy freshman year is filled With memories of
. I l was quite content with my decision, and had even “You can't,"hesaid. Mr. Potatohead and-the liberal cam he espoused. lt
3 , . .' I suppose that it‘s only appropriate that the SA should decided that i really had a choice for president (Ken [was right. was a real blow to discover that he wasn’t running this
, g nick April Fool’s Day for its elections. After all, could Berry _- save some of the rape and pillage for me, “Why not?" year. But after relating my recent ineldent to him, he
. t " 'V .‘ : M13008 1W“) “wed “I “(l Sturgeon ‘0 leave Office Ken). and so it was with no guilty feelings that I whip- “Because you can’t. You‘re in the College of Arts and assured me that he would "0t stand idly by While Brad
: without of least om- more indication of how he got where ped out my student ID for the young man sitting at the Sciences and they have enough people running to fill all had all the fun, and told me he'd try to become a little
‘ ’9 he n- today on, would crocoutrlage ~ "thoni wtould de- table. I had even started to blacken in his oval (#121 —I the offices, so you can’t.” more vocal inthefuture-
3 " ~ .i :n mdthlil :il It‘zihl mm." “Hg tgo into 9990 10" pro- su e it would be ”us! as sill to ask wh SAd ' ed , - - ~ . -
3 .2 7 ~- . , t ('58, but lo»:9 on} one unfamiliar with the recent history to [gift on the baCkJof the scayh sheet), “then 3? else" Now I’m not one to become overly violent about such I m "0t even 80mg: try “3283913"; WE: 'tns lmeiiorl
t '- '- of SA be ll‘tl il:~ll‘;l}, let me bring the latest of my on better thought came to mind. My rommmate was runn- things, but I must admit I was hard pressed not to take ”3:150 guarang be' a W“. '"ltVO that "305ng ~
, . ‘ . (tunic-rs mth SA iniofocus (Every pun intended.) ing as a write-in candidate for senator-at-large, and 1 him, his bass weejuns, and his Lauderdale tan, and W n {' 355“???“ t “5” fiewgefs;zé told later in 33::
. T > So i was Wilkins to class whe