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November 8, 2004

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Celebrating 33 years of independence


By Dariush Shafa

UK Police Sgt. John Costigan.
third shift commander. doesn't seem
visibly concerned about the duties
of the night shift on Thursday. Oct.

“He can eat a whole wedding
cake and not gain a thing. I can look
at one and gain five pounds." Costi-
gan said, lamenting the difference
between himself and patrolman Bob
Pearl. the 110pound-or—so officer pa-
trolling on a motorcycle for the

This kind of back-and-forth ban-
ter is how UK‘s police officers begin
the night. A quietly optimistic atti-
tude sets in for a group of people
who don’t know what they will see
or what dangers they may en-
counter during the night.

Costigan is an 11—year law en-
forcement veteran. including six
years as a military police officer. or
an MP, in the Marines. Other people
on this shift include Pearl. a fresh-
faced officer named T.J. Doyle. a new
officer in training. Laura Marco and
her partner. Lt. Bill Webb.

10 p.m.: Roll call. Officers pick
cars and make whatever prepara-
tions they need for the night ahead.
including making sure their vehi-
cles are properly maintenanced and
picking up enough forms for the
night to cite drivers and make ar-
rests and reports.

10:42 p.m.: Costigan begins
rolling and decides to start the night
at 10:58 by “running radar" at one of
his favorite places. in the grass off
Alumni Drive across from the an
boretum. sitting in plain sight.

“Most people don't pay attention
when they‘re driving.“ Costigan

Sure enough. at 11:05 pm. Costi-
gan‘s radar picks up the first catch

Bulldogs brui

By Jeff Patterson

riirxzmucxv tam

After recording the game's
lone sack in the first quarter.
Ellery Moore danced to the side-

Later in the half. the UK se-
nior defensive end could only
limp off the field.

A high ankle sprain had
Moore on crutches and in a pro-
tective boot. But one by one.
many of his teammates would
soon join him with injuries of
their own.

UK had plenty of problems in
its 62-17 loss Saturday to Georgia
in front of 63.110 fans at Coni-
monwealth Stadium. The loss of
several more key players added
to the toll for the (Tats (1-8. 0-6
Southeastern Conference)

Toward the end of the game.
the UK bench resembled a
M*A*S*H unit.

“We were running out of bod
ies." said UK head coach Rich

Senior Jeremiah Drobney hob-
bled on crutches with a knee in
jury. Junior running back Andrew
Hopewell sat with a thigh contu-
sion. Junior cornerback Earven
Flowers returned to the bench
with a back injury

Trainers escorted redshirt
freshman receiver John Logan
away with a dislocated shoulder

Freshman running back Rafael
Little. who accounted for 145 yards
and one touchdown. tweaked his

of the night. someone going 5‘") miles
per hour on Alumni . - 20 miles over
the speed limit.

Costigan pulls him over after the
driver makes the turn onto Tates
Creek Road. Approaching slowly:
Costigan keeps his hand on his ser-
vice pistol. lt's something all officers
do when approaching a car. not
knowing the person behind the
wheel or that person's state of mind.
he said.

This driver is ticketed for speed-
ing and within eight minutes is dri~
ving on his way again.

11:13 p.m.: A call over the radio
says something about “trees" being
drunk on Columbia Avenue. lt‘s Hal-
loween. and the partying is in full

”I want to see trees." Costigan
said. turning around and heading
back toward Columbia Avenue.
where buses pick up the costumed
students and take them to parties.
On Thursday. Friday and Saturday
evenings. buses regularly ferry stu»
dents to party spots so that students
don't walk or drive if they've been

UGA 62, UK 17

Review: Feeling down? Listen
to Tom Waits' new album
Page 3

After Tennessee, Cool Cats
remain undefeated at home
Page 6



Arriving on the scene. no "tree"
people are in sight. but the gutter is
littered with red plastic cups. and an
overpowering smell of alcohol
pours into the car.

“The drinking is just off the
hook up there." Pearl says over the

12:11 a.m.: Costigan takes a pit
stop at a Shell station on Virginia
Avenue for sugary snacks and high-
caffeine drinks with a little less than
eight hours remaining in the shift.
He chooses a slushy and some snack

1:22 a.m.: Doyle pulls over a dri«
ver on Washington Street who was
driving erratically. backing his car
up Washington Street. Costigan
comes to hack Doyle up. standard
procedure for officers who see an-
other making a traffic stop. Costigan

It turns out to be a pizza deliv-
eryman who is lost. He drives off
with a warning from Doyle.

1:33 a.m.: Costigan pulls over a
woman who is driving with only one

See Police on page 2

se Cats in blowout win

soorrwna 1 sun-
Upper left — Two UK police officers talk while stopped along the side of the road.
Above - UK Police Sgt. John Costigan writes a speeding ticket at about 11 pm. on October
28. The person cited was going 55 miles per hour - 20 miles over the speed limit - on
Alumni Drive near the arboretum, he said.


US. forces fight insurgents
at the edge of Fallujah


Redshirt freshman quarter
back Andre Woodson. who threw
for 206 yards and one touchdown
after relieving an erratic Shane
Boyd. sprained his left ankle.

And then there was Moore.
who led the team with two tackles
for a loss. both in the first half.

“We got Worn out when lillery
Moore left." Brooks said. “Obvi-
ously. (Georgia) took advantage of
those injuries.”

After Georgia (8-1. (H SEC) lost
starting running back Danny
Ware to injury. freshman Thomas
Brown beat up a worn~down UK

mmm lsnrr

UK tight end Jeremiah Drobney lies injured during the first half of UK's 62-17 loss to
Georgia Saturday. Drobney was one of many Cats who left the game with injuries.

defense for 130 yards and three

When the (‘ats forced third-
down plays. Brown and quarter-
back David Greene took advan»

Greene. who won his 10th
game to set the NCAA Division l~A
record. passed to a streaking re-
ceiver over and over. Several
times. Greene found tight end
Leonard l’opc. who caught five
passes for 91 yards and a touch

"You watch them on film. and
they don‘t do anything special."

See Bruise on page 6

Look to fans for silver lining on dog day afternoon

In UK's 62-17
loss to Georgia
Saturday. the
Cats managed to
score on just
three posses-

After so
many setbacks.
it was a step. al~
though small. in
the right direc-

Each time
another football
went flying out of Commonwealth
Stadium. 1 found myself filled with
more hope for the future.

If UK fans could manage to
hurl three balls around the stadi-


scours Elation

um and out onto the street. imag
ine what the future could bring.

Against Georgia. (‘at fans were
undermanned and inexperiencml.
it's a probation year. after all. so
that's to be expectul.

With only RH 10 fans in atten
dance and many of those red
clad Bulldog fans it was cncour
aging to see that kind of progress
against Georgia

UK fans showed heart and
found creative ways to stay awake
during Saturday's four-hour
marathon of a beating.

()ne fan raced to the Greg Page
Apartments with a football before
being run down by a UK trainer.
Even the Wildcat got into the act
With a trick play toss back into the

stands late in the game that caught
security off guard.

That's the kind of spirit you
wouldn‘t expect to see in a 1-8
team. the kind of spirit it wfll take
to dig out of this hole.

in Georgia. UK faced fans with
topllll talent and a tough defense
(most Bulldog fans tossed footballs
back to the field with gtxx‘ly-tw'o-
shoe glee). Still. fans kept fighting
and got the job done.

UK's young fans looked tough
and seemed poised to contribute
even more next season. I say give
the (‘ats another recruiting season
before jumping to any conclusions
about the current administration.

See Fans on page 6

By Karl Vick

BAGHDAD. Iraq US. ground
forces fought insurgents on the
outskirts of Fallujah early this
morning. and US. warplanes
pounded the insurgent-held city. as
a full military assault appeared iii-
creasingly imminent.

Iraq‘s interim government an—
nounced yesterday a state of emer-
gency for most of the country

US. commanders have not giv-
en a tirneline for when the major
offensive to retake Fallujah will
start. An A0130 gunsliip raked
the city with 40mm cannon fire
early today. the Associated Press
reported. and explosions from l‘S.
artillery lit up the night sky.

Intermittent artillery
blasted southern neigh»
borhoods of the city. and
orange fireballs rose
above rooftops

The state of emer-
gency was issued by the
interim prime minister.
Ayad Allawi.

The order. which ini-
poses marital law. height-
ened a sense of crisis iii
Iraq and fueled tears that
an offensive in Fallujah
would unleash ii wave of
t‘()llnit‘l‘1liitl(‘kS. which in»
surgents appeared to have already
begun elsewhere in the country.

Violence in six cities in the
past two days has left more than 80
people dead.

“This will send a very powerful
message that we are serious."
Allawi said after meeting with
cabinet ministers who approved
the emergency measure for all ar-
eas of the country except the rela
tivcly peaceful Kurdish northeast

The order will run for 60 days
but could be extended through
elections planned for January.

"We want to secure the country
so elections can be done in a
peaceful way and the Iraqi people
can participate in the elections
freely: without the intimidation by
terrorists and by forces who are
trying to wreck the political
process in Iraq." Allawi said.

“So this is a message. I hope
the terrorists get it because we are
not going to be easy on them."

It was not immediately clear
which emergency powers Allawi
intended to invoke or how they
would help his government assert



”I hope the

terrorists get
it because we
are not going
to be easy on

Ayad Allawi

interim prime minister of lrag

control of the country: which he
described as largely calm during a
visit to Washington six weeks ago.

Technically. the state of emer-
gency gives the government wide
powers to impose curfews. restrict
movement and suspend liberties.

But Iraq's security services
have struggled to stand up to in-
surgents who operate with better
weapons and intelligence. espe-
cially in the Sunni Muslim mid-
section of the country where resis-
tance has proved most stubborn.

US. and allied foreign military
forces routinely operate on their
own. making arrests. engaging in
firefights and patrolling indepen-
dent of civil authorities.

insurgents yesterday again tar-
geted police stations and other
symbols of the interim govern

Twentytwo police of-
ficers were killed in Ha-
ditha and Haqlaniya. two
towns west of Fallujah.
and the attackers includ-
ed foreign Arabs. accord-
ing to news reports.

Many of the officers
were lined up and shot,
according to the reports.

The wave of attacks
came as insurgents
vowed to take the battle
across Iraq if 10,000 US.
and lraqi troops proceed with a
threatened offensive against Fallu-
jah. a city that has become a sym~
bol of resistance since it fell under
insurgent control in April.

The assault appeared immi-
nent. US. forces cited Allawi's
emergency decree in announcing
that they had sealed off the city
late yesterday. declaring in a state-
ment that troops were “finishing
final preparations for an assault
on Fallujah."

Senior Marine commanders
gathered troops for hollered pep
talks. invoking the 1968 assault on
the Vietnamese city of Hue. a bat-
tle that looms large in the lore of
the Corps.

“The window is closing. ab-
solutely." Allawi said.

He added that Fallujah resi-
dents “have been taken hostage by
a bunch of terrorists and bandits
and insurgents who were part of
the old regime.

“Our government is deter-
mined to safeguard the lraqé peo-
ple.“ he said. ;



 PAGE 2 I Monday Nov. 8, 2004


Continued from paqel

headlight. Most of his stops
begin this way, he said.

After asking the woman if
she's had anything to drink.
Costigan returns to the car to
get his portable breathalyzer.
a device that looks like an
oversized il’od with a ttibe oit
the end to blow in to.

The w'oiiian does not pass
a sobriety test. failing to keep
her balance as she walks a
straight line (‘ostigan places
her under arrest itil driving
under the iiitluence.

Her passenger and the
woman driving the car she
was following are sisters and
decide to wait in the bus shel-
ter in front of the Singletary
Center for a ride. (‘ostigan
has told them not to drive be-
cause they had been drinking

Their mother arrives.
hair in curlers. and picks
them tip.

She beats the tow truck by
30 seconds and saves the cost
of having two cats towed by
parking them in a nearby lot.

2:30 a.m.: A tight breaks
out at Two Keys 'I‘avern on
Limestone Street. and (.‘osti-
gan responds. along with sev-
eral other UK Police and l.ex
ington Police units.

The scene at Two Keys is
chaotic. with people tilliiig
the street.

Two bouncers stand
guard over a young man lying
on his stomach on the side
walk. His face is cut rind
bruised from where he was
hit by someone pvolualilv
wearing a ring. His eye is
bruised and he has .i in go ii?
on his face.

His friends identity into
as a student at .\loieo~ id
State University: and sat :la
fight started over a. wonrin

“Cheap shot." says oiie ot
the man‘s t'rien-ls. Dustin
(‘howning a business eco
nomics sophoiiioie at l.e\ing
ton (‘ommunity't ol‘»._=~ "iit'
got jumpcd.”

Alliili‘i'" Hi lils il'lt'Itti\



"lt iust ain‘t right." says
l.t‘t‘ coinniuniuitions sopho
more .loshua t'rume

l.e\nigtoii l’olice remain
on scene to handle the clean

2:53 a.m.: t'ostigan spots
two women dressed in Ha!
loween regalia. one dressed
as Superman. muscles and
all. and the other dressed as a
pirate. complete with plastic

(‘ostigan notices the two
because a van with two men
in it appears to be trying to
pick them up.

He decides to intervene
and otters them a ride home

They both pile in the
back The (illit'l‘t‘llt‘t‘ between
the two becomes clear.

Superman doesn‘t appear
to be drunk. The Pirate does

The Pirate begins to try
and get t‘ostigan to reveal his
deepest seciets. 'l'asicab (‘oii-
tession-style. When he sheep
ishly declines. she pokes liitii
in the shoulder with her
SWUl'd and Superman just i‘er
peats “Can you believe this?"
over and over.

Alter arriving at their
home. Superman apologizes
to t‘ostigan repeatedly while
the Pirate yells for her to stop

(‘ostigan smiles. laughs
and tells them to have a safe

3:” a.m.: Passing in
front of Jewell Hall on the Av
entie of (‘hanipions (‘ostigan
notices two men lighting to
keep their friend. who cannot
stand or hold his head up.
from falling to the ground at1
lt‘l' celebrating. his 31st liii‘th
day His condition is so severe
that he has almost no control
over his bodv and looks more
like a ilit‘-.\l/,t' rag-doll

t‘ostigan tries to f..Il\-' him
.! sobriety test_ lint the wane
man is unable to even lii‘ezifhi
lisir'ii eiioiigl‘. to registe! on
the breathaly xi-r

(‘ostig: it calls for .in am

('ostigeii says it‘ the titan
had been able to blow into the
ill‘t‘.‘llllllify'/t‘l'. l‘ostigan would
haye let his friends take him
home to sleep it off. Heiaiisi-
he is so intovicateii. l‘ostigan
' ‘iis sa‘it'. .ir‘il ili

i. its 'i‘,


rides to haye him taken to the

Lexington Fire Depart-
nietit and paramedics arrive
w ithin three minutes and put
the man on a stretcher to take
him to l'lv' t‘handler Medical
t‘enter. where he will be treat-
ed for alcohol tmisoning

(‘ostigan doesn't arrest

"l feel when he wakes up,
that will be enough punish-
ment." (‘ostigan said.

5:08 a.m.: t‘ostigan re-
sponds to .i call on t‘rescent
Avenue to help search for a
man accused ot~ raping a UK
sttideiit in her home,

.-\ci'ording to police. the
girl's roommate noticed that
she was gone and called po-
lice. l‘ohce arrive and find
enough evidence to suggest a
kidnapping. and they begin
their search around the

t‘ostigan and lioyle assist
in the search.

A man is arrested after he
falls off a bridge over rail-
road tracks. and a police offi-
cer with a dog finds him. He
is eventually charged with
burglary. kidnapping, rape
and four counts of sodomy.
While in a holding cell. he
sets his clothes on fire to de-
stroy potential evidence, ac-
cording to police reports from
the Lexington l’olice Depart-

8 am: t‘ostigan‘s night is

Aside from the bar tight
and the rape suspect. (‘os‘ti-
gan says it was an average

"It picked up." (‘os‘tigan
says. “it goes in spurts "

t‘ostigan also says maybe
he helped someone out that
night. or at least he hopes he

“Those guys were trying
to pick ithose women) up."
t‘osiigan says. “Maybe I saved
those two girls front being
abused "

lint it doesn't go to his
head t‘ostigzin is glad he was
able to help. but he's also glad
the shift is over.

"l'in really tired."

«ls/tutti .. k)']‘i’i'l7h’l.(‘()"l



~l i

I . l
, il iti'll

* gitio‘oui apl. in l': olajt s lx'e: ltt'l that ran with the story
'2. 'eri‘itiis in l... i} tiliii ".liiggles'“ incorrectly iden
W'l 'Eii pho‘wi ipiiei Robin Baker took the photograph.




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Nov. 8, 2004



.. 7 73,

By Nathan Thacher
mm IUSlC cmnc‘

If you’re feeling good
about your life. and every-
thing seems to be going your
way. you probably haven‘t
been listening much to Tom

If it‘s cold. gray or rainy
or you‘ve just been dumped.
or you‘re drunk in a dive
somewhere. then please con-
tinue reading ~ because this
album concerns you.

Real Gone. the newest
product of Waits’ prolific 30.
year recording career. echoes
with old blues and jazz. reg-
gae rhythms and rock ‘n‘ roll

~ among many others 4» all
played over remarkably de-
pressing. desolate lyrics about
the perpetual battles of every-
day life.

Waits (vocals/guitar) is
joined by Marc Ribot (guitar).
Larry Taylor and Les Clay-
pool (bass). Casey Waits
(turntables). and Brian
“Brain" Mantia (percussion)
to create songs with groovy
soul and lazy blues tunes,
with Waits' decidedly hellish

waits latst

vocal styles on every track.

On the subject of Tom's
voice: It's going to make you
love his work or hate it. His
voice shapes and takes over
every single track. It‘s impos-
sible to ignore. and it's very
possible you'll toss the disc
out the window of your car
when you hear it.

If you were to cross Louis
Armstrong, Cee-Lo Green.
Stevie Ray Vaughn and say.
Satan. then you‘d have some-
thing close to Waits.

He growls and grumbles
voicelessly. he screeches and
beatboxes. he croons seldom
and a little off-key ,_ it‘s all
hard to listen to at first.

In fact. if you’re unfamil-
iar with his harsh voice. I rec-
ommend skipping the first
two tracks at first and going
straight to “Sins of My Fa»
their." “How’s It Gonna End“
or “Green Grass." If you give
it time. his vocals become
more endearing and enjoy-
able. You‘ll relax. and you‘ll
start to hear all of the other
instruments playing behind
his voice.

depressing as ever

In this same vein. the
lyrics are very well done. if
not a little repetitive. and they
work to create very specific
imagery set iii loud smoky
bars. deserted farmlands. and
dark creaky harbors with bal-
lads like “The Day After To-
morrow" and “Dead and
Lovely" These songs are full
of poetic melancholy and
longing. and they showcase
Waits' amazing talent with

This imagery really is
much more potent depending
on your mood and mindset. as
previously mentioned. If
you're happy. you‘ll become
sad 7 but if you're sad to be-
gin with. afterward. you‘ll not
care about being sad at all.
The system works?

And the styles. tones and
rhythms. I should mention.
vary pretty widely from track
to track. “Metropolitan
Glide." “Baby Gonna Leave
Me" and "Top of the Hill“ are
a little quicker and more up—
beat and. if you happen to be
in a bar. you might feel in-
clined to get up and dance

Crystal Little
Features Editor
Phone: 257-i9i5

E-mail: (littleeikyliemelxom

Real Gone was released Oct. 5
badly These songs pack more
of a wallop, but it never gets
too noisy or busy to enjoy all
of the sounds at play

If you're a longtime Waits
listener. you're going to hear a
lot of the same basic songs he
used in albums like Blood
Money and Mule Variations.
though the piano is strangely
absent in Real Gone. To some»
one who hasn't listened to a
lot of older blues and jazz like
Louis Armstrong and Miles
Davis. this album will have a
very unique sound that will
be either loved or hated.

But if you’re feeling a lit-
tle down today pull up a Chair
next to Tom Waits. He'll buy
you a drink -~ and probably
skip out on the tip.

features a kykernelcom



Tommy Lee

By Greg Braxton

than 24 hours after “Tommy-
land." Tommy Lee‘s autobiog-
raphy detailing his life of sex.
drugs. rock ‘n‘ roll and police
run-ins. hit bookstores last
month. he was busted. Again.

The rocker‘s latest scrap
did not go down outside a
Sunset Strip nightclub. Drugs
and alcohol were not in-
volved. Groupies. paparazzi
and ex-wife Pamela Anderson
were nowhere in sight. The
incident didn‘t even wind up
on Entertainment Tonight.

Lee was late to a photo
shoot at a friend‘s house high
in the Hollywood Hills on a
rainy morning when he
crossed the line ~— literally
He was nailed by a Los Ange-
les police officer for going
over the white line at a boule-
vard stop. Worse. he wasn‘t
driving his own car ~~ he‘d
borrowed a friend‘s car.

“Dude. that cop was really
workin’ me." Lee said when
he finally stepped inside the
house. clutching a ticket. But
instead of displaying traces
of his fabled bad temper that
has landed him in brawls
with his ex-wife. jail and
anger management classes.
he was all smiles. He wished
one buddy happy birthday
with a hug. then handed the
ticket off to the car‘s owner.
jovially admitting. “Dude. I
don‘t even know what to do
with this!"

But those in the room
who feared that a pod from
Incasion of the Body Snatch-
ers may have taken over Lee
minutes later got a bit of re-
assurance that Lee had not
abandoned all of his outra-
geous tendencies. With some
encouragement. he lifted his
shirt to proudly display the
ornate tattoo on his stomach
that best sums up his last 20
years: “Mayhem."

He‘s long been one of
rocks baddest boys. starting
at age 17. when he first
hooked up with heavy metal
group Motley Criie through
his high-profile marriage to
actress Heather Locklear and
his later stormy union with
Anderson through the tragic
drowning of a child in his
swimming pool. But now Lee
has embarked on a mission to
leave the hard-driving life on
stage and not incorporate it
into his life.

Lee says he's using the
"real valuable tools" be ac

quired in anger management
class to deal with life and em-
ploys a “life coach." Gerald
Rafferty. He‘s going to parent-
teacher conferences for his
two sons. with whom he
shares custody with Ander-

He‘s even gone back to
school. taking classes in hor-
ticulture and chemistry at the
University of Nebraska. Lin-
coln. Although he seems
earnest about this endeavor.
there‘s a bit of calculation as
well A he‘s being followed by
a camera crew chronicling
his back-to—school adventures
for an NBC unscripted series
airing next year

"It’s all part of the turn-
ing point." he said recently

“I‘ve done nothing I‘m
ashamed of.

"But I‘m cranking it down
a few notches."

“Tommyland” is the first
step. The title was inspired by
the impromptu carnival An-
derson concocted to celebrate
one of Lee‘s birthdays.

The tome is Lee‘s candid
take on the numerous
episodes that turned him
from rock group drummer to
tabloid icon.

He felt that everyone in
the media had weighed in on
his life: he illustrates his
point in typically unsubtle
fashion on the back cover of
“Tommyland.” which fea.
tures a picture of Lee with a
huge bull'seye on his back.
But his view on his high-pro»
file escapades had remained
largely low profile until now.

“During all the time that
all this stuff was happening. I
took the high road and stayed
silent." Lee said. “Now it's
time to get my truth out

Not that he‘s letting all of
it go. Lee still peppers his
speech with words like
“dude” and “awesome." He
proudly speaks on how others
tell him how good he looks at
42. and that his lifestyle has
not ravaged his looks.

He recounts how he was
approached by a group of fe-
male students at Nebraska
while he was with his room-
mate. a male student who
scores higher on tests than he
does with women.

"They introduced them-
selves. and I said. ‘It‘s nice to
touch you.‘ and they were
very pleased." Lee said. "My
roommate got to see how that
worked. He's helping me be a
student. and I‘m helping him
with some of his stuff."

Min war: | THE Los moms rmzs

lommy Lee has had his brushes with the law, a volatile relationship with
then-wife Pamela Lee and has abused drugs. Now, he’s a college student.

Although NBC is staying
largely mum on the project.
which does not yet have an
air date. the show's producer.
Eddie October: called the
show a “slice of college life

“He's up at 6 ant to go to
band practice at 7.” October
said. "He's really applying cf»
fort to his classes."

More than one pop cul-
ture critic has suggested that
Lee is going the desperation
route to revive his declining
career a route previously
visited by (‘rue lead singer
Vince Neil. who appeared in
The Surreal Life.

Lee doesn't look con-
cerned by the outside skepti-

"I really don‘t pay any at-
tention to that." he said.

The softer side of the
heavily tattooed and pierced
Lee is one of the book‘s reve-
lations that Hill counter to
Lee‘s extreme image: his love
of nature; writing a ballad af»
ter the birth of his first son;
the pain over the death of his
father: the anguish over the


But fans of Lee need not
fear that he's written Tommy
Lee Seagull. "Tommyiand" is
still laden with Lee's charac-
teristic bravado. X-rated ex-
ploits and self-help tips. such
as why foursomes are ulti-
mately more gratifying than

Although he feels he's ad-
dressed soinc of his demons.
Lee is still concerned about a
future audience for the book

his sons.

“I really talk about what
happened between me and
their mother. but the whole
thing about the sex tape will
still take a bit of explaining."
he said.

Right now. he says things
between him and Anderson
are “better than they've ever

"We've finally gotten to be
friends. finally got to the
point where we‘ve got a lot of
that crazy stuff out of our
way. We‘re copareiits We get
together for soccer games
with the kids. we can hang




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